Jane’s Birthday Spanking

Jane’s Birthday Spanking

A summer away from home for Jane,  she was 18 and was a junior counselor at a summer camp. She got the exclusive placement due to being able to live with the camp director and his wife.

There was a camp break and it also happened to be her 19th birthday. Brian and his wife put on an amazing evening for her with lovely presents and then there was the cake to cut. Before they went there though,  Ann teasingly asked “Shouldn’t Jane get her birthday spanks first”?

All three of them laughed and Jane retorted “I remember my last one on my 16th, ouch” she said as she rubbed the seat of her powder blue flared skirt.

Brian also joined in the chiding “Three years without a birthday spanking,  Anne,  I don’t know,  I have a feeling a naughty teenager needs a spanking”

Jane teased right along,  pretty much inviting a reaction as she laughed “Why do I get this feeling that very shortly I am going to be over someone’s knee with my bottom sticking up in the air”

Ann replied “Just be careful,  Uncle Brian’s hand is like a paddle”

The girl smirked “Just what I need” and within a second realized what she had said “No wait,  that’s not what I meant” she laughed.

Anne pulled a chair out and winked at Brian “You hear that Uncle Brian,  Jane just said that’s she needs your hand”

“Oh come on” Jane playfully pleaded as Uncle Brian took her by the wrist “No wait,  let’s be serious,  I’m a bit too old for this don’t you think” she said as she laughed all the way.

Uncle Brian sat down and with minimal resistance pulled Jane over his knee. Jane of course continued with her mock pleas “Oh come on Uncle Brian,  I’m way too old for a spanking”

Anne had gone to the dresser as Jane playfully flailed around,  when she turned back she said “Now look at what we have here,  a 19 year old teenager who thinks she is too old for a spanking over her uncle’s knee,  I have a feeling her uncle is going to show her that she will never be too old”

Jane still laughed,  though she did have a slight blush on her face,  Brian meanwhile added to his wife’s statement “Yes indeed,  I have a feeling that this naughty girl is long overdue a spanking” he said as he patted the seat of her skirt “AND” he paused “That spanking should be on the seat of her panties” as he swiftly tugged the girls skirt up above her waist.

Jane screeched and her hand flew back to protect her bottom “Nooooo” she yelled as her hand came in contact with the seat of her own panties,  then adding to her own demise as she felt the material covering her bottom she joked “Worst day ever to be wearing nylon panties”

Brian took the girls hand and held it to her side,  and just then CLICK,  Jane’s head spun around to see Ann had taken a picture. Her mouth opened wide with a smile and Ann giggle “Have to have some pics for the memories”

Jane snubbed her nose “Great,  I will post them to Facebook” and then after thinking for a second “And everyone will say that I got the spanking I have deserved for ages” this time a few silent seconds passed before she realized what she had just said. She started to correct herself but just giggled “Oh forget it,  just spank me and get it over with”

“I will honey, I will” Brian replied as he smacked her nylon clad bottom a few times “But first we need a lecture” to which Jane just rolled her eyes. “I find that it helps a naughty girl know her place”

Ann snapped another pic of the helpless girl as Brian cleared his throat but Jane cheekily cut him off “I just want it stated for the record that big girls like me shouldn’t be spanked on their panties”

“Is that so”?

“Yep,  so if you could just see your way to pulling my skirt back down and we can get this silly tradition out of the way” a VERY hopeful Jane asked

“Unfortunately Jane,  in this house tradition states that a naughty girl has to have her panty clad seat spanked”

“Who ever heard of such a tradition”?

“We did” Brian replied and spanked that panty clad bottom two more times.

“Ouch,  ow,  is there a fire in my panties? It’s awfully hot back there” Jane also wanted to make sure that those first couple didn’t count as she was having way too much fun “So are we going to get this spanking out of the way or what”?

“If you didn’t keep interrupting me girl we would probably be finished by now” and two more spanks landed “Now where was I”?

Jane got sassy “Somewhere between blah and blah,  blah,  blah”

Jane had a feeling that she would get an extra couple of swats for that and she thought right,  only Uncle Brian gave her 4 good spanks and Jane wriggled. Brian looked at her “Any more cheek like that and you might just end up leaving here with a well spanked bottom”

Ann was happily taking picture for prosperity which caught Jane’s attention “Oh come on Ann,  don’t you have something better to do than take pictures of a naughty girl getting her bottom spanked”?

“You said that you wanted some for Facebook, right” Ann Joked

“Yeah,  and have everyone say that I have been needing a spanking for a long time,  no thanks”

“May I continue”? Brian asked

Still ever sassy Jane responded “Yes,  please”

“Good,  as I was saying,  in this house we believe that the best way to show a girl that we love them is to give them a spanking on their birthday”

Jane interrupted once more “Funny way of showing love” and right on cue each cheek got two more spanks.

“But it is also to show them that no matter how old there are” SPANK “Or how big they think they are” SPANK “That in this house they will never be too old to be spanked when they need it” SPANK SPANK.

With a huge grin on all three faces Brian looked at the back of the girls head and called her name,  the grinning teen turned her head to see him “Now then young lady,  I’m just going to ask you once,  and do remember before you answer that I have your panty clad bottom sticking up invitingly right now ready for me to spank it at any given notice,  now do you have any questions before we start about what I just said”

Jane was going to agree,  but she still had some sass left in her “No,  I got it,  spankings,  spankings and more spankings”

Brian laughed “I think she finally gets it,  Ann” as he smacked her bottom two more times.

“I have a feeling I am about to get it, and get it good” Jane laughed

Brian couldn’t help but laugh as he raised his hand and smacked her right cheek,  “Ouch,  1” spank “2,  ow” spank spank “3,  4,  ouch,  Jiminy crickets,  do you have to spank so hard” poor Jane was feeling each spank,  they were much harder than she thought they were going to be and the thin nylon of her panties did nothing to protect her. Spank “5,  ow” spank “6,  jeesh” spank “7,  ouch” spank “8,  owwww” Ann was snapping pics as fast as she could,  starting from the top of Jane’s head and slowly moving around.

Still Brian continued “9,  oww,  10,  oooh,  11,  yeowch,  12,  ouch,  13,  damn,  14,  ouch,  15 yeoow”

He looked down at the squirming girl and admired the pink glow coming from her bottom and said “Look Ann,  we have a well spanked little girl on our hands”

The last 4 spanks were proper ones,  spanks that reminded Jane of when she was a little girl “Sixxxxxxteen,  owwww,  ouuuuch,  17,  owwww,  18,  yipes,  19”

“And one for luck” SPANKKKKKK


Jane quickly stood up and furiously rubbed the seat of her panties,  Brian looked at her and smiled “Now how was that my dear”?

“Hot to trot,  Uncle Brian,  hot to trot”

They all ate their cake and enjoyed a wonderful evening, Ann said that she would send her the pics right away but Jane had a quick request so that she could post something to Facebook that night,  she just wanted to stand there with her Uncle’s arm over her shoulder.

Later that night when she got the pics she looked them over time and time again. When she was finally ready she took the special pic and posted it on Facebook,  underneath she wrote the caption.

“With Uncle Brian. I’m holding behind me the best birthday present EVER,  but it is a secret. Just know that it is something that I have needed for ages”

And then she tagged Brian and Ann in the pic,  it took maybe 5 minutes before Jane heard a roar of laughter from the next room and she smiled from ear to ear.

The following morning Jane went downstairs in her pink babydoll and matching ruffled panties and found Uncle Brian in the kitchen. She went to his side,  put her arm over his shoulder and kissed him on the head,  Brian put his arm around her waist.

With a big smile she said “Thank you for the birthday spanking last night,  Uncle Brian”

He returned her smile and replied “I’m glad that you liked it,  you didn’t mind so much then”?

“Not at all,  I enjoyed every minute of it”

Patting her bottom he said “Let’s hope that we don’t have to repeat it”

A mock fake look appeared on her face “You wouldn’t dare”

Within seconds the pink nylon ruffled panties of the teenager were being met by a firm male palm. After a couple of minutes Ann arrived by putting her key in the door,  she smiled at what she heard,  the sound of a spanking in progress and the pleas of a naughty girl “Ouch,  I’m sorry Uncle Brian,  ow,  ouch,  stop,  ow,  ow” and the laughter that was coming with it. Ann shook her head as she remembered the prophetic last words her husband had said the night before “Don’t be too surprised if she needs another one in the morning”

22 thoughts on “Jane’s Birthday Spanking

  1. What a great story for a fab site like this I love your site it got me a few warmed bottoms and gave me ideas . Thats one birthday present I sorted out . Thanks for all your time and effort you put into your site

  2. I posted elsewhere, this is my favorite with the …thin nylon panty….loved it sir, thank you

  3. Another great story Richard…I love these domestic spankings, older man and niece or daughter…quite playful!!

  4. Very good story.

    Perhaps ideally there would be a romantic interest. An available male who got to give one also, and this led to something later.

  5. I enjoy domestic discipline stories and this was one of the best, but why 3 years between birthday spankings?

  6. i enjoy that too it’s as been a long time for me to get a birthday spanking like 22 years without one i will be going down to florida in feburary 2015 when i turned 40

  7. Great story nothing beats a good birthday spanking. I have never forgotten being over my kindergarten teachers knee for my 5th birthday. Keepem coming but more f/f

  8. Great birthday spanking I am an otk fan the most and loved this story. I tried to comment on it once before, but the comments section was not enabled and it has been awhile since I looked at the stories. I am visual mostly and while I do enjoy the stories I usually do not seek them out as I do not usually have the time to read them and comment on them. Great stories. Thank you and have a great day.

  9. My godmother gave me my first birthday spanking at age 7, and continued the tradition every year until I was 21. My mother started giving me birthday spankings at 13. When I turned 21, my mother asked me if that should be the last birthday spanking.. I told her to please continue, because I thought that her spankings were expression of love. She continued the tradition until I moved out at age 27.

  10. I received my first, and only, birthday spanking at age thirty when my then girlfriend sat at the edge of our bed, pulled down my pajama pants, took me over her thighs and landed thirty hard crackers followed by one really explosive smack for good luck. It remains one of the most erotic events of my life Then, as a special treat, she gave me a mind-blowing blow job. Unfortunately, outside of the bedroom she was the prototypical bad girlfriend. We eventually broke up when I decided that I wanted to have sex with a woman I actually liked.

  11. In our house my mum always used to give a “birthday” spanking which was always seen as something to endure and although lighthearted were usually delivered on the seat of knickers (I guess for added embarrassment !) & quite firmly although not hard enough to be a proper spanking.
    One year my aunt was at my house on my 12th birthday and when the time came about that mum decided I should have my “birthday” spanking I was drawn over mum’s lap and my dress ceremonially lifted for the family to witness my spanking.
    As mum was about to start (after all the banter) my aunt interrupted and said to my mum “Marjorie, surely at 12 … she’s old enough for them to come down? … I’m sure she must have gotten away with things during the year … how’s the chance to catch up”
    Everyone was laughing and clapping chanting “yes, yes, yes, yes ….”
    Mum said …. “Do you know what ? ….. I think that’s a good idea !”
    I remember pleading with mum saying “No, no, no … please no mum”
    Mum just said … “stop being so silly” and promptly pulled my knickers down and gave me my birthday spanking … in front of the whole family, aunts uncles and cousins …. on my 12yr old bare bottom !
    Unfortunately … this became the new tradition !

  12. Thanks a lot for your feedback, Matt. I don’t write as often as I once did, but it is still very motivating to write more when people take the time to leave feedback.


  13. This is my favorite spanking story EVER .
    Expertly written with descriptive language. I love the teasing with slightly flirtatious undertones. I would absolutely love a sequel to this one.

  14. Slick,

    Thank you for your kind words!! There are a number of stories that require a second part, this being one of them. I am glad that you enjoyed it.


  15. Slick,

    I will do my best. I have an idea for a new counselor to join the fray in year two 😉


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