Hanging With Pixie

It has been a long time in the making,  and this weekend I finally got to spend some time with the bratty cat known as Amber Pixie Wells. Due to both of our crazy work schedules,  along with Pixie’s school and the three and a half hour distance,  we don’t get many opportunities to actually hang out in person that often. I can’t say we met halfway because my journey paled in comparison to hers.

The day that we had planned was totally vanilla,  at least that’s what I was thinking anyway,  but when you have a building pass to your work and a girl in desperate need of a spanking,  sometimes things take unexpected turns 🙂

In the food department we are both adventurous and after a short subway ride downtown we headed for Chinatown. You would think that a restaurant in Chinatown would be on every corner,  but we ended up walking about a mile to find one. Once we did of course there were a 100 of them. Out of the corner of her eye Pixie spotted one that said Vietnamese,  a quick discussion and we were like “Hell yeah”,  so for the first time ever I had Vietnamese food. To say it was delicious was an understatement,  and we shared a desert that I could have had for a main course.

Before the check even got there we were arguing over who was going to pay. The check arrived and he put it right in front of Pixie. Well the pup wasn’t having that,  I quickly reached over and grabbed the tray,  and just as quickly Pixie snatched the check off of the now empty tray I held. I was growling,  but not for long,  because our next stop was candy heaven. Even though I still seethed as we left the restaurant,  the immediate waft of raw fish from the store next door altered my senses.


We headed to a 78 year old candy store where they have so much choice that you can spend an entire day in there. We certainly took our time,  Pixie was armed with wish lists and I just wanted to spank her with one of the paddle lollipops above. There was a couple of vintage items that I wanted which I put in Pixie’s basket,  but after five minutes I was retrieving them with my own basket in hand. Items like Slo Poke and Black Cow found their way into my basket along with Reeds Butterscotch. When all was said and done,  Pixie offered to put my bag in her backpack to save me carrying it around,  and that’s where it stayed until I got a text around 11pm telling me it was still there. Not to worry though,  Pixie is mailing it to me,  and she was even kind enough to say that there will only be one bite missing from each 🙂

Man did we walk that day though,  if I remember rightly it was something like 7 plus miles based on something Pixie had on her. It was tiring,  so before we headed to dinner I decided that we could visit my workplace to cool down and relax for half an hour. It honestly wasn’t planned,  seriously,  but with the Empire State Building right behind my work I just had to ask if we could get a pic. Pixie of course was gracious and we posed for a spanking shot as I gently spanked her.


We climbed back in from the balcony and I suddenly had an idea,  perhaps I should spank her after all. An empty office on a Sunday,  what better time. Pixie of course wanted to know why she was being spanked,  because,  you know,  there had to be a reason. Well there was a reason,  it’s just that I couldn’t remember what it was. And I tried really hard to remember,  in fact I had even come up with old facts that I think impressed her,  like how penicillin was invented. Could I remember why I owed her a spanking?  In my best Northern accent “Could I hell as like”.

Nonetheless,  I just had to be a bully. Remembering where I was it couldn’t be long,  but over my knee she went with her shorts down and a pair of purple nylon panties staring up at me. Normally I am one of those super nice guys,  a really concerned human being,  Sunday wasn’t one of those days. In England back in the 70’s we had a thing called a short,  sharp shock,  and that’s exactly what Pixie got. probably no more than 50 spanks,  but I do believe that I heard her say  “Oh Jesus”  during it. Yes,  I will be the first to admit that is was much harder than it needed to be,  and am I sorry for that? Well,  I will leave that for you to decide 🙂 Pixie herself didn’t seem that impressed with my smugness,  perhaps a feeling of unfairness lingered in the air for a while,  especially when I smirked as she sat down.


As we headed to dinner one of us was smiling. At least I was until this panhandler saw Pixie’s bag and heard my accent. He sensed a victim and not only made a bee line for us,  but even followed us from his corner spot where he has the biggest crowd to con. Yeah,  I’m a bit of a cynic when it comes to panhandling. There is a guy who sits outside my work each day holding a sign that he needs $68 to get to Seattle for his Mom’s funeral. Seven months I think it is now that he has held it. Behind his sign that he holds with a bowed head is the book that he is reading. Even if you was the worst panhandler in the world you would make $68 in a few days. Anyway,  the panhandler found out pretty quickly that despite my English accent I am a New Yorker. I’m not often in the city on a Sunday but man do the tourists have my sympathy,  it isn’t just panhandling,  it is in your face aggressive panhandling.

Anyway,  I have to stop now because it is late and I need to get to bed. The pair of us had dinner and a bit of fun with the waiter. And before I finish let me add,  he was a great New Yorker. During our meal he comes over with a carry out dish and said  “I heard you mention the train you were getting and they just announced it”. Now Pixie’s train wasn’t a definitive,  but we both thought that it was so nice gesture to look out for your fellow human being that way. We relaxed a bit and Pixie got the next train instead.

It was a great day though. Lately I have had a lot of stress and I couldn’t think of a better way to relax for a while than to hang out with my buddy. Next time though I’m sending myself an email to remind me of why I need to spank her.

There might be diction and grammatical errors in this post,  but I will fix them tomorrow,  I’m tired right now 🙂 I might even elaborate a bit more in a later post,  I did kind of whip this one together pretty quickly to get it done tonight.

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  • KB

    I can give you a million reasons why Pixie deserves to be spanked by you. The list just keeps growing pretty much everytime I talk to her or manage to get together with get. if you want I can send you a list and you can keep it handy for the next time she comes to visit!! Which of course I will encourage her to go visit you soob.

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