Missy Gets Spanked In Public

Missy Gets Spanked In Public

The first day was awesome and I was so looking forward to another session with Missy. The first event on Saturday was the Reformatory and I played my role with delight. At some point during the proceedings I saw Missy get up on stage and get spanked, at the time it was fun and I didn’t think anything of it, not until I was outside talking to her much later that day.

At some point I had gone to my room to rest and I decided to test the waters further, so I powered up my computer and started to type a letter to Missy. Here is what I wrote.

“Missy, I thought after our little discussion yesterday that you had promised me that you were going to be a good girl.

Lo and behold, what do I see today, my Missy Doright up on stage misbehaving during her exercise program!! Now I noticed that you were so bad that someone had to spank you right there on stage.

Well young lady, after our discussion yesterday, don’t you think for one little minute that that will be the ONLY spanking you are going to get for misbehaving in class today!! Apparently 66 spanks was not a sufficient enough reminder to keep you on track, so this time young lady you will be getting 100 spanks, and we will see if that improves your behavior.

So at some point this evening I want you to put on your naughty girl panties, you know which ones they are, because from now on we are going to refer to them as your naughty girl panties, and I want you to seek me out during dinner!!

This time you will be getting the spanks in rounds of 20, not ten, and if after 100 good sound spanks you are even remotely sassy or petulant, those panties will come down to your knees and you will get spanked on your bare bottom.

Now I hope that after tonight’s spanking that you will learn a lesson, because if you don’t and I have to spank you again, you will be spanked in your schoolgirl outfit just like a bad little girl, in the privacy of my own room. For that spanking you will stand in the corner holding your skirt up to reflect on your behavior, and then you will go across my knee. But that is not all young lady, because if I have to spank you again after tonight, you will also find yourself lying on my bed and I will pull my thick belt through its loops and I will use that belt on your bottom.

I hope this message reaches you loud and clear, and I expect to see you this evening for your punishment you bad little girl.”

It was really funny and I was so proud of myself, my only hope was that it would reach her. Before taking a nap I decided to go and get a bottle of water from the store, and wouldn’t you know, just as soon as the elevator doors open, none other than Missy was in there and she is heading to the store as well, really ironic, fate is such a funny creature. Without so much as a ‘Hi’ I said to her “I just sent you an email, young lady”

It is a great weapon, I already know that it would set the butterflies churning in her tummy, and I did nothing to dispel that over the next 15 minutes, I could tell that she was very eager to get to her room to check her email. Once we finally parted after a nice talk, it wasn’t long before I got a reply.

“Yes, Sir. I’m sorry for misbehaving on stage today. I saw you standing off to the side, and I wanted to behave to make you proud. But then I didn’t want the other girls to think I wasn’t cool, and I got caught up in it.

I’m very sorry, and I’ll try to take my spanking(s) like a good girl.


Now that worked a treat, I was so excited to set up another scene. When I saw Missy later that day I told her that she can decide whether or not she wants the spanking before I went on stage for the talent show, or after it was done. I can’t remember totally but I think she approached me before, but it was too close to the start of the show. That shouldn’t matter too much, there will be plenty of time after the talent contest, at least that is what we thought, lol.

The talent show didn’t finish until nearly the end of the evening, and by this time the pup had a few beers. The next step was to go to the suite for the suite party. Now I saw Missy there, but we were both busy entertaining the masses. Quite a bit of time was spent by me in the back bedroom playing with several girls (story to come later) and any time I came out Missy was likewise engaged in either a conversation or play. So I had to come up with a plan, and a plan is just exactly what I did.

By this point I had played more in one evening than I have ever played at a party before, so I needed to rearrange the furniture. I pulled a chair from the back room and took it into the main room for a public spanking. Sitting down on the chair I waited to catch Missy’s eye to beckon her over, but before that happened Sarah Rocks decided to show me that she was wearing the panties that I had given her a while back. Well, the ‘100% Spankable’ panties couldn’t go passing without feeling a good spanking from the buyer now, could they.

I popped out for a smoke and came back to take my seat again, this time Aurora came over and put my Stetson on her head. I don’t know why, but I enjoy spanking girls who are wearing my hat. The only girls who get to wear my hat during a spanking are very special girls indeed. It feels like a little bonding session for me, like they have earned the right to wear my hat.

Anyway, it was when I was spanking Aurora that I spotted Missy out of the corner of my eye watching Aurora’s face, indeed, glancing around the room it was fun to see who else was peeking over the shoulders of the people they were talking to. I think after this, not certain, that I finally got CC over my lap in a different room, but I still had a certain young lady to come and now was the time, I was going to sit in that chair until I caught Missy’s eye.

Before the spanking took place, Missy asked if she could use the bathroom first to which I of course agreed. Something very funny happened here though because I was so determined to finally do this scene. As I sat there waiting for Missy’s return, someone shouted over to me. My response was to hold my hand up and reply “I’m in a scene right now”. Never, I repeat NEVER, stick your hand up to a woman, lol. It was 12 hours later at breakfast that I saw her, and you can guess what her response to me was. Anyway, despite my faux pas, Missy returned and awaited my instruction for her to assume the position.

It didn’t take long at all actually before she was stood to my right side and I lectured her about her behavior. Now I’m not a 100% certain, but I believe that before I took her over my knee I asked her to raise her dress up. Now the reason for this spanking, as I mentioned earlier, was because I had noticed her misbehaving during the reformatory, so I lectured her about that misdeed and asked her what her punishment was going to be. Obviously she remembered because it was going to be 100 spanks delivered in rounds of twenty.

As Missy lowered herself over my lap I took the time to gaze around the room and I was delighted, it is one of those tiny little things that make a spanking so good. Behind Missy there was a girl chatting to a guy, but her eyes were fixed on Missy’s behind. Someone on the couch on my left side had leaned over and was watching behind someone’s back, and a third girl who I noticed was watching from the other side of the room. Just imagine that, little Missy is about to get spanked in front of all of her friends and at least 3 of them were watching intently, the shame of it all. I wonder if Missy knew that her friends were watching her as she was about to get spanked in public?

Now I have a terrible time keeping quiet during a spanking as I really like to scold, but the first thing I did was deliver 20 crisp smacks to the seat of Missy’s white nylon panties. Clearly they stung as she hopped and yelped over my lap. It was time to remind her why she was over my lap and I chastised her for disappointing me with her behavior earlier that day. Yet another crisp 20 smacks were applied to her thin panties. Now I wanted to hear from her, so I asked Missy if she was regretting getting in trouble earlier that day and are we going to be expecting anymore misbehavior from her. Of course you know the answer to both of those questions, not that she could keep her promise on the latter. Yet again, and a little bit more brisk this time, 20 more firm spanks rained down.

It did dawn on me to let everyone know that Missy, in her rush to change, had put her panties on inside out. Can you imagine the embarrassment if I had let everyone know that? Of course now I was in full toppy swing “I am warning you now Missy, if I have to take you over my knee anymore this weekend you will be one sorry little girl. Not only will you get spanked on your bare bottom but I will also take my belt off young lady”

Lots of “Yes Sir’s” were coming from her mouth at this point, just to the right point where the next set of 20 spanks came. Timing was important because I didn’t want her to finish her thoughts before the next set of twenty came down. Of course each set of twenty is just getting harder and this time I had to hold onto her tight as Missy began to squirm over my lap.

As we approached the final set I asked Missy to repeat to me what would happen to her the next time if she misbehaved again. I listened intently to each word and before I settled in for the last set I paused once more, I wanted to see if the 3 girls were still watching, which indeed they were. It was probably more for my own ego that I did this than for Missy’s embarrassment, indeed, I don’t actually think that she was aware that 3 of her friends were watching her get spanked just like she was a naughty little girl.

The final set of twenty spanks began and now the legs were kicking wildly, at spank number 16 her foot intercepted my hand and I was unable to land the smack. So I told her to keep her feet down and that we are now going to start that set of twenty all over again, and that is what I did. By the time I was done Missy could hardly keep still and her bottom was shining. My bad little girl had been spanked once more. As she stood up I beckoned her over to sit on my lap, which after a brief rub of her bottom she did. For the next few minutes Missy sat on my lap with her arms around me as we hugged, the perfect ending to a spanking.

Now I know from that lesson that my little niece will not be giving me anymore trouble for the rest of the weekend, so just imagine my surprise when the following morning I was brought up on charges in court by my own niece!! That was perhaps her biggest mistake of the weekend and one that she paid for dearly. What followed later that afternoon was a spanking that bought her to the cusp of tears, and you will get to read about it in the final installment of what was the best roleplay scene that I have ever done!!

2 thoughts on “Missy Gets Spanked In Public

  1. Dear Mr. Windsor:
    I am looking for a spanking DVD in which the spankee is securely cuffed to a spanking bench or horse and spanked “long and hard” with a flexible leather strap. Unfortunately, most such strapping scenes are either too short or too mild. (Here I am speaking as a male switch who is 75% bottom and 25% top.) A leather strapping is satisfying ONLY if it is long and hard. The severity of the strapping (always on a bare butt) should be clearly evident not only by the color of her butt cheeks, but also by her facial expression, her body movements, her tears, her vocalizations … and by the sweat on her body.

    Do you have a dvd that comes close to what I have described? If not, please tell me where I can buy such a DVD. Needless to say, the spanking industry is filled with spanking “actresses” who really do not enjoy what they are doing.

    Mark Straps from Chicago

  2. That sounds like too harsh a spanking. A light palm rapidly from cheek to cheek for five minutes with a very mild talking to is sexy. The lighter the better…even with a leather glove on. Back, and forth, back, and forth, light, light, light, and no stopping, and the scolding just as light!

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