Friday Night Lights

Friday at the freaks party started off slowly for me,  but that was partially planned as there was a long way to go and I didn’t want to become burnt out. I knew that my folks were around somewhere and I did go down to the casino many times during the day in the hopes that I would run into them,  but it wasn’t to be. At around 6pm I decided that I would pay a visit to the main suite,  not really with an idea of playing but to say hi to everyone. That didn’t work out as I ended up staying for the entire evening.

There were many people to say hi to and some old friends with whom I hadn’t seen for a few years to catch up with. Of course one of the biggest goals of this party was to play and to make sure that the few items on my list that I had arranged actually got to happen. Whilst I had engaged in a private scene the night before my first real play of the party occurred with Alex Reynolds. Alex and I had plans for a punishment spanking later in the party so this was a nice way to develop a relationship beforehand with a warm up spanking.


Warm up spankings are exactly that,  nothing serious other than a reasonable hand spanking that desensitizes the bottom and allows them the ability to engage in heavier play now that their bottoms are warm. Of course I try to do the trippy headspace thing but I think for the most part that it falls on deaf ears. It is just something that I do though and is a natural part of play for me. Alex and I hadn’t played before so I was happy that we could get started like this. It was an even nicer treat that her dress had a built in slip which is something that is rarely seen anymore in relation to spanking,  and underneath she wore white cotton panties. We played for a good 5 minutes and I even put my hat on her head. After all,  she was the only girl who had ever worn my hat who wasn’t spanked by me.

My groove had been found early and I was at this party to play,  so I didn’t waste much time before I asked Lily Starr if she would like to play. At Crimson Moon a few years ago Lily and I did a brief caning scene and that was the only time that we had played,  so I was determined to play with Lily even if it was only for a warm up spanking. Of course I wasn’t expecting so many layers so my initial spanking must have felt like child’s play to her. We did eventually get her down to her panties though and I hope that she felt some of it.

Now I was beginning to get warmed up,  and by warm I mean I was starting to get hot,  lol. It wasn’t very long after I played with Lily that the opportunity to play with Erica Scott came up. I’m a guy so I don’t remember specifics,  so I’m not sure if I asked her or if she asked me as we were sat near each other. This scene was a lot of fun as Erica’s partner,  John was sat nearby and he is a riot. It is early days in the party and the whole idea was for warm ups,  but as this spanking went on I started to get into it and with the encouragement of John’s comments I picked the pace up as we all laughed. At one point I heard John answer someone “Is he spanking a girl? No,  he’s spanking like a girl”. Now remember,  there was three way banter going on between Erica,  John and myself and this was totally appropriate for our scene.


Erica had on these silky green panties that were delightful,  and as much as I would have liked to have carried on for a while,  I really was getting hot. So I thought of a different tactic. Erica was nicely warmed up so I decided to start spanking her with my left hand. For anyone who has felt it,  you will know that my left hand is significantly stronger than my right hand. Finally I was getting some reaction from her during this time and her bottom was a delightful shade of red. Once the spanking was over there was a suggestion of the cane,  and I’m going to have to say that it was Erica’s suggestion as I don’t normally offer the cane to someone with whom I don’t know that well.


My Malaysian cane was in the room and because I hadn’t used a cane on Erica before I decided that I would use it very carefully. We had decided on 6 of the best and I tried to start out light and build up in the hopes that I could judge Erica’s reactions. Once the 6 were over John joined in the conversation and said that 7 was Erica’s lucky number and once that was done then John even suggested that we go for 11. Now I can use the cane all night but we are early in the weekend and I wanted to make sure that Erica was okay with it. Erica had no problem and I even think the strokes started to get harder. Once the 11 were up John had make a suggestion for 21 but Erica cut him off this time with an eloquent statement that you can read in her Party Report Part 2 right here.

That was the first of my New year’s resolutions completed. Erica was on my list of people who I wanted to play with properly.


It was sometime after this that I got to see the guys arrive in the evening,  most of them anyway. With me I had brought my late Brother’s earring which is something that I normally wear in my right ear to parties. The problem is though that the thing is a tricky sucker to clasp. During the evening I had asked three girls if they could assist me but with no luck and then I had spotted Maria,  who I felt would be someone who could do this. I was right of course and I was so happy to now have it in. Maria is someone with whom I have not played with nearly as much as I should have. We had played at the New Year’s party and I have an internal goal to set some time aside at each party to play with her. Unfortunately this wasn’t one of my better efforts as we had gone in the back room which I found to be hotter than the main room. It is a big issue that once you start sweating during giving a spanking then it isn’t going to stop the more you continue. I had wanted to play a bit longer but I guess if there was a plus side,  it was a nice warm up for her.

After this I decided that I needed to cool down for a bit and found my way to chat with Calicutie and Mr. Kaufman,  two friends of mine from long ago. It was during this conversation that Cali had suggested that we play and I was surprised as I wasn’t sure whether or not they played with others. Cali however gave me one of her spanko lotto cards which meant that I could redeem it for 25 swats with the tops choice,  and also get to scratch the other two selections for additional swats. Before this happened though I asked Ten if she would like to join me for a cigarette. The two of us found ourselves in the back bedroom bathroom where the smoking section was and soon after we were joined by Alex and Heather who were looking for some get away space so they put up with our smoke. My ego got the better of me and I pointed out to Alex and Heather that this was the very tub that I had spanked Ten in at Shadowlane.

photo 4

Once we were done with our cigarettes Ten climbed into the tub again and gave me a knowing smile. With the grace of a ballerina I step over the tubs edge in my socks,  made contact with the porcelain and promptly did the splits over the edge of the tub. I think the only one who didn’t notice was Ten who was rocking from side to side.

Now earlier in the evening I had given Ten a pair of pink nylon panties which she was proudly wearing around the room,  and this was what was currently adorning her bottom right now. Well I hadn’t given them to her for nothing of course and I was delighted that we were going to play while she wore them. I can’t really say much other than I warmed her bottom nice and long and we did an impromptu scene where I got to use my voice. Honestly,  I can’t say much more other than the scene was very,  very hot and resulted in Ten getting a nice red bottom. There is something about this bathtub scene and as Ten said to a fan on Twitter today,  “Don’t ask. I fell in love with that bathtub”

photo 2

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