Correction Collection by OUCH.UK.COM

If you attend any spanking parties then you are likely to run across the owner of OUCH.UK.COM not only selling his products,  but also being an active participant in the spanking activities. He has also appeared in several spanking movies so you know that he is a true aficionado of the lifestyle. All of his items are hand crafted and not only is there a vast collection of leather goods,  but also floggers,  canes,  cuffs and collars. I own one of these pieces that I have used in a judicial performance and I also used the same strap to deliver a very tearful punishment with. So you can take my word for it that these items are of the finest quality,  as is the owner of the company,  a real English gentleman. CLICK HERE.

Here are some images from the collection and remember to CLICK HERE to view the entire collection for sale on the OUCH.UK.COM website.

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