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Birthday Bonanza 9 – More Birthday Spankings

What is a birthday spanking bonanza without some birthday spankings? Here are three more selections that will be added to my WINDSOR’S BIRTHDAY SPANKINGS album.

The first image is somewhat unique in that Sheila, the lass getting spanked, also appeared in the school play that year called Damsels In Distress. In that play two female characters get spanked, but it is unknown if Sheila played one of those two characters or if she played someone else.

If Sheila was one of the sisters then she sure would have got spanked plenty in 1956, what with rehearsals, the play and of course a birthday spanking. As you can see from her outfit, her hairstyle, and of course the setting, then this is almost certainly a birthday spanking, especially as both images are on top of each other. I could be wrong on that, but her clothing and hairstyle match, plus in the play two girls are getting spanked simultaneously and normally with shoes. I wouldn’t want to present things to you that are out of context, so you guys can decide for yourselves if you think that my thoughts are correct as to whether this is a birthday spanking or not. BTW, that birthday spanking chair looks wonderful, doesn’t it? The little details that one can see if they look hard enough.


Birthday Bonanza 2 – Beach Bums

Day two of twenty for the birthday spanking bonanza, and today’s theme is Beach Spankings. With summer just around the corner things sure are heating up on the beach 😉

BTW, you know that I paid $35 to access an archive? Well, have I got 35 notes’ worth of new spanking finds? The answer is probably not, but gosh darn if I haven’t found some absolute gems. One of the images is worth at least $3, lol, it is so stunningly clear that you wouldn’t even know that it came from a newspaper. It is the best of the bunch so far and it is likely to blow the roof off of the spanking world 🙂

Birthday Bonanza 1 – Birthday Spankings

Yes, the day that I have posted about for a while now has arrived. Today I turned 60 years old!! As noted yesterday I will keep all posts short for the next 20 days as I know that you are here for the photos, but this is it, I am officially an old man now.

I ask for nothing, only that you enjoy the next 20 days where I will be sharing 60 spanking pics in honor of my 60th birthday. As I haven’t been active in the scene for four years, if you want to give or get 60 swats as an excuse then by all means use me as one, lol. Now, on with the show.

(*Thanks for the message, Beginninganew, it was so good to hear from you after all these years, I really appreciate it.)

The first image is a genuine birthday spanking, and not only that, but the lady doing the spanking is a tennis coach!! I am sure over the years that you have all read about the female spanker who was a tennis coach, it is quite the staple of spanking stories. Well here is the proof in the pudding, an actual tennis coach giving a birthday spanking.

All pics will be added to my WINDSOR’S BIRTHDAY SPANKINGS folder.

Next up we have two more classics. While I have no proof that this is an actual birthday spanking, I am taking an educated guess based on the fact that we are getting a double spanking. Yes, the same lady is being spanked in both images. Like I said, I have no proof, for all I know she might have forgot to pick up the mail, lol, but I am sure that you will agree that the images make a great addition to the opening post of my birthday bonanza theme.


Windsor Wednesday Classic – 260

The Windsor Wednesday Classic this week isn’t a classic in terms of previous entries for this topic, but I am trying to unload as much as I can from my hard drive to show you all. So while I normally post Grade A rare pics on a Wednesday, the entry this week was inspired by a comment that I received recently.

In that comment a reader had mentioned how he loved barefoot spankings, and as I was trawling through my pictures yesterday to finish off the 60 upcoming birthday pics, I saw this one that I found 4 years ago. As it is a barefoot spanking I thought why not, at least one person will be happy 😉

As for the birthday special that I am planning this year, I have now saved all sixty pictures that I am going to share with you all. They will be posted on twenty consecutive days with each post containing three pictures on a certain theme. Some themes are doubled, for example I have identified six birthday spanking pics so they will get two goes around with three pictures in each.

I wanted to start pre-posting all twenty posts today, but before I do that I have to run a back up of my hard drive. It is beginning to fail and as I haven’t run a backup for a year I do not want to risk losing everything that I have saved in the last year. If I was to lose those pictures then I would be more pissed than I was when I was betrayed in the not too distant past, lol, and I don’t want to get that angry ever again.

As I will probably at least begin the birthday posts today I have to come up with a title for the posts. What I have decided on is to name them BIRTHDAY BONANZA 1 through 20. To give you an example, the first post on my actual birthday will be three birthday spanking corkers that I have, so I will title the post as follows.


Then I will follow the same formula for all twenty posts by writing the numbered birthday bonanza post followed by the theme that it entails, themes such as “Unusual spanking implements”, “Beach spankings”, “Superlatives” etc.

The only problem that this will produce is that my hands will be tied for twenty days, because I would have already made a post for every day during that timeframe. You know the old saying, right, “Idle hands are the cause of the devil’s work” 😈

What is just as important is that on these twenty posts there will be very little waffling on my part. On the 22nd of May I will make a pre bonanza post, the last day of my 50s, and that post is likely to have reams of me droning on mindlessly. I mean I will be entering a new decade, and I sure as heck want to have something to say about that. For the bonanza post themselves though, I will keep the prose solely to the pictures being posted, with maybe a paragraph or two as an intro. There’s no need for me to talk your ears off when you want to look at bottoms being spanked.

So let’s get on to today’s picture.

It is almost, but not quite, a hundred years old. This spanking image is from 1928 and features two flappers of the era, both Catholic one would assume with the names of Mary and Grace. In fact the spankee is wearing what could pass as a sailor suit in the modern spanking world.

You also get a throwaway pic today as well. The quality of said pic is bloody awful and would never get posted otherwise, not unless I threw it in as an addition to an already made post. So here it is, a brutally low quality image that one assumes is showing a birthday spanking taking place. The screencap was taken from a home movie and posted on Ebay, so the picture isn’t getting any better than what I am giving you right now.

Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 144

Back to what I do best on this blog, locating and posting playful spanking images. This one took a bit of work to make it presentable, the image was so dark that you could barely make out the spanking. Thanks to those wonderful photo editing tools though, I was able to increase the brightness by like 100%, lol.

What is going on in the image though? Unfortunately I have no idea. I discovered this image the old fashioned way by painstakingly going through many books. The image is discoverable, but like I said before, the image is so dark that there is a good chance that it could be easily missed on a search.

Of course the favorite suggestion would be a birthday spanking, but there are no indications anywhere else in the room, so it could just be a PLAYFUL SPANKING. In a way it reminds me of the famous Ann-Margret spanking photo where she is being spanked by her uncle. Obviously this spanking isn’t being given with the same gusto that Ann-Margret’s Uncle was applying, but it is left handed and it appears that the girl is wearing tight black pants as well. Anyway, happy Sunday to you all.

If you wish to see the Ann-Margret spanking photo then I have an awesome version that I personally colorized, it looks fabulous. You can see that image RIGHT HERE.

Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 141

In a few weeks time the renewal for this website is due. I’m not going to beat around the bush, I will be paying the $150 renewal fee and this blog will enter its 17th year.

It has been a while since I have posted but that is something that is going to happen from time to time. You still have 16 years worth of free material to peruse whenever you visit my spanking blog 🙂 Every now and then I will be taking a break though, but I still have bucket loads of unseen spanking pics that I have yet to post, and I’m determined that before my final day my wish is to share them all with you.

Also worth mentioning, I only have a couple of months to go before I turn 60 years old. Not I’m not an ageist by any stretch of the imagination, and I have played with women many times who were in their 60’s or 70’s. But I do have to admit, 60 years old just sounds so bloody old, lol.

Obviously those of you who are already there will understand, it is just a number, your mind doesn’t really change all that much and things that you found exciting when you were in your 20’s still excite you no matter what your age. Obviously if you have read this blog at any length you will know that my outlook in the spanking world has changed dramatically over the last few years, but the actual interest is still there, just maybe not as prevalent as it once was.

It is something that I have evaluated over time, and I really believe that I understand why this happened. Having been to spanking parties for the better part of the last 20 years I got to experience things that I never imagined were possible in my 20s and 30s. It is fair to say that the experience exceeded my expectations a hundred fold, and I got to experience some scenes with some very special partners over the years that I never imagined were possible. I truly feel blessed for what I got participate in.

It doesn’t mean that the journey is over, far from it in fact. It is just that my outlook on how I will achieve that going forward is different. I’m older, I quit drinking years ago, and I now spend a significant portion of my time building a vanilla Youtube channel. I just don’t party in any way, shape or form anymore. So it is just something that I have outgrown, and I have not a single regret, and that applies to both the good and bad in our world. My journey isn’t over, it is just more selective.

Anyway, it is about time that I made a spanking post, that’s what you all come here for, right?

This time we have a genuine BIRTHDAY SPANKING but one wonders, just how many spankings did she get?

 By the way, the other week I heard from Chross after all of these years. He wrote to me to ask me to plug his new bulletin board/forum on my website. Well to be honest I never removed his link from my website, it has always active. Regardless, in case you have forgotten it, you can find his new forum which is located at the same website address as his former blog by clicking RIGHT HERE.

Pretty soon I will also update all of the clips4sale sites that I promote. I’m no longer on spanking social media so I’m a bit out of touch, but I will do my best to trawl through clips4sale and see if there are new stores that I can add for your enjoyment.

Of course if you want your spanking clips site added you can always feel free to contact me here and ask me to add it. I’m always happy to use my blog to promote other sites.

And just as importantly, if you DON’T want your spanking clips store to appear on my site then just ask me to remove it, I will be just as happy to do that. I realize that not everyone wants to be associated with me being that I’m such a dick and all 😉

Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 140

Unfortunately there were not a lot of details that came with this spanking image other than it is from 1969. I’m taking an educational guess here that this may be some type of editorial office judging by the typewriters and other images in the publication. The only problem with that theory is that the entire editorial staff that year were female.

What further muddies the water is that we can see no faces other than that of the spanker.

Now what is going on? I mean the most obvious scenario that one would expect is that this is a birthday spanking. Obviously the spankee isn’t exactly resisting. As you can also see, 1969 wasn’t exactly known for lengthy skirts either, lol, it almost makes one wish that they were there to direct the scene 😉

I will add this image to my PLAYFUL SPANKINGS folder.

The Top Ten Of 2022

It is a week later than I would normally make this annual post, but here is the top ten most popular posts on this website in 2022. The list is made up solely of posts that were made in 2022 and are arranged by how many hits each post got.

1: Her Best Friend’s Dad

This happens every year that I post a new story without fail. Each and every year the new story, or stories, will dominate the top spot by a country mile, and this year is no exception. This story contains a playful birthday spanking that is just the start of three spankings by her best friend’s father. The last spanking brings her to tears. READ MORE…

2: An Expensive Spanking

Due to the many retakes that the spanking scene in Public Deb No. 1 required, it cost the studio $16,000 for George Murphy to spank Brenda Joyce. READ MORE…

3: Windsor Wednesday Classic 237

A nice old school spanking from the 1950’s. Is there anything better than seeing a woman in stockings and suspenders along with a pair of full coverage nylon panties? READ MORE…

4: F/M Friday 40

It is a strange occurrence, especially as for 16 years my blog has been almost exclusively an M/F and an F/F spanking site all of those years. But, outside of the stories which account for a massive amount of this site’s traffic, the top page that is viewed on the website is the F/M COLLECTION page. Again, it’s not even close, that page dominates the folder views. This image is a cartoon and it depicts a young man who doesn’t seem to mind the spanking very much at all. READ MORE…

5: Group Spanking

This was one of my favorite images of the year. Now I can’t say if it was the favorite, once I am finished with this post I will review all images from the year and if need be I will post my personal favorite at the bottom of the post. I don’t know why, but this French finishing school drawing really caught my eye. A picture is worth a thousand words. READ MORE…

6: Sexy Shrew Getting Tamed

Hubba-Hubba, can I change my mind? Maybe this was my favorite pic of the year 🙂 Can you just imagine how much her bottom is going to sting for ‘Biting’? It is one of those pictures that remind me that spanking used to be a fun activity, back in the days when the spanking was the main focus rather than the spitefulness and ugliness. READ MORE…

7: Cartoon Knickers

This is a drawing that is over 200 years old, and yet this 1799 art piece still makes the top ten of a spanking blog 223 years later 🙂 It’s perhaps not the best image on the market, but enough people liked it for it to appear as the 7th most viewed image on the site last year. READ MORE… 

8: Six Of The Best Spanking Comics/Cartoons

There seems to be a bit of a theme here, viewers tend to enjoy spanking artwork!! Maybe I need to find some more older pieces of art. I’m pretty sure in my folders I have some regionalized drawings from old books that would have barely been seen in the spanking world before. I will take a dig through the folders and see what I can come up with. Had this post been made in the early part of 2022 rather than in December, then it would have almost certainly finished in second or third place for the most viewed posts of the year. READ MORE…

9: Excellent Spanking Video

Once again, yet another shining example of what I love about the spanking world. This is the type of spanking that we used to get back in the late 80s/early 90s, extending into the 2000s. Over the years I think that the spanking focused has changed more towards an erotic projection, not completely of course, but there are far more ‘Exposure’ videos nowadays than there ever was before. It also seems that spanking is being included in secondary fetishes more nowadays. Now I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with that at all, just from a personally standpoint a traditional (genital free) over the knee spanking video are the types of videos that I crave to see. Check this one out, it is a classic OTK spanking. READ MORE…

10: F/M Friday 46

As noted in number 4 on this list, the F/M spanking Friday’s post that I occasionally make on this website are very popular indeed. Thankfully for those of you who enjoy F/M spanking I still have tons of unseen spanking images that I have collected the last couple of years, certainly images most of you would have never seen before. READ MORE…

Now then, that was the list of what you guys liked in 2022, now I am going to review the images of the year and see whether I have a favorite or not to add to this list that never made the top ten. I’ll tell you one thing, that sexy shrew pic is going to be hard to beat 😉

Okay, I went through the new images posted throughout the year and the Sexy Shrew in position number 6 would have definitely been my favorite spanking find of the year. If I was to select one that never made the list then it would probably have to be this one, an image that is just begging for a story to be written about it.

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 246

Unfortunately I have been out of commission for a week as I have gone and put my shoulder out. It is a rotator cuff injury and hopefully surgery won’t be needed. The pain though, Christ, if any of you have had a shoulder injury then you will already know about the pain whilst trying to sleep. In a nutshell, you can tolerate any pain during the day as nothing more than a discomfort, but the moment that your head hits the pillow, as we say in New York.. Fuggetaboutit!! Within an hour you will be doubled over in agony and slapping on the ice packs.

This went on for a whole week, an hour’s sleep here, an hour’s sleep there, it was really affecting my mental health. On the 7th day though something happened, I fell asleep during the football on Saturday morning and slept for an hour, and I was astonished not to experience that searing pain that morning. Then that night I slept like a baby for the first time in a week.

It isn’t over by any means, the shoulder is still very painful, but other than having to wear a shoulder brace all day and avoiding the use of my left arm as much as possible, it is ten times better than where it was. No more night pain which is the biggest plus.

Anyway, enough whining 🙂 Just letting you know why I haven’t had any motivation to post lately. I will respond to comments later tonight.

The image this week just sold on Ebay for like $28 or so. Figured I would let the auction end first before sharing it with you. There are no details on the image but it looks to be late 1950s/early 1960s to me, and it is one of those images that you can write a story around. There are no details provided with the image so it could be anything, that will be for you guys to decide. The one thought that I had was “One of those sandals are just begging to be taken off of her foot” 🙂

This will be added to my “PLAYFUL SPANKINGS” folder. Click on the image itself for a much larger version of the photo.

Richmond Lady Lions Birthday Spanking

Trying my best to stick to my word and deliver as many spanking pics as I can in a row. Today we go back to 1967 where the Richmond Lady Lions Club had its 16th birthday, and the President of the club took the honorary birthday spanking on behalf of the club. This will be added to my WINDSOR’S BIRTHDAY SPANKINGS album where you will find a plethora of rare and unique spanking pics, most of which were new to the spanking community at the time that I originally posted them. I still have dozens more that I have yet to post.

*Update* I had a feeling that I had posted this pic before, which I had RIGHT HERE amongst a whole bunch of newspaper spanking articles. However, the quality of the image that I am posting today is far superior to the copy that I posted two years ago.

And for a little extra fun, here is a birthday spanking cartoon from 1922.