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Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 158

I always enjoy a bit of playful fun, and there is nothing more fun than an OTK spanking to a willing partner 😉 Now I believe in being honest and ethical, and this image wasn’t found by me. I mean I found it, but, I found it on the main newspaper archive where a fellow spanko had saved all of the clippings that they had found and they were publicly visible. So someone else did the legwork for this one and I found their saved archive of clippings. Unfortunately I can’t give them credit by name because the archive no longer exists, but they shared quite a trove of images which I have saved, though of course many of them I already had in my own archive.

Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 157

Just have enough time to post a new Sunday candid for you, sans any long writing. I love the table and chair that we see in this spanking scene from “The Taming of the Shrew”. This will be added to my KISS ME KATE folder.

F/M Friday 65

Dude doesn’t post for weeks and now he is posting daily? LOL.

This past week I have been looking at an AI story generator. Now for my scripts for my Youtube channel I generally put into an AI for the purposes of editing it. What normally happens is I put a three page script in to be edited, and the AI spanks out a version that is about half the length of what I wrote. This is vital for my videos because I need to put a lot of narration into relatively short videos. The AI output is actually my writing, the AI just condenses it into a shorter form.

Obviously these AI sites are not very friendly when it comes to spanking material, but with a lot of effort and manipulation from what I can tell, you can get a half decent spanking story out of it. Well lo and behold I found a story generator this week that is void of the normal censors these type of sites generally put on, and they can be quite strict sensors at that. The site I found though doesn’t seem to have any, at least not in the terms of a spanking story.

My days of actually writing stories seem to be behind me, or at least at present I don’t have the motivation to do so. The only encouragement the blog seems to give are comments such as “Good story, now write me another one” 🙂

So tomorrow I am going to give it a shot. I will put instructions into the story generator and then whatever it turns out I will share with you all. It won’t be a proper story like I normally write, but it should be fun to see. I will share the links where the idea for this concept came from tomorrow.

Stopped Short Of The Woodshed

Imagine being so bad that you get taken to the woodshed, but you don’t even get there before your tanning begins 🙂

This is one of those images that has been sat on my hard drive for years that I have never posted, and even though it is of relatively poor quality there is a reason that I am posting it. Obviously in the modern day full gymnastic spreadies are the popular choice of image, but for us old timers every pic has a story to tell.

In fact it is funny, as you are probably aware I deleted my Twitter account because I found behavior on there to be appalling. Following that I created a new private account with a captain generic name. The reason for the new account was to simply follow spanking producer accounts to keep in the loop. Plus I like to give them free promotion on my website whenever I can so I wanted to keep my eye open, even if it is from a mile away.

This week one pic was posted by a lady known as Miss Iceni and it was one of those pics that grabbed my attention right away. For most people it may be a normal run of the mill spanking image, but for me it was an absolute classic. The pic is on the second floor (a flat maybe?) and we can see the street outside, and she has her fellow video performer, Matilda, over her lap. The story has something to do with a borrowed car and Matilda is wearing high heels and silky black panties.

Oh my lord, I may be 60 years old now and I left England back in 1987, but memories of England came rushing back as it has that classic domestic English feel to it and it reminded me of some happy memories, a real gem of a pic, in my eyes anyway. I might shoot Miss Iceni an email and see if I can use the pic on my site next week. Because Clips4sale is having a Valentine’s day sale it would be something that I could tie in to the post, being that the image that I talk about is actually taken from a video that Miss Iceni has recently put up. Whenever I see a spanking pic of Matilda I immediately think of Paula Meadows, there seems to be some visual connection between the two.

If I decide not to go that route, because to be honest with you I’m not sure how much distance I want to keep from the active scene, then you will at least have some information to check out the image for yourselves on Twitter based on the information that I just provided above.

I mention the Miss Iceni image because it leads me into this image. While this image might not be a classic, the fact that someone was on the way to the woodshed but they didn’t even make it there, likely because their mouth was running at 100mph, lol, has a great feel to it. For many people the image will just be a decent pic, but there will be someone out there who can appreciate this image from an entirely different perspective, much like I did for the image I spoke about above by Miss Iceni and Matilda. Click on the image below itself for a larger view, and even that view is smaller than the copy that I have on my hard drive, lol.

P.S. For the nitpickers out there, that may not actually be a woodshed and there is no indication the young woman was being taken to it. The above is my interpretation of what we see in the image.

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 272

Long time, no see 🙂 I don’t really have any elaborate excuses as to why I haven’t posted. The last couple of weeks I have spent my time studying the popularity of the Korean singer named IU. I have followed her for a few years now and two weeks ago she released her latest song and the music video for it went viral, which made me spend an awful lot of time watching videos of her from the last 15 years. She literally has the voice of an angel. She is doing her first world tour this year (insane considering she has a total of 31 number one songs in Korea) and one of the stops is Newark, New Jersey. I’m not interesting in her ‘pop’ songs, but he ballads are second to none, will I suck it up knowing that I will only enjoy half the show, lol.

Anyway, it’s spanking you want, right?

You’re not here to listen to me waffle on endlessly so here is my offering this week, a nice fun beach spanking. This will be added to my PLAYFUL SPANKINGS folder. The title of the image says ‘copy’, that’s because I had to reduce the size of the image to fit the blog. The original image is huge.

Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 156

The last couple of days I had some spare time so I decided to scour through old books. To be honest I haven’t come up with anything major, but I have found a handful of mediocre spanking pics. I will keep digging though, there are bound to be some gems out there that the community hasn’t seen yet.

It has been quite a while since I found this image so the details aren’t the clearest. Indeed the title itself, I named the photo “Behold – The Star”, but now I’m wondering if the play is called “Behold The Star” without the hyphen.

This is what I remember from my research. The guy doing the spanking actually wrote the play (smart man, lol) and he had pitched it elsewhere. From my recollection it did get a run elsewhere, for some reason Memphis is ringing a bell in my mind. Anyway, it wasn’t picked up on the national level, but we do at least get to see this hairbrush spanking.

Look around the pic to enjoy what else you see, and I can’t help but notice that the spankee is barefoot.


One Of Them Is Happy

Today I have a little spare time so I am rifling through a few hundred books looking for some unique spanking pics. So far I have only come up with two, but they are both fairly decent.

As I am online then why not throw up a quick OTK spanking pic from the 1950s. Normally this would possibly be a birthday spanking, but there are no indicators that it is so. Therefore it is more than likely just a bit of playful fun, at least for him anyway 🙂

Come back tomorrow for the Sunday Classic.

F/M Friday 64

There was a small change that happened in last year that I had barely noticed. For the longest time the F/M COLLECTION page on this site was the most viewed page (outside of stories). It is still a close second however my PLAYFUL SPANKINGS folder has now taken over as the most viewed page on the site.

Obviously a big part of that is because I rarely add any pics to the F/M page, in fact this is my first F/M Friday post since October. For those who don’t know the difference, what you are reading is a post, the pages are permanent places on this website where I build my collections.

Anyway, for those of you who enjoy these types of pics, even those of you who pretend you don’t 🙂 Here is episode number 64 which is taking place on the beach. Top marks to the photographer who captures the arm in full swing!

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 271

There is one standard of posting spanking pics that I try to adhere to and maintain, and that is to give you the entire image. There are exceptions but almost all pics are posted complete for you to enjoy the exterior as well.

For the image today I have had to break it into two parts. If I posted the entire image then you may not see the spanking as clearly as I would like. So for this image I have cropped out the spanking segment, however, I have also included the full image beneath it for those of you who, like me, enjoy seeing the entire image. For the full sized image just click on the image itself so that you can download for your enjoyment.

This obviously dates back to the twenties, but what is unique about this image is that the skirt has been raised. Not something that you find a preponderance of in the 1920s mainstream spanking images.

This will be added to my PLAYFUL SPANKINGS folder.