Emily And Tom (Part 2)

Emily and Tom (Part 2)

Emily held tight to the pillow as she felt Tom’s hand soothe her bottom. It was probably the combination of the long drive, and the result of the long overdue spanking that she received, but it was a very short time before Emily fell asleep, tightly hugging the pillow and daydreaming about the spanking she knew was coming just before she went to bed that evening.

Maybe only twenty minutes had passed that Emily dozed, but it was something she really needed. Before long the two of them were sat around enjoying a drink and developing the friendship they had built so far. Any fears that Emily had had were no longer there, she felt totally comfortable in this new environment and was as relaxed as a person could be. Still, there was one major hurdle she had to climb, and it was the only thing that was playing on her mind the whole time they talked.

What was this hurdle?

The hurdle for Emily was her Rosewood hairbrush, she HATED the damn thing, plain and simple, the brush sucked ass. If there was one thing that would make her behave completely, it was the threat of a spanking with her own Rosewood brush. And now she had completely resigned herself to not only taking a spanking with the brush, but she was actually going to hand Tom the brush and ASK for her spanking, was she out of her mind? Could she really trust this person she hardly knew, to apply the one thing she detested more than anything in the world to her bare bottom?

A couple of hours passed and Emily decided that she wanted to take a shower. Her bottom was no longer sore, there was just that nice warm tingling sensation on her slightly pink rear. Emily gathered up some clothes and made sure to tuck the brush in between them as she headed towards the shower, hoping that Tom had not seen it when she did so.

The shower was dynamite, all of the days woes being gently washed away, the soap so freshening against her soft skin. Her mind was only in one place though, that damn brush. With her stomach still in knots she really began to question whether or not she could go ahead with it, can she really trust him?

Emily still hadn’t made her mind up as she stood there drying her body, the whole time eying the horrible rosewood sat on the sink. With a dab of perfume she slipped on a t-shirt that just rested below her belly button, then she slowly began to ease up her red silk panty, almost convincing herself that she couldn’t really do it. Her panties in place, she inserted her fingers into the lower part of them and let the thin elastic snap against her bottom. A light bulb went off, like a magic wand appearing in her hand, she had a plan, one he was sure to love, one she knew would get to him. A big smile appeared on the face of the little minx as she picked up the brush, I’m going to enjoy this she thought to herself.

Emily sauntered in to the room holding the brush tightly in her hand, smiling very coyly as she approached Tom. He was aware that this might happen, so it wasn’t that much of a surprise to him. He shook his head as he saw her red panties come into view, the poor girl he thought, doesn’t she have any idea that the LAST colour you should wear to a spanking is RED? That is an open invitation for a spanker to match the bottom to the colour of the underwear and better yet, she was just about to ask for it. Tom chuckled to himself at her imminent demise.

Emily extended her arm with the brush and spoke much more comfortably than she thought was going to be possible “I have been a very naughty girl Tom, and I deserve to be spanked” as she handed him the wicked devil of a brush. A sigh of relief waved through her body, she was able to actually ask, and it felt so good to do so.

Tom nodded and rose from his seat. He headed towards the straight backed chair and glanced at the trembling miss who was looking at the floor and twirling her hair with her right hand. Taking a seat he invited Emily over, which was really hard for her to do, the plan she thought, use the plan brat.

Emily walked over to Tom and stood next to him, glancing straight into his eyes as she did so. She dropped her head and looked towards the floor, then began to twirl her foot on her toes. Slowly she raised her head again and looked at him, hooking her bottom lip with her finger. With her free hand, Emily inserted her thumb into the thin waistband of her panty in front of her and began to slide it from side to side, then took her hand from her lip and reached behind her to stretch the thin material to cover more of her bottom, letting the elastic snap against her bottom when she released it.

It was a wicked thing for her to do. Through the many conversations that they had had, she was fully aware that the tiny little noise of her panties snapping against her bottom turned him on immensely. It was something that took him back to the very first time that he had spanked someone, and was a noise that he associated with fun and the joys of spanking, and she knew that all too well. It was a devilish thing for her to do. To emphasize her point she turned sideways so that he could see all of her bottom, then inserted both fingers into her panty and let him watch as the thin elastic snapped against her bottom once more. Emily licked her bottom lip as she turned to face Tom whose mouth was agape with a wicked grin.

Eying the minx, he had lost all control, that was really mean. She had described it to him almost nightly by email, knowing that each and every time it drove him insane “I suppose you think you are pretty cute Young Lady” he said to her.

Emily nodded “Uh huh, and my panties are even cuter, look” she replied, teasing him once more by sticking her bottom out and releasing the panty with yet another *snap*

“Bend over my lap young lady”

Tom opened his legs and assisted Emily. She was about to go over both legs, but he guided her over his left leg only. Immediately she knew that this was NOT a good position to be in as her body folded in two over his huge thigh, her bottom sticking way up in the air. She tried to clench her cheeks as the position left her feeling very vulnerable, feeling him grab her tightly around the waist. Tom rested his hand on the cool silk material barely covering her bottom and began to rub the red silk. Emily clenched her bottom tighter as his hand was coming all so close to her wetness while he rubbed this way. She began to bite on her bottom lip and grabbed his ankle tightly.

“So Emily, how do you feel right now young lady?” he asked.

In a voice barely audible, Emily replied “I feel like a naughty little girl, Sir”

This was not far from the truth anyway. Emily only stood 5’1? and weighed barely 90lbs, and now her body was almost bent in half as she laid there.

“Well that is exactly what you look like right now young lady, and what happens to naughty little girls Emily?”

Her voice still in a whisper, she replied “They get spanked on their bare bottoms, Sir”

“Yes they do Emily, and that is just what you are going to get right now young lady”

Tom inserted his hand into the flimsy red material and slowly drew them to her knees. Emily’s face flushed bright red as she felt the wetness of them brush against her thigh. She buried her head and tried as hard as she could to squeeze her legs together, knowing that her wet lips were exposed and glistening with the wetness. The cool air raised goosebumps on her bottom as she remembered practising this position, she knew fully well that her bottom was directly under his gaze, her sitspots right beneath him as her butt stuck up in the air. She tried once more to squeeze her legs together just wishing that the view would disappear from his sight, but it was just sat there, begging for his attention.

Tom took hold of the Rosewood brush and circled it on Emily’s right cheek. Her little nose scrunched up as she anticipated that wicked sting it would produce. The brush left her bottom and SMACK, it landed upon where it just left. Emily’s eyebrows got tighter together as the sting rose in her bottom, then she felt its bite on her left cheek. Only two spanks and her left leg rose, before numbers 3 and 4 landed on their target. Now the head lowered itself and the little legs began their kicking motion as two more spanks landed. No longer able to hold it in, Emily started with the ‘ow’s’, which only grew louder as the brush went from cheek to cheek, her legs now kicking like a little girl.

Tom wasn’t spanking hard, he knew what the brush did to her, but it’s steady pace had the girl talking “Ow, please Tom, Ow Ow, I’m sorry Tom, Ow, Please stop, Ow”

Tom added a few more spanks to the young miss who was fighting hard to move her butt out of the way as the stinging wood met her tender flesh. He was very proud of her. Emily had managed to ask him for a spanking with the one thing that she hated, and he was prepared to give her about 30 spanks with it, fairly lightly, which for her stung like crazy. The young girl deserved a reward, and he was going to give it to her.

“You took that very well Emily” he said as he stopped spanking her with the brush “Now we will finish your spanking off with my belt”

Emily’s eyes lit up and she clenched her fists against her mouth in joy. Tom picked the girl up around the waist and stood her on her feet, saying to her “Pull your panties up Emily and go to the bed. I want you up on all fours young lady”

Emily almost jumped with joy as she pulled the red silk back up her thighs, this time she subconsciously snapped the elastic without even realizing it, causing Tom to look to the ceiling and sigh deeply. The young lady jumped on the bed and assumed her position, burying her head into a pillow and arching her tiny back as far as she could. Because it was the belt, Emily’s fear of exposure didn’t even enter her mind. He walked to her side to allow her to watch as he unbuckled his belt, slowly drawing it through each loop as her open mouthed expression followed every move. Tom doubled the belt and snapped it together while Emily’s bottom quivered at the sound of the leather coming together.

It was almost time, but Tom needed to do two things first. Taking the folded belt he took hold of the back of Emily’s panties and inserted the buckle into them, letting the elastic waist hold it in it’s place. He then draped the belt downwards over her bottom and let the folded leather fall between her open legs. The leather rested there, softly touching her wet lips through her panty and brushing her thigh at the slightest motion.

“Wait there for me Emily, and do not move, I will be right back.”

Emily closed her eyes and fell into some type of dream state as the leather rested over her bottom. Tom slowly removed his pants and put on some shorts. He looked at the beautiful sight on the bed as he headed towards the fridge. Emily’s eyes opened wide as she heard the unmistakable sound of ICE hitting the bottom of the ice bucket, could she get any wetter than this she thought, and shook her body at the feeling of the soft leather resting up against her mound.

Richard Windsor.

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