Richard Windsor Finally Catches Sarah Rocks

One of the first friends that I met online almost ten years ago. We met for lunch in New York City last year, but this year I finally got to spank the beautiful Sarah Rocks. This was the second spanking that I gave her that weekend, the first one she dressed especially for me wearing a school uniform complete with white nylon panties πŸ™‚ Unfortunately I don’t have any pics from that scene. Sarah is definitely one of my favorite spankee’s to play with, a complete doll of a girl, bratty in a cute way and a pleasure to be around at all times.Β Now I am totally pooped from the weekend having stayed out until 5am both days. At the bottom of the pics is an awesome video that I shot yesterday, the girls dancing are my friends Frannie and Katie, later in the night Frannie walked up from behind me and swatted me, as I am sure you will all know by now, she wasn’t getting away with that and got a real corker in return. However, I’m not done with her yet πŸ˜‰

And Sarah Finally gets the prize πŸ™‚

And now the video that I promised, two generations of Rock and Roll here. A 1950’s legend, Gene Summers, and two young ladies keeping the music alive 50 years later.

3 thoughts on “Richard Windsor Finally Catches Sarah Rocks

  1. HEY!!! It is so your turn!! and…I got tha hat, I got the hat! LOL…

    Can’t wait to see you both in september!!!!!!


  2. I enjoyed seeing the pictures and enjoyed meeting Sarah at the party. Have a great time at Shadow Lane. Hey, I know, maybe you both could get spanked at the same time,lol.

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