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One More Year

Did I consider that my time in the community was over? I’m not going to lie, I did think about it. The thing is though, who knows how I will feel next month.

With that said however, today I paid my $130 to renew the Richard Windsor spanking site for one more year. So you have me until at least April of 2025.

Later tonight I will respond to all comments that I have missed, but I hope that you guys can pardon me for responding to Audrey Knight after I have posted this 🙂

Mind Of Her Own

The image below I posted a long while back, however, during one of my searches I was able to find an alternate version of the book that it came from, so here is an improved version of the spanking image. Just click on the image for the full sized version.

Want to help a brother out? The video below is only 18 seconds long and it features the amazing view of Manhattan that I see on the train every day. I’m trying to give the video a bump so that it can hit the Youtube algorithm. I would really appreciate it if anyone can just click on the play button on the video and watch it for a few seconds. I mean it’s right there, you only have to start the video 🙂


Windsor Wednesday Classic – 274

Just a nice little vintage spanking photo to try and get myself posting again 🙂 Hopefully this will inspire me to get back in the swing of things.

On the old vanilla front, tickets go on sale tomorrow for the legendary South Korean artist who is performing her first world tour this year. The name of the artist is IU (also known by her real name as an actress, Lee Ji-eun). This woman has a staggering 31 number one singles in Korea and she is known as the nations little sister.

Her first USA stop is in Newark and I am very tempted to buy a ticket, even though I know they will cost a mint. The only issue is that 80% of her music likely won’t interest me too much, but she is one of the best ballad singers in the world, an astonishing voice. I’ll see how I feel in the morning, but this is likely to be her only US tour so I am tempted. It has taken her 16 years of performing to do her first world tour.

Because I hate bullying of any kind I will add a disclaimer here. In the video below, IU spotted this woman in the crowd who came dressed as a character IU played for an advertisement years ago. You see a younger IU on the candy the woman is holding.

After intermission IU invited the woman on stage and said she would love to give her something, but she had nothing to give her. So instead she would give her a piece of her heart. The song is called “Give you my heart”.

The reason people are laughing at the start of the video is because of this. IU is standing on the outer rotating ring and the woman is sat in the inner rotating ring. The ring the woman is sat on is going in the opposite direction to IU’s ring, therefore she spends the whole video scurrying her feet to keep up with IU, made funny because she has big red shoes on.

Give it a listen, maybe you will find a new artist to listen to. Her voice is incredible!!


Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 158

I always enjoy a bit of playful fun, and there is nothing more fun than an OTK spanking to a willing partner 😉 Now I believe in being honest and ethical, and this image wasn’t found by me. I mean I found it, but, I found it on the main newspaper archive where a fellow spanko had saved all of the clippings that they had found and they were publicly visible. So someone else did the legwork for this one and I found their saved archive of clippings. Unfortunately I can’t give them credit by name because the archive no longer exists, but they shared quite a trove of images which I have saved, though of course many of them I already had in my own archive.

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 273

A little over three years ago I found this STAGE SPANKING IMAGE from the early 1990’s which was spread over two pages. Despite the line down the middle the image wasn’t too bad all things considering.

Well guess what, in the two hours that I got to search a newspaper archive for free on Monday, I also found the same spanking in a newspaper article that had been added in recent months.

I have to admit, I’m a bit bummed over the quality of the image. The entire newspaper page that the image comes from is perfect, as in really clear and detailed, yet for some reason the spanking image is distorted. Let’s hope that it was just for this scan and that the image will show up again in the near future, I mean at least we know it is there now.

The image is from the play “Man of Seventeen” and I will add this to my VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS folder where the original image that I found is also located.

As you will see, this version of the spanking is taken from a completely different angle, and unlike the first posed image, this one appears to show the action underway due to her kicking feet and her loose hand getting ready to reach back 🙂 Obviously it is probably still posed, but at least it looks like a spanking is taking place.

Here is the original that I had found if you don’t like clicking links 😉

A Shrew Getting Tamed

In the very early hours of Monday morning I discovered a mistake that I made. What was the mistake you may ask?

Like most people I have a handful of email addresses that I use for various things, you know like a vanilla email, a business one, one to subscribe to websites from so that the reams of spam that come from it end up in one place. Plus I have a couple of ancient Yahoo ones that I barely even look at.

One of those Yahoo emails is where I first signed up for a newspaper subscription probably more than a decade ago. Just out of the blue I checked that email account at like 4am on Monday morning, and what did I see, a notice from the newspaper site saying that I had free access for 5 days, but I only saw the notice on the final day, lol. The bottom line was that it would mean I could only have access to the site for a couple of hours on Monday night.

So how did that work out? Well pretty much it meant that all I could do is look for new images from the old stalwart “Kiss me Kate”. Kiss Me Kate/Taming of the Shrew spanking pics are a dime a dozen so it is an easy search, and I could use a filter to view newspapers added to the site in the last few months. I mean I think it worked, I was able to come up with a handful of new images, even if I’m not personally a fan of Kiss me Kate spanking pics.

There was an additional image that I was able to find from a different play which I will post tomorrow. The spanking depicted in that image I have posted before, but this image is from a different angle and there is a much more dramatic response to the spanking itself 🙂

Now I know that there are many Kiss me Kate spanking fans out there, and whilst I skipped as many pics as I downloaded, I was able to find a few good ones.

Let me point something out though. Even though the newspapers that were recently added to the site are new, it doesn’t mean that the spanking pics are new. Often times the same image could appear in the same newspaper on a different date, or, they could come from a regional photographer who provided the image to more than one newspaper. These images were simply added in the most recent batch of newspapers that were digitized, but they could already be known.

Of course I always go out of my way to try and find new images to post for you all, so hopefully what I will be sharing this week are new to you. This image will be added to my KISS ME KATE folder.

Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 157

Just have enough time to post a new Sunday candid for you, sans any long writing. I love the table and chair that we see in this spanking scene from “The Taming of the Shrew”. This will be added to my KISS ME KATE folder.

Valentine’s Day Spanking

Every year I select one or two spanking producers and I subsequently use my blog to promote their work. As tomorrow is Valentine’s Day then what better way to share the love once more.

Today I bring you an image that sparked a real interest in me last week. Before I talk about the image though, which I will do underneath the picture, let me tell you about a Valentine’s Day special that is happening on Clips4sale. They are having a 14% off deal for orders $30 and over. What that means for you is that you can select 3 videos for around the $30 mark and get it for $25.80. So basically you can get thirty to forty minutes of spanking action for 25 notes, which is about the same that you would pay for a spanking DVD, and in this instance you can choose the 3 scenes that make up your spanking video.

The image below is from a video entitled “Felicity Spanked for borrowing the car” from Miss Iceni’s store. Here are the relevant links for the two people involved in this video.

Direct link to the video in question: Felicity Spanked for Borrowing the Car

Miss Iceni’s Clips4sale store: Discipline Begins at Home

Miss Iceni’s website: Miss Iceni Website

Matilda Caesar’s website: A Little Discipline

Miss Iceni’s Twitter: Miss Iceni Twitter

And now for the image, and my thoughts about the image are underneath it. Be sure to click on the image itself for the full sized version, it is huge.

Now then, why did this particular image make me go “Oh yeah”!

Chances are you all know this already, but if you don’t then let me quickly tell you about myself. I was born in Swindon, England and I lived there until I was 24 years old. In 1987 I moved to the USA and I have been here for the last 36 years. If you have listened to any of my audio interviews with my fellow spankos, or you have watched any of my spanking videos, or, perhaps you have watched one my VANILLA YOUTUBE VIDEOS, hint, hint, lol, then you will know that my English accent is as strong today as it was the day I was born.

Despite having spent almost all of my adult life in America, I am always drawn to England. It’s where I grew up after all and it shaped me as to who I am today. Even to this day I still pay $175 each year for an annual season ticket to watch every Swindon Town match on my computer. That aside though, my early spanking life was also formed in England.

I’m a little unusual in that I’m not someone who gets anything out of what many people with a fetish for traditional English spanking get from it. I’m not one for the cane, I shudder at the sight of bottle green or navy blue school knickers (ghastly looking things), lol, and I have never been one for severity. Different strokes for different folks, but I am very particular about what I like.

It’s hard to pinpoint a single thing in the image that is the trigger point for me, in fact it could simply be that my initial spanking experiences in England are reflected in this image. I mean even the clock gives me the fuzzies.

What I think triggers me with this image is that it harkens back to the first time I ever saw someone getting spanked. You know the curious “Oh, whatever is going on behind this closed door”. Knowing full well of course that someone was getting spanked. Now I only saw three swats land before I was spotted and yelled at, but the scene didn’t look all that much different from what we are seeing here. A lass over a maternal lap with her skirt pulled up, getting spanked on the seat of her knickers. The only difference is that I was stood at the end where Matilda’s head would be with the upturned bottom furthest away from me.

Now let’s address the bloody obvious here, Matilda is wearing nylon knickers, and anyone worth their salt knows that is the biggest trigger point for me when it comes to spanking. Again, the first girl I ever spanked was wearing nylon knickers and it gets me going every single time. 1979 – The First Spanking

For the most part I think that the image I can create in my mind is similar to what the 15 second preview clip of this video shows. The basics of spanking, an over the knee spanking with the hand. Nothing over the top, just a nice sound spanking and a rosy red bottom. Keep in mind that I have seen a few of Miss Iceni’s F/F preview clips and she says the one thing that always puts a smile on my face being that I am British, she tells them that they are going to get a “smacked bottom”. It is something from my past, something that you don’t hear very much at all in America. “You’re going to get a jolly good smacked bottom”.

Man alive, and with the accent and pronunciation as well, it is awesome to hear. I would imagine that Miss Iceni would be perfect for reading a spanking story. However, having recorded spanking stories myself for people to listen to, they take an ice age to put together so I wouldn’t hold your breath.

There is one element that is really hard to put into words because I am making it up in my mind, but a big part of what I like about the image is the look of indignity on Matilda’s face. The whole scene screams the following conversation:

“As long as you live under my roof you will abide by my rules”

“Okay, okay already, I get it” coming from the girl who clearly thinks she is too old to have her bottom smacked.

Like I said I’m very particular with what triggers me. Miss Iceni also has another clip called “Spanked and slippered at the hotel for oversleeping” and that clip also gives me the right vibe. For that clip I saw a longer preview on a different site and I already know that one is going in my cart, and it looks like I will be treating myself a lot this Valentine’s.

I’ll probably end up getting the clip that is seen in the image as well. The only issue in taking a chance is that you aren’t always sure what you are getting, kind of like when you took a chance and bought a VHS spanking tape 😉 Because I have always enjoyed a spanking over clothing more than I do the bare bottom, there is always this fear that it will be ten spanks on the panties and then naked from the waist down for the rest of the video. I’m pretty sure it isn’t, but you never know for sure, lol.

Now what is it about the picture that reminds me of England? The small room to start with. The low down couch, the spanker wearing a dress, the spankee wearing a skirt, and of course a pair of nylon knickers underneath, we can’t forget that now, can we?

Mostly though, and I don’t want anyone to take what I am saying the wrong way because there is room for all of us in the spanking world, but my preference has always been for a hand spanking over clothing. I’m not one for naked spread-eagle spankings, the quarter past nine pose I call it, and I’m definitely not one for severity, even though I know that those videos sell. I’m about that old British style that we grew up with, you’ve been naughty and now you are going to get a smacked bottom.

Is the image itself a definition of a British spanking? Probably not, but it is all in the eyes of the beholder. What I see in this spanking image is how spanking was defined in my eyes when I first developed an interest in it, way back to the time when I grew up in England. Both the first spanking that I saw in person and the first spanking that I gave both mirror this spanking image, over the knee with the skirt raised and getting a spanking on her knickers. Then you throw in the important factor that both participants are indeed British and it just wraps everything up in one tidy little ball for me. It has this whole 1970s/1980s feel to it, which is hard to put into words, but it definitely gives me that old time feeling of the way things used to be.

The pairing of Miss Iceni and Matilda Caesar is definitely something that I can get my head around as well, and while I probably wouldn’t be interested in every spanking clip, the ones that I would be interested in are likely to have a great deal of importance to me. Miss Iceni has shared several short clips on Twitter where Matilda is getting spanked in various public locations, and the chemistry between the two is really good. I mean how can it not be, all I have to hear is the words “You’re getting a smacked bottom” and I’m already all over it like white on rice. Plus the demeanor of Miss Iceni plays an important role. Again, this is just a personal preference, but there is no yelling or screaming, rather a calm authoritative tone. Audio stimulation is really important to me.

The audio and chemistry of a spanking scene is so important. Part of the reason that I like the scenes done by Tony Elka and Eve Howard, and by Keith Jones and Samantha Woodley, is the tone that is set and the interactions between the two participants. It may surprise you but I have many ‘pre spanking’ audio clip files that I have saved, I love the buildup and the interaction. Now unfortunately I haven’t seen so much of Matilda’s interactions, most of what I have seen of her is her bottom getting smacked, lol, but the interactions that I have seen tell me right away that I would really enjoy videos that she is in. She has this demeanor that I consider to be ‘Playfully naughty’, and she has this adorable “Am I going to get a spanking” look on her face when she thinks that she is in trouble.

Maybe I will do a review of the video clips sometime in the near future? I wouldn’t have to go crazy, but I have a feeling that the clip would hold some great importance to me of the life that I once lived back in England. The power of the mind is very strong, a few key words and an over the knee hand spanking (preferably with a good portion of the spanking given over the knickers) is all I need in life. It is like I am able to connect with that on a deep emotional level.

Everything plays a part in a spanking video, the setting, the outfits, the demeanor of the two characters involved, a top who uses their words rather than their decibel level, a bottom that is playful but can switch to mildly scared very quickly, and a spanking that resembles a domestic scene from England in the 1970s. Those are the things that I personally like, and if a spanking video can display many of those traits into one scene then there is quite a high chance that I will love it.

Streetcar Sundays – 169

It has been nearly a year since I made a Streetcar Sunday posy, and yet I still have over 70 Streetcar spanking pics that I haven’t posted yet. What I might do is go on a binge, post something like 10 a day for a week and the close the project. During my birthday posts last year I included three additional Men Are Like Streetcars spanking pics so I have posted over 170 of them already.

If you have been following this blog this past week you will see that I talked about a spanking pic that I found on Twitter. I dropped Miss Iceni a line and she gave me permission to use the image, so I will post that this coming Tuesday.

Playing With AI Storytelling

One day a while back I was browsing through spanking blogs when I found a post about spanking stories created by AI over on Strict Julie. I didn’t think too much more about it but I know that she had turned out a hundred plus stories using it.

Now I already use a ChatGPT substitute to help me with my vanilla Youtube scripts. What generally happens is I put my script into the AI and it returns my writing in a more presentable format. It is perfect for what I need because my scripts tend to run longer than my video footage and the AI pretty much halves what I have written.

Well this week I was scrolling the blogs again and once more I saw a more recent post on the strictjulie site concerning an alternate pay site for creating stories. Let me tell you at this point that most AI story generators are heavily censored, you need a degree in engineering to circumvent its filters, lol. In the comments on the latest post Strict Julie gave an example of the prompts she used to generate a story.

So I wondered if the AI that I used could generate a spanking story. By the way, I got the idea from Strict Julie’s site, therefore as a decent human being I am linking to her site as a courtesy for bringing the idea to the table. That’s only fair, right?

Now look, I can tinker with it until the cows come home, but, I entered my prompts based on the structure example that Strict Julie provided and this is what it spanked out. Like I said, I could have tinkered with it and created something much longer, but my only intention is to show you the possibilities. So I present to you a story written by AI.

The Country Store Paddle

The sun was shining brightly on the small country store, casting a warm glow on the wooden exterior. The bell above the door chimed as Jessica pushed it open, the tiny bell echoing through the empty store. She had been searching for the perfect paddle for her sorority, something that would be both fun and functional. As she wandered the aisles, she couldn’t help but feel a little nervous, her cheeks flushing with embarrassment as she glanced around.

“Can I help you find something?” The store owner, a tall, muscular man with a salt and pepper beard, asked, his voice deep and friendly.

“Uh, yes,” Jessica stammered, “I’m looking for a paddle for my sorority. Something fun and…uh…”

“Spankable?” The store owner suggested with a grin, his eyes twinkling mischievously.

Jessica blushed even harder, her cheeks burning with embarrassment. “Yeah, exactly,” she muttered, her voice barely audible.

The store owner led her to the back of the store, where a shelf was filled with various paddles. “We have a variety of paddles here,” he said, gesturing to the shelf. “From light and fun to heavy and serious.”

Jessica glanced at the paddles, her eyes widening as she took in the range of sizes and shapes. “I’m not sure which one to choose,” she said hesitantly.

The store owner leaned in closer, his voice dropping to a whisper. “Let me give you some advice,” he said, his eyes twinkling. “If you want a paddle that’s both fun and effective, you should try it out first.”

Jessica’s eyes widened in surprise, but she nodded, her curiosity piqued. “How do I do that?” she asked, her voice barely above a whisper.

The store owner smirked, his eyes still locked on Jessica’s. “I’ll close the store for a few minutes, and I’ll show you.”

Jessica hesitated for a moment, but then nodded, her curiosity getting the better of her. “Okay,” she said, her voice barely audible.

The store owner locked the door and pulled down the blinds. He then flipped on the lights, casting their shadows on the wooden floor. “Alright,” he said, his voice low and husky. “Let’s see how you like a spanking.”

Jessica’s heart raced as the store owner led her over to a wooden chair in the corner of the room. He sat down and patted his lap, his eyes never leaving Jessica’s face. “Over my lap,” he ordered, his voice firm and commanding.

Jessica hesitated for a moment, but then she stepped forward and bent over the store owner’s lap, her hands landing on the floor in front of her. She could feel her heart pounding in her chest, her face flushing with embarrassment.

The store owner reached up and grabbed a small wooden paddle from the shelf, his eyes never leaving Jessica’s face. “This is the one I recommend,” he said, his voice low and husky. “It’s small and light, but it packs a punch.”

Jessica’s eyes widened as the store owner brought the paddle down on her shorts, the sound of the impact echoing through the room. She yelped, her face flushing with embarrassment, but she didn’t move.

The store owner brought the paddle down again, and again, each time leaving a bright red mark on Jessica’s seat. She could feel her bottom starting to sting, but she didn’t move, her face burning with embarrassment.

Finally, the store owner stopped, his breath coming in ragged gasps. “Alright,” he said, his voice hoarse. “Now, let’s try it with your pants down.”

Jessica’s eyes widened in shock, but she didn’t move, her face burning with embarrassment. “What?” she stammered, her voice barely audible.

The store owner reached down and tugged her shorts down, exposing her thin pink panties. “I want you to feel what a real spanking feels like,” he said, his voice low and commanding.

Jessica’s heart raced as the store owner brought the paddle down on her bottom, the sound of the impact echoing through the room. She yelped, her face flushing with embarrassment, but she didn’t move.

The store owner brought the paddle down again, and again, each time leaving a bright red mark on Jessica’s bottom. She could feel her bottom starting to sting, her face burning with embarrassment.

Finally, the store owner stopped, his breath coming in ragged gasps. “Alright,” he said, his voice hoarse. “Now, let’s talk about the benefits of a paddle and a spanking.”

Jessica stood up, her face still burning with embarrassment, her hands rubbing the seat of her scorching bottom. “I… I don’t know what to say,” she stammered, her voice barely audible.

The store owner smiled, his eyes twinkling mischievously. “A paddle is a great tool for discipline, but it can also be a lot of fun,” he said, his voice low and husky. “And a good spanking can teach you a lesson, and make you feel good at the same time.”

Jessica’s face flushed with embarrassment, but she couldn’t help but agree with the store owner. “I… I guess so,” she stammered, her voice barely audible.

The store owner grinned, his eyes still locked on Jessica’s face. “I’m glad we had this little chat,” he said, his voice low and commanding. “Now, let’s find you the perfect paddle for your sorority.”

Jessica nodded, her face still burning with embarrassment, but she couldn’t help but feel a little excited. “Okay,” she said, her voice barely audible.

The store owner led Jessica back to the shelf, his eyes never leaving her face. “This one,” he said, pointing to a small wooden paddle with a heart-shaped handle. “It’s perfect for your sorority, and it’ll remind you of our little chat.”

Jessica nodded, her face still burning with embarrassment, but she couldn’t help but feel a little excited. “Thanks,” she said, her voice barely audible.

The store owner smiled, his eyes twinkling mischievously. “You’re welcome,” he said, his voice low and husky. “And remember, a little spanking can go a long way.”

Jessica blushed even harder, her cheeks burning with embarrassment, but she couldn’t help but agree. “I… I will,” she stammered, her voice barely audible.

With the paddle in hand, Jessica left the store, her face still burning with embarrassment, but her heart pounding with excitement. She couldn’t wait to share the paddle with her sorority sisters, and to see the looks on their faces when they heard the story of how she had found it.

As she walked back to her car, Jessica couldn’t help but think about the store owner’s words. A little spanking can go a long way, she thought, her face still burning with embarrassment, but her heart pounding with excitement. And she knew that she would never forget the day she had found the perfect paddle for her sorority.

After The Spanking

As Jessica drove back to the sorority house, her mind was still filled with the events of the day. She couldn’t help but feel a mixture of excitement and embarrassment, but she knew that the paddle would be a hit among her sorority sisters.

She pulled into the sorority parking lot, her heart racing as she got out of the car and made her way to the front door. As she opened the door, she could hear the laughter and chatter of her sisters filling the house. They were all gathered in the common room, enjoying a movie night.

Jessica walked into the room, her heart pounding in her chest, the paddle tucked discreetly under her arm. She couldn’t help but feel a little nervous, but she knew that she had to share the paddle with her sisters.

“Hey, girls!” Jessica called out, her voice shaking a little. “I found something really cool today!”

Her sisters turned to look at her, their eyes wide with curiosity. “What is it?” one of them asked, her voice filled with excitement.

Jessica held up the paddle, her face flushing with embarrassment. “It’s a paddle,” she stammered, her voice barely audible. “I found it at this little country store, and I thought it would be perfect for our sorority.”

Her sisters gasped in surprise, their eyes widening as they took in the paddle. “Wow, that’s so cool!” one of them exclaimed, her voice filled with excitement.

Jessica blushed even harder, her cheeks burning with embarrassment, but she couldn’t help but feel a little excited. “Yeah, I thought so too,” she stammered, her voice barely audible.

As her sisters gathered around her, their eyes filled with curiosity, Jessica told them the story of how she had found the paddle, and the spanking she got in the process. Her sisters listened intently, their faces flushing with embarrassment, but they couldn’t help but feel a little excited.

“So, what do you think we should do with the paddle?” one of them asked, her voice filled with excitement.

Jessica thought for a moment, her face still burning with embarrassment, but she couldn’t help but feel a little excited. “I think we should use it for fun,” she stammered, her voice barely audible. “Like, for punishment, but in a fun way.”

Her sisters nodded, their eyes twinkling with excitement. “That sounds like a great idea,” one of them said, her voice filled with enthusiasm.

And so, with the paddle in hand, Jessica and her sorority sisters began a new tradition. They would take turns spanking each other with the paddle, laughing and giggling as they tried to outdo each other. And every time they used the paddle, they would remember the day it was discovered.

As the years went by, the paddle became a symbol of their sorority, a reminder of the fun and laughter they had shared together.

And as Jessica looked back on her college years, she couldn’t help but feel a little nostalgic. She had learned so much during her time in college, and she had made so many memories with her sorority sisters. But it was the paddle that stood out the most, a small wooden object that had brought them all so much fun and laughter.

As she graduated and prepared to leave college, Jessica couldn’t help but feel a little sad. But she knew that she would always have her memories of the paddle, and the spanking she had received in the process.

She packed up her belongings, her heart heavy with sadness, but her mind filled with the laughter and joy that the paddle had brought her. As she closed the door to her sorority house for the last time, she took one last look at the paddle, hanging on the wall, and smiled.

She knew that the paddle would always be a part of her, a reminder of the fun and laughter she had shared with her sorority sisters. And as she drove away from the college, her heart filled with nostalgia, she knew that she would never forget the day she had found the perfect paddle for her sorority.