A Weekend With A Good Girl

A Weekend With A Good Girl – Friday

I’m not really sure what to expect, we have shared IM’s up the ying yang for a few months now, have known of each other for a few years, but we have only spoken on the phone once, that one is on the brat as she hates talking on the phone even more than I do. So I make myself busy at work and keep an avid eye on the phone, I had asked her to call me on the way to give me an idea of how things are going.

Having been burned last year, I was a little cautious when come 4.30pm there still had been no call, not an over concern as I had faith in the girl, but there was also that toppy worry that goes through us wondering if everything is okay. The phone call did come though, sometime around 5pm. The brat had driven straight through and was now five miles away in New Jersey. We chatted for a short while and tried to work out exactly where she was and how she was getting into Manhattan.

I’m clock watching and clock watching and clock watching, an hour has passed and still nothing, we’re coming up to 6.30 and the phone rings. Aurora has somehow missed her turning and is now heading south in Jersey, I can’t find her location on the map so I try to guide her off an exit so that we can find out where she is. From what I am guessing she is no longer on the turnpike, but is instead heading south on the Garden State Parkway. The young lady is stressed beyond all belief and starts to have a temper tantrum on the phone to me. I’m actually feeling for her, so I let this pass and Aurora heads into a pharmacy for directions. She is back on the road heading the right way, until I get the next phone call. She has followed the directions and has exited on exit 151 as she was told, I look at the map and have to break the bad news that she was told the wrong exit, she still has to get back on the parkway for two more exits. Poor lass must be racking up the toll fees.

As I work on Broadway, I had promised Aurora a spanking on Broadway when she arrived, when I finally got to meet her it was the last thing on my mind, this girl needed a hug in the worst way, it had taken around 3 hours to get to me from 5 miles away. So we stood there on the street freezing our tails off as I welcomed her to New York. We still have 15 minutes to go to get to my place.

Will somebody pinch me at this point!! I am sat here talking to this amazingly attractive girl, one who is going to get spanked tonight, and I am almost speechless. We have only been in the car a short time and I already have become attracted to her. I have no idea what the weekend has in store at this point; I just knew that this was going to be a fantastic experience.

We get to my place and now we are going around in circles trying to find parking, I just want to get this girl inside so that she can relax, and there isn’t a parking spot anywhere. We finally find one a block away and we grab every piece of luggage we can find. This is New York after all and Aurora’s car has Ohio plates on it… everything is coming with us.

We finally make it inside and I am so relieved, I desperately want Aurora to relax and wind down from her journey. As fantastic as she looks, I’m not going to spank her for a while yet; I just want her to feel at home. So we park ourselves on the futon and just start to chat, and chat and chat. This girl is bloody intoxicating, we have 36 hours in front of us and I’m already pissed that it won’t be longer. I grab us a beer each and grab a bunch of DVD’s, time to watch some spanking videos to relax the atmosphere. First up of course is the DVD that I made. It’s like I have an old friend sat with me, like we have known each for years. I hope that she was as comfortable as I was.

Ok, we have some tail to spank as well, it is coming up on 11pm and we have sat there for 3 hours getting to know each other. Time for me to step up to the plate and be a top J I am salivating at the prospect, the gold/dark yellow dress has not been lost on me, the effort that she made is going to be rewarded, and rewarded with an OTK spanking.

From the bathroom I brought with me my new paddle back hairbrush, it is the lightest one I have and I think it would be the best thing to start with. It’s time for this pretty girl to get what she knows is coming!! I sit myself in the middle of the futon and start my naughty girl talk, this is something that I have recorded for her over and over for voicemail, and now she is getting it with me holding her hands. Through the smile and the blush I guide the brat to my left side, she doesn’t need my help to lay over my lap as she is going over herself. I look down at her gorgeous bottom and try my hardest to continue to talk. It’s a bit hard when your tongue is hanging out of your mouth, but I know she likes my voice so I work with it.

You never know what to expect with someone new so I start out fairly firmly bringing my hand down on the seat of her pretty dress, I look over at Aurora and see her head buried in the seat of the futon on top of her arms, little yelps coming from her unknowingly. My hands reach for the hem of her skirt and I raise it up. Underneath she has worn exactly what I like, a nice white nylon slip. My hands rub over it firmly as I feel for the heat; the naughty girl beneath me raises her bottom as I do this. Once more I raise my hand and begin to spank away, quite solidly I might add as my mind goes away from the fact that Aurora had been on the road for 11 hours and hadn’t been spanked for a while. It was ever so politely and kind of touching in a way because she was so relaxed, but she nicely asked me to ease up a little bit. I know, it’s topping from the bottom, but Aurora looked so relaxed and was enjoying herself so much that I did so gladly; I wanted her to have an experience to remember for her first spanking so I went back to rubbing. I hope I don’t embarrass her by saying so, but Aurora was purring like a kitten as I rubbed her bottom. The brush was handy so I began to give her rounds of six spanks and I would rub some more, my only fear at this point was that she was going to fall asleep over my lap as she was as content as can be.

Be aware at this point that each spanking is going to pretty much follow the same pattern, the reasons why will be explained later, but it was a joy for me to give her this gift. I pulled the slip up to reveal the white see through panties that she had told me about, her bottom shining nice and pink through them. My hand continued to spank and rub, Aurora continued to lie there and purr, her bottom gyrating to my hand massaging it. It wasn’t long before the panties came down also and the bare bottom spanking/rubbing began. All told, Aurora was over my lap for anywhere between 45 minutes to an hour. I hadn’t planned on starting with a good girl, but she was enjoying herself so much that I wasn’t going to deny her that pleasure. When you witness someone so relaxed, why on earth wouldn’t you give them that pleasure? I know this had been a long hard day for her, and my hope was that the spanking was going to be something that she remembered for a while.

At the end of the spanking I pulled her panties back up, I am still a gentleman after all and I wanted to preserve her modesty, then I laid down her slip and dress. Aurora climbed to her knees and wrapped her arms around me; she thanked me for the spanking and held on to me for several minutes. When she let go the blushing smile on her pretty face told me all I needed to know, this was something that she not only wanted, but it was something that she needed.

I took this time to light up a smoke and Aurora went to the bathroom to change into her PJ’s. By the time she came back I was sat on the couch; Aurora sat down beside me, put her feet up on the couch and laid her head on my shoulder. I’m not sure how much we spoke at this point; I do know that I remember her hand rubbed the back of mine as she laid there. It was at this point that I decided that there was no way I was going to cane this girl, she is just too adorable and way too cute to spank. It was very late and I knew the brat must have been exhausted, but we stayed up for a couple more hours before I opened up the futon. I don’t remember at this point whether we left the TV on or not, I do know that I lay down and Aurora lay in front of me, using my arm as a pillow. We stayed like that for a little while, spoke at length and finally, before crashing, the second spanking started. Aurora rolled over onto her tummy as I warmed up the already burning bottom further with my hand.

I think the CB paddle was used at this point, I know for a fact that she got my short tawse on her bare bottom and she fell in love with it, perhaps even my leather paddle came out, I’m not overly sure to be honest with you, but I do know that she was spanked at length. Of course, a major league rubbing took place as well, but as I mentioned earlier, she really deserved to have a weekend of being spoiled, and I don’t care about my reputation, I fully intended to spoil her and give her a weekend to remember.

The spanking concluded sometime way into the early hours, I think it was about 4am, I’m not entirely certain, but we were both worn out. I threw the toys to the side and laid back on the bed, Aurora did the same and rested her head on my upper arm and chest, she threw her arm over my body and began the slow drifting off to that far away place, she’s such a snuggle bug. I laid there with a smile on my face, my belief being that I did the right thing and gave her just what she needed. Her relaxed body told me she was content and I drifted off thinking about what the next day had in store. We had only been together for a few hours, but I already knew that this is exactly the type of partner I have been looking for, a mixture of sadness and happiness really, for while her being next to me made me very happy, I knew that a little more than 24 hours later she would be driving to Florida to start her new life. Just a bad case of missed timing on my part really, I was already going to miss her and she had only just got here.

A Weekend With A Good Girl – Saturday

Sleep!! We don’t need no stinking sleep!!

Each time one person turned, the other woke up. Muneca, my cat,  is going nuts trying to find his spot. It’s normally the bottom left of the bed, but when I have company he is always right next to my head at the top right. Neither one seemed to appease him tonight, so he settled on climbing under the covers and sleeping between my legs, but he was such a fidget bum in doing so, going from one end of the bed to the other.

6.30am comes, like two hours after we went to sleep, and the alarm goes off, numbnuts here forget to turn it off before we went to bed. At around 11am we both woke up to face the world. A late breakfast and just a few warm up spankings, but for the most part we just checked in on SIN and chatted. I think I stepped out to get something and Aurora took the time to shower. Finding a towel in a bachelor pad proved far more difficult than I had thought though, lol. But anyway, I also showered and returned to spend some time with Aurora.

We had decided to go out to eat, but not before a spanking of course. It started off with me rubbing her jean clad bottom and enjoying the heat that was still in them, her poor bottom must have been burning up. Ordinarily I am not one for jeans, but I have to admit that her bottom looked delightful in this one pair and they were surprisingly thin for a pair of jeans. So I started to spank away happily, giving her a good warm up and a nice butt rub at the same time. It is really hard to give this girl a damn good spanking, she lies there with this beautiful look of contentment on her face, moves her bottom to the rhythm of your hand, and purrs like a kitty throughout. God forbid I ever have to actually spank her for a real reason; it really would hurt me more than it would hurt her!!

So the warm up is out of the way, it is now time to pull the jeans down. Aurora sits up and allows me to unbutton her jeans, she provided a little assistance in getting them down as they were a nice tight pair, while the puppy stayed on focus and ignored the delightful black lace, boy cut panties that were coming into view  Back over my lap she went and it was apparent that the panties were rather symbolic really; they covered none of her target area. The spanking began again, I would space it out with a regular spanking followed by a few minutes of gentle rubbing, including using my nails to go over the surface area. Then I would give her a series of very hard spanks followed by a very firm grabbing of her bottom. It was with great delight that I watched her cross her ankles and raise both legs up each time I began to rub, it was like my own little remote control :-)

Aurora’s own personal hairbrush was already on the couch and she had never been spanked with it. Seizing the opportunity, I reached for it and began to circle her bottom with it. It was oval shaped and raised in the middle; something I knew for sure would have a nice wicked sting to it. So I began to pepper her bottom with her own hairbrush, watching as her cheeks clenched and her hands dug into the seat. I’m not a wicked person, but her own brush did land quite vigorously for quite a while. It even prompted Aurora to yelp out “That thing has got some bite to it”, not that it worried me any. Not that they were of any protection, but the panties did need to come down of course. So letting them settle at her knees I picked up the brush once more, only this time I used the bristles to rub up her down her bottom and thighs. Whenever the bristles reached the spanked areas her legs would keep crossing each other, it’s a pretty evil thing for me to do. I carried on with the hairbrush for a little longer but then switched to my hand. Aurora had already been over my lap for about half an hour so I had to pace it a little bit.

For ten more minutes we went through the routine of hard spanks, soft spanks, gentle rubbing, and firm rubbing. It got to a point where I needed to stop though; my leg at this point was pretty numb as it hadn’t moved for three quarters of an hour. I pulled up her lace panties and helped her rise up, we hugged for a while and finally she winced as she pulled up her tight jeans over her well spanked bottom.

Time for some dinner.

Aurora took her hairbrush and used it for its intended purpose, brushing the static out of her hair and trying to cool her flushed face. I grabbed my keys and wallet and waited for her to finish. Aurora did so and headed my way, I guess she wasn’t ready for dinner just yet though, she wanted a hug. So we just stood there and hugged for a while, it’s obvious that this girl is very affectionate and needs a lot of loving. After the conversation that we were to have at the diner, it further enhanced my view that she really is a good girl and needed a weekend of pampering. Okay, so you can all call me a big softy if you want, but I really have a big heart. If the gift that I could give her was a weekend of nice spankings, something that she was yet to have had in her life, then I was going to do that for her and give Aurora a memory that she could keep for a while.

So we start the walk to the diner in gale force winds, I’m only wearing a shirt that isn’t tucked in, and Aurora has on open toed shoes… are spankos really wired differently or what? As we walked, Aurora spilled out what she calls the “S” word, yes; she had actually gotten up the nerve to say the word spanking!! I commented on it and for the first time I started to see the hidden brat inside of her, her response to me was “I don’t care, I don’t ever have to see these people again, I’m not the one that has to live here” and she started to laugh. I smiled at her sass, but once in the diner, ol’ Houndog bellowed out the ‘spanking’ word and her head flew around as her face blushed bright red.

It was in the diner that Aurora started to open up. I was already pretty enchanted with her anyway, but by the time we left the diner I had such a protective desire to keep her from harm. The conversation was a very personal one, but all I could think is how can anyone treat this girl so badly! The title isn’t a joke, Aurora really is a good girl, a very charming, loving, sweet individual, and somebody who really deserves the best, yet has not got that to date. It’s not something she thinks about really, like many other folks, I also have a lot from my past that is unacceptable behavior from others towards you. When you deal with those types of situations it is easy to brush them off as nothing and that it isn’t as bad as it sounds. It really is though, even though you are able to accept what happened, it doesn’t make it right.

So now I’m a real big softy. Aurora just shrugs off the negative while inside I am feeling very protective of her. It just convinces me more just to keep on being nice to her. We had so much planned during the build up to her stay, but fuck it; I don’t care about that anymore. It was just a build up to get inside of her head, well now it’s too late; she has actually gotten inside of my head. I’m guessing there is another good girl in the works tonight!!

Saturday evening was pretty quiet, a few minor spanks here and there, a few hugs, and Aurora just snuggled up next to me pretty much as I watched the hockey game, occasionally logging on to see if anything was happening on the board. When you meet someone it isn’t all aboutspanking, there has to be some chemistry. The fact that we were able to talk like old friends and just sit on the couch cuddled up, told me that I was spending some time with someone very special, it wasn’t all about the spanking. Ok, so during the evening some other little spankings happened, nothing major, and around 2am we decided to get ready for bed.

As soon as we got to the bed the spanking pretty much started, bare bottomed this time for the duration. Aurora had subtly asked for the tawse, and I brought that along with the leather paddle. Unlike the night before, this time I did spank her a little bit harder. There was still lots of rubbing, but each round of spanks was in the region of 20 nice firm ones followed by a few with the small tawse. By the way, she likes the tawse, she REALLY likes the tawse 🙂 I do believe that her ever present hairbrush was used to good effect, but for the most part I spanked her firmly with my hand.

When the spanking was over we had the obligatory hug, did what we needed to do, then set up the DVD player and lay on the bed. Aurora laid in front of me, using whatever part she could find of me to use as a pillow. Before starting the DVD, she was laid on her back with her head on my arm, it was at this point that I told her what I felt about her. Maybe it’s not something that she hears often enough, but I told Aurora that I found her to be a really charming young lady, that it had been an absolute pleasure of mine to spend this time with her, and maybe she will remember everything I said, but I just basically told her that I thought she was a wonderful human being and that I would be sad to see her leave. I wanted to say a bit more but she started to wipe tears from her eyes, so I just left it there. A few hours later that morning, she was to set on a 1200 mile journey to her new life. Even though I really wanted to let her know how special of a person she meant to me, I also didn’t want to upset her. She understood what I meant so I didn’t need to harp on about it.

I pressed the play on the DVD; Aurora buried her head on my bicep and rested her right arm over mine. I was on my side and with my right hand I started to massage Aurora’s back, for about an hour and a half as we watched the DVD I massaged her. Now then, did I spoil this girl or what? Aurora had actually offered to give ME a massage, but ut uh, I was going to be a total mush and pamper her this weekend, and so as she fought to stay awake, I gently rubbed her back as we both watched the show. Another relatively sleepless night lay ahead, but I do recall drifting off as her fingers played with my sideburns.

A Weekend With A Good Girl – Sunday

Aurora had wanted to leave early on Sunday to start her 18 hour car journey, being that we were still awake at 5am it didn’t appear as if she would leave right on time. I was to find out later that Aurora had been awake for hours as I slept, she was even getting antsy and hoping that her movements would wake me. Somewhere around 11am I finally rose. We laid there for only a short while chatting before I said I would get us breakfast, Aurora took the time to take a shower in preparation for the long journey.

Now you have probably got the idea already that I really am a true romantic at heart. I don’t know what the future holds for Aurora, I just hope that it includes lots of hugs. There aren’t too many people that are as affectionate as she is, nor many that I feel as affectionate about. I had learned a lot about her in 40 short hours and she is going to make someone very happy one day. We always hear about the search for the remaining good guys out there, well the same rings true for the good girls out there. As the title of this series reads, Aurora is truly one of the diamonds out there; it’s just a pity that the circumstances are what they are.

So before the day’s final spanking, which I intend to have some bite to it ;-)  I have to tap into my kind side one more time. All I know is that for the next two days she is going to be all alone as she drives the 1200 miles, and all I can think of is someone who loves to cuddle so much is not going to get any of that during that time. So the sensitive Houndog came out to play. Before getting us breakfast, I popped into the local gift store to look for what I wanted to get her. Okay, so she has had puppy hugs for the last 40 hours, and tonight she won’t be getting that, so I scoured the store to find what I wanted to give her to take on her journey. It didn’t take long before I found it and I made my purchase before getting us breakfast.

When I got back, Aurora was still in the bathroom, no doubt getting her hair ready. I checked in and caught up on the college basketball scores that I had missed over the weekend and waited patiently for her to come out. It wasn’t long before she joined me and I started to get the breakfast out. After thinking about it, the last thing I wanted to do was give her the gift just as she was leaving, so I gave it to her before breakfast. What was it you ask? As she seemed to enjoy hugging the old dog for the weekend, I bought her a stuffed puppy to take with her on her journey. So now she has her own puppy to remind her of the weekend and to cuddle up to whenever she wants to.

Now, on to the spanking fun!! I’m figuring that this is the last one that we are going to get in, so I want it to be a good one. My bag of tricks were nearby and I started to warm the seat of her jeans. I grabbed the back of her jeans and pulled them up tight, using my right hand to spank down firmly on the taut material. Perhaps she realized that this one was going to be a good one, so instead of helping me with her jeans this time, she did everything in her power to make it hard for me. You know I wasn’t going to be denied, but I sure did have to work for it.

I worked her jeans down over her light blue, boy cut, lace panties. I have to admit, she has great taste and she really wears them well!! So now, same as before, the panties covered not one inch of her spank area. A nice spankable bottom to aim at, so I restarted in earnest. Not as much rubbing this time, not to start with anyway, we need to give her a nice hot seat to travel with. So my hand added the needed color to her cheeks before I picked up the CB paddle. I am sure Aurora was probably thinking that I was a bit of a meanie at this point, at least her clenched cheeks told me that as I firmly applied the paddle. Maybe about 30 or so with the paddle had her yelping nicely, so I put it down and picked up the tawse that she had become so fond of. Before I could even use the tawse, the first real sign of the brat actually came out. Spotting that I had put the CB paddle down she snatched it up, and with the artistry of an Olympic discus thrower, she launched the CB paddle clear across the room. :-)

Not that she saw, but I stared at the back of her head with a look of toppy indignation, I said to her that if I ever had to punish her it was going to be a spanking with the CB paddle. With that I started to apply the tawse with a bit more gusto than the previous two nights. The spanking itself was an hour long again, just like the previous spankings it was supposed to be pleasurable, even if the spanking itself this time was a lot harder than the rest of them. We did have to get moving though so I stopped, even though I could have spanked her gorgeous bottom for another hour. Aurora stood up and with her jeans still around her knees she sat on my lap, putting her arm around me and resting her head on mine. She told me that she didn’t want to leave, and as much as I didn’t want her to go, I played the good soldier and avoided making her feel sad.

After she got up I went for a smoke as she composed herself. She sat on the bed facing me as I stood across the room, I once more told her what a wonderful person she was and that I was so happy that she had come to visit me. Her bottom lip dropped and I got the feeling that she doesn’t get as many compliments as she deserves. After I finished my smoke I went back over and flipped her over my knee, this time I started to give her a proper spanking. Before we got going she needed to take her meds so I let her up, we were going to continue but she was all dizzy and light headed so we postponed it until next time. It’s one spanking I owe her, plus, I owe her a spanking for voting for George Bush ;-)

It was time for us to grab the bags and head out, before we did so I took down my cane. It was just something symbolic, but after whacking it down on my bare calf, Aurora bent over for 3 short strokes with it over her jeans, not really a caning, but at least she felt it. We took the remaining bags and headed to her car, I was a little concerned about her getting on the highway so I accompanied her into Brooklyn so that I could assure myself that she got on the BQE, I just had to hop on the subway for a short ride home after.

Where the entrance was to the highway, it happened to be one of my regular haunts, a bar that I go to and the place where my tattooist is. So I knew that when we got there we could pull into a parking lot under the bridge to say goodbye. The wind was whipping up a storm as we stood outside the car, talking about her new life and sharing a few hugs. I didn’t get to spank her on Broadway, but I did take the time to spank her in Brooklyn as the cars flew by, inches from us.

She was about to hit a super fast highway, so the last thing I wanted her to do was to start crying. We laughed a little and hugged some more and then it was time for her to go, we kissed each other on the cheek and I walked away as she got in the car. I waited at the entrance to the parking lot and waited for her to come by, she did so and we said goodbye as I squeezed her hand. Then I watched her leave just so that I could see that she got on the highway safe and sound.

That was it!! The weekend was over and Aurora headed south to Florida to start her new life. My hope is that she gets herself settled and is lucky enough to get what she needs; my thoughts are going to be with her during this uncertain period.

Whatever happens, if things don’t work out for her, I told her that my door is always open if she finds herself in need of a place to stay. I met someone who is totally compatible with me and who knows what will happen in the future. One thing is for sure, I am so glad that she came to stay with me, even if it was just for one weekend. She is a remarkable young lady and I wish nothing but the best for her, I hope that she has a happy life in Florida.

As promised, she called me on Sunday night when she finally stopped on her journey. We had both wished that she could have stayed for longer, but at this time it wasn’t meant to be, the timing just wasn’t right. As hard as I had tried not to make her do so, she did tell me that when she left she started to cry, thankfully, New Yorkers drive crazy so I doubt if she looked any different on the road than anyone else on the road. Who knows when she will be able to get online again, hopefully sometime soon she will be able to let us all know how she is doing.

Aurora, thank you for a wonderful weekend, it was a pleasure to have you here and I hope that one day when things are different, we can meet again. You are an exceptionally sweet girl and some guy is going to be very lucky to catch you one day. My door is always open should you get stuck and you are welcome to stay as long as you want. I hope that one day we will meet again; I will keep my fingers crossed. You deserve to be treated like a Princess and you deserve someone who will treat you as the only one in their life, you have so much to offer and I hope that you get that back in kind. I know that I for one couldn’t wish to meet such a perfect partner.

4 thoughts on “A Weekend With A Good Girl

  1. Chris,

    Oh yeah, over the years we saw each other at many spanking parties, in fact I have two great memories aside from this one of caning her. One scene at the Florida Moonshine party and another at Paddles here in NYC. I haven’t seen Aurora for quite a few years now, but I am always happy whenever I do run into her.


  2. Dear Sir, I love your universe, where (nearly) all young ladies are naughty, get thorougly smacked on bare bottoms and happily submit to their chastisements. A better world it seems. ogang.

  3. ogang,

    Thank you for your kind comment, likewise I also love a world where a naughty girl gets her bottom smacked if she misbehaves 😉


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