F/M Friday 59

This is the 9th day in a row that I have given you a brand new spanking image, and in 10 days time you will get a bonanza of at least 21 days in a row where I will post 3 images each day. That’s twenty days for the birthday bonanza plus an additional day before the theme begins.

For those of you who come here for the F/M COLLECTION, and I know that there are lots of you because it is the most viewed folder on my website, the birthday bonanza is going to interrupt the F/M Friday spanking posts. Not completely though. Next Friday the theme for the three birthday bonanza images is F/M OTK spankings, and then on June the 2nd I have a beach spanking post in which one of the three pics is an F/M spanking, which is what you would normally get each week anyway. Only June the 9th, the 18th day of the birthday bonanza, will there be no F/M spanking pic.

Right, I have to get posting. As of today I have only made one pre-post for the birthday bonanza so I still have 19 more posts to make.

The image this week is a schoolroom OTK spanking. Now, are the couple reliving the good old days? Or is this in fact the good old days? If you guessed the latter then you are probably correct, but the guy doesn’t seem to be minding having his bottom spanked all that much, not judging by the smile on his face.

I can’t help but wonder however the look on the woman’s face. It is almost like she is asking the cameraman “Do you have enough pictures yet”? And once the affirmative is given she will follow it up with “Good! Right young man, let’s get these pants down and we shall wipe that smirk off your face”