Windsor’s Paddlings

This is also an area that I have a plethora of spanking pics from,  old Southern paddlings. So instead of mixing them in with my Sunday Candids folder,  I will create a folder specifically for them. This will make it much easier to find if that is what interests you. Pretty much everything posted here will be new to the spanking community and it is another part of my personal contribution to the history of ours.

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5 thoughts on “Windsor’s Paddlings

  1. I very much appreciate your work. What especially intrigues me are the old b&w paddling shots from yearbooks. They show how radically society has changed from an era when spanking was surrounded by an element of humor and was little more than a normal part of growing up for most. The old yearbooks contain scores, if not hundreds, of these images, but it is (apparently) impossible to download them. Some of the material there is amazing, e.g., a high school in Indiana where, as recently as the early 1980’s, members of the student council were each presented with a paddle in the schools Blue and White. Do keep up the good work.

  2. Thanks for setting these great paddling pics apart in a separate category. I’m not sure non-American spankos realize just how much paddling there has been in this country for more than 100 years! Amazingly, it’s still going on today.

  3. Tom, pretty much everything is available for free online. You just have to find yearbook archives or digital newspapers and then have the tenacity to go through them page by page. It has to be a passion because one can spend hours searching for photos. It is why the two of us who do it get so annoyed when other bloggers take our work and don’t link back, we can spend hours of our time finding photos for the public to see.

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