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On A Nostalgia Trip

Yesterday I had some free time so I got out my box of DVD’s and dug up the first two spanking DVD’s that Shadowlane produced in the latter part of the 1980s. The videos in question are Tony and Eve – A College Fantasy and Temptations By Eve.

If you have read this blog for any length of time then you already know that Tony and Eve – A College Fantasy (my review) has always been my favorite spanking film, and it remains so to this day. The first time that I bought this film, roughly, was around 1989/1990. Out of courtesy to Shadowlane I will add that in regards to quality, this film is not reflective of Shadowlane’s current high standard of video quality. It was filmed in 1986, long before even the common man could own a high definition camera. In fact now that I think of it, with the video editing software that I have for my Youtube channel, I wonder if I can improve the quality of the video?

It’s funny that I mention Youtube actually. When I first started out on Youtube I had read a very important article regarding the quality of videos. The expert writing the article had said that you can get away with a lower quality video, just as long as the audio is high quality. However, you cannot get away with a high quality video if the audio is sub standard. That is the reason why to me the video quality of Tony and Eve is insignificant. What matters most is the dialogue exchanged between the two of them, the spankings themselves, and, it is rarely said like this, the mischievous imp that is Eve Howard. The pacing of the film is astonishing, none of this wham, bam, thank you ma’am type of spanking, the film is completely about the interactions between two people. Don’t get me wrong, the spankings themselves are awesome, I think ‘Sound’ is an appropriate description for them.

Do you want to see the current selection of high quality videos from Shadowlane? Then look no further than right here. SHADOWLANE STORE.

When I came to America I had all of these wonderful spanking thoughts and dreams, but whenever I would see or read about spanking in the UK it always seemed to be done in a cold, uncaring environment. Everything had to be the cane, the absolute cane and nothing but the cane. It didn’t reach the fantasies that I had by any stretch of the imagination.

One of the first videos that I purchased in America was a Nuwest title called ‘Out of the closet’. It starred Eve Howard and Tony Elka along with Ed Lee and Michelle. The first spanking was Eve over Michelle’s lap, then Eve and Michelle are spanked simultaneously over the laps of both men. Finally, Michelle gets the hairbrush from Ed in a scene that I couldn’t even watch. Quite likely you won’t find a harder hairbrush spanking on video, which, unfortunately for me is the polar opposite of what I seek to watch. It goes along with that cold, uncaring environment that I spoke of earlier.

On my next trip to the spanking store, Kinematics (quite likely the next day back then, lol) I found another video featuring Eve Howard. This time it was the above named Tony and Eve – A College Fantasy. Now had the severity of ‘Out of the closet’ been severe right from the get go for every spanking, quite likely I would have never bought Tony and Eve. But I had seen something that I liked that I wanted to see more of.

Now I have heard from both Tony and Eve regarding the quality of the older videos compared to today’s videos, and in fact Tony and I had many a conversation about it at spanking parties over the years. I really do understand where they are coming from, but I hope that Tony understood before he passed away just how important that video was to a great many of us. A spanking film with oodles of levity in it, it was exactly what we had all dreamed of seeing.

I would even go as far as to say that the film completely changed my life. Back then I thought about spanking 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, but up until that point I had never seen what I had wanted to see in a spanking film. Nuwest had given glimpses of it for years, certainly from the old fashioned spanking point of view. Shadowlane on the other hand, why it was like they put their hand into your mind and said “I think this is what you want”. Man alive how true they were, it was everything that I had ever dreamed of and hoped for. Are Shadowlane responsible for Richard Windsor emigrating to America? No!! However, they are a huge part of WHY I wanted to move to America. Their vision is exactly the same vision that I had and wanted, and dare I say craved. Back then spanking was my everything, and I finally found what I had always hoped for. I never wanted to leave America after that, and save for an enforced 18 month residency in the UK between 1992 and 1994, I have been here since 1988 having spent 6 months here in 1987.

Nostalgia is good!! I lost my way in the spanking world a couple of years ago, mostly because of the personal trauma that I had to endure when all of my family passed away one after the other. It even got to a point where someone completely turned me off of spanking. Think about that for a minute, the one thing that I have always devoted my life to, now all of a sudden I hated it all and wanted nothing more to do with it.

My guess is that everything came to a head. With the trauma that I had personally suffered combined with the thoughts that I had about spanking for years, all of a sudden it came crashing down when the disrespectful behavior became intolerable. The spanking thought’s that I refer to was everything up until around 2016. It seems rather silly to put it into writing and perhaps even harder to explain, but I had spanking scenes between 2003 (when I became active) and 2016 that at one time I could have only ever have dreamed of. Everything that I ever wanted, times ten, I was lucky enough to get. I met some truly wonderful people and play partners who I will always have a soft spot for.

The best thing that I ever did was to delete my social media accounts. It was difficult at first because that was the main way that I kept in touch with people, but as I mentioned in the paragraph above, it became intolerable. I deleted all of my social media, scrubbed this website of all pictures, stories, mentions, videos and comments that no longer had a part in my life, and then did the same on my external drives. I deleted everything, both vanilla and spanking related that turned me off of spanking.

Do you know what happened on the way to the fair though? Slowly, very slowly, spanking started to be exciting again. We are talking like a three year break here, from my last days at the Atlantic City spanking party in 2019 when I was as close as I have ever been to hollering at some incredibly rude people, lol (Thanks InspectHerHide for noticing and acting upon it, you saved my reputation :)) to now, where I haven’t actually played in the traditional sense for three years.

There are still things that I want to do, there are still scenes that will fill out my bucket list card, and most importantly there are probably still people who I have yet to meet who are going to have a positive, impactful bearing on my life. Unfortunately I don’t think that I will ever return to spanking parties, that isn’t something that appeals to me anymore. However, when I originally started in the scene I first attended some small gatherings, and that is perhaps something that I may do in the future. In fact I might even be the person organizing these gatherings, I am sure that there are many of my kind who have the same values that I do regarding spanking.

There is still much to learn.

One other thought that I often have is someone in the spanking world who I respect, but who will no longer talk to me. On Facebook I always had two accounts. One of the accounts was me, Richard Windsor in real life where everyone knows who he is and what he does, but I also had a vanilla profile for spanking friends who were not ‘out’. One day a friend posted a linked story on the vanilla account and I took that same link, posted it on my real account along with some smart assed comment such as “Can you believe this religious bullshit”?

Now first things first, I was the one at fault, nobody else. At the time I was not aware that the person who originally posted the article was going to see my post as a “Friend of a friend” which is what my Facebook post settings were set to. Had I have known that they were going to see it, never in a million years would I have posted it. That’s so important for me to say because I would never go out of my way to be spiteful or malicious towards another person, that’s just not in my character and I was horrified that she saw the post, truly horrified.

The thing is though, I did post it, and she did see it, and perhaps quite rightfully she felt betrayed by my posting. Now my thoughts on the posting are as true now as they were then, we both feel strongly about our respective viewpoints, but as a friend I should have never have posted what I posted because it was disrespectful. So my friend confronted me, and that is important to say because I respect her. She didn’t get someone else to do her dirty work for her, she didn’t trash me online to court public sympathy, she confronted me privately where only her and I are aware of what was said.

The bottom line is that it cost me a friendship, my long time friend wasn’t able to remain friends with me because of what I had done and what my opinions were on the subject matter. And there is nobody to blame but myself, it was my behavior that caused the friendship to cease to be. There were a few things afterwards that were said that I didn’t appreciate, but I am smart enough to know that these were comments made in the heat of the moment. You may also be wondering why I am still calling this person a friend seven years later after they have disowned me, lol, well, they were always a friend of mine and they still are, I’m just not a friend of theirs anymore.

There was a lesson that I learned that day, a very important lesson. Since that day I have not posted about my Atheist views. My opinions on theology will never change, and if asked I will respond honestly with my truthful opinion. However, there is no need for me to shout it out from the rooftops that I am an Atheist, sometimes it is much better to keep your big mouth shut 🙂

Tony And Eve – A College Fantasy

I am going to pause with the regular Sunday post for this week and instead delve into my archive for an older post. Unfortunately I heard the sad news today that Tony Elka had passed away. This film right here, as well as Shadowlane in general, pretty much formed who I was in the spanking world. Until I watched this particular film I was lost, there wasn’t anything on the market related to spanking that reached me, not until I found Shadowlane. Their presentation of spanking was what my vision of spanking was, and even 30 years after first buying this film I still watch it several times each year. Based on how events in our lives affect us, you can never know what it is that you will remember. This film I remember clearly as it is more than just a film to me, it was an acceptance of who I was, and I thank Tony and Eve profusely for showing me that I belonged in this world. Over the last few years I was fortunate enough to become friends with Tony, he is a man who will be missed by our entire lifestyle, he was a true pioneer along with Eve, and I will miss his presence as will a great many other people who are thankful for his contribution to our community. Rest in peace, Tony.

Tony and Eve – A College Fantasy.


Let me start by putting a disclaimer in first. Prior to writing this review I had exchanged emails with Eve Howard of http://www.shadowlane.com/ asking for her permission for me to write this review. The only real concern that Eve had was that this movie was filmed so many years ago that it really isn’t reflective of the current high class standard of production that Shadow Lane produces. I fully agree with her that the current production value of http://www.shadowlane.com/ current videos is an industry standard, but even though this particular film was recorded 34 years ago without the modern technology of today, I just can’t help the fact that even to this day it is still the best spanking movie I have ever seen. I felt it important to point this out so that people are aware that technology has advanced ten fold since this film was made.

Okay, so onto the film in question. I believe it was about 1990 when I first bought this video; I paid $50 for it at Kinematics in NYC. What’s really funny is that Kinematics now sells Shadow Lane products cheaper than they did 17 years ago, oh the power of the internet. The video itself had major usage from 1990 to 2004 so was pretty worn to say the least. In 2004 I left the video with a friend and I neither saw that friend nor the video since that day. So a lot of what I am about to say is from memory, but it isn’t hard to forget.

The movie starts with Eve by her locker and Tony passing through, there is a little verbal dialogue that ends with Tony giving Eve 3 swats on the seat of her leather skirt as a way of a birthday spanking.

We are soon in Tony’s office where he has Eve in. This is what makes this movie so fantastic; the conversation between the two of them is dynamite. Anytime that you as a viewer want to jump through the screen and spank the cheeky miss yourself, you know you have a winner on your hands. The sass Eve displays is magical, the beautiful girl is just crying out to be spanked. She is refusing to learn about the new technology of computers and her faculty advisor is doing his best to help her out. Despite her begging for a spanking she gets away with her cheeky attitude, for the first time anyway, on her second visit to Tony’s office she isn’t so lucky, and neither is her bottom!!

Back in Tony’s office and his patience has run thin, it seems clear that Eve knows this but it doesn’t stop her smart mouth from getting her in more trouble, she seems to know a spanking is coming but plays her denial to a tee. Once Tony’s limit has been reached he comes from behind the desk and places a chair in front of it, then takes the seat of learning. Eve’s mannerisms are great, when she stands up it is almost like she has her hands clasped behind her back giving it the innocent schoolgirl look. Those of you who know me know that I have this 1950’s thing going on, so when Eve strolls over she looks just like a bobby soxer from the 1950’s, calf length flared skirt, socks, and I will guess sneakers but I don’t honestly remember what shoes she had on. It is the pure innocence that is captivating though.

Eve goes over Tony’s lap and is reprimanded before taking a decent amount of firm spanks to the seat of her skirt. I recall that this part of the spanking was very short, but it is what happened next that is one of the highlights for me in this video. Eve is allowed to stand up and Tony lays down the law about his expectations, I only wish I could remember the exact time that this went on but it is a scene I used to play over and over again until the tape nearly wore out. As Tony admonishes Eve her back is to the camera, during the whole conversation she rubs her bottom through her skirt. Don’t ask me why, but I watched that scene over and over, Eve is the cutest when she is just standing there rubbing her spanked bottom and shifting her weight from one foot to the other. I think it is the realism that makes me want to watch this scene over and over again.

Now then, I have often wondered myself just what it is about this film that makes me love it so much, and I think I have nailed it down right here. For the next period Eve is back over Tony’s knee and she gets hand spanked firstly over her skirt, then over her slip (you just don’t get good slip spankings anymore), then over her little white panties and finally on the bare bottom. What makes it so special is that this is a good old fashioned hand spanking, it is just exactly how I would imagine what a proper spanking was before I became active in the scene. Tony is methodical and has the stamina of a lion as he thoroughly toasts Eve’s bottom, and even better is that each layer gets about the same amount. A first class spanking from beginning to end. If you also like a bit of humor then you should listen to this part of the dialogue, now I don’t remember it word for word but it went something like this.

Tony: “Now then, I want you to lie perfectly still for ten hard ones”

Eve tries her best to remain stoic for them but doesn’t completely succeed. When the ten are over, Tony very calmly says:

“Okay, now you can kick and fuss as much as you want for ten really hard ones”

And kick and fuss Eve does, lol. It is a peach of a moment and a pretty wicked top.

The last two scenes I will just summarize while I have everyone’s attention. In scene two Eve walks into Tony’s room just before he leaves for spring break, she has a gift for him. This whole scene that gets played out is totally romantic; Tony dressed in black looking like a young Johnny Cash and the demure Eve trying to convince him that she didn’t really come into his room for a spanking before he leaves for break. He doesn’t buy any of it and soon she is once again over his lap getting a very loving spanking from a hand wearing a leather glove. First over the skirt, then over Eve’s tap panties, down to an even tinier pair of panties and finally the bare bottom.

The last scene is pretty much a carbon copy of the first scene, except this time there isn’t nearly as much dialogue, for this scene we are treated yet again to a no nonsense hand spanking. Eve has a different outfit on this time but the ritual is the same, a good spanking over the skirt, slip, white panties and finally the bare bottom. For any newbies out there wanting to know just exactly how to give a naughty young lady a good spanking, watch this video. Tony demonstrates the skill of a craftsman, nothing over the top, just a good old fashioned spanking to the bottom firmly and soundly. I would also watch this movie myself just as a reminder as to how a proper spanking should be given, I really do rate it that highly.

This was a movie review that I have wanted to do for a long time now. Over the years I have watched many, many movies and this one has always topped my list as my favorite. Now do take into account that this was shot in 1986 so the production is not the same as today’s video releases. You know what though, I am also a lover of mainstream vintage films and I don’t for one minute expect the same level of production, in fact, part of its charm is that the camera angles aren’t perfect, the sound could be better etc, etc. If you understand what you are buying then I really think you should give this video a shot, it has been my personal favorite for 30 years and I would be very hard pressed to imagine another one to equal it. The magic in this film is the interaction between spanker and spankee and the skill in which the spanking is given, which is pretty hard and sound. Of course it doesn’t hurt that Eve is as cute as a button 😉

This is also a bit of a testament to Tony Elka and Eve Howard, two people who have brought so much to the spanking community through many different avenues. It’s thanks to people like Tony and Eve that has made our community such a special one, their imagination when they started shadowlane has brought untold joy to bedrooms around the world. I salute you Tony and Eve, not just for the work that you have done for the spanking community, but also for giving me a video that has filled my imagination with fantasies for 30 years.

Now then, just to show you all that I am going to put my money where my mouth is, this weekend I am going to purchase the above video again, this time on DVD, and once I receive it I will take a pic for my blog. In fact, ALL of you should head over to http://www.shadowlane.com/ right now and take advantage of their special ‘buy one, get one free’ deal that they have going on this week. I’m not saying you have to buy the video I have just reviewed, but do take advantage of their special offer, their videos are the industry standard and you can get two of them for the price of one.

Richard Windsor.

Clips4sale Female Spanks Female

Over the weekend I spent 8 hours building pages for independent spanking producers who sell their video productions on a variety of sites. Whilst the most of these stores are on clips4sale, it isn’t exclusive to that site. There are no strings attached here, I make no money on commission, this is all a labor of love to give back to the community. There are pages for M/F, F/F and F/M, plus on the MAIN PAGE there is a list of spanking authors which I haven’t built a page for yet until I get a decent number of authors.

If you see your site on here and you DON’T want the free promotion then just send me a message. I will ask no questions, I will simply remove you at your request. Likewise, if you see your site here and you want either the description or the photo changed, just let me know. Descriptions should be 80 words or less.

My Twitter profile is now private and will remain so moving forward, so if you don’t follow me on there and you want to be added to this list then just contact me as noted below. The same goes for your friends. If you have a friend who sells spanking related videos and you think that they might want to be added, just have them contact me as noted below.

To get your spanking store site added to the list just simply leave a message on this page,  email me at richardofwindsor@gmail.com or send me a DM on Twitter. If I have missed you,  don’t get mad,  it wasn’t intentional. Just ask and I will be happy to add you. There will be no politics, I will be happy to add anyone’s spanking related site where they sell their spanking wares. It doesn’t have to be Clips4sale, perhaps you sell your wares elsewhere. You are all welcome here.



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Spanking Therapy

My post today is going to be about sharing the love with Miss Chris, for those of you who haven’t heard the exciting news regarding a TV appearance tomorrow. Before I begin though, you shouldn’t have to come here to read about the exciting events of others, get your butt on over to Twitter right this minute and SUBSCRIBE TO MISS CHRIS, that way you don’t have to rely on me to provide you with any updates, you can get them directly from Miss Chris herself. If you are not from the USA then you are probably going to want to follow her as I am sure that Miss Chris will provide updates as to where and when people can watch the story that I am about to share with you, when it goes online.

Also, before I begin, here are two links to Miss Chris that you can use to learn more about her and the products that she creates.


MISS CHRIS’ TOYS – This page is on my site but it directs you to where you can buy her items.

So what is the exciting news that I speak of? Well tomorrow on national television Miss Chris will be appearing on The Doctor’s television program doing an interview on the benefits of SPANKING THERAPY!! Now I’m sure that Miss Chris hasn’t seen the edited copy herself yet, but a little birdie tells me that all three of the Doctors presenting the program get their own introductory spanking on the show. Let’s hope that the spanking part makes the final cut so that we can all get to enjoy some mainstream spanking action.

If you want to find out when the program is on in your area then use THIS LINK to find out when you can see it. Like I said though, your best bet to get any and all updates is to FOLLOW MISS CHRIS yourself on Twitter, if you do that then you are sure to be able to find out when the program is online for you to watch it as well. Either way it is going to be worth watching as Miss Chris hosts many spanking workshops and life coaching seminars.

If you are not aware as to who Miss Chris is, then perhaps this will jog your memory!! So be sure to visit HER WEBSITE.

It has been a number of years since I last bumped into Miss Chris. Once upon a time we used to be fellow judges along with Pixie for spanking talent shows. Perhaps my funniest memory of Miss Chris, and one that always makes me smile, was when we were at the Crimson Moon spanking party many years ago. We were sat at the same table on the first night having dinner when Miss Chris told someone of her upcoming birthday and how old she was going to be. I’ve always been known to throw in wisecracks as I love comedy, so without thinking I interjected and said “Is that your stage age, Chris”?

Now, I’ll be the first to admit that the comment was on the border line of being rude, but thankfully Miss Chris also has a sense of humor like I do and she took my comment in the spirit with which is was meant, clearly it was a joke. Without hesitation though, Miss Chris stood up, put her left hand on her hip and gave the wagging finger with her right hand, accompanied by the stern warning “You’re not too big to go across my knee for a spanking, young man”

Everyone at the table roared with laughter, but can you imagine being sat down with a woman who is 6′ tall standing over you, wagging her finger at you? If you have ever watched any video of Miss Chris giving a spanking then you will know that the story of Miss Chris being able to deliver one of the hardest hand spankings out there is true, so one can’t help but feel that they dodged a very painful bullet on that day 🙂

Sending Out More Love

This week I have been busy building pages to send out the love to my fellow spankos. First of all I built the VENDORS PAGE to showcase the individuals who sell spanking equipment for your pleasure. The page isn’t finished by any means,  anybody is welcome to ask me to add them to the list. It is a labor of love,  no strings attached,  it is just my way of giving back.

On Wednesday I then undertook my next project which was to build a page to promote the owners of CLIPS4SALE STORES. There was one reason for creating this particular page and again it was to share the love. As you all know there are many commercial spanking sites out there,  and a lot of bloggers  (though not as many as there used to be)  will gladly post weekly updates on these sites with banners and flashing lights and ads. Well it is quite simple,  and to a lesser degree I will post the odd promo update every now and then as well,  but a blogger can earn money from these commercial sites. Hence why they get promoted so often.

My goal is to also showcase the people who produce spanking material but they aren’t website owners,  just fellow spankos who have a story to tell. As with the vendors page,  anybody is welcome to have their site added to my CLIPS4SALE STORE list,  just send me an email to richardofwindsor@gmail.com or leave a comment on this post. There are sections for Male spanks Female,  Female spanks Female and Female spanks Male. There isn’t a Male spanks Male section as of yet but I will add one if the need is there. (P.S. my site can also be searched by spanking genre as each post has tags that are either M/FF/F or F/M,  you just have to click each tag to see those posts).

In 2020 I am likely to go to two spanking parties and my goal at these parties is to try and interview CLIPS4SALE producers to give them individual promotion. The goal is to sit down for 15-20,  ask a few questions and allow the producer to talk about their reasons for doing what they are doing. Of course there are many content creators who don’t go to parties but that doesn’t mean that I can’t promote their CLIPS4SALE sites with individual posts. It all depends on how much each person wants to invest themselves into utilizing my forum to promote their products. Remember,  this is nothing but a labor of love,  it is my way of giving back to the spanking community and I am more than happy to help people get their product out there. So again,  if you are a producer and you want your store spammed,  just talk to me. Free promotion with no strings attached.

Who knows,  maybe I will make a return to making some spanking movies. I’m very particular about what I want and I do still have a story to tell. The story might not be as vivid as it once was,  but there is still a SPANKING STORY that I want to tell. In fact I have lots of stories to tell,  so perhaps I will do some filming next year,  who knows.

So the bottom line is this. I’m happy to promote the CLIPS4SALE site of anyone,  if I have missed you then don’t get salty about it,  I would have missed you by accident so just shoot me a message and I will be more than happy to add you. If you want an individual post dedicated to your site to promote your videos,  likewise just reach out to me. Virtual interviews are not unheard of where a producer answers a line of questions with links to their product interspersed throughout the blog post. When you have an individual post written about your store it never goes away. Did you know that the most popular page on this website was written in 2011,  yet the search engines constantly send people to this site via that page.

I’m happy to help out anyone,  I get a lot of satisfaction out of giving to others,  in more ways than one if you know what I mean. So reach out to me and we can tailor something for your VIDEO STORE.


Q And A Part 5

Time for part five of my QUESTION AND ANSWER series. Being honest here,  from a personal standpoint this has been one of my favorite features to do so far,  I love hearing your questions and putting some thought into answering them all.

As I mentioned in the previous Q and A session,  I am not answering all of the questions in chronological order,  I’m basically grouping them into sets of five. If I kept them as they came then some of the questions would be very quick to answer,  by grouping them in sets I get to mix in some longer answers with the relatively shorter ones.

This will be the last time for this promotion,  on Sunday I will close the form and the free video giveaway and then do another free promotion around the July the 4th weekend,  so if you have a question for me then this is your last chance for this go around. CLICK HERE for the form where the video giveaway is linked.

1: Who is your favorite spankee? Say you can only spank one girl who would you chose?

The first part of your question isn’t something that I am really able to answer because every interaction brings something new to the table. It is a very diplomatic way of looking at things but I would never want anyone to think that they weren’t on a par with someone else. Just like I don’t like competitions in the spanking world for a  “Best of”  type of deal,  it isn’t my thing. Before anyone runs to tell teacher,  I understand why competitions take place,  I get the reasons behind them,  they are just not for me.

As for the second part of your question I can interpret it as being that if I could give one final spanking then who would I choose. That question is much easier to answer because I can go to my bucket list.

Again,  I wouldn’t select anyone that I have played with already,  I would have to go with someone who I would have really liked to have played with. For me that answer would have been Mischa. There are certain characteristics that I look for from a fantasy perspective and Mischa darn near hits them all. Completely mischievous,  even when she is getting spanked,  super playful off camera (I have the raw footage of a couple of her shoots) and during the actual scene itself she is vocal,  fidgety and cute all in one. She is playful and cheeky,  but doesn’t cross any lines in being disrespectful. I just know that if I was to have a scene with her then it would meet all of my triggers quite easily,  she is adorable.

If I could choose someone from the modern day then that person would have to be Kiki Cali. I’m very simple when I play and my enjoyment comes from an OTK hand spanking,  and while the work that KIKI CALI does is quite broad,  I have focused on just the OTK hand spanking aspect of our lifestyle.

I’m fortunate enough to have bought a couple of clips featuring Kiki Cali where she is getting an OTK hand spanking,  and like Mischa above there is so much to like. There is certainly a difference between the two personas of each girl,  but Kiki’s cheeky demeanor in the OTK position is also adorable. I’m the type of person that can point at my computer screen whilst watching a scene and say out loud  “Now that is what I like”

If I was to make one final film,  and I am likely to do so,  Kiki would certainly be the girl whose services I would seek to fulfill that void. The contrast between my deep English accent and her playful American nature has me thinking of all types of scenarios. In my mind the first scenario would be Kiki as the girl next door who is over at my place one day acting sassy,  flirtatious and boisterous,  and once she is informed that if she would have been my daughter then she would be getting a spanking,  she pushes it until she actually does get a spanking,  albeit a somewhat playful one. Not sure what the second scenario would be right now in regards to the main spanking,  but we can play that by ear for now. To tap into the pouty submissive side of her then I would imagine that it would be an uncomfortable confession of sorts.  It is a gut feeling that I have that Kiki would be perfect for the type of old fashioned OTK hand spankings that I like to film,  a very cute girl. So from this day forward,  if I could only spank one girl,  then it would have to be Kiki Cali. I’ve also seen her in a super cute pair of white nylon panties during one of her scenes,  so my audience especially would have something to really look forward to.

Check out her site RIGHT HERE to see the various work that Kiki performs and heck,  buy something while you are there!!.


2: Apart from your preference for spanking over panties,  which I share,  do you prefer your spankees in dresses/skirts (and if so what type) or trousers/slacks/jeans?

One of the biggest issues that I have with the Curious Cat app over on Twitter is that I don’t always believe that the questions being asked are genuine. It almost feels as if the question being asked is being asked by the same person answering the question. Besides that it is an incredibly annoying feature that completely dominates your feed if you allow it to. I mute every single person who uses the app save for some long term scene friends who don’t abuse the app.

The reason that I bring that up though is quite simple,  I could have easily asked this question myself!!

This is an area that I am really old fashioned in,  and as this question has been asked for MY preference I shall answer it. I emphasize the MY because I always tend to piss people off with my views,  lol.

Absolutely I prefer the ladies that I play with to wear dresses/skirts,  in fact I even go one step further than that in saying that in an ideal world a pair of stockings,  a suspender belt and a slip or half-slip is the full house for me. As for type of dress/skirt,  my preference would lean towards the lightweight summer type clothing. I’m not a fan of a woman is any type of trousers/jeans in a spanking scene,  again that is just a personal preference. However I will say this,  if the pants in question are pajama bottoms then I am all for it. I have a big fetish for pajama spankings,  and that encompasses any type of nightwear worn by the woman. Whether it be pajamas,  a nightshirt,  nightie,  you name it,  I love spankings of that type.

Image of Ellee and myself.

3: Does being English in America change you’re spanko attitude one way or another?

3a: As an obviously British bloke living in the US, how do you think that influences your spanking adventures?

I’m not sure if it is solely being English that does it,  or whether it is the style of play that I prefer,  but I can pretty much guarantee that if I spent my adult life in the UK then I don’t think that my active spanking life would have been even 1% of where it is now.

When I grew up in England and first explored the adult world of spanking as soon as I was old enough to do so,  what I saw was almost primarily unappealing to me. The focus at the time seemed to be more on corporal punishment than it was to do with spanking,  and the whole visualization around it was not what I was looking for.

There is a chance here that I am about to piss some British people off,  but there is a premise that I have to live by. If you can’t be honest with yourself,  who can you be honest with?

There were three main areas that had a big effect on me,  the biggest of which was the role of the submissive in written and visual print. A significant portion of the photo plays depicted a schoolgirl. This also extended to film of the same era though perhaps not as much as in print. Now don’t get me wrong,  there is absolutely nothing wrong with that and it plays a role in the fantasy life of many spankos,  myself included. The area that was a massive head space turn off for me though was the underwear from a different era. The big assed bottle green knickers,  or variations in navy blue,  brown or even white,  even to this day I find it a big turn off. I’m not even able to watch a spanking movie that features knickers of such description,  it has such a negative effect on me.

Before anyone gets all wiggy,  remember that this is a personal preference,  I’m fully aware that there is a huge portion of the spanko world where this one item is AS important to them as it is unimportant to me.

The years that I started to purchase spanking material was shortly after I had left school in the late 70’s/early 80’s,  and I’m not professing to have been a young Romeo by any description,  but that simply wasn’t what girls were wearing at the time. There is such a disassociation with girls wearing traditional school knickers that I can’t even begin to comprehend putting the two together,  it completely ruins the concept for me. Trust me,  other than for P.E.,  girls were wearing flimsy,  silky undergarments,  I remember clearly,  my hand felt many of them,  lol. You can see the difference,  right?

The second area that I couldn’t relate to was that virtually everything was related to the cane,  a headmaster and a cold demeanor. Lastly,  I have to say as well,  and this was primarily in film,  it was the severity. I’m into spanking,  not cruelty.

The first American spanking magazine that I purchased was in the early 80’s,  and my first exploration of spankings in the States was when I first came to America in 1985,  and then moved here two years later,  virtually everything about it was everything that I had always been looking for in the spanking world. Guys and girls in regular street clothes,  and even if it was a schoolgirl roleplay then the girl had on cute panties,  just as she would have done in real life. The very few spankings that I engaged in during my first few years here were all playful and erotically driven. The way that America portrayed spanking was vastly different to the UK,  and it was everything that I was looking for. It is why I simply adore Shadowlane’s early videos.

I’m sure that the original questions weren’t perhaps expecting that type of answer,  but what I described has a huge influence on me. To answer the question does it change my spanko attitude,  the answer is yes,  and very much for the positive.

Now from a personal standpoint I learnt very early on that my voice was a weapon. Especially during my first few years of my life here in America,  I lived a life with the opposite sex that I could have never come close to dreaming of back in the UK. My voice doesn’t work for everyone mind you,  I’ve had people who seemed to have made it their mission to tell me each and every single time that I am in their presence that my voice does nothing for them,  and they are quite happy to inform everyone around them of this fact as well. From a scene perspective though, my voice is a tool that I have spent many years perfecting,  and that is something for certain would not have been able to happen in the UK. So again,  being English in America has increased my ability to play dramatically. When the voice works with a female,  it can produce some of the best play scenes out there. I couldn’t even begin to tell you about some of the phone calls that I have had where the girl I am speaking with is being rather naughty on the other end of the phone line.

4: Spanking fiction is rife with detailed descriptions of the post-spanking “war dance” frantic rubbing,  hopping,  and so on. . . but this is almost never depicted in videos and rarely in spanking photos. Why is that?

Yet another excellent question!!

I think that this is more of which came first,  the chicken or the egg. I’m pretty sure that cartoon and written spankings predated the visualization of said spankings,  and I personally think that is why there is such a difference between the two. There is the fantasy component in the written word that doesn’t translate on film,  however that is not to say that it shouldn’t. Perhaps this is one area where producers could spend a little extra time including this aspect of our lifestyle in their films. More often than not,  a spanking film ends when the spanking is finished,  and if you are lucky you might get a corner shot for a few seconds.

Many years ago I wrote about my favorite all time spanking movie,  TONY AND EVE  –  A COLLEGE FANTASY. Do you know a big part of why that film is my favorite of all time? It is because every time that Eve is allowed to stand,  she rubs her butt for virtually the entire time that she is stood. Even through clothing it is as sexy as hell and adds so much to the film. It is natural as well,  no camera zoom in to emphasize the point,  as a viewer you are allowed to see and appreciate the big picture.

You are correct though,  it is an aspect of the spanking movie industry it is something that is sorely lacking.

5: Which spanking model got the cane from you the most?

First of all I guess we have to define model. In the literal sense the answer to this question would be a girl by the name of Aurora. She has filmed spanking content for three producers,  two of which are now defunct. You can still see her remaining Amateur Spankings work online RIGHT HERE. Aurora and I have known each other for a long time and I don’t think that it is even close that she is the one person to have received the cane from me the most. She is also the person who has taken the cane the longest and the hardest from me,  in fact she is the only girl with whom I have stopped a scene entirely because she was so far into sub space that I didn’t think that she could make an informed judgement about the level of play that she was receiving. Here is Aurora and I in a lighter scene,  in public as well.


Please keep the questions coming guys,  I’m really loving them.

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 121

I’m now back in America and it is probably fair to say that I have just experienced the worst week of my life. Emotionally I am doing well,  though I am feeling a bit drained and deflated at the moment.

Last Tuesday I arrived in England and my Brother’s best friend picked me up at the airport. We got to my hometown at Noon and as I couldn’t check into the hotel until 3pm,  I went straight round my brother’s place to see what I had to deal with. The evidence of where he died was present,  but that didn’t bother me too much surprisingly.

That night I met with the police and collected my brother’s belongings,  and other than hanging out with old friends on Wednesday and Saturday nights,  and of course the funeral and reception being on Thursday,  I spent my entire time going between the hotel and my brother’s flat. Aside from the funeral I traveled no more than one square mile my entire time in Swindon. Of course when I was at my brother’s place I also had to deal with visitors non stop the entire time,  some with heartfelt condolences,  others carrying boxes and carrier bags to load up on their visit.

A couple of spankos had contacted me when I was in England,  but I was busy right from the get go. Even Ophelia De Havilland who I have just interviewed had offered to drive up to spend some time with me and to break up the monotony. As much as I would have loved to take some time out for some fun I just knew that I couldn’t. In fact if the truth be known I probably could have done with staying for the rest of the week to finish off the family affairs.

As it is,  I grabbed three bags of memories and that is now it,  my whole family history is contained within those three bags. I’m not sure if it has sunk in yet that I am the only surviving member of my family. It is going to take a while to get used to this,  and I’m sure that there will be desperate times of loneliness,  but we have to deal with the hand we have been dealt.

The one thing that I did do that I was really happy to have done,  and that I had the strength to do it,  was to read a eulogy for my brother during the funeral service. Quite honestly I didn’t know if I was going to be able to do it,  but I somehow managed to get through it. The funny part being though that I had a four page eulogy written,  but I decided not to use it once I got to the podium.

I’m still hoping to go to Japan later this year but the past week has set me back a bit. All in all the funeral,  flight and accommodation set me back $8,000,  which was far more than I had saved for my trip to Japan,  but I’m not going to let it deter me. Life is too short.

Now onto the Wednesday Classic for this week on this very humid July the 4th.

It will be a little different this week as I am cheering myself up,  and while I own literally hundreds of rare,  pretty much unseen spanking pics,  this week I am going to post one of the all time classic spanking images.

The image is from the Shadowlane film DOUBLE FEATURE #1 and features Nick Phoenix and Georgia Gold. It was one of those early images that helped me to accept who I was. Just look at it,  a naughty schoolgirl with the seat of her white nylon panties exposed getting a spanking. Please visit SHADOWLANE to view all of their DVD’s and their members site.

I have also included a cropped image from the photo set that I have with ELLEE. In this one she is dressed as an adorable schoolgirl,  complete with Mary Jane’s,  pigtails and of course WHITE NYLON PANTIES. In this image you can see the impact of the paddle on her cute buns. Now why do I rarely bare the bottom? This image explains it,  ellee is wearing panties of course,  but as you can see they are offering her ZERO protection,  literally!! In my alternate universe,  every single spanking is delivered to the seat of a pair of nylon panties,  or,  as the picture denotes,  to the bare cheeks that stick out of the bottom of them  🙂

Top Ten Stories Of 2016

For whatever reason,  the spanking stories that I write are one of the most popular features on this site,  and I rarely get the chance to write anymore. I really should because every day the stories are read dozens of times. Maybe you have an idea for a story that will give me inspiration? Feel free to leave a comment if you do.

My blog has been running for ten years now,  and every year the story of the first spanking that I ever gave was the most read story by a country mile. That changed this year though,  and not only changed,  but the story didn’t even hold onto 2nd place. I’m guessing by now that everyone has read it. So here are the top ten most read stories of 2016,  based on how many times each story was clicked on.


Number of times read:  6968

Three girls are about to celebrate the birthday of one of them,  but before they leave the house a girl hints that he father should spank her friend. He duly obliges,  but it is the other friend who isn’t getting spanked that is turned on the most by this. How long will it be before she gets a spanking?

It’s amazing when you think about it that she dressed so modestly,  because there was nothing modest about it when she was over his lap and her panty clad bottom was sticking in the air,  knowing that her friends,  neighbors and cousins were all being treated to a wonderful sight as they all laughed while she lay there red faced and praying for things to be over. It was never that simple though,  he would do this little talk about how he had spoiled her and perhaps how he should have done this a long time ago,  her face a deep scarlet with the knowledge that a bunch of eyes were probably transfixed on her upturned bottom as he talked. By the time he was done she was almost begging for the spanking to start,  and oh boy did he spank when it finally did start. Read more…..


Number of times read: 6621

This story details how ellee and I got to become friends after meeting at a party. There is a review of the first spanking that I gave to ellee and then a much more detailed account of an elaborate roleplay that the pair of us did. During this account ellee gets spanked,  then gets the hairbrush and finally she is caned. There are 12 super hot pics in this story so be sure not to miss this one. Read More…


Number of times read:  4932

We all had to start somewhere,  and my first experience took place in 1979. The spanking may not have been a classic,  but it is very memorable and resonates with me to this day. My girlfriend was wearing white nylon panties that day and it is an image that has proved everlasting,  even though I have probably spanked another 100 girls the same way,  it never gets old and is a big trigger for me. Read more…..


Number of times read:  4799

Another real life spanking tale,  this time done at a spanking party. The title is slightly misleading,  however,  it did take place in the middle of a room,  albeit a room of spankos. Another first time spanking between friends. Read more….


Number of times read:  3734

Living with a summer camp director and his wife for the summer,  Jane playfully teases when the director suggests a birthday spanking for her. It is a little more than she bargained for,  but she didn’t mind,  in fact the following morning she was getting a repeat performance. It was probably a long summer. Read more…..


Number of times read:  3601

I’m just a playful guy who loves to spank the bottoms of naughty little girls. Sometimes though,  albeit very rarely,  things take a darker side. In this story I spanked three girls back to back,  and circumstances being what they were and the planets aligning correctly,  each one of the three girls cried their way through the spankings. There was nothing really harsh,  and I have rarely if ever spanked a girl to tears,  but this was one Saturday where emotions were running high. ellee and I have a private recording of her spanking and she sobbed throughout the entire event. On playback,  it is just about the hottest thing ever,  especially as it rook place in a library room. Read more….


Number of times read:  3489

Coming of age birthday spankings are something that I very much enjoy writing about,  a hint of playful innocence combined with an exploration of the spanking lifestyle. The formula to this story is the same as the others,  but of course with a twist. A girl walks in on her mom and the neighbor having coffee,  but being the brat that she is she makes all types of innuendos to embarrass the neighbor. When she makes a sassy comment about what he will give her for her birthday,  he suggests a spanking. Unfortunately for Laura,  her mom only encourages it. Once the spanking is over and the two adults are talking on the phone,  it would appear that the neighbor just threatened to spank Laura’s mom as well. Read more….


Number of times read:  3349

A different type of story to those that I normally write. In this one a young man knows that the girl next door gets spanked. When they are alone he playfully agrees to let her spank him. It is during their game they are interrupted and now it is the woman next door gets to dish out the spankings. His curiosity is now more than satisfied as he leaves with a well spanked behind listening to the sound of the girl next door having a hairbrush applied liberally to her bottom. Read more….


Number of times read:  2766

Nothing but a sexy spanking here between two neighbors. Things get so hot that he carries her upstairs after where you get to let your imagine run wild. This story is very short,  but hot. Read more….


Number of times read:  2226 

The weeks of contact had seemed like an eternity,  each email or phone call just increasing the desire to be spanked,  each one feeling like additional torture. She had even practiced placing pillows on a chair and laying over them like she was OTK,  looking at his picture on her computer screen as she lifted her skirt,  blushing as she imagined how it would feel for real. Then inserting her fingers into the waistband of her panties and drawing them all the way down to her knees. My God is this going to be embarrassing,  she thought to herself,  as she tried to clench her cheeks to protect her modesty. Emily laid there for ten minutes trying to imagine the scene unfolding,  looking behind her to try and see what view he would have.


Part 2…..

Part 3…..



And He’s Back

It’s about bloody time I hear you all say.

I’m not sure if I mentioned this last year,  or nearly two years ago now,  but there was a time where I was going to have to move to Boston for work. It was one of those things that I stuck out and if the move happened then it happened.

Well I have spent most of the last three weeks in Boston,  but rather than moving there,  I’m actually up there closing our Boston office. Obviously a man has to work,  unless you were lucky enough to be given a silver spoon to eat from for the rest of your life,  but I have to admit that I am really happy to be closing that office as I love New York like you wouldn’t believe. Every day I go to work in New York and no word of a lie,  I see the skyline each morning and nighttime,  and I make sure to look at it and smile. It is like the first time that I flew over New York way back in 1985. I am so incredibly lucky.

Anyway,  through one thing or another the Boston work crew is now a skeleton crew so between now and Christmas I will spend most of my work week there until I have cleared it out. So in a nutshell that means that I need to start pulling my finger out and updating ahead of time so that you guys have something to look at each week.

So to start with this week,  when I got back from Boston last night I watched the new Shadowlane video up on Hot Movies. That Violet October is a very cute girl,  looks like I have missed my Shadowlane calling for a little while I think,  lol. The movie is called THE SPANKING GIRL and you can purchase it at Shadowlane by clicking the highlighted text.

Alternatively,  if you are an  “In demand”  person like I am,  you can skip the queue and watch it right now over on Hot Movies. I’ve been a member of this site for years now,  just pay your $20 or whatever you decide and then use your minutes watching whatever you want. Best subscription I have ever used because I am in charge of what I watch.

THE SPANKING GIRL ON HOT MOVIES <—— Click to watch the movie on Hot Movies.


The Payout

Years ago,  before there was a plethora of blogs,  I used to earn somewhere in the region of 12-14% of my annual salary from the links on this blog. Of course back then I was earning significantly less than I am now,  and a few years ago I stopped posting referral links in favor of turning my blog into an archive of rare,  unseen spanking pics. The one link that I left was Hot Movies over to the right there,  that one has always had a good payout for me. I think that the reason that I got so lucky is that at the time,  Hot Movies only offered 25% commission,  and when compared to the 50% commission of most sites,  hardly anyone jumped on it. I’m fortunate to have been one of the first spanking blogs to get on board because while it sells at half of the other sites,  the amount of sales can be 10-20 times as many. Plus,  a lot of other spanking bloggers snaffled the site directly from my site,  and because of that I get 5% of what they earn as well. Hot Movies dropped the commission to 20%,  but for those of us who were long time promoters we were Grandfathered in and we kept our 25% commission.

Why am I telling you that? Two fold really. One is for other bloggers to jump on board,  and secondly,  because I have been promoting a bit lately,  this week my payouts went through the roof. It comes in ebbs and flows,  but this week I earned enough to pay for the site for the year between the commission and sales of my own movies. A bloody good week. This will also allow me to pay back and pay for a subscription to an archive where I hope to dig up some rarities.



Now I’m not much of a numbers whore,  it isn’t something that I pay much attention to in all honesty. I base my blog on integrity and the quality of the finds that I make. It is far more important to me that people enjoy my work,  that is what is important to me. Of course I have been around for nearly ten years so there is a nice audience who come here anyway,  but I want to be unique. A disclaimer that on Saturday’s is different,  that is spam day,  lol.

With that said,  I do have a Twitter account. Right now I am at 956 followers and I would love to see that number increase to a 1000. So if you want to stalk me on Twitter,  you can do so RIGHT HERE.

And finally for today,  as I have said,  I do use Saturday’s for a bit of spam,  I dug through the archive of AAASPANKING to browse through the galleries.

Now let me tell you a little story before I post 4 pictures and a link to the full gallery. In the spanking scene I am fulfilled,  I could want for nothing. For me it has always been about connections,  the scenes that I enjoy the most are the ones where I develop a bond with someone and we are on the same page. A lot of times people will talk to me about spanking models that they have fantasized about for years,  and there are times when I am quite open when I say that I haven’t played with every spanking model,  not by a long shot. If we don’t have some kind of fun interaction and they don’t give me an indication that they want to play,  it doesn’t work for me. I don’t mean any harm by that,  but I don’t have a checklist of names I want to cross out. Almost all of my favorite play partners are people who just go to parties.

Now then, a couple of years ago I bumped into Stephen Lewis. We always have a little friendly banter over our hometowns,  and on this occasion he was with a young lady. He introduced me and immediately I was like  “Oh my science,  those EYES”. As I reached my hand out to shake hands the first thought running through my mind was “I HAVE to spank this girl”,  and that rarely if ever happens,  there has to be some form of interaction,  right? Nonetheless,  in my mind I was saying to myself,  have a conversation with this girl and see if you guys can’t get to play.

It was the next day I think when I asked a Brit who she was,  and when they told me it was like my ice cream dropped off my cone. It was ZOE PAGE,  a famous British top. You mean I’m not even going to get a chance to play with her? I was so disappointed,  and that is so rare for me because I never base any potential spanking play simply by looking at someone. Even so,  those EYES,  oh my science,  such a pretty girl. Then I felt like Jim Carrey in dumb and dumber.

“So what are the chances of me spanking you”?

“One in a million”

“So you’re saying there is a chance”? 🙂

Anyway,  in the AAASPANKING archives I did find a promotional gallery of Zoe in action,  just excuse me if I imagine a different top and bottom  😉

CLICK HERE to see all 16 pics from the gallery.

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