Carry On Spanking

Yes, it is the Sunday classic today, but my offering today is so good that you will understand exactly why I have given this post a special title.

If you are British then you guys really are in for a wonderful treat today. Remember, even though I have lived in America for the better part of 35 years, I am still as British as the day I was born.

What is this special treat that I speak of? Why it is none other than Dame Barbara Windsor being spanked by her fellow ‘Carry On’ co-star, Terry Scott. It was just one of half a dozen rare treats that I dug up yesterday and there is no way that I wasn’t going to post this image today.

For our American friends, the old tradition of the pantomime has been around for hundreds of years in one form or another, and every holiday season it serves as an outlet of work for actors and actresses who normally fill our television airwaves. Also worth noting because I know that this is likely to trigger MAGA Republicans, practically all Pantomime performances feature a significant portion of the cast, both male and female, performing in drag. In the UK however, this has been family entertainment for generations.

This spanking scene is no different, Terry Scott is portraying a Female character while Barbara Windsor is portraying a male one. If this triggers you into Snowflakeville then I would suggest that you read no further.

Now, every British person and their mother knows who Barbara Windsor is, even before Eastenders she was hugely famous for her spicy Carry On appearances. But the only question that the image brings up is this, what exactly is she wearing?

It’s a pantomime, so obviously she has knickers on, but we can’t really see them in the image even though her micro mini skirt is pulled right up. If you look very closely (I’m sure that you will) you can perhaps make out a panty line, but if you think that she is wearing light colored bloomers that go to the tops of her thighs, well then you don’t know Barbara Windsor very well, lol. She was one of the first TV performers who had no shame wearing sexy knickers and flashing them off every chance that she got. I am pretty sure that you can work out that she is wearing bikini style knickers.

Now this performance took place in 1977, but I have also included a video of Barbara Windsor performing as Aladdin in the TV special ‘Carry on Christmas 1972’. The video starts at the Aladdin scene at the 36 minute mark. This will give you a much better idea of the types of outfits that Barbara Windsor would wear in her twenty plus years of playing Aladdin in Panto.

Finding this image really caught me by surprise, it was a wonderful find featuring two much loved British TV characters. I found so much material yesterday, including spanking images from two plays that I have never heard of before, plus several other pieces that I have not seen before either, it was a great day.

The image that I am sharing can be found on the British Newspaper site, but this is not where I got this from. Pretty soon I am going to join the British site because I think that I am going to find some real corkers there, and my only hope is that the copy of this image that they have is better than the version that I found while trawling newspaper collections on the web. Either way, I am as happy as Larry right now and I hope that my fellow British people are as well.

Here is the image that I will add to my STAGE SPANKINGS folder, and below the image is the video of Barbara Windsor performing as Aladdin in the Carry On Christmas special of 1972. Terry Scott is not in the 1972 Carry on Christmas show, but he does appear in other years alongside Barbara Windsor.

4 thoughts on “Carry On Spanking

  1. Love Barbara Windsor and that sure looks like a bare bottom spanking to me.
    Too bad she was never spanked in any of the Carry on movies.

  2. Mick,

    It would be fair to say that she filled the dreams of many males in the 1960s and 1970s. You would be hard pressed to find a single person in Britain who does not know who she is (was).


  3. Glenmore,

    It certainly does look like it, but we have to remember that this was posted in a local rag, in this instance it was The Walsall Observer. There is absolutely no way that a regional newspaper is posting a bare bottom picture of Barbara Windsor in 1977 🙂 Next week I am going to join the British site and I will see if the image that site has is any clearer than this one. There were other Aladdin pics that I found yesterday as well.


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