Nurse Byron And The Manor House

Nurse Byron and the Manor House.

Lyn Byron had worked for the same nursing agency for four years now. Most of her assignments were in nursing homes, with the occasional engagement in a private house. Her next assignment was to be one that would change her life forever.

Lyn was busy with her laundry when she called the agency to check her schedule for that week. She was told of a new engagement in a private home with an elder gentleman. As per his wish, he wanted to spend his recovery time at home following his operation. To help with the pain he would need round the clock care for a few days as the pain medication would put him in and out of consciousness.

It was Monday that was to be her first day at work. After getting herself ready, she started on the drive to take over from the night nurse at this new patients home. Pulling into the driveway she was caught in awe at the size of the house, it was like a stately mansion, an eighteenth century house deep in the Virginia wilderness.

Lyn met with the night nurse and was told about the current situation. Mr. Richards had had reconstructive foot and ankle surgery, Lyn was to primarily bath him and tend to the dressing of his wounds. When he was awake, she was to be at his beck and call for anything that he desired and was to prepare him some food; she was also to administer pain medication should he require any.

When Lyn arrived she discovered that the house was huge, Mr. Richards’ room was in the left wing and her first sight of him caused her to smile. He was propped up in bed eating breakfast, his leg held up by a sling attached to a rolling pulley above him. They exchanged pleasantries and Lyn was immediately drawn to his heavy English accent, like a deep brooding calmness. She blushed slightly as she removed his breakfast tray, the immediate attraction she felt for him all the more present as she was right next to him.

Mr. Richards told Lyn that she would probably be quite bored during the day; he was still under the effects of the surgery and would need more pain medication. He had asked that she shave him and wash his upper body during the daytime while she was there. Mr. Richards gave Lyn his permission to treat the home like her own, with the exception that she wasn’t to go in the basement, nor go into the locked room at the other end of the corridor. Lyn brushed him off and said that she wouldn’t be far away, even though her mind was already intrigued in exploring this beautiful house.

Lyn took the breakfast tray away and left Mr. Richards to watch the TV, as she cleaned the thought crossed her mind that she had done all that nursing training to end up washing dishes. The thought didn’t last long though as she peered around the beautiful kitchen, the guy must be a millionaire she thought to herself. Before heading back to check on him, Lyn decided to check out the floor that he was on. There were four bedrooms and two bathrooms, plus a main study and a room at the end of the corridor. Mr. Richards had forbid Lyn access to this room, but the imp inside of her wanted to check it out anyway. It was a fruitless task as she turned the handle to find the room was solidly locked, it still caused her intrigue though to know what was behind the door.

There was work still to be done so Lyn prepared a warm bowl of water to shave Mr. Richards. She entered the room with the bowl and sighed as she saw him fast asleep, still propped upright by the pillows. The medication had kicked in hard. Lyn set the bowl down to the side and lathered up her hands with the shaving cream, carefully moving his head to apply it. When completed she dried her hands and started to shave him. It was quite uncomfortable being that she had to constantly lean across him and there were pains starting to come in her back. So to alleviate the pain she climbed upon the bed and straddled him, though this was also difficult due to her tight skirt. Looking around her as if there were a set of peering eyes, she decided to lift her skirt in order to sit on him properly. This was a much better choice, her skirt hiked up out of the way and the crotch of her pale blue polka dot panties pressed into the pajama shorts that he wore.

Very meticulously Lyn completed the shave of this handsome man, though through the contact of her gyrating hips he had subconsciously grown an erection. Lyn felt this fully as she slowly grinded against him and she began to rock her body back and forth slightly, it didn’t take long before his erection sprang through his shorts. Lyn looked between her legs when she realized this and blushed with a faint smirk. Her panties had become soaked as she grinded them against his manhood as her hands rested on his chest. The sense of realization came to her though that this probably wasn’t a good idea, and even though her desire wasn’t one of stopping, she decided to climb off of him.

Lyn left her skirt up as she studied the sleeping man now beside her, his erection glistening with the juices that her wetness had left behind. Now with a sense of embarrassment she soaped up the washcloth to rid him of any evidence she had left behind. Slowly, and very gently, she began to wash his erection, most of the time with a huge smile on her face as she grabbed, grasped and pulled at his manhood. She dried it off with a final smile and bent down to give the tip a kiss. This small kiss resulted in several more kisses and her tongue traced all of the contours of his penis. It had to stop though, so Lyn patted it slightly and tucked it away beneath his shorts before continuing to wash down his chest, arms and face. Once completed she took the bowl and walked away from him, her skirt still tucked up around her waist, even though she knew he couldn’t see her, she still managed to wiggle her bottom sexily as if he was watching her as she walked away.

An hour or more had passed and Lyn had become restless in the living room, there was still plenty of the house to explore and probably hours before Mr. Richards awoke, so now was probably a good time to go snooping. The main level of the house was just as she expected, filled with lavish rooms and expensive furniture, each room presenting its own little mystique as to how and why it was created. Finally, she arrived at the top of the basement stairs. Now she had remembered him clearly telling her that the room was out of bounds, but being a curious kitty she thought that what he didn’t know wouldn’t hurt him. Very slowly she began to descend the stairs towards the alcove that seemed more dimly lit than the rest of the house.

At the end of the alcove was a huge oak door, gently Lyn’s hands grasped the huge turning handle and the door was slowly opened, her heart raced as the door creaked loudly when she opened it. A nervous excitement went through her body about entering a room that she wasn’t supposed to be in. The first thing that she noticed in the middle of the room was a gymnastics horse, there were no handles on the horse, only a leather strap across it tied in the middle like a belt. Her burrow frowned with puzzlement as she tried to work out its use. On the other side of the horse was a small wooden box, attached to the box were two poles standing upright on either side of it, yet another unusual piece of equipment that she had no idea of its purpose. The room itself was pretty threadbare, just a small armless chair and two closets was all that she saw. The thought in her mind at this time was why this room had been declared out of bounds, perhaps the closets held the key to that answer.

Her mouth was dry and she licked her lips to moisten them as she approached the first closet, opening it, her eyes enlarged like saucers. Inside of the closet was like a leather paradise, there were leather paddles of every shape and size, riding crops, floggers and a few large straps. “What a kinky bugger” she allowed herself to whisper out loud, though her interest was also piqued at this array of fine leather toys. Without closing the door she turned back towards the horse, it was now clear what its purpose was for. Lyn quickly scurried up the stairs to check on Mr. Richards, once assured that he was still fast asleep she walked slowly back down to the basement.

The first thing that Lyn did upon reentering the basement was to walk to the horse in the middle of the room. Though the whole thing appeared dark and mysterious, it was turning her on by the second. Her fingers traced the fine velvet on top of the horse and she also ran her hand across the tied belt across the middle of it. The little devil inside of her came to the forefront and she placed her hands on top of the horse and jumped up face first over it. It was now evident what the poles on the other side were for; she laid face down over the horse and grabbed a pole in each hand to hold her steady. This was an amazingly hot feeling and Lyn felt her juices beginning to flow once more as she laid there.

Lyn got off the horse and headed back to the closet to once more look at all the toys in there. A leather paddle, long in length, with two pieces of leather sewn together at one end caught her eye and she blushed as she picked it up. Sauntering back, she carried the paddle with her over to the horse and set it down on the velvet top. Feeling very flushed her hands went to the hem of her short nurses skirt, very slowly she inched it up over her waist. For the second time she jumped up onto the horse going face first over it, grabbing hold of the poles she started to grind her hips against the plush velvet, moaning with pleasure at the wonderful sensation it caused. Stopping with the grinding for a moment, Lyn just laid there prone and felt the vulnerability of her bottom sticking up high in the air, her thin blue panties stretched tightly across her bottom. With her right hand she reached back and grasped the leather paddle behind her, and then taking firm hold of the pole in her left hand she used the paddle to rub it over her own exposed bottom. Her body continued to gyrate as she did this and slowly she raised the paddle up high, letting it smack down firmly on her right butt cheek, she gasped at the sting it caused and repeated the motion on her left cheek. For the next few minutes she would rub the firm leather over her bottom and alternate this with several swats of the hard leather to her own butt.

Lyn had laid there for ten minutes, rubbing and spanking her own bottom with the paddle, getting herself worked up into a highly charged sexual state. She stopped the rubbing and turned the paddle sideways; using the tip of it she started off at the top of her panties and pushed the paddle into her crevice of her bottom. The firm leather continued its descent towards the soaking wet area of her flimsy panties. Slightly parting her legs she allowed the firm paddle to work its way between her legs and she pressed it firmly against her pussy, rubbing it up and down before letting it settle against her clit, then very gentle in a circular motion she allowed the firm leather to bring her to a final state of ecstasy.

When she was finished, Lyn’s body temperature seemed to have risen twenty degrees, her panties were soaked through as she climbed off the horse and she quickly removed them from her body, stuffing them in the pocket of her nurses’ uniform before quietly putting the paddle back in the closet. After rearranging her skirt she went back upstairs to Mr. Richards who was slowly beginning to come back to a state of consciousness. For the rest of the day Lyn quietly spoke with the handsome stranger, carrying a little secret guilt inside of her over what she had done while he was asleep. For the next two weeks she would revisit him, though on subsequent visits he was fully alert and her little secret was to be between her and the dark room in the basement, though it gave her a slight thrill to know that she had done something so mischievous while he laid there unconscious to the world.

At the end of the two weeks, Mr. Richards was up and about, he still wore a plastic cast and had to walk with the aid of a cane, but his nursing requirements would now only be needed on a weekly basis to tend to his foot and ankle, the daily care was now something of the past. When finally alone he took his keys and walked to the end of the corridor, the one room that nobody had been in since his surgery. He sat down at the desk in front of a large screen. He pulled the computer keyboard out and entered the date, 6/15/06, the first day that he had been confined to his bed for 24 hour nursing care. Settling on the date he pressed enter, and then he sat back and began to watch the footage of all the security cameras that had been placed in each room of his house on the big screen in front of him. “I wonder what those naughty nurses have been up to” he thought to himself.

Chapter 2:

Mr. Richards had watched the video over and over, his emotions went from anger to humor and back again at a frequent pace. There was only one thing saving this naughty nurse at this point, and that was the fact that in the basement she was spanking herself and bringing herself to pleasurable fulfillment. He had a decision to make, will he report her behavior to the authorities, or would he offer her the opportunity to redeem herself through punishment at his hands?

The following week was decision day, the decision was not an easy one, nor was it a comfortable one to bring up. Nurse Lyn Byron was the nurse on duty at his house that day and Mr. Richards spent the day trying to decide a way to bring the subject up. It was probably during the dressing of his foot and ankle that he decided to raise the issue. Lyn was dressing his foot with her back to Mr. Richards; his eyes during this time were focused totally on her bottom. She was quite a sassy young thing and he smirked devilishly as he watched her cute bottom jiggle beneath her short white nurses’ uniform.

“Nurse Byron” he said calmly “You are aware that there are security cameras posted all over this house, right?”

A wave of fear swept through her body as she heard these words. She tried to stammer an answer for him “Err, no, I wasn’t aware of that”

“Yes, there is one right above that mirror over there”

Lyn blushed as she recalled straddling his lap and gyrating against his body, she said nothing back to him as her body was overcome with chills.

He continued. “There is also a security camera in the basement. A basement that I specifically forbid that ANYBODY enter”

Lyn froze; she wasn’t sure how to handle this situation. Did she plead her case? Did she plead ignorance? Did she just ignore him and hope that it would go away? All of these thoughts and yet all she could do is stare at the ground and pout.

Mr. Richards peered over his glasses at the trembling girl in front of him “Now how do you suppose that we should handle this situation, Nurse Byron?”

A tear of shame came to her eyes as she said quietly “I’m really sorry Mr. Richards, I had no idea that there were cameras and I just got a little carried away”

Looking sternly Mr. Richards admonished her “Yes, young lady, you DID get carried away, didn’t you?”

The words “Young lady” sent chills down her spine, her mind automatically floating back to the time when she was face down over her Uncles lap, feeling his hairbrush on her upturned bottom. How could a grown woman feel like that? What was it that made his words make her feel this way?

“Quite frankly Nurse Byron” he continued “I’m really not sure how we should handle this situation. I have several video tapes, and I am very tempted to notify the authorities of your behavior while I was unconscious”

Her inner fears were realized, the resignation that she had really fucked up this time. Would he believe that she had never done anything like that before? Was it even worth trying to plead that case? She tried to peer upwards from looking at the ground “Oh please Mr. Richards, that would be the worst thing that anyone could possibly have to deal with”

He wasn’t smiling anymore; he just kept staring at her over the rim of his glasses. Once she caught sight of his eyes she immediately looked back at the ground. “I would say that what I went through would be pretty close to the worst thing that anyone would have to deal with, wouldn’t you?”

Lyn shifted uncomfortably on her feet, the embarrassment was intolerable. She bit her bottom lip briefly before saying to him “Is there anyway that I can make it up to you Mr. Richards? I am really sorry and I want to make things right”

Those were the words that Mr. Richards had hoped to hear, there certainly was a way that she could make it up to him, but it would cost her dearly. The alpha male began to rise from deep within him as he studied the shame ridden nurse standing meekly in front of him. “You want to make it up to me, Nurse Byron?” he asked.

Lyn kept looking at the floor and only offered a silent nod in his direction, the nod almost seemed overemphasized as Lyn tried to make sure that he had noticed it.

“Let me ask you a question then young lady, just how do you suppose that you could make it up to me?”

“I have no idea Sir” she replied, almost kicking herself for blurting out the word Sir!!

“As you are well aware, from the evidence on the videotape, I have quite a personal collection in my basement. In fact, on the videotape you seemed quite interested in trying out some of the things down there.”

Lyn blushed even redder than before as she remembered lying across the horse and spanking herself, picturing in her mind what it must have looked like to him on the video.

Mr. Richards continued “I see that you have two choices Nurse Byron. Either I take some type of action with the appropriate authorities, or, I take action MY way, and I’m pretty sure that you know what I mean by that young lady! I will give you until next week to make up your mind on the direction that you want to proceed”

Lyn was pretty sure she knew what he meant, she was already aware that any evidence couldn’t possibly leave that house, so that only left her with one choice. While she knew what that choice would mean, she wanted to know exactly what he had in mind. The room itself had been of intrigue to her anyway since the day that she discovered it; in fact, it would be fair to say that most of her masturbation sessions since that day had included some type of image from that basement. Gazing at Mr. Richards, Lyn asked him the question. “Just what exactly does your way entail Mr. Richards?”

Mr. Richards smirked and used his cane to help himself stand up. Lyn’s eyes immediately shot downwards again as his large frame towered over her. “My way, Nurse Bryon… May I call you Lyn?” Unable to speak, Lyn just nodded her head. “My way, Lyn, will involve a couple of things. Firstly, I will put you across my knee and give you a good sound spanking. Have you ever been spanked before Lyn?”

Lyn just stood there trembling, goose bumps appearing all over her body. But she offered no response. Mr. Richards took a step closer “I asked you a question and I expect an answer young lady” he demanded with a strict air of authority.

“Not since I was a teenager Sir” she replied meekly “I did play around with a boyfriend a few times for a bit of fun”

“What I have in mind will be anything but fun, Lyn. What I have in mind will be a punishment for your outrageous behavior young lady. Not only will I spank you, but I will also have you over the spanking horse that you already seemed to have enjoyed, except this time you will not being bent over it, you will straddle it and I will put that leather paddle of mine to proper use”

Lyn had already pretty much resigned herself to accept whatever he had suggested; she just wanted to hear it for herself. There was a little tingle of excitement running through her body, but there was also that side of her that vividly remembered standing at her Uncle’s side with her shorts at her ankles as he lectured her prior to her spankings. Certainly those weren’t the fondest memories she had growing up, but in this instance there was a combination of excitement and nervous apprehension as she stood there studying the carpet below her. His tone and demeanor had also started to create a sense of sexual excitement as well and she was aware of the wetness beginning to form in her panties.

With a little confidence, Lyn looked up at the handsome man “If I accept your terms Sir, what will you do with those videotapes?”

“If you accept those terms Lyn, then I will give you the tapes and they will be yours to do with as you please”

Lowering her head one final time, Lyn uttered the words that he wanted to hear. “Very well, Sir, I accept your terms and I would like to repay you at your discretion”

Chapter 3:

Mr. Richards studied Lyn intently, his eyes going up and down her curvaceous body “I will expect you one week from today, Lyn, 7pm on the dot. This will give you a week to change your mind if you so wish. Should you show up here next week, then the moment you walk through my door you will do exactly as I say. Do I make myself clear?”

Lyn stared at his legs and nodded, just offering the slightest vocalization of the word yes. Mr. Richards escorted Lyn to the door and watched as she walked to her car, she didn’t return his gaze, her mind was far away, caught between fantasy and reality, a strange combination that produced amazing feelings of excitement down from within her.

The week was one of the most powerful that Lyn had ever experienced, while there was a certain amount of apprehension within her, she was immensely turned on at the thought of what was in store for her. It was a strange feeling for sure, the thought of being dominated had always been her most secret desire and now, by pure circumstance, her desires were going to be met. It almost seemed unreal at this point, while she was in the basement of Mr. Richards home she had already thought about possible ways of exploring her desires with him, in fact she pretty much knew that she was going to do that. Maybe this was why she was so submissive when he confronted her; it was actually something that she had desired.

Every night that week, Lyn engaged in some wild masturbation sessions, each night imagining just what was likely to happen to her. Some of the thoughts were really beyond reality, but even then they just provided a source of even deeper excitement. Every waking minute of her days were spent thinking about her appointment with Mr. Richards.

The fateful day had arrived and Lyn was a nervous wreck. She had tried her hardest to eat some breakfast but the thought of any food really made her nauseous, she was going to have a hard time either way just to prevent herself from being sick as it was. Lyn laid her nurse’s uniform on the bed and went to shower, her mouth pretty much remaining open the whole time as her thoughts were already in Mr. Richards basement. Once Lyn had dried her naked body she went to her lingerie drawer to select something sexy to wear, perhaps thinking that maybe she could entice him away from her spanking. She selected a matching bra and panty set, the panties of black nylon trimmed at the waist and legs by light blue lace. Arching her back, Lyn looked behind herself in the mirror, most of her bottom cheeks were visible, it wasn’t something that she thought about much before, but now for some reason it seemed important. She shrugged her shoulders though, doubting that it would matter much as they probably wouldn’t be on for long anyway.

Lyn slipped her nurse uniform on and headed towards her car, she felt like keeling over from the knots in her stomach. The drive over was arduous, just what did she think she was doing? The whole fantasy that had played out in her mind this whole week was now about to be a reality, she really wasn’t so sure that she wanted to go through with it anymore. When she pulled up to his stately home she just sat in the car for ten minutes staring intently at the door. Her body became moistened by the apprehension that she was feeling, her mouth totally dry. With a deep sigh she reached for the handle of the car door “No going back now Lyn” she said out loud as she exited the car.

Lyn had rung this doorbell more than a dozen times in the weeks past, why now should it begin to sound different to her? What had once been a nonchalant waiting at the door, this time the chiming bell seemed to echo off into the distance. The doorknob turned, chills swept down Lyn’s body.

Perhaps Lyn had expected something different; now that the door was opened she realized just how different it was. Mr. Richards stood there statuesque, propping his body up on an antique walking stick. He was clad fully in leather, leather pants, and a leather jacket down to his knees, a waistcoat made of leather and a white shirt with frills around the collar. If she had thought he was handsome before, now he just looked positively ravishing!! Mr. Richards invited her in, though Lyn wasn’t sure whether he had a smirk or a sinister sneer on his face. “We shall now begin, Lyn” he stated, before swatting her firmly on the rear. “You know the way down to the basement” he continued “Go down there and wait for me”

Lyn scurried down, wondering perhaps why he had sent her ahead. The mixture of emotions flowing through her head caught up with her as she flew down the stairs, of course he sent her ahead, the guy could hardly walk. There was nothing for her to do in the basement expect pace back and forth as she studied the darkened room, she even questioned herself as to why she was in such a hurry to even get down to the basement. After several minutes Mr. Richards finally entered, he gazed at the trembling lady and shot an order to her “I want you to go and stand in that corner over there and put your face against the wall until I call you”

Lyn looked shocked “But I didn’t…”

Mr. Richards cut her off abruptly “This is not up for discussion young lady, go and stand in the corner right now!”

Lyn shuffled herself to the corner with a slight scowl on her face. Her submissive nature had now been replaced with a sense of indignation as she stood in the corner like a naughty petulant child. There were slight noises coming from back in the room, Lyn couldn’t work out quite what they were as she listened intently from the corner. As soon as they began though, they soon stopped, the room was now silent. Lyn fidgeted in the corner, she was desperate to look behind her to observe the silence. The more that she thought about it the more she wanted to look around, this was pure torture. Of course, this was exactly what Mr. Richards had wanted. He was already sat in the straight backed chair and was watching every movement that Nurse Byron was making in her uncomfortable position.

After five minutes of silence, Mr. Richards said in a calming voice “Lyn, you can come out of the corner now, and I want you to come and stand beside me”

Lyn turned around and squinted her eyes at the sight of this handsome man sat in the chair; she gazed at the floor and bit her bottom lip as she slowly walked towards his side. The flashbacks once more entered her mind, she was all too familiar with this position and she also knew what followed soon after, the standing there was the worst part of all, even if her body did tingle with excitement. Mr. Richards looked up at the trembling girl and spoke “I want you to look at me Lyn Byron”. Lyn looked up, her body shaking so much and the fear that she would start crying consuming her thoughts.

“We both know why you are here today Lyn” he continued “You took advantage of my prone state and you ALSO disobeyed a direct order to stay out of this room. Now before I begin I want you to lift your skirt”

“Please Mr. Richards” Lyn pleaded “That is too embarrassing”

“Nonsense! You had no trouble lifting your skirt when you climbed upon my body, you should have no trouble doing so right now”

His commanding voice caused goose bumps all over her body and she resigned herself to lifting up her skirt. Mr. Richards watched closely as the black V front of her panties came into his view. Lyn was flushed with embarrassment and once her skirt was up she moved her hands in front of her to try and protect her modesty, that plan was quickly altered as he demanded that she put her hands at her side. Mr. Richards allowed Lyn to stand there in silence for a full minute before he reached out and grabbed her wrist, his grip was firm as he pulled her closer to him, then he guided her quietly over his waiting lap. The smell of all that fresh leather seemed to catch Lyn all at once and she inhaled deeply to capture as much of it as she could, she almost went into subspace at that very moment.

Mr. Richards began to fold up Lyn’s skirt neatly, as he did he directed her. “I want you to put both hands on the floor Miss Byron, and they are NOT to leave their position until I say that you can move them, do I make myself clear?”

Fearful of not speaking, Lyn shouted out much louder than was necessary “Yes sir”

Mr. Richards’s warm hand rested upon Lyn’s right cheek, the smell of the leather and the closeness of his body causing her own body to start to dampen sexually. The next thing Lyn heard was a loud cracking sound echoing through the room, followed by a sharp sting on her right cheek. She bit her lip and lowered her head, that was much harder than she had anticipated. It was followed by another, and then another, each one as hard as the first. Undeterred, Mr. Richards continued at a rapid pace bringing his hard hand down upon the panty clad rear beneath him, Lyn struggled with all her might to keep her hands on the floor. The more he spanked the higher her legs raised, she tried to cross her feet but the burning in her bottom prevented this. Twenty hard smacks had landed and Lyn started to let noises escape her voice, they were yelps of pain as his hand continued with its flurry on her scarcely covered bottom.

Though the pain was intense, Lyn maintained her hands in position, and though it wasn’t really at the forefront of her mind she was pleased to be able to accept this spanking. Due to the velocity of the spanking, Lyn’s bottom was bright red after only fifty spanks; this was by far the hardest hand she had ever felt. Mr. Richards paused in the spanking and rested his hand on her bottom, adequately pleased at the heat he was feeling. Lyn had expected this next part, but it was still uncomfortable nonetheless as she felt Mr. Richards fingers enter the waistband of her panties. As he slowly removed them she winced at the elastic going over her bottom, he wasn’t simply pulling them down though, he took them off completely.

Addressing her once more Mr. Richards said “Remember to keep those hands on the floor” before he started to spank her now naked cheeks. Lyn frowned at the pain and shook her head from side to side, perhaps it had been the scant protection that she had, perhaps it was because the heat was now building in her bottom, or perhaps he was just spanking harder, but this was now as intense as she had ever felt a spanking. Lyn curled her toes, clenched her butt cheeks and closed her eyes tight; none of this seemed to ease the relentless attack on her flaming hot butt.

There was a sense of acceptance from Mr. Richards, he most certainly was giving Lyn a very hard hand spanking, but he was somewhat pleased with her resiliency to remain in position. Of course, she wasn’t exactly still, but she had taken this very well overall. With a final flurry of hard spanks Mr. Richards stopped this stage of the punishment. Lyn’s body collapsed in relief and lay limp over his lap, she had tears in her eyes and her mouth was opened, but she had managed to get through it.

Mr. Richards face held a slight grin as he studied the beautiful form below him, his hand resting on her upper thigh with his fingers cradled on the inner part of her thigh. The intense heat, the wicked smell of leather, and now his fingers just inches from her throbbing wetness, Lyn wanted to get up and make love to him right there and then. Mr. Richards had other ideas though; this was only the first part of her punishment. The second part of her punishment was to come, but this time the punishment was going to include sexually exploring Nurse Byron. So he maintained his stern demeanor and told Lyn that she could stand up. Lyn did so and immediately reached back to rub her bottom, Mr. Richards stopped this almost before it began “You may not rub at this time Lyn. In a few minutes we are going to issue you the second part of your punishment over this velvet horse. Until that time I want you to wait for me in the corner until I am ready for you”

Lyn obeyed his commend and headed to the corner, Mr. Richards watched with approval at her deeply reddened naked behind. Lyn stood there motionless as she listened once more; again she wanted to know what the noises were coming from behind her. They were louder this time, and they most certainly involved the unlocking of a box, that much she was clear on.

Chapter 4:

The noises lasted for a minute or so, Lyn fidgeted uncomfortably from foot to foot as she stood in the corner, her mind awash with thoughts of what the box contained. It was still a few minutes before she found out however, as Mr. Richards sat in his chair and studied the beautiful girl in the corner.

Lyn’s eyes went from side to side as if she was trying to listen with her eyes; her mouth parched open awaiting the faintest of sounds. Finally she had something to go on, a small clattering of metal hitting each other as the box was obviously in the process of being moved. The butterflies went into overdrive in her stomach as she awaited his next move; the next move however, caught her completely by surprise.

It didn’t seem that the time could go any slower for Lyn, the anticipation was unbearable. Suddenly, she felt Mr. Richards’ hands grasp her upper arms firmly; the shock of this contact and her solitude being broken at the same time almost caused Lyn to fall to the floor.

She could still smell the leather strongly as she bunched her shoulders up to his touch. Parts of his body were now touching hers; she could feel the hem of his cloak brushing her calves, his torso brushing her back gently, and his chest on her shoulder blades. Mr. Richards lent forward so that his chest pushed into Lyn’s upper back, his right hand released from her left arm and she felt it come to the side of her face. He palmed her golden blonde hair on the side of her face and slowly moved it backwards, his fingers gently brushing her neck as he did so. Lyn felt his lips press against her ear and her body started to tremble very noticeably. In his deep English accent he began to talk to her “Lyn, we are now going to finish your punishment” he said. Each syllable reverberating off his lips and against her ear, feeling his warm breath causing her to melt inside. Lyn’s eyes were shut tightly and she felt her body rocking. Mr. Richards knew that he had her exactly where he wanted her, he wasn’t going to turn back, and it was just a matter of how far he was going to take her.

“I want you to come with me now Lyn and do everything I say, do you understand me?” Mr. Richards asked of her. Lyn peered over her shoulder into his steely blue eyes and nodded her agreement. Placing his left hand back on her upper arm he guided her body one hundred and eighty degrees, and then marched her forwards slowly towards the awaiting horse. Lyn’s eyes scurried hurriedly around the room looking for the box that she had listened so intently to. She found it, but it was on a chair on the other side of the horse about six feet away. The box itself looked like the type of treasure chest that you would expect to find the crown jewels in. Lyn pouted slightly as she could not see what was in the box just yet.

Mr. Richards led Lyn right up to the horse, stopping her shy of it by about three foot. Drawing his hand back he smacked her sharply on the bottom, Lyn was taken totally by surprise by this and she leapt forward, shouting an involuntary ouch as she did so. She quickly regained her composure as the sting of that hard smack started to sink in. Dare she pout? Would that be a smart thing to do at this point? Instead Lyn let her jaw relax to the left as she stared at him, trying her hardest not to show any emotion at all. Mr. Richards stared Lyn straight in the eyes and said in a calm voice “You wait right here Lyn, I need to fetch something for you”

Being naked from the waist down no longer seemed to concern Lyn. At first the embarrassment was intolerable, but now it just seemed like second nature. The only thing that was really on her mind right now was what was in that damn box. As he left her, Lyn watched him intently; she wasn’t sure what he reminded her of. Was it a Count? Was it a Raven? Was it Dracula? Whatever it was, it was about as sexy as she had ever seen a man.

Her eyes never left his body as he went to the other side of the horse; she watched intently as he bent down and looked inside. His hands reached in the box and she felt that she was almost on tiptoes as she strained to see what he was looking for. What was it that he had taken? She couldn’t for the life of her see what it was, it was small that was for sure, and he held it in one hand as he turned back towards her. In a moment of panic she thought that she might be visibly drooling, so with a delicate move she bought her hand up to her mouth, thankfully she was imagining it; her lips were as dry as an old piece of wood.

Mr. Richards came back around the horse, their eyes still locked together, it seemed to the world to her that he had a smirk on his face, but what did he have in his damn hand was all that she wanted to know. He now arrived in front of her, his hand still clasped as she tried to see what he was holding, she still couldn’t see. Mr. Richards’ hands rose to the top of her nurses’ uniform and he clasped the top button, Lyn instinctively lifted her hands to protect herself and she uttered the word please. He simply stared her in the eyes and raised one finger to her lips. “If you didn’t want this to happen then you wouldn’t be here Lyn, now put your hands to your side” he commanded of her. For a moment Lyn felt that she had bit off more than she could chew, but she nonetheless put her hands to her side as he had expected she would.

Mr. Richards carefully unbuttoned Lyn’s top and let it flap open on its own, he then placed his hand on her upper abdomen and let his fingers undo the clasp on the front clipped bra. One more time Lyn felt her face flush with embarrassment as her perky breasts were released into his sight. With his index finger and thumb of each hand he began to squeeze her nipples firmly, Lyn’s tongue pressed against the roof of her mouth as he did so. Releasing her nipples, Mr. Richards opened his palm finally; in it were two shiny metal nipple clamps. Lyn’s eyes watched as he began to attach the clamps to her nipples, the cold metal sending chills down her spine. With the hands of an expert, Mr. Richards applied the clamps to a point where they applied just the right amount of pressure to each nipple; he then used his thumbs to rub over each sensitive firm nipple.

Lyn was now completely at his submission, it didn’t seem to matter what he was going to do, she felt that she was just going to follow along. Let’s not forget one thing, this was a brand new experience for Lyn, and while she may have had periods of embarrassment, she was highly turned on by the events so far, in fact she was even somewhat intrigued as to what would happen next. It wasn’t going to be very long before she found out.

Taking Lyn by the left wrist, Mr. Richards led her the few steps to the horse, there was a small box already waiting for Lyn to step on which she did. Mr. Richards told Lyn to straddle the horse as he held her steady, Lyn felt a little uncomfortable lifting her leg to do this but once she was in a seated position she was okay. Mr. Richards then placed his hand on her back and pushed her forward, he felt some slight resistance but he maintained his poise in directing her face down on the horse. Lyn’s face nestled against the plush velvet and even though she was slightly exposed it didn’t seem to matter to her anymore, she was his to do with as he pleased. Before he began though he walked back to the box one more time, this time he pulled out some silk scarves. Making sure that she was in his sight, Mr. Richards tied loops into two of the scarves, and then placed them over her wrists. It was more of a symbolic gesture as Lyn could easily remove her hands should she have wished, but he nonetheless tied the scarves to the legs of the horse and she let her hands fall down as he did so. With the remaining scarf Mr. Richards gently applied it as a blindfold, making sure that he tied the back of it under her hair.

Now the second part of her punishment was to begin, the mixture of pleasure and pain. Mr. Richards swept Lyn’s hair back and ran his finger over her ear, letting it ease down to her neck before sliding beneath her. He found his target and pulled gently on each of the nipple clamps in turn, Lyn bit her bottom lip for while this was slightly painful, it was also highly erotic. His hand left her body and the next time she felt it was when it came crashing down on her right cheek soundly, Lyn bucked as this happened and she felt her lower body rub against the plush velvet. A deep sting in her bottom conflicting with the slightest of rubs from the velvet against her clit. Mr. Richards went back to the box and pulled out the final two items as the sting remained on Lyn’s right cheek.

The last two items were in contrast to each other, the supple leather slapper and the rose feather. He turned back to the waiting women and approached with the slapper in his right hand, resting it on her upturned bottom he then lifted it up high and brought it down sharply on both cheeks. Lyn yelped as she felt the sting of the leather spread across both cheeks and her thighs clenched against the horse, he raised it again and brought it down just as soundly as before and then a third time, Lyn’s forehead pressed into the horse. The next stroke took her by surprise as he landed it across the most upper part of her thighs. It was a deliberate move on his part for he knew that it would make her buck, and the more she bucked the more she rubbed herself against the velvet of the horse. He paced out two more strokes just above the one on her thighs and listened as she moaned at the contact of the leather.

It was now time to use the feather. Mr. Richards studied Lyn’s body and decided to start at the back of her knees, twirling the handle of the feather so that it spun delicately against her body. He continued this up her thighs, the same twirling motion as the feather rose climbed higher and higher. Just when she thought that he was about to use it on her soaking mound he pulled it away and switched the slapper back into his hand, very quickly applying six firm swats all in a row. While she felt each and every stroke, Lyn had now entered a space where the pain didn’t seem to matter as much, her body rocking gently back and forth against the velvet.

Moving upwards, Mr. Richards swept Lyn’s hair back and started stroking her neck with the feather, with his free hand he rubbed his fingers over the taught nipples showing above the clamps. The slight pain of her tender nipples, the silky smooth touch of the feather rubbing against her neck, and her lower body gyrating against the horse had her about ready to explode. With a quick tug to each of the nipple clamps, Mr. Richards placed the feather rose down and switched the slapper into his left hand. He walked to her left side this time and traced the stiff leather up and down her thighs and over her striped bottom. He placed one hand at the top of her right thigh and began to bring the leather down once more, he didn’t stop at six strokes this time, instead he kept bringing it down firmly until Lyn was moaning out loud. Mr. Richards paused for a while as he admired the angry red lines going up and down Lyn’s bottom, her pelvis still gyrating against the horse. He moved his hand up and started to massage her tender bottom, tracing his fingers gently over the raised welts. His hands moved lower and Lyn’s body stopped rocking; the lower his fingers went the higher she lifted her bottom until finally he was there, his fingers had begun to softly stroke her silky wet mound.

Lyn’s mouth was wide open as he rubbed his fingers up and down and then finally she let out a loud gasp as his fingers finally entered her. He pushed in deep and left his fingers inside her as he raised the leather one more time before bringing it down harshly on her naked bottom. He felt her muscles tighten around his fingers as he did this and he once again brought the leather crashing down. Mr. Richards began a slow rhythm of moving his fingers in and out of Lyn, accentuating it with an occasional hard whap with the slapper. The pleasure coming from Lyn’s lips was now apparent as he began to push his fingers into her faster and faster, the more she rocked the more she rubbed her clit against the velvet. The slapper kept landing, the fingers pushed deeper and harder, and then it happened, Lyn shrieked as her body convulsed with the most powerful of orgasms. Mr. Richards kept his fingers inside of her until she was finished and then slowly withdrew as her body fell limp over the horse.

It had been the most exhilarating experience that Lyn had ever had, certainly the most powerful orgasm that she had ever experienced. Mr. Richards walked to her front and began to untie the scarves around her wrists, then gently removed the blindfold. Lyn was shaking uncontrollably and needed to be held; Mr. Richards was smart enough to know this and lifted the woman down off the horse. He stood her in front of him and opened his leather cloak, then wrapped it around her and pulled her in tight to him, engulfing her body with the new smelling leather. They stood there like that for five minutes as Mr. Richards felt her heart pounding against him.

Finally Lyn had composed herself and Mr. Richards set her free, she felt like a vulnerable bird standing there half naked and Mr. Richards attempted to change the tone slightly. “You did very well Lyn, you took your punishment well, you may now get dressed”

Lyn turned to where her clothes were and smiled to herself, it was hardly what I would call a punishment she thought. As she dressed Mr. Richards began to put all the items back in the locked box, trying to make sure that he finished as she was fully dressed. When they were both done they headed upstairs to the kitchen, as Mr. Richards left her alone briefly, Lyn’s mind began to relive what had just happened. It hadn’t set in yet; in fact it wouldn’t set in until later that night when she would go to bed and start to relive the day’s events. Mr. Richards interrupted her thought as he returned with a bag, he handed it to her and said “This was a part of our bargain Lyn; these tapes are now yours to do with as you please”

The rest of the time was spent rather uncomfortably as they tried to converse over a drink. Finally Lyn said that she needed to make headway, but not before suggesting that she would be back to tend to his wounds. It was kind of an open ended statement really, because they both knew what she really meant by that, it meant that she wanted to come back again. Mr. Richards walked Lyn to the door and watched her walk to her car, still holding on to the tapes from the very first time she had entered his house, the tapes that Mr. Richards had promised her if she agreed to his terms.

He watched the car leave his driveway and he closed the big oak door. Mr. Richards was satisfied with the day’s events as he struggled up the stairs. He finally reached the top and pulled out his keys before heading to the locked room on his floor, the room that had once held the incriminating tapes of Lyn’s behavior. They were no longer his as he had kept his promise to her, so he sat down in front of the TV monitors. He turned the monitor on and pressed play, the first image that appeared on the screen was the basement door opening and a young nurse walking in, she had left the door open and was now pacing back and forth, her arms folded and her teeth biting down on her right thumb, the poor girl looks pretty nervous, something bad must be about to happen.

Richard Windsor.

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