Windsor Wednesday Classic – 85

I’m desperate to give you something but of course I’m running to work,  so while I may not be verbose today,  here is my weekly spanking classic. It is from 1953 and could be found in Pageant Magazine. I don’t have any more details than that,  which is just as well really as I have to run to work 🙂

This will be added to my WINDSOR SPANKING FINDS album. It isn’t the best album in the world but it is basically where I keep my odds and ends that don’t have their own category just yet.

paegant magazine 1953




2 comments to Windsor Wednesday Classic – 85

  • jimc

    Great find. I do enjoy the positioning and the expressions. I wish that was a National Spank the Career Girl Day, but I do wonder how it would be advertised. Fun Thought. Thanks for the great finds that you share. Have a great day.


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