Windsor’s Sunday Candids

Here is a random collection of unique spanking classics that don’t fit into any particular category. These pics will include vintage paddlings,  candid OTK spanking snaps,  superlatives and any other spanking pic that I come across.

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2 thoughts on “Windsor’s Sunday Candids

  1. Your “random selection” includes many pics that would be the Main Attraction anywhere else. Thanks!

    My favorite of them all has to be the one where a young brunette is positioned over a young man’s knee, getting spanked, and she is asking herself, “What did I do to deserve this?” She is wearing a typical late 1950s skirt, long and wide. It would be great if her skirt were raised, but come to think of it, NO. That would defeat the obvious “innocence” of the photo.

    Thanks again.


  2. Yes, quite the collection. I do wonder about some of them as most do seemed posed which is great as it does seem that they are better positioned, but some do seem somewhat real esp. the one with the woman wearing the pearls her expression and the spankers expression seem to indicate that it is a real spanking and either little sister or brother took the picture and it never got destroyed for some reason. The one with the switch is unusual as you said otk, but the positioning and expressions are great. Thanks again for sharing these great finds. Have a great day.

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