One, Perrito

One, Perrito

What a wonderful time we all had at the New York event this past weekend.

On Saturday we had planned to go ice skating but unfortunately I came down feeling really sick, so instead of skating I let my friends look after themselves while I took care of myself at home, trying to get myself prepared for the party that night. It wasn’t the best choice I have ever made, but by nibbling on wheat crackers I managed to get through. So I made my way back in and the four of us met up with Pixie and headed down to the party.

Now I had made a firm promise to Pixie that I would play with her because we have NEVER played at a party. Did it happen? Of course not, lol. Due to the pair of us playing I don’t think I hardly saw her for ten minutes until it was almost time to go. Those are the breaks though, and while I would love to get a chance to play with Pixie at a party, it’s not like I haven’t spanked her 50 times already 😉 One party though we will arrive and I will spank her before she even gets her coat off!! As we headed to the station afterwards she did let me get a few swats in. Of course playing with Pixie was not the only promise that I couldn’t keep, I only played with half of the people on my list that I had arranged to play with.

There was even a point where the pup was left flabbergasted and he tried to arrange time to get in a special bit of spanking time. You know when you go to parties there is always someone who catches your eye for whatever reason. There is such a girl who goes to the NY parties and the little pup heart goes all a flutter whenever he sees her. Now I have hardly spoken to this girl at a party before, only a very brief conversation at the party last year. As I was stood talking to Pixie this girl arrives once more, and of course being the easily led male that I am, I showed all the grace and composure in handling the situation and the conversation I was involved in by interrupting and pointing at the girl in question and saying “Look at her, doesn’t she look gorgeous tonight?”. Just what a couple of girls who are talking to you want to hear, right, the guy praising how beautiful another woman looks 🙂

Any of my friends will tell you how fickle I am when a girl catches my eye and I have the hots for them. Normally in a situation like this I tend to avoid the object of my attraction, but not tonight. As I headed out at one point I went over to the girl and told her how great she looked and that my face lit up when she walked in, and to my utter surprise, within a couple of minutes she asked me if I wanted to play. OMG, my chin almost hit the floor. Did I want to play? Yeah, only for about the last year, lol. Now I did have a couple of things to take care of so I told the young lady what I had to do and that I would seek her out at a certain time. Now she wasn’t overly sure that she would still be there when I got back, but I held out the eternal hope that things would work my way. So as I got back to the party it was with some eagerness, however, my hopes were dashed as I found the pretty girl standing there with her coat on.

That really bummed me out, someone who I have been eager to get to know and perhaps play with for about a year, and I arrived just a little too late. It’s all good though, I made my way over, determined not to let her forget that I just missed her and we settled on a rain check. Of course I was disappointed as I had secretly hoped to have had that time for a while, I was just too chicken to do anything about it. Notwithstanding that, as I took hold of her arm and made plans for the next time, two people separately decided to join in our conversation as we tried to talk, that bummed me off more than the personal time that I missed. Hopefully she will write to me as she said that she would, and that it wasn’t just an appeasement to make me let go of her, haha. I guess I will just have to wonder whether she was wearing white nylon panties or not!!

As is usual I now have to scramble to get in as many promises as I can that I have missed during the evening. Out came the trusty Asian cane and I sought out my number 1 priority. This lady I had made a promise to many months ago, and even though I take the cane with me to every event just for her, she has missed a few of the events. So there was no way that she was going home that night without feeling a little bit of traditional Asian pain!! Following that I got to play with one of my favorite people, Miss Chief, and she too received the cane. Miss Chief also gave me something that I treasure, as I caned her I had her count, but instead of Sir I asked that she call me Houndog. It was really sexy to see her purring “ONE, HouuuuunDogggg” and so on.

Now after the party a few of us headed down to Paddles, thinking that maybe a large group of party attendees would be there. There was of course a few and after shelling out $35 a head for the guys, we started to survey the place. Now then, it has been many years since I have spanked Aurora. This seemed like a good opportunity to catch up on old times and in the main area I took her over my knee for a shortish hand spanking, oh the memories came flooding back as I rubbed my nails across the backs of her legs.

Years ago, when Aurora came to visit me, I gave the first ever stroke of a cane to someone, and if I am not mistaken it was the first stroke of the cane she had received. Now then, being that she was cautious she placed her butt with about 2” to spare from my fridge, and that was the swinging room that I had to work with, lol. Anyway, I had heard tale that Aurora has become quite an admirer of the cane and I bought with me my Asian cane for that purpose.

Now let me fill you in on a little something first, because I am a fickle guy for a pretty girl. During the evening, Aurora had reminded me about an event from a while ago at a SSC party, I was using a cane lightly and it was during a schoolgirl roleplay. Anyway, on that occasion, Aurora leant over the table and placed her head down, looking at me the whole time. Every time I landed a stroke on her I was met with “One, Perrito…………… Two, Perrito………….. Three Perrito” and so on and so forth. Oh my god guys, you want to talk about melting right there, I was like putty in her hands :- ) Like I said, I am a sucker for a pretty girl, and to have this beauty saying that to me, all doe eyed and pouting, turned me into mush.

Back to Paddles now, I know my cane has some bite to it and I continued to cane Aurora, gradually building up the intensity. It was awkward in part because I have pretty much given Aurora nothing but good girl spankings over the years, except for the time that she threw my cracker barrel paddle across my room, so that is what I am used to doing, I’m just not use to hitting this girl that hard. At one point in the caning she asked me if I could hit her harder, which of course I could, but it was difficult for me to do so. I will get there with Aurora, there will be a point that I take charge of the situation and she won’t need to ask me if I can cane her harder. When it was over I now have a better appreciation of using the cane. Just for the record, I have never used the cane that hard on someone before so I still have some work to go in that area, but, I have only been using the cane for a couple of years now so it is still fairly new to me anyway. If at any point Aurora had turned her head and looked at me and said “One, Perrito” I would have just about died. What is really funny though, for the last 6 really hard ones, I suggested that she count them. You can imagine her lying there, supposedly under my stern control, while she laughed as she remembered making me lose it at the previous party with her “One, Perrito” routine. I still remember all these years later yelling at her “Will you stop IT!!”

In a way this weekend was really good to me for the above reason. Years ago Aurora and I used to talk every day and then as is my normal way, and as she so happily reminded me, I stopped talking to her. On Friday night we laid awake until 5am just talking and catching up, and I got to play with her hair for an hour or more, and let me tell you guys, Aurora has the best hair on the planet, I could spend a week playing with her hair!! So the added bonus to this weekend for me was that I got to spend some quality time with Aurora once again, and I look forward to our friendship growing back to where it once was. Well, save for the fact that she won’t be getting anymore good girl spankings from me 😉

It would be wrong for me not to thank the organizers of the party, I just love this event and the people are amazing. As Aurora mentioned on a different forum, I wish everyone could be so cool. During the party I got to touch base with at least half a dozen people that I have recently started communicating with and it was a pleasure to meet each and every one of them. Of course no party goes as planned and a few regrets are bound to crop up. In my bag I brought along a New York Rangers shirt that I intended on wearing when I finally got to give a New York Islanders fan a first spanking, trouble is though, she was a no show. And without a doubt I’m bummed that I missed my opportunity to play with someone who I have long hoped that I could play with. Not to worry though, each of those events can be rectified at a later event, what was really important was getting to spend quality time with quality people, roll on the party Weekend.

Oh, and to finish off with, some girl flashed me her boobs in the bar!

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