Birthday Bonanza 9 – More Birthday Spankings

What is a birthday spanking bonanza without some birthday spankings? Here are three more selections that will be added to my WINDSOR’S BIRTHDAY SPANKINGS album.

The first image is somewhat unique in that Sheila, the lass getting spanked, also appeared in the school play that year called Damsels In Distress. In that play two female characters get spanked, but it is unknown if Sheila played one of those two characters or if she played someone else.

If Sheila was one of the sisters then she sure would have got spanked plenty in 1956, what with rehearsals, the play and of course a birthday spanking. As you can see from her outfit, her hairstyle, and of course the setting, then this is almost certainly a birthday spanking, especially as both images are on top of each other. I could be wrong on that, but her clothing and hairstyle match, plus in the play two girls are getting spanked simultaneously and normally with shoes. I wouldn’t want to present things to you that are out of context, so you guys can decide for yourselves if you think that my thoughts are correct as to whether this is a birthday spanking or not. BTW, that birthday spanking chair looks wonderful, doesn’t it? The little details that one can see if they look hard enough.


2 thoughts on “Birthday Bonanza 9 – More Birthday Spankings

  1. I am confused by the first one as it is a school spanking as you can see the blackboard and the second one does also appear to be at school as the chair does appear to be a high school desk from high school at the time (the chair had the desk part swing up ) I say school because of there not being a blackboard at any homes that I knew about. So my guess it is at the play and the birthday spanking was given at rehearsal and the birthday spanking was from the play.I loved the last one although of course the cameras at that time the flash would wash out a lot and I really thought the spankee was well caught.great finds.thank you and have a great day.

  2. Jim,

    That is an interesting observation, but I don’t personally see any correlation to the play. Yes, I have numerous pics where play rehearsals took place in a classroom, but there isn’t any indication that this was anything more than a birthday celebration. There is one more photo of Sheila wearing the same outfit where she is sat on a chair up against a radiator, so one assumes that it was also taken on the same day. What I see is a white top with sleeves pushed up to the elbow in both pics, a cream colored skirt as far as one can tell in a black and white pic, also in both pics, and the same hairstyle plus the blackboard. Throw in a birthday cake, a happy birthday message and a spanking and it seems pretty clear to me that this is solely a birthday spanking and nothing more.


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