Mother Spanks Daughter – Part 3

Boyfriend Spanks – Girlfriend And Her Bestie

When they arrived at the mall that afternoon, it didn’t take Tim too long at all to become bored out of his mind. He went into the first four shops with the girls, but without much of a compliant from anyone involved it wasn’t long before Tim was headed to the arcade while the girls shopped. Their plan was to meet up by the fountain at 3pm, and then they would head to the park from there.

Come 3pm and Tim was already sat on the bench patiently waiting for the girls. 3.05pm, 3.10pm, 3.15pm… When the two young women finally showed up it was 3.22pm on his watch, and he was less than happy with being made to wait.

Tim pointed at his watch in a fashion that was overly dramatic than the situation called for and asked the two giggling girls “Why time is this?”

The girls just laughed and Elaine answered him “Oh hush, Mr. Grumpypants, it’s Brittney’s birthday”

She had felt like getting a hysterical laugh from her friend by adding something like “Now be a good boy and fetch the car”, and while she was actually very close to saying it, at the last second she suppressed the words from coming out of her mouth.

Once they all set off Tim tried his very best to hide his annoyance, but he didn’t really do a very good job of it. The fact that he was annoyed just seemed to bring the worst out in Brittney and Elaine as every now and then they would try and poke the bear with a stick. Backseat driving was the most popular choice of all and both girl’s stifled giggles each time Tim fought his aggravation by trying to politely answer.

Always be careful when poking a bear with a stick though, because one day he is going to unleash on you, and you aren’t going to like the results.

When they arrived at the park the three of them between them carried their wares to the designated picnic area that they had chosen. It wasn’t a secluded area, but at the same time it was far away from where the basketball court and the batting cages were.

The area that they had chosen was popular during the day, but less so during the late afternoon. There was a walking path about 20 meters away and the spot that they had chosen was right up against the lake. A part of the lake jutted out and to the side of it, just like in other locations around the park, there was a picnic bench that was facing sideways looking out onto the lake, but because of the alcove of water, one side of it was also facing the picnic area and the passing path. The entrance to the lake amounted to a sand patch where people had stood for decades feeding the ducks.

Of course by the time that Tim, Brittney and Elaine had arrived, the rest of their friends were already there. In total their party amounted to eight people, five girls and three guys. They set up on the grass on the other side of the sanded area to where the picnic bench was. The group did use the bench, but only to put their food and drinks on where it could all be easily covered. There was a multitude of blankets and for all intent and purpose they were alone. On the lot next to them there was an elderly couple who were initially aggravated that their solitude was going to be broken, but they found out pretty soon that the new group that had arrived were actually a very polite group of younger people. They all gave a neighborly greeting wave and whenever one of them would get too loud there was always someone ready to make a hand gesture to tone it down.

Other than that, the only people around them were the occasional young couple passing by on the nearby path taking a romantic stroll in the park, or occasional two couples together, or a single jogger whose only interest was in the path that lay ahead of them. It was the perfect location for a quiet little birthday gathering amongst friends who were not looking to have a wild rave of a time.


Tim and Elaine were the only actual couple in attendance, though two of their friends, Dawn and Matt had been on a couple of dates and were entering the stage of a potential relationship where different forms of bodily contact were being made, such as a hand reaching out to pat an arm or the gentle brushing of lint off of a piece of clothing. Of course this is important to note because while, in the traditional sense, the closeness of Tim and Elaine was nothing more than that of a conservative boyfriend and girlfriend, compared to the other five people in attendance it just as well have been almost pornographic. There wasn’t any jealousy, but there was a certain amount of envy at what Tim and Elaine had amongst several of the group gathered there.

After about an hour of laughing and joking, the elderly couple in the lot near theirs had started to pack up, it was the other guy in attendance, Jim, who flippantly said “They have probably seen enough for one day”

Without even thinking about what he was saying, Tim laughed to himself and said out loud “I’ve seen plenty for one day as well”

While Elaine had been in attendance for Brittney’s spanking that day as well, it was only Brittney who worked out just exactly what Tim meant by those words. Her mouth opened wide and she was openly indignant at his brazenness, without thinking she dipped her fingers into her water and flicked it at him while stating “Shut up you”

The other six people who watched this all laughed out loud, and that ‘moment’ occurred where Tim raised his head and his eyes met those of Brittney, whose own eyes widened. There was a sense of playful tension in the air as Brittney pushed up on her arms in preparation, and Elaine teasingly spoke aloud the thoughts that both Tim and Brittney had already known from the look that they exchanged between themselves anyway. Elaine confirmed it when she spoke through her laughter…

“It looks like someone needs a birthday spanking”

The word ‘spanking’ hadn’t even left her lips before Brittney pushed up on her hands and feet and sprang away, virtually running before she was even upright. Likewise, Tim was already on his way up, and he was dutifully encouraged by watching Brittney leap up and managing to catch a glimpse of the same light blue nylon he had seen earlier that day as she scampered to her feet. Brittney didn’t really have anywhere to run, nor did she want to be tackled from behind, so basically she ran about ten feet and then turned around. With both arms outstretched, and nonetheless grinning from ear to ear, she said “I’m warning you, stay away from me”

If she was really warning him then she would have been 50 feet away already, hollering at the top of her lungs. Not Brittney though, she had actually known Tim for longer than Elaine had known him, not in the sense of any romantic interest, they had just simply known each other for longer.

Earlier that day she had been embarrassingly placed over the knee of her best friend’s mom, and she was initially mortified when she felt her dress go up, right in front of Tim no less, for the revealing of her panty clad bottom to all and sundry. Her face was bright red during that time. However, and nobody had even seen this, during her wriggling about over the maternal knee, Brittney had quickly glanced at Tim’s face as he watched her struggle. She couldn’t help but notice that Tim’s face was focused intently on her fanny, with his mouth slightly open and his eyes slightly wider. Despite the circumstances that she was in, the mere thought of seeing Tim enjoying what he was seeing made her smile through her blushes. She had also looked at Tim’s face when she suggested that he should spank Elaine, he had a look that appeared to say that he would if he had to. Regardless of all of that though, she had to warn him.

What was she warning him with anyway? That the hand of the almighty would reach down from the sky and swat him away? That the local police would arrest him if he laid a finger on her? Or was she simply warning him that if he was going to spank her, then it wasn’t going to be easy for him. Once again it was only an answer that Brittney knew, and it wasn’t either of the first two. As the six other friends either propped up on their knees or stood up outright, all eyes were focused on Brittney and the fast approaching Tim who was now just mere feet away.

Tim was determined as he reached out to grab the girl, and Brittney was equally as determined to swat him away. She had landed at least six puppy punches on him when Tim finally caught hold of her arm. Brittney’s immediate reaction was to curl up in a defensive posture as Tim extended his grip by reaching around her back. It took seconds for the pair of them to fall on the floor.

From her position on her back Brittney was able to put up the good fight as Tim tried to flip her over. Of course Brittney wasn’t going to just give him and let him spank her, or at least she wanted to make it look like she was putting up a valiant fight before letting him win. She punched and slapped and kicked, of course none of it being anything more than a halfhearted playful attempt to fend him off.

Tim finally grabbed one leg to attempt to torque her body around and flip her onto her stomach into the prone position. The two of them were at an impasse when Brittney bellowed out “Let me go”, using her own vocalization as a cover for relaxing the tension in her leg and letting him flip her over onto her stomach. Tim quickly sat upon Brittney’s back, facing her legs as Brittney went into overdrive with her dramatic performance that she had hoped was convincing enough to make her friends think that she wasn’t willingly lying face down with her bottom sticking up, waiting for it to be spanked.

Tim didn’t disappoint her.

While the laws of gravity made the wrestling match a combative battle that Brittney could have easily kept up for fifteen minutes or more if she really want to, now that she was in the position that she was in it was much easier to ‘fight’ while giving in. Tim leaned forward and put his left hand on the ground next to Brittney’s hip, and then with his right hand he began to pepper the seat of her thin blue summer dress, almost beside himself as each swat made her cheeks bounce delightfully. He wasn’t spanking her hard, but at the same time they were no love pats either.

Brittney put on an Oscar worthy performance, swaying her hips from side to side and pounding her fists into the ground. She then turned her attention on Tim by reaching her hand back and slapping him on the hip and butt. Tim was just reaching the final few slaps of her 19 birthday spanks when she reached down and pinched his ankle.

Tim briefly stopped and looked behind him with a furrowed brow as he said “Ouch”, then turning back to his task at hand he wasted no time in grasping the hem of Brittney’s dress, which was already halfway up her thigh, and pulled it clear of her bottom. This time Brittney genuinely wailed and tried to turn her body away from him right away, but it was too late. As the rest of the group whooped and hollered as Brittney’s skirt came up, Tim now had unfettered access to a pink bottom now scarcely contained by a thin layer of light blue nylon. In what can only be described as ‘Proper spanks’, Tim gave the final four, two on each cheek, hearty spanks to the panty clad bottom beneath him. He even amazed himself when he saw his hand-prints quickly develop on the skin that was showing.

Tim hadn’t intentionally miscounted, the pinch on his ankle had thrown him off and he had actually given 21 spanks instead of required 19. Each of the last four spanks were accompanied by either an ow or an ouch by Brittney, and then with a brief pause he gave the final two spanks, though these two were much lighter than the previous four had been.

“And one for luck, and one to grow on” he announced, once more savoring the ripples in her panties as her bottom bounced delicately beneath them. The other thing that Tim did was a bit of a surprise for Brittany. On those last two spanks he definitely left his hand there after each swat had landed. It wasn’t super long, but for those last two swats it was long enough that she felt the increased warmth of his palm as it rested briefly on her panties.

Tim flipped her dress back down and climbed up off of Brittney’s back. In one last act of defiance she slapped him hard on the calf as she cried out “JERK”

Tim was back with the laughing group before Brittney had even risen to her knees. Of course she was embarrassed, but she tried to laugh it off as she walked back to the waiting friends. She wanted nothing more than to put both hands on her bottom and rub the sting out, and even when she reached the group with a forced smile on her face, she gave the death stare to Tim. Not that she actually minded in all honesty, quite to the contrary, there was a big difference being spanked by a friend, especially when compared to the structured spanking followed by a strapping from her father.

Tim had been confident going into battle, but now that it was over he was beginning to have some doubts. What did the death stare mean? Was it anger? Was it defiance? Was it a look that told him that revenge is a dish best served cold? If he only knew what it really meant. In fact if he really knew what the look meant, then perhaps he wouldn’t have to wait until Brittney turned 20 years old a year from this very day for another spanking!

Brittney knew!!


The rest of the picnic passed by without anyone saying anything about the events that had taken place, why would they, playful spankings were a very common occurrence everywhere, just like birthday spankings were. In fact one of the girls was sat there replaying the spanking over and over in her mind, secretly wishing that it was her who had received the spanking that day. It was three months to go until her own birthday came around, but she had made a decision on that day that she was going to become besties with Elaine. Her name was Judy, and while she leaves the story at this stage, her return is fully expected three months from now.

As the group began to dwindle in-between the tidying up, pretty soon it was only the three main characters in the story who remained in the park.

Tim was feeling testosterone fueled, like a lion with a pride, he was pleased with himself. It was only earlier that day that he had realized that there was an erotic component to spanking that he hadn’t realized before, perhaps because it was a gene that he never knew that he had. Watching Brittney get spanked, and then actually spanking her himself, it didn’t take long for him to realize that he enjoyed this far more than he ever imagined he would. Of course if Brittney had lost her mind over the whole incident then perhaps he would be thinking differently, but she didn’t. In fact it would be fair to say that she didn’t seem to mind at all, save perhaps from when the cool autumn breeze swept across her unveiled bottom.

Brittney was both happy and sad. She had received two spankings that day, neither of which she minded, in a funny sort of way, it was somewhat cathartic for her. However, by the end of the night she would be alone, and in that alone time she would feel sad that there was something missing in her life. That was still to come though, there was still an elephant in the room, for now at least. Only she held the key for the elephant in the room to be addressed, and she was looking forward to it more than anything else in the world.

Elaine was perhaps the quietest of the three, but that didn’t mean that her mind wasn’t racing ten to the dozen. Her thoughts were mainly romantic, far different to the other two. Her appreciation and affection towards Tim was higher now than it had ever been. It had started early that day when he volunteered to help her mom out later that week when Elaine was out of the way for the day.

With Elaine going off to college within a year, her mom decided to switch rooms around where she would have the larger of the rooms that Elaine currently occupied. A lot of the moving they could do by themselves, but the lifting of the dressers and beds was going to require an extra pair of hands. It impressed her more by the way that Tim took charge of the whole thing, and he even said that he had a friend who could lend him a dolly on wheels which would make the whole thing 5 times quicker and easier. Of course watching him spank Brittney turned her on immensely, but not particularly because of the spanking. It was just from the confidence that he had shown. She didn’t even know that there was an elephant in the room. Not yet anyway.

The only person who knew that the elephant was in the room was Brittney. After Elaine had prompted her own mom to give Brittney a spanking, Brittney had actually mentioned it in the car soon after they had left her house. Elaine had seen the elephant right there and then, but she had forgotten all about it, and now that Elaine had encouraged Tim to spank Brittney as well, the time was drawing very near for her to be reminded about it. Brittney had a feeling that it wasn’t going to take much at all to achieve this before they left the park that early evening, even if she was going to embellish Elaine’s lack of consideration as Tim waited for them earlier that day. If she was going to have to ride home on a hot bottom, then you could bet your bottom dollar that Elaine was going to be sitting on one as well.

Now what was it that Elaine had said earlier that day when they were walking around the mall, when Brittney mentioned that they should get going?

“Don’t worry about it, I’ve got him right where I want him, under my thumb”

Yep, that was it, perhaps not in the context that it will now be repeated, but nonetheless Elaine did say exactly those words. Now if Brittney could just combine that in a sentence with the phrase “If anyone ever needed a spanking, it’s Elaine”. With a bit of prodding she felt pretty sure that she could talk her friend into getting a spanking without even trying. Damn, if he would spank her friend, he better darn well spank his girlfriend as well.


It was still light out but soon the sun would begin to set, the picnic area had been tidied up save for a few scattered items. As the three of them who remained consolidated all of the items into containers on the picnic bench, Brittney started to put her plan into motion, I mean, it shouldn’t take too long, right?

As innocently as you like, Brittney said to Elaine “We still have to fold up the blankets”

Elaine was completely oblivious as she clipped the potato chip bags, so she answered quite casually “We’ve still got plenty of time”

With a wicked grin on her face Brittney added “Well why don’t you get him to do it, after all, when he was waiting for us at the mall you did say that you have him right under your thumb, right where you want him”

Elaine’s mouth opened wide “SHUT UP, I said no such thing”

Brittney looked at Tim, who had an eyebrow raised, and said “She did say it. When I told her that we should be getting back to meet you she said don’t worry about it”

Elaine gazed at Tim and then back at Brittney “Brittney Anderson, I said no such thing, you fibber”

Elaine’s mind raced back, and it didn’t take her long at all to realize that she had indeed said something along those lines. Brittney just nodded and looked at Tim anyway and carried on “She did say it, obviously you must be a bit of a walkover”

Elaine looked indignant and said in a screeched voice “WHAT HAS GOT INTO YOU”?

“I’m just saying, we have the blankets to fold, and you said that Tim was under your thumb, you did say it, you know you did. So just say chop, chop and get him to pick up the blankets”

The face on Elaine looked like someone had just told her that Santa Claus wasn’t real, Tim of course was a bit perplexed by this. He stopped what he was doing and said “Under your thumb, am I”?

Stung by reality Elaine changed her tune very quickly “Time out, it sounded nothing like she is making it out to sound”

Emptying his hands he replied “So you did say it then”?

Brittney gave a pompous grin and joined in “I told you earlier Tim that you should spank her, but nobody listens to little old me”

With saucers now for eyes, Elaine looked at her friend and said “BRITTNEY, hush your mouth, he will do no such thing”

And now the elephant was out of the room, and Brittney laid down the trump card as well as she addressed Tim once more “Well, I guess you just got your orders, better do as she says”

What an outright stinking rotter her friend turned out to be!!

Brittney was bang to rights, Elaine had said it, and now she remembered saying it as well, and she quickly remembered the affirmative look on his face that he had when she had said “You wouldn’t spank little old me, would you”? The realization of her predicament caught up to her in a nanosecond “Now wait a minute, not here”, as if she had resigned herself to the fact that he was going to spank her at some point.

In for a penny, in for a pound, Brittney thought “Hang on a minute, you didn’t have a problem with him spanking me out here, in fact you found it pretty funny, didn’t you”?

That was the straw that broke the camel’s back so to speak, Tim wiped his hands on his jeans as walked towards a backing up Elaine “Tim, noooooooooooo” came her reply as he seized her by the arm. Half through laughter and half through embarrassment, Elaine continued “Tim no, not out here, let go of me right now”

It was futile to think that would work, Tim’s testosterone level was at an all-time high, and while he was playing along, to some degree he was a little stung that Elaine had said what she had said. She genuinely didn’t want to be spanked in the park where anyone could walk by, like the two couples who were already headed in their direction, but Tim didn’t really give much of a hoot, he agreed with Brittney.

In one motion he sat down on the picnic bench facing out to the pathway and pulled Elaine over his lap at the same time. It was almost poetic how quickly they settled into the time honored position with next to no effort. Elaine pleaded with him to stop and threw her right hand back to protect the seat of her skirt, which in effect was a silly mistake because he was able to grab her wrist with ease and tuck it into her side where he now held her around the waist. She was effectively pinned and she could do nothing about it other than kick her legs in the hope that she kicked him in the head.

Elaine was pretty helpless at this point, she was pinned over her boyfriend’s lap, held securely around the waist with no free hand that could reach back for protection. She didn’t know what to feel when she felt his hand rub her bottom through her white summer skirt, she could probably accept it in another setting, but not out here. She pleaded with him, practically begging him not to spank her, and even apologizing profusely, all the while as Brittney just stood there with a big shit eating grin on her face.

If you thought Elaine was carrying on before, you should have heard her when he actioned the thought that was in his mind, that thought being, a white skirt probably means that she is wearing white panties as well. Her voice raised as he revealed the prize by lifting her skirt high up her back with comparative ease. Indeed he was right, white panties they were, and the nylon looked ever so thin and skimpy for what he was planning to do to them.

With her face flushed she looked at the laughing Brittney “You’re a bitch, you know that”

Brittney just put her arms out in front of her and shrugged as she replied “What goes around, comes around”.

Elaine’s face was a mixture of revenge combined with pain as for the first time her boyfriend’s hand landed on her bottom. He admired that first swat as he watched her bottom move beneath the panties and almost shrugged himself as he set about his duty as if he was a seasoned pro. She kicked and hollered as Tim’s hand went up and down as fast as he could muster, covering all areas of her nylon clad bottom. Well at least it started out covered, with all the kicking she was doing it was making her thin panties just ride up more and more.

Elaine may have thought that the spanking went on forever, but in reality it was no more than 40 spanks. Thankfully it had stopped right when it did, or at least that is what she thought initially until she realized that Tim had stopped only to wave to the two laughing couples who were walking arm and arm past them, not 20 meters away. She sounded deflated as she buried her head, mortified at the sight of the strangers and she simply uttered “Oh Tim”, knowing that they all had a bird’s eye view of her half naked bottom.

The embarrassment didn’t last that long though when she heard Brittney’s voice who was likewise waving to the four laughing strangers “Hey guys, have a great old night”

Oh that bitch, she was going to pay for that with virtually her life. What was it that she had told Elaine? That it had been four years since her dad had spanked her, we will see about that!

As the couples had almost passed, though they were still in range to have a clear view of what was now a deep pink bottom showing on the girl over that young man’s lap, Tim looked down at Elaine and asked. “So I’m under your thumb, am I”?

Elaine started to reply but was interrupted by a stinging palm multiplying the heat on her bottom “No, I’m sorreeeee, ow, Tim, don’t, ow, ow, ow, I’m sorry, I won’t, ouch, say it again, ow”

It was a repeat of the first part of the spanking, another set of around 50 spanks as Brittney watched intently. Damn, if she knew that he was going to spank her like that then she would have suggested it months ago. For his part Tim must have taken notes from watching Brittney’s spanking earlier that day from Elaine’s mom. He didn’t spank in one area, his hand slapped all over her bottom, right from the top of her panties to the unprotected bare cheeks that met her thighs. At least when a spanking is in one area you can have some mental preparation for it, for the style of spanking that Tim was employing, Elaine didn’t have time to mentally prepare for anything, her bottom was stinging all over the place and maybe it was just her, but she could swear that Tim’s hand connected with an un-spanked area with each and every swat.

Tim was suitably impressed as he looked at the glowing red bottom that was on his girlfriend. He rubbed his hand across his girlfriend’s red hot bottom as she relaxed, having feelings that she would have never dreamed that she was going to have. Of course she wasn’t going to readily admit them, and she sure as shit was less than happy that two couples out on a romantic stroll had probably watched her get spanked, and with her panties showing as well for goodness sake. Tim by now had covered her bottom but continued to rub it with Elaine almost forgetting by now that Brittney was even present. It was only when Brittney said with added sass “So, who’s going to get the blankets then”? that Elaine finally snapped out of it. She was mad, but she wasn’t mad at the man who spanked her, she was mad at her friend who got her spanked. She couldn’t care less that she had caused Brittney to get spanked twice already herself, that thought didn’t even cross her mind.

Elaine climbed up off of Tim’s lap and their eyes met ever so briefly, the intense stare for however brief of a second that it was, was as hot as her bottom felt. They both had simultaneous thoughts of taking their relationship up a notch to the next stage, and that flicker of eye contact was one of the strongest moments that their relationship had encountered so far to date. Nonetheless she pouted and placed both of her hands on her stinging bum, feeling the deep heat radiating from both cheeks. Tim remained seated, he pretty much had to. After spanking his girlfriend, he then had the pleasure over rubbing his hand over the thin silky material that was covering her seat. The combination from feeling her feminine attire, combined with the heat that lay beneath it that was radiating into his palm, it was more than he could bear. He had to flip her skirt back down more for his benefit than for Elaine’s.

Elaine turned around and looked right at the smiling Brittney, she then walked right past her with her finger outstretched, pointing at Brittney’s face as she headed to where the blankets lay. Her voice was that of a woman who was not playing around “You’re going to pay for that, mark my words, you’re going to pay dearly for that”

There was some genuine anger in Elaine’s voice, perhaps a bit misplaced considering that she had in fact gleefully instigated Brittney getting spanked twice, even if comparatively speaking they were quite playful to what she just had to endure herself, and the ride home was much quieter than it normally would have been. When they had arrived at Brittney’s house Elaine had calmed down to some degree, and indeed by the following day things were pretty much back to normal. That doesn’t mean that Elaine has forgotten about it though, not a chance, she was going to make sure that her friend got a good old fashioned country whuppin’ if it was the last thing that she did. And she was quite prepared to go the extra mile to make sure that Brittney got it good.

As Tim pulled away from the driveway and they both waved goodbye to Brittney, Elaine leaned over and put her hand on Tim’s thigh. She was acutely aware that they still had a few hours left yet before she had to head home for curfew, she had been aware for some time. “Did you want to go back to the park”? She asked.

A spanking from Tim was vastly different to a spanking from her mom, at this moment in time Elaine’s bottom was glowing delightfully, the heat in her seat felt vastly different than it had before. A smile came on her face as the car headed towards the park ‘I’ll have to get him to spank me more often’ she thought. What a lovely warm feeling.

Mother’s warning about breast touching and penis touching was about to go out of the window. A secluded park, the stars now forming in the sky, and plenty of blankets to lay upon.

1986 was a different time, a time where songs told a story about events that have appeared in the lives of all of us in some way, shape or form, stories that we remember fondly as our years in age advance. In 2020, those of us who are old enough can hear a song on the radio even to this day and say “Ah, I remember that feeling” and we can smile at what once was.

Cast my memory back there, Lord
Sometimes I’m overcome thinking ’bout
Making love in the green grass
Behind the stadium with you
My brown-eyed girl

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  1. I just read all three parts of the story and I couldn’t put it down. Tim and Elaine both had such revelations and grew up significantly as a result of a good sound spanking .Spankings are a powerful catalyst ( or at least can be) between 2 people when given at a magical time as when Tim spanked Elaine. Thank you for a wonderful story!

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words, Jerry, I really appreciate it. Many times the stories, while read often, don’t really get much feedback, so it is always motivating to hear that somebody actually enjoyed my writing. There may still be future chapters in this series.


  3. Really great stories…just read them all straight through. Love the characters, and reminiscent of my time growing up.

  4. Please write more chapters… I think ma’am should get a b-day spank from Tim and maybe a lil more…

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