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A Quick Spanking Mix

Today wasn’t a day that I had planned to post anything, but as you all know I have a mammoth collection of all sorts of spanking material. So why not take this day to unload three images that would never see the light of day otherwise.

The first image is from an old British comic strip entitled “Belinda Blue-Eyes”. When I left the spanking scene the F/F dynamic had become a huge part of the scene in general, so this spanking panel actually made me think of that as I am sure that there are loads of females who would relate to what is being said here.

Of course I am a guy so I could be completely wrong, which should be a nice little segue to deliberately take everything out of context and trash mouth me!!

The next image was a British newspaper ad that I found on the British site. For this image I am expecting you to take things out of context and apply it to our little scene πŸ˜‰

Lastly, I was struggling to find a third pic to go in this post and then I found this one that has been sat on my drive for like forever. A Trish Stratus playing card. Any takers?

Deep From The Archive

Today is one of those days where I dig into the archive of unposted spanking pics for a selection of six photos that have sat on my hard drive for more than ten years.

Yes, that’s right, ten years, though several of them have been sat on my hard drive for more than ten years. These are pics that would never get posted otherwise because they just aren’t very good, but, I have always been of the thought process that you just never know what picture is going to trigger someone’s spanking thoughts. They don’t have to be good pictures because it is all in the mind anyway, just the smallest thing can trigger a happy thought.

As you may well have seen on this blog recently, I am on a bit of a posting blitz as of late, in fact I may even post every day on this blog for the next month or longer. As you already know, I am planning on posting for 20 days straight where I will share 60 pics with you all to celebrate my upcoming 60th birthday. So far I have 21 pics selected in 7 themes, so just 13 more themes to go to get to 60 pics.

Anyway, on with the show. None of these pics will make it to my folders because they simply aren’t good enough. In fact they might not even be good enough for anyone to poach them for their own blogs, lol.

First of all from 1935. Not exactly a classic spanking pose, but maybe someone once swatted a girl the same way?

Next up is a spanking on the porch. You might be surprised by just how many porch spankings that there are. One of the themes for the birthday spankings posts is going to be three porch spankings that I have selected.

Now I’m not being funny here, but there could well be some crossdressing going on, on the left side of the photo. Back in the 1940s and 1950s it was commonplace for clubs, initiation groups, pledges etc. to dress up in the clothing of the opposite gender. One of the porch spanking selections for my birthday themes is likely an M/M pic, but it could also be M/F or even an F/F pic, I really don’t know. The photo is from a distance and it is hard to tell who is dressed as what. The image below is from 1934.

As mentioned already, playing dress up was commonplace, and yes, it was more prevalent in establishments in the Southern States than it was in the Northern ones. Performing in drag was a part of the culture in the 1940s and 1950s. In fact I dare say that those with the loudest voices on the topic against it, could have likely been participants in it during their younger days.

In this image you will see that the spanker is wearing a full length skirt as he spanks his playmate. I also have another image that I found on a search this week where a young man is being paddled while wearing a skirt by another male. I will share that one on a Friday post one week, and I won’t feel the need to try and justify it with a disclaimer. It is spanking, right? Everyone should feel welcome no matter what their choices are.

Another porch spanking where the filters for lighting was non existent, lol. It is a terrible pic, but someone out there will like it, I am sure.

And finally for today, this pic makes me laugh because it reminds me of spanking parties. The point where the young lady says out loud “Did someone say spanking”?

There Appears To Have Been A Malfuntion

If you have visited this site in the last couple of days you would have noticed a critical error. The good news is that my host fixed it for me, but the bad news is that I only have a month before the change that caused the issue will be permanent. So I have to backup my website just in case a major error occurs. If my site goes down in four weeks time just know that I will be working in the background to try and fix it.

The image this week I have no earthly idea where I found it. I’m not one of these people who builds their own websites by taking globs and globs of spanking pics from other spanking websites, I prefer to build my own little corner of the spanking world by providing original material as much as I can. If I took a pic from another spanking website then I would be sure to mark the image as such because I have a code of ethics that I adhere to. As this image isn’t marked as such then it means that I found it on a non spanking source somewhere, quite likely on Ebay but I’m not certain.

Anyway, a bare bottom spanking pic is quite rare for this website, so enjoy it while you can. The location is apparently Fairplay, Colorado. I think that the going rate in today’s money has to be somewhere in the region of $150 – $300 an hour, right?

How Great Were The 1950s?

It is a 1950s day today. While I have a main spanking photo for you, I have also added a couple more that would otherwise never be posted as they aren’t good enough as individual pics. With that said mind you, you just never know what captures someone’s attention, so what would otherwise be a throwaway spanking picture for me, for someone else it may well trigger a deep emotion. That is why I keep an archive of spanking pics that are never good enough for an individual post, however they are always good to throw in as fillers.

After the spanking photos I will also share with you a 1950s themed event that I will be going to in November. You probably all know by now that I love Roots/Rockabilly music, well there is a 4 day rockabilly weekender in Spain that I am going to on the Costa del Sol. In fact one of my favorite artists from Sweden is on the bill as well as this crazy French guy who I would love to see live.

All three of the following spanking pics are playful in nature and the first one obviously is the main image of the day. I wonder if the young lady gave him the apple? πŸ™‚

As I mentioned above, I am heading to Spain at the end of November for a great rocking weekend. I’m actually going to go for a couple of weeks to tour Spain a little bit before the festival, but I intend to get to BenalmΓ‘dena for the 21st as the World Cup starts that day and I wanted to sit in a bar on the beach watching football all day long πŸ™‚ Initially I was trying to get to Switzerland in August for a different festival, but that festival is camping only so it kind of rules me out. So Spain it is!! The two main acts that I am looking forward to, but I expect to be surprised by other bands, are Wildfire Willie and from France, Jake Calypso.

A Delightful Saturday

Kat St. James was one of those young women who I never got the chance to play with properly. We did do a fun little photoshoot one time where I got to playfully spank her, so I guess that counts, but I would have loved to have made a film with her. She is one of those people who is super friendly and is really kind when talking with others, I had a lot of time for her, as I do for people like her.

This picture of course is a delight to see however, because as nice as she was, Kat was still naughty enough to need a spanking every now and then. I tend to love pics like this one, pics that clearly show that a pair of panties offers no protection at all πŸ™‚ Hopefully, wherever she is, I hope that she is still getting wake up calls like this one πŸ˜‰ Click on the image for the full sized version.

Wrestlers Spanking

Now I can’t swear that these two girls are actually wrestling, but a pretty good educated guess would say that they are. This image has been on my drive since 2017 so I have long forgotten the origins of it. Quite likely this was one of those California fetish companies from back in the 1980s judging by what the spankee is wearing. Like I said though, it is more than likely a wrestling video rather than a spanking one. Click on image for larger version.

Out In The Wilderness

This past week I have been trying to list as many audio spanking links as I could find, and there is one staring me in the face that I wasn’t even aware of. Yes, there is in fact another guy who has a wealth of audio spanking material. In fact it would be fair to say that I am the pretender out there as this person has been doing it for years already. It was one of his readers, Jenny, who alerted me to this fact so I popped over to see what was on offer. I mean I didn’t even need to search for it, there is a tab on the home page labelled “Audio”.

The person in question is DEVLIN O’NEILL and he has a wealth of spanking audios if that is what you like to listen to. Just click the highlighted text and you will be taken directly to Devlin’s audio page where everything is neatly listed. From that page you will also have access to Devlin’s blog. In fact, if you watch the rotating link on the right hand side of this blog, you will see Devlin in action in the film “Spanking Girl Gone Wild”

Now I haven’t listened to anything as of yet, but I will give it a bash this upcoming weekend. By all accounts Devlin also has two full length books that he has also recorded in audio format. In fact let me pop over to his site to see if I can find the links for them.

Ok, I found them both on the same post. The books are entitled “Spank Her” and “Little Red Riding Drawers” and both can be FOUND HERE. Just click on the highlighted text.

One additional item for today is about corner time. Now I’m not the biggest proponent in the world of corner time, but I also know that some people get a tremendous amount of pleasure from seeing naughty girls standing in the corner. These particular images are vanilla, which, for those of us who are connoisseurs of vanilla spanking images, one would imagine that the same would apply to pictures of girls standing in the corner. The images come from the 12th episode of the BLACKPINK reality show called “24/365 with BLACKPINK”. I have left the times on the images where you can find the scenes in question.

In this episode the four girls go back to school for a challenge, and yes, they dress in their school outfits for the entire episode. Jennie gets sent to the corner twice (images 1 and 4) and RosΓ© puts her nose in the corner in images 2 and 3. What is interesting for those of you who don’t know, which is likely to be 99% of you, lol, even though they are a Korean supergroup, Jennie was born in South Korea but grew up in New Zealand. RosΓ© is from New Zealand but grew up in Australia, and the other girl that you see in image 3 in the small circle, that is Lisa who is from Thailand. So one would imagine that all of them are quite knowledgeable as to the meaning of standing in the corner.

They remain in their school uniforms for episode 13 but I haven’t watched that one yet, so maybe there is more corner time to come. If you look it up on Youtube then be sure to turn the subtitles on.

The Land Of Misfit Spankings

Over the years I search for and discover all kinds of spanking pics, but the thing is, many of them never see the light of day on this blog because I always find something better. Every now and then though I will package up a 6 pack of misfit spankings because as I can attest, just because a photo might not look good to me, there is always someone who will like it.

To start with, this image screams “Don’t make me pull this car over”, only it already seems to have happened.

The thought was swirling around her mind “Shall I, or shan’t I”

I’m not too sure what is going on here. The guy in the picture seems to be dressed ready for a play or something. Maybe one of you guys recognize the costume?

As you may have noticed in the last image, this is why they are called misfit spanking images. The next one is all warped and out of alignment, but, like I said, someone might like an image of two grown adults playing.

I am sure that I could say something here about spanking and wood πŸ™‚ I’ll be careful though, don’t need the spanking Karen’s wagging their self righteous fingers.

And last, and definitely least, lol, out of focus, bad lighting, and just a tiny trace of a watermark πŸ™‚

We can never predict the future, but it is likely that I have now attended my last spanking party, at least for the foreseeable future. Which is just as well really because I look at what I own on a daily basis, and I need to find time to start getting rid of it all. My starting goal is to get rid of 50% of what I own which I just don’t need anymore. Maybe I will Ebay some of it, or perhaps I will have a yard sale. Literally everything for a dollar, just to see people’s faces πŸ™‚

The 15th Anniversary Of This Blog

Fifteen years!! That’s insane!! Never did I imagine that my blog would last so long, just one of a handful of spanking blogs that have lasted this length of time.

I’m not going to lie, at one point this year I honestly thought that this would be the last year of this spanking blog, I was so completely done with it all. However, this post is going to be a positive one, there are no regrets on my end whatsoever. In fact I am thankful that things played out the way that they did, I’m glad that I got to witness what I saw.

Things changed dramatically for me in regards to my online presence this year, I deleted both of my Twitter and Fetlife accounts completely, which changed my interaction level online a lot. It took me a while to get over the Twitter deletion because I interacted with a lot of people on there, but the level of anger that burned inside of me made the decision to leave an easy one, even if I didn’t perhaps want to do so. Nothing productive would have ever come from keeping my Twitter account active, none. In fact quite to the contrary, I would have ended up saying a few home truths that I would have really regretted saying. I’m better than that, I would never go out of my way to intentionally cause harm towards another person. That’s not the type of person that I am and I’m really happy that behavior is not a part of my character.

That’s all in the past now though, that door has been permanently shut and it will never, ever be opened again.

So my interaction in the spanking community now is done solely through this blog, that’s it, that’s my only connection to the spanking portal. There are a handful of people on Facebook who are spanking friends with whom I have maintained contact with for many years. And with the clear exception of RAVEN who has maintained her level of unbridled sass for 17 plus years, lol, all of my other spanking friends on Facebook are pretty much vanilla friends by now who I originally met in the spanking community. In fact now that I think about it, I met Raven at the very first spanking party that I attended back in 2004, so she is probably the oldest scene friend that I currently have in regards to actually meeting them in person. There are a couple of others on Facebook who I have known for longer, but I didn’t meet them in person until a few years later.

Obviously there are a few people who I interact with on this blog, and I also have a handful of people who I speak with via email. All in all though, I have limited contact with the active scene anymore. I haven’t even spoken to Pixie for such a long time now, but that happens, people grow and continue on in the direction that they are heading. There is nothing but positive thoughts and memories however, as there is with 99% of the people that I meet.

I’m not totally done yet, there are still a few more years left in the old war horse πŸ™‚ It is funny to think though that everything has come full circle. Having been an active player for 20 years, I am now back to square one. At 58 years of age my life is more mellow now. Whereas at one point of my life spanking was the be all and end all of my existence, that has now been replaced by travelling. I had my time and I have no regrets at all, but it is time for me to move on from spanking parties and the active lifestyle. I don’t know how much time I have left on this earth, but however long it is I want to spend that time experiencing different cultures from around the world.

The most important thing to me, and the one that makes me the happiest, is some of the amazing people that I have met over the years and some of the scenes that I have taken part in. It is somewhat rude to single people out but I have been truly blessed. I mean damn, I spanked PIXIE underneath the Empire State Building, and I spanked AUDREY KNIGHT in a bar on a vanilla night out. That’s fairytale stuff right there πŸ™‚ And I have to mention ELLEE of course, she will probably never know just how important to me some of the scenes that we did were. Every scene idea that I ever wanted to do on a personal level, ellee was kind enough to provide them, whether they were scripted or spontaneous. I will always have very fond memories of those spanking scenes, and very fond memories of ellee herself. I literally reached the mountain top, there was no higher place to go.

It’s about time that I slapped a spanking pic into this post, after all I separated half a dozen to post today. The first one I have a feeling is a bucket list spanking for many people, regardless of what spanking roles you prefer. A spanking (or paddling in this case) from a fully clothed person given to one wearing nothing but pajamas. If you look in the background, there seems to be an awful lot of people in their pajamas as well, and the woman doing the paddling already has a two handed swing going πŸ˜‰

So what is in the future for me?

Like I said, travelling is the number one item for me nowadays. Of course at the moment nobody can really go anywhere, but as soon as we are able to then I have a list of places that I want to go. In fact as I am typing this I am thinking about Japan. Even though I have been there twice now and I didn’t expect to go back for another ten years or more, I also heard today that the band that I love over there have decided to disband at the end of 2022. So now it is back on my list because I would love to see them one final time.

It may sound silly to you all, in fact it probably sounds silly to me, but I feel like I have a deep connection to that band on a spiritual level. When my brother died in 2018 they kept me going. During my worst times I was able to hang on to the fact that I had something to look forward to, that I had booked a trip to Japan at the end of 2018 and I was going to see them perform live. It kept me going, it kept me wanting to carry on.

I’m not disappointed that they have decided to call it quits, I mean for the most part I am sure that several of the members will continue doing solo projects. Would I like to see them one more time? Yeah, I definitely would. They were/are a very unique experience, weird, but in the best way. And like myself in the spanking community, they have decided that their time has run its course.

Picture #2:

Now while they seem to be much older, I can’t but envision a roleplay taking place here. I just have this vision of the butt being swatted in public, knowing that as soon as that door is closed then things are going to escalate rather quickly. Alright, everyone is laughing, but it is fun to have an imagination.

As for spanking, well look, I’m not completely done yet. While I may have scaled back dramatically, there are still things that I want to do. For my swansong I had this idea in mind to make one final film. It was this great scene idea that I had in mind where I would inadequately spank two girls (reason unknown as of yet) and then their guardian, Dana Specht, would give them the full Monty once she found out what they had done. At this point in time though, mostly because I will no longer be attending spanking parties, I very much doubt if my path will cross with Dana’s anymore.

It might take a few years, but I do envision renting a beach house in Jersey somewhere down the line and finally making that last film.

Of course there will still be some local play, and of course I do still have friendships around the country that may involve some one on one play every now and then. But I guess overall you can say that I am semi retired πŸ˜‰

In regard to the blog? Well, I’m still here!! Moving forward I expect that the future years will be just like this past year has been. A bit scaled back but updated often. There is still a mammoth plethora of unseen spanking pics that I have yet to share that will likely keep me going for at least 5 more years. When the blog reaches it 20th anniversary I will be 63 years old, maybe that will be the time that I decided to call it a day once and for all πŸ™‚

Anyway, a Merry Christmas to you all, and if you don’t celebrate Christmas then a happy holiday season to you. Be nice to each other and perhaps as a New Year’s resolution ask yourself this “How can I be a better person”? We all control how we act and how we want others to remember us, being kind to others is never a weakness.

On January the 1st I will post my annual top ten list, and then a couple of days later I will post the annual list of most read stories in the previous calendar year. I will also look to write and post part 4 of the “Mother Spanks” series. The most popular request is for the mother to spank the boyfriend, but as that is a genre that I have barely ever written about, it might take me a little bit longer to post a worthwhile chapter in that series. Bye for now guys, I hope that you all have a wonderful holiday.

An Old Spanking Cartoon

Yesterday I had a bit of spare time so I sat down and started to wade through one of the many online Newspaper archives. If you have not done that before then let me tell you, it is an arduous task. For once though I got lucky and I was able to come up with three new pics. A lot of times when I do this, I can search for up to three hours and not find a sausage. Yesterday though, I was able to find two brand spanking new Men Are Like Streetcars pics. One of them is from a newspaper, and the other I found a reference in a newspaper, then checked the subsequent yearbook and voila, I found yet another unlabeled Men Are Like Streetcars spanking pic. Over the years I have provided a wealth of spanking pics from this play to pad out private collections, and it doesn’t seem to want to stop anytime soon. I know that there are still dozens out there waiting to be discovered.

The third and final image that I found yesterday is the one on this post. Now I don’t claim to be an art expert, far from in fact. However if I feel like I can add something to the mix then I will always happily share it. Here’s the caveat though, I found this in a local regional newspaper. Now it is quite likely that the story was syndicated around the country, but the image might not be. The image could be just the local newspaper artist. What do I know though, perhaps this is a famous piece of spanking art that has circulated for years. That will be something for the spanking art experts to decide, and trust me, I don’t need to know the details of this image, I am just happy to share it. Even better if it is brand spanking new and nobody has seen it before.