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On this page we will showcase the contributions of others. This will provide permanent accreditation to the individual who provides something to this website that I do not already have. There will be quite a lot of pics that I do already have that I have set to post over the coming year so any duplicate is likely not to be posted. Other than through email,  most of these contributions were made through the stage spanking forum WINDSOR’S CLASSICS. If you are a lurker on this site and you come here to take this pics for your personal collection or your website,  please be respectful enough to denote who these pics came from as these people were kind enough to donate them.


san angelo 57ab Janie2 Happy Days 4m8z


feb37-1 Hayes Players Happy Days (Massey)


One thought on “Website Contributions

  1. Hi Richard… I have a good photo taken at a Shadow Lane spanking party some years ago. As I say, it’s a good picture, but I have never shared it with anybody online, because I’ve often wondered if it would expose me to some unwanted legal consequences.

    The people seen in the photo are all private citizens. Would it be wrong to post this pic to your “Windsor’s Spanking Finds” folder?


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