Windsor Wednesday Classic –18

Today I started my self imposed exile from Fetlife and surprisingly it went really well. Because of a very active past month of playing I am suffering quite a bit from what is known as “The Drop”. Going to Fetlife each evening is only adding to the frustration so I needed to get away for a while, and based on tonight it was the best choice I could make. I did pop in to collect my private messages as I had emails telling me that I had some, but that was my entire time on Fet tonight. For once I put the TV on and watched three episodes of Boardwalk Empire which Pixie had sent me for Christmas :) It isn’t something that is going to last, I just need a few days away from the place to shake the cobwebs.

This weeks Wednesday Classic is more of a fun one. I went through the folder and there are better ones than this,but I think that this one best describes my mellow mood tonight. From the University of Kansas in 1954, we have a cowgirl getting a paddling from a cowboy.

kansas 1954

3 comments to Windsor Wednesday Classic –18

  • NJSpank

    Fetlife is up and down for me…I met one lovely person who I spank but from there a bit of a challenge.

    Nice,cute pic,thanks

  • This is actually one of my favorites of all the sorority pics you’ve posted this year. There’s no doubt in my mind that the girl is about to get a real swat,and the smiles show that both participants think it’s fun. I’ll probably repost it on CSR some time.

  • NJSpank

    I agree,Fetlife is up and down…

    She is adorable and love the smile!

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