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Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 160

There may be a reduction in the written portion of my blog for the next couple of months, but let’s be honest, most of you come here for the pics anyway, right. No point bloviating when all you really want is the spanking action.

So here you go, paddles at the ready. Another addition to a folder that I haven’t added to for a long time now. A folder BTW that was once featured on right wing media, I kid you not. The National Review website ran an article (it is still on the website) on one of Obama’s appointees who created a pseudonym as Richard Windsor. Before you know it, Glenn Beck and other right wing media figures were tweeting about my website 🙂

So here is some Sorority Spanking fun from 1925. MY SORORITY SPANKINGS FOLDER. Click on the image for the full sized version.

Mind Of Her Own

The image below I posted a long while back, however, during one of my searches I was able to find an alternate version of the book that it came from, so here is an improved version of the spanking image. Just click on the image for the full sized version.

Want to help a brother out? The video below is only 18 seconds long and it features the amazing view of Manhattan that I see on the train every day. I’m trying to give the video a bump so that it can hit the Youtube algorithm. I would really appreciate it if anyone can just click on the play button on the video and watch it for a few seconds. I mean it’s right there, you only have to start the video 🙂


Windsor Wednesday Classic – 274

Just a nice little vintage spanking photo to try and get myself posting again 🙂 Hopefully this will inspire me to get back in the swing of things.

On the old vanilla front, tickets go on sale tomorrow for the legendary South Korean artist who is performing her first world tour this year. The name of the artist is IU (also known by her real name as an actress, Lee Ji-eun). This woman has a staggering 31 number one singles in Korea and she is known as the nations little sister.

Her first USA stop is in Newark and I am very tempted to buy a ticket, even though I know they will cost a mint. The only issue is that 80% of her music likely won’t interest me too much, but she is one of the best ballad singers in the world, an astonishing voice. I’ll see how I feel in the morning, but this is likely to be her only US tour so I am tempted. It has taken her 16 years of performing to do her first world tour.

Because I hate bullying of any kind I will add a disclaimer here. In the video below, IU spotted this woman in the crowd who came dressed as a character IU played for an advertisement years ago. You see a younger IU on the candy the woman is holding.

After intermission IU invited the woman on stage and said she would love to give her something, but she had nothing to give her. So instead she would give her a piece of her heart. The song is called “Give you my heart”.

The reason people are laughing at the start of the video is because of this. IU is standing on the outer rotating ring and the woman is sat in the inner rotating ring. The ring the woman is sat on is going in the opposite direction to IU’s ring, therefore she spends the whole video scurrying her feet to keep up with IU, made funny because she has big red shoes on.

Give it a listen, maybe you will find a new artist to listen to. Her voice is incredible!!


Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 158

I always enjoy a bit of playful fun, and there is nothing more fun than an OTK spanking to a willing partner 😉 Now I believe in being honest and ethical, and this image wasn’t found by me. I mean I found it, but, I found it on the main newspaper archive where a fellow spanko had saved all of the clippings that they had found and they were publicly visible. So someone else did the legwork for this one and I found their saved archive of clippings. Unfortunately I can’t give them credit by name because the archive no longer exists, but they shared quite a trove of images which I have saved, though of course many of them I already had in my own archive.

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 273

A little over three years ago I found this STAGE SPANKING IMAGE from the early 1990’s which was spread over two pages. Despite the line down the middle the image wasn’t too bad all things considering.

Well guess what, in the two hours that I got to search a newspaper archive for free on Monday, I also found the same spanking in a newspaper article that had been added in recent months.

I have to admit, I’m a bit bummed over the quality of the image. The entire newspaper page that the image comes from is perfect, as in really clear and detailed, yet for some reason the spanking image is distorted. Let’s hope that it was just for this scan and that the image will show up again in the near future, I mean at least we know it is there now.

The image is from the play “Man of Seventeen” and I will add this to my VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS folder where the original image that I found is also located.

As you will see, this version of the spanking is taken from a completely different angle, and unlike the first posed image, this one appears to show the action underway due to her kicking feet and her loose hand getting ready to reach back 🙂 Obviously it is probably still posed, but at least it looks like a spanking is taking place.

Here is the original that I had found if you don’t like clicking links 😉

Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 157

Just have enough time to post a new Sunday candid for you, sans any long writing. I love the table and chair that we see in this spanking scene from “The Taming of the Shrew”. This will be added to my KISS ME KATE folder.

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 272

Long time, no see 🙂 I don’t really have any elaborate excuses as to why I haven’t posted. The last couple of weeks I have spent my time studying the popularity of the Korean singer named IU. I have followed her for a few years now and two weeks ago she released her latest song and the music video for it went viral, which made me spend an awful lot of time watching videos of her from the last 15 years. She literally has the voice of an angel. She is doing her first world tour this year (insane considering she has a total of 31 number one songs in Korea) and one of the stops is Newark, New Jersey. I’m not interesting in her ‘pop’ songs, but he ballads are second to none, will I suck it up knowing that I will only enjoy half the show, lol.

Anyway, it’s spanking you want, right?

You’re not here to listen to me waffle on endlessly so here is my offering this week, a nice fun beach spanking. This will be added to my PLAYFUL SPANKINGS folder. The title of the image says ‘copy’, that’s because I had to reduce the size of the image to fit the blog. The original image is huge.

Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 156

The last couple of days I had some spare time so I decided to scour through old books. To be honest I haven’t come up with anything major, but I have found a handful of mediocre spanking pics. I will keep digging though, there are bound to be some gems out there that the community hasn’t seen yet.

It has been quite a while since I found this image so the details aren’t the clearest. Indeed the title itself, I named the photo “Behold – The Star”, but now I’m wondering if the play is called “Behold The Star” without the hyphen.

This is what I remember from my research. The guy doing the spanking actually wrote the play (smart man, lol) and he had pitched it elsewhere. From my recollection it did get a run elsewhere, for some reason Memphis is ringing a bell in my mind. Anyway, it wasn’t picked up on the national level, but we do at least get to see this hairbrush spanking.

Look around the pic to enjoy what else you see, and I can’t help but notice that the spankee is barefoot.


One Of Them Is Happy

Today I have a little spare time so I am rifling through a few hundred books looking for some unique spanking pics. So far I have only come up with two, but they are both fairly decent.

As I am online then why not throw up a quick OTK spanking pic from the 1950s. Normally this would possibly be a birthday spanking, but there are no indicators that it is so. Therefore it is more than likely just a bit of playful fun, at least for him anyway 🙂

Come back tomorrow for the Sunday Classic.