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Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 157

Just have enough time to post a new Sunday candid for you, sans any long writing. I love the table and chair that we see in this spanking scene from “The Taming of the Shrew”. This will be added to my KISS ME KATE folder.

Birthday Bonanza 13 – Playful Spankings

One of my favorite topics enters the discussion for the 13th episode of the birthday bonanza posts, all of which will be added to my PLAYFUL SPANKINGS folder.

I may interrupt the Birthday Bonanza posts this coming Tuesday by swapping the amazing image that I have scheduled for June the 14th. There is a user on one of the archive sites who is sharing his finds publicly as clippings, and I’m a little fearful that he might discover the rare find that I have scheduled for next week, lol.

While many of his finds are new to me and are wonderful to look at, I did not include them in the number of new images that I found on my most recent purchase. His images are in addition to that. Plus, we may have some duplicates, but I download images in a different way to include far more detail than he does. In fact he only just clipped one image two days ago that I already have included as part of my Kiss Me Kate post tomorrow.

What is funny though is that he is providing clippings for free (with his own crop of course) while I am trying to get as much juice out of the $35 that I paid, lol. It might end up with him finding every new find that I have saved already, hence why I might bump up next Wednesday’s post. In fact now that I think about it, I am going to swap the posts from Tuesday through Thursday of next week and swap them with what I have scheduled for this week.

The first image is actually a two part posting. First of all a St. Trinian’s lass is getting a mock caning, and then in the second image she is sat on the right with the guy who caned her.

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 259

Spring is upon us, a wonderful time to take your loved one out on a picnic. You did what? You forgot the Grey Poupon? It probably wasn’t the wisest idea to wear such a short plaid skirt, was it? And no, I don’t really care much as to who is watching!!

The above is made up commentary, just in case anyone needs to write 27 pages explaining why it is so 🙂

This will be added to my PLAYFUL SPANKINGS folder.

P.S. The reason that the image appears twice is because I have set a featured image for this post. The reason for doing so is that this “Should” update my Mobile page to feature this post as the new main Mobile header.

I’m A Plank!

Yesterday I told you about how my blog has halved in number regarding the amount of daily visitors that I get, and a reader left a comment offering perhaps a reason for this. So this morning I took a deep dive into my statistics to see if I could find the metric that has caused such a drop in numbers and I found it, and it should be of no surprise to anyone, it’s all my own doing, lol 🙂

Back on October the 22nd last year I changed the format of the blog. I had run the blog on a custom made theme that I built over ten years ago. Last year I decided that it was time to change the format of the blog as I felt that the old theme was rather clunky, so I opted instead for a ready made theme provided by WordPress. Something that I felt was cleaner and easier to navigate and something that was more suited for Mobile users. My old theme rarely supported a mobile version whereas this new version completely supports it.

Well guess what, starting on October the 22nd of 2022 (funny how that happens, eh ;)) it drastically affected the number of daily visitors to the site.

What was the metric in question? It was SEARCH ENGINES!!

Starting on 10/22/22 every hit from DuckDuckGo was eliminated, as in I no longer get any referrals from DuckDuckGo whatsoever. But the biggest impact was through Google search, I lost roughly 200 hits a day from Google search alone. That pretty much accounts for why my numbers went from 600 visitors a day to 300 visitors a day.

The only plus side to this is that eventually I will start to build up the Google search hits once again, it’s just going to take some time. So that is the bottom line, the drop in viewership is my own damn fault because I changed the theme of this blog from my custom built one to a generic pre-made theme.

So, in honor of me being a complete and utter plank, here is a plank spanking for you, haha.

Growing Up

A new play addition today to add to my collection of VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS. This play is entitled “Growing up” and so far the images are few and far between. I only have four images from this play so far and they are tough to search for as the search term is rather generic.

It took a while to determine the genders involved, but I was able to use other images to identify the roles. These two spankings are M/F and M/M. Right now I have a spare half an hour so I will see if I can’t come up with a few more from this play.

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 257

To be honest with you, I haven’t done much searching for spanking pics lately. Every now and then I will raid Ebay for any latest offerings, but I have taken a break from spending hours upon hours searching for new material.

With that said however, I still have a plethora of newspaper clippings that I procured during my most recent subscription to a newspaper archive. I probably have around 50 or 60 new clippings to go along with a similar number that I have sat on for years that I have yet to post. In fact I am considering joining another newspaper archive that is perhaps not as well known, but they have a substantial archive to troll through.

Last year I also joined a genealogy website where I found a couple of dozen playful spanking pics. The moral problem that I have there though is that these images come from family collections, and it just doesn’t feel right to share them. It is a real dilemna because there is one pic in particular that I would love to share. It features a serviceman who has come home and he is spanking what one would assume is his love interest. It is from the 1940s and what makes the image really unique is that it is a mixed race spanking, something that is extremely rare from the time frame. It is a delightful image.

Anyway, here is another image from the vast collection of newspaper clippings that I possess. This one is set in the play “Damsels in Distress” and is featured at a Methodist church. There have been many stories written online regarding spankings set in a church, and in fact in my MOTHER SPANKS DAUGHTER – THE BEST FRIEND episode of my mother spanks series I briefly touch on the topic that the church pastor himself owns a spanking paddle.

Anyway, enjoy this week’s new spanking pic. This will be added to the other 6 Damsels in Distress spanking pics that I have already posted in my STAGE SPANKINGS folder.

The Top Ten Of 2022

It is a week later than I would normally make this annual post, but here is the top ten most popular posts on this website in 2022. The list is made up solely of posts that were made in 2022 and are arranged by how many hits each post got.

1: Her Best Friend’s Dad

This happens every year that I post a new story without fail. Each and every year the new story, or stories, will dominate the top spot by a country mile, and this year is no exception. This story contains a playful birthday spanking that is just the start of three spankings by her best friend’s father. The last spanking brings her to tears. READ MORE…

2: An Expensive Spanking

Due to the many retakes that the spanking scene in Public Deb No. 1 required, it cost the studio $16,000 for George Murphy to spank Brenda Joyce. READ MORE…

3: Windsor Wednesday Classic 237

A nice old school spanking from the 1950’s. Is there anything better than seeing a woman in stockings and suspenders along with a pair of full coverage nylon panties? READ MORE…

4: F/M Friday 40

It is a strange occurrence, especially as for 16 years my blog has been almost exclusively an M/F and an F/F spanking site all of those years. But, outside of the stories which account for a massive amount of this site’s traffic, the top page that is viewed on the website is the F/M COLLECTION page. Again, it’s not even close, that page dominates the folder views. This image is a cartoon and it depicts a young man who doesn’t seem to mind the spanking very much at all. READ MORE…

5: Group Spanking

This was one of my favorite images of the year. Now I can’t say if it was the favorite, once I am finished with this post I will review all images from the year and if need be I will post my personal favorite at the bottom of the post. I don’t know why, but this French finishing school drawing really caught my eye. A picture is worth a thousand words. READ MORE…

6: Sexy Shrew Getting Tamed

Hubba-Hubba, can I change my mind? Maybe this was my favorite pic of the year 🙂 Can you just imagine how much her bottom is going to sting for ‘Biting’? It is one of those pictures that remind me that spanking used to be a fun activity, back in the days when the spanking was the main focus rather than the spitefulness and ugliness. READ MORE…

7: Cartoon Knickers

This is a drawing that is over 200 years old, and yet this 1799 art piece still makes the top ten of a spanking blog 223 years later 🙂 It’s perhaps not the best image on the market, but enough people liked it for it to appear as the 7th most viewed image on the site last year. READ MORE… 

8: Six Of The Best Spanking Comics/Cartoons

There seems to be a bit of a theme here, viewers tend to enjoy spanking artwork!! Maybe I need to find some more older pieces of art. I’m pretty sure in my folders I have some regionalized drawings from old books that would have barely been seen in the spanking world before. I will take a dig through the folders and see what I can come up with. Had this post been made in the early part of 2022 rather than in December, then it would have almost certainly finished in second or third place for the most viewed posts of the year. READ MORE…

9: Excellent Spanking Video

Once again, yet another shining example of what I love about the spanking world. This is the type of spanking that we used to get back in the late 80s/early 90s, extending into the 2000s. Over the years I think that the spanking focused has changed more towards an erotic projection, not completely of course, but there are far more ‘Exposure’ videos nowadays than there ever was before. It also seems that spanking is being included in secondary fetishes more nowadays. Now I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with that at all, just from a personally standpoint a traditional (genital free) over the knee spanking video are the types of videos that I crave to see. Check this one out, it is a classic OTK spanking. READ MORE…

10: F/M Friday 46

As noted in number 4 on this list, the F/M spanking Friday’s post that I occasionally make on this website are very popular indeed. Thankfully for those of you who enjoy F/M spanking I still have tons of unseen spanking images that I have collected the last couple of years, certainly images most of you would have never seen before. READ MORE…

Now then, that was the list of what you guys liked in 2022, now I am going to review the images of the year and see whether I have a favorite or not to add to this list that never made the top ten. I’ll tell you one thing, that sexy shrew pic is going to be hard to beat 😉

Okay, I went through the new images posted throughout the year and the Sexy Shrew in position number 6 would have definitely been my favorite spanking find of the year. If I was to select one that never made the list then it would probably have to be this one, an image that is just begging for a story to be written about it.

F/M Friday 49

This week I am cheating a bit as the F/M Friday pic is actually an M/M pic. In fact, as I am going there then why not post two pics? Obviously I understand that the majority of my readers prefer M/F and F/F spanking pics, but everyone is welcome here.

The reason for the first pic is pretty obvious, it is a 1950s hairbrush spanking and it is as clear as day by the motion of the brush that the spanking is actually taking place. The reason that I find it interesting is the briefcase on the floor behind them both. Could this be the veritable Fuller Brush man demonstrating his wares? Many writers get their inspiration for a spanking story from a single image, I wonder if this image will inspire a writer or trigger some imaginations somewhere? Or maybe it will provide inspiration for a spanking video producer to do a hairbrush salesman video.

Of course the briefcase could also signify the “Wait until your Father gets home” moment 🙂

Did you know, in my archives I actually have a story that I wrote about 25 years ago. It is a story about the Fuller Brush woman in the 1950s who has to get very creative to make her commission, and she makes that commission by putting her own butt on the line to guarantee a sale. Obviously it would need a complete reworking as my writing style is a hundred times better nowadays, but maybe this image will even inspire me to work on that old story. Click on the image for the full size version.

The second M/M image is one that I have sat on for a while now.

Maybe the Brits can enlighten me here as I no longer know if the following still holds true to this day. I left England in 1987 when I was 24 years old and while I try and keep up with old Blighty as much as I can, obvious there is an awful lot that I miss out on.

When I was growing up in the 1970s and 1980s it was as common as muck for there to be fancy dress parties, and more often than not the theme of these parties was Back to School/St. Trinians.

Do St. Trinians events still take place in the UK? When I lived in England it was very common for the more adventurous male party goers to cross dress and wear a St. Trinians outfit. And I mean like the whole works complete with stockings etc. Then of course there was always at least one, though sometimes several headmaster and headmistress outfits, each of whom carried a cane of some description.

Obviously I understand the timeframes nowadays may be so different that it isn’t a part of British culture anymore outside of fetish events. In the late 1970s/early 1980s the cane was in the final stages of being eliminated in the UK. It was outlawed in 1986 but the practice had virtually disappeared by the time the 1980s had come around anyway.

With that said though, obviously caning was still a part of British pop culture well beyond that, even if the practice itself no longer took place. I wonder if in 2022 the cane is no longer a part of British culture? Whether it is an archaic reference similar to a rotary dialed phone or a cassette player?

Anyway, that was some background info for you as to what you are seeing in the picture below. Both males and females dressing as a St. Trinians schoolgirl was very common 40-45 years ago.

A 100 Year Old Spanking Machine

Yes, it’s true, here is an image from 1922 that I recently discovered over on Ebay. Now I actually missed the auction for this picture, I happened to find this in the sold listings, but I am so glad that I went looking.

Now I’m no engineer, but, the concept to me from 100 years ago seems to have little difference to spanking machines that were made in the modern day. In this one it appears that someone turns the handle, which in turn pulls the paddle back and then at some point the paddle is released to deliver a swat. There is a pole going up the middle, but I don’t think that it has any bearing on the actual spanking device. It looks to me that it is purely there to balance the structure and is also used to hold the spanking mechanism itself.

The only question that I have, and maybe you structural engineers can help me out here, do you think that the person cranking the handle does a full turn to draw the paddle back and then releases the handle? Or, do you think that as they crank the handle there is a trigger point where the handle snaps free and is picked back up on the next rotation?

It does seem to be to be the former, only because I see a block on the spindle which would indicate a stop point when the handle is released.

Spanking machines have been on the minds of people for a long time. From the cartoon depictions of yesteryear, to the early rudimentary devices such as this one, to the many stories written about spanking machines. In fact I even have a SPANKING MACHINE STORY that I wrote myself. They have filled the fantasy mind of spankos for a long time now.

Be sure to click on the image for the full sized version, it is a large picture.

Isn’t this a great little find though? An actual spanking machine from 1922. This will be added to my WINDSOR’S SPANKING FINDS album.

Sixth Former Getting A Public Caning

Okay, so it is for charity and all in good fun, but a bit of clickbait in the title never goes amiss 😉 The title is true though, the sixth former is indeed bent over for a public caning, and she certainly has the posture for it. Now did her teacher actually cane her? I will leave that to the king of the bloviating Olympics to dissect that for you.

That’s nine days in a row now that I have brought you something brand spanking new, I have to be getting towards a new record soon!! Like I told you all though, the past week to ten days I have been a complete collecting machine, finding pics that it is quite likely no spanko has seen before the day that I shared them. Trust me, I have a bucket load still to come. In fact just this past week I joined a British Genealogy website and I found another half a dozen spanking pics on there, but my guess is that there are hundred’s to find, it’s just that they aren’t tagged so it might be nigh on impossible to find them.

I will add the first pic to my PLAYFUL SPANKINGS folder. Don’t be afraid to leave a comment either, I always love to hear that people are enjoying the images, it provides me with the inspiration to keep on posting.

Keep coming back every day because I have bucketloads of new spanking pics still to share. You will get to see their first run in the spanking world.

Here is an additional pic of lesser value, but this is a part of my goal to try and share with you everything that I have. Not quite a cane in the second pic, it looks more like a yardstick or pointer.