The Real Beverly Hillbillies

Tomorrow I am going to share something personal with you based on what is going on right now,  it has been a tough few weeks and any time in the next few hours it will all be over. So as I am looking for things to do right now I scanned Ebay and found this great spaanking pic. Now the setting looks like the 1950’s and judging by the exterior it is possible that this lass is getting her birthday licks. I wonder if that is her dad passing the belt so to speak to his new son in law?


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The end.

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  • Good luck and I hope everything works out for the best

  • KB

    Richard I am so sorry things are tough right now. I remember when my father past I went from being really sad that he was dying to being grateful thetvhe was going to be out of pain and not suffering anymore. So anyway know that thinking about you!!

  • My thoughts with you, too, Rich; I understand a bit: Dad died on Easter Sunday after having a debilitating stroke two years before, and Mom has progressing dementia, so my brother and I take turns staying with her nights and weekends. As Erica said once, there’s no harder transition in life. But I know your care and presence and company and love made all the difference, on both sides.

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