Windsor Wednesday Classic – 257

To be honest with you, I haven’t done much searching for spanking pics lately. Every now and then I will raid Ebay for any latest offerings, but I have taken a break from spending hours upon hours searching for new material.

With that said however, I still have a plethora of newspaper clippings that I procured during my most recent subscription to a newspaper archive. I probably have around 50 or 60 new clippings to go along with a similar number that I have sat on for years that I have yet to post. In fact I am considering joining another newspaper archive that is perhaps not as well known, but they have a substantial archive to troll through.

Last year I also joined a genealogy website where I found a couple of dozen playful spanking pics. The moral problem that I have there though is that these images come from family collections, and it just doesn’t feel right to share them. It is a real dilemna because there is one pic in particular that I would love to share. It features a serviceman who has come home and he is spanking what one would assume is his love interest. It is from the 1940s and what makes the image really unique is that it is a mixed race spanking, something that is extremely rare from the time frame. It is a delightful image.

Anyway, here is another image from the vast collection of newspaper clippings that I possess. This one is set in the play “Damsels in Distress” and is featured at a Methodist church. There have been many stories written online regarding spankings set in a church, and in fact in my MOTHER SPANKS DAUGHTER – THE BEST FRIEND episode of my mother spanks series I briefly touch on the topic that the church pastor himself owns a spanking paddle.

Anyway, enjoy this week’s new spanking pic. This will be added to the other 6 Damsels in Distress spanking pics that I have already posted in my STAGE SPANKINGS folder.

6 thoughts on “Windsor Wednesday Classic – 257

  1. A good target might be an average of three per day, weekdays. That’s 15 per week. I think your audience could process that, and it might not be too many to keep up with. What do you think?

    BTW, your effort is well appreciated!

  2. This is a fantastic find.I always love multiple spankings otk and especially in plays.great finds.really appreciate the effort and the postings.have a great day.

  3. Rich,

    I like your thought process. Obviously I don’t know if I can keep up with posting five times a week, but perhaps on the days that I do post I can maybe increase the images that I post from one to three. That is a very good idea that I will take into consideration. Maybe I can post one good one and then a couple from the pile of awful quality spanking pics that I have. These images are never good enough to have their own post, but as I have learned over my many years of experience in our filed, one mans trash is another mans treasure.


  4. Jim,

    Likewise my friend, group spankings are always enjoyable, though I prefer seeing a spanking where on e person is getting spanked and a dozen people are watching 😉


  5. A really excellent picture, Rich, well done.

    I always come and have a look here, every week or so.

  6. Theo,

    A newspaper clipping that is rare in the fact that it is a relatively clear spanking image. Once a week or so is a good timeframe where you can catch up with a small sampling of new posts. I’m looking to post more frequently this year so your weekly visits should be more enjoyable moving forward.


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