Windsor Wednesday Classic – 251

As I have turned the corner and I am now closer to 60 than I am to 59, I wrote a nice big piece yesterday in relation to age in the spanking world. I’m probably going to post it tomorrow after I revise it tonight. There is still this feeling that I have that there are angry people out there sat on a chair with their arms folded, faces looking like they are a bulldog chewing a wasp, just waiting to intentionally misrepresent my words.

The article is still going to be posted, I just want to make sure that I minimize the chance to quote me out of context first. The life of a spanking blogger, eh? I remember really looking forward to turning 40, but as you will read tomorrow, I’m not looking forward as much to turning 60 😉

My Wednesday Classic this week follows on from Sunday’s post with yet another VARIOUS STAGE PLAY from the production of Little Acorns. In fact, this is one of those plays where I also have a handful of really poor images from this play that will never get their own post on my blog. So what I have done today is also include an additional 5 spanking pics from Little Acorns to go along with the main image.

6 thoughts on “Windsor Wednesday Classic – 251

  1. Always look forward to your posts about the spankings community.I do enjoy your works on school plays and all your research. I am an otk fan first and foremost so those are the ones I mostly comment on,but usually only m/f or f/f spankings I always like to think that these spanking plays somebody must be a spanko or my favorite theory is that the spankee is quite familiar with the position through parental or boyfriend time and is smiling because of the memory of one that she got.thanks for all you share.have a great day.I am sixty nine and like you I did look more forward to my 40th than my 60th.

  2. Thanks for the pics. The first has a nice impulsive and unplanned look to it. I do enjoy live plays but would probably enjoy it even more if some of these old plays were revived in the local community theatre. I might even be inspired to take up acting. Of course, it might be difficult to break through the line of protestors.

    The best thing about aging in the spanking community is that there are more “young ladies” than ever before.

  3. The first picture is great, it looks like an authentic domestic ‘reminder’.

    Thanks for your sterling work here, Rich!

  4. Jim,

    I’ve never really been someone who pays much attention to age, but for some reason this 60 number is bothering me, lol. It just sounds so old, lol. I remember when I was younger and the age of 60 was way beyond past it. Obviously now that I am there I have the wisdom to know that nothing changes, only the number, but like I said, it just sounds so old 🙂


  5. Warmhand,

    I have often thought about writing a story revolving around the rehearsals for a play that has a spanking scene in it. You know, perhaps a community production of “Men are like Streetcars” set in the 1950s. They are rare, but some community playhouse productions of several plays with a spanking scene in them did take place. I have posted a few on the blog before. Perhaps I will write a couple of paragraphs and see if it inspires me.


  6. Theo,

    The first pic is great, isn’t it? I figured that I would add a bunch extra because I would never find a time to post them otherwise, they just aren’t good enough for their own post.


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