Windsor’s Sorority Spankings

As you will see,  I already have a Windsor Spanking Finds page,  but due to the tremendous amount of Sorority Spanking Pics that I have I will create this separate page just for those pics. This collection of sorority spanking pics should all be new to you,  I have spent many hours collecting them and I have some awesome ones to share. A good number of these pics I paid for to bring them to you,  that is why I put my name on them. Of course the spanking world will use them,  but if you like them the chances are your viewers will also,  so perhaps link them to this page. Anyway,  please enjoy the fruits of my labor and come back every Sunday for a new Sorority spanking pic.

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7 thoughts on “Windsor’s Sorority Spankings

  1. Nothing new this week? As much as I like the “Men Are Like Streetcars” pics, sorority pics are my favorite (along with birthday spankings) because at least some of them reflect reality rather than playacting. Please don’t give them short shrift.

  2. Hello Richard – I’ve been stopping by your blog now and then for several months, but only this morning discovered the section devoted to vintage sorority spankings. These are SO FASCINATING! I’ve always assumed that spanking among sorority gals was nothing more than fantasy, and yet these pics provide pretty strong evidence to the contrary. One can’t help wondering about the thousands (hundreds of thousands? millions??) of sorority spankings that took place over the decades, and whether any sororities still make use of the practice. And of course, one can’t help further wondering about the extent to which spankings have been given with skirts lifted, and even panties pulled down. Okay, I’m probably venturing into the stuff of mere fantasy now, but these pics sure feed nicely into that. I look forward to more. Thanks for sharing this stuff.

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