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The Top Ten Of 2022

It is a week later than I would normally make this annual post, but here is the top ten most popular posts on this website in 2022. The list is made up solely of posts that were made in 2022 and are arranged by how many hits each post got.

1: Her Best Friend’s Dad

This happens every year that I post a new story without fail. Each and every year the new story, or stories, will dominate the top spot by a country mile, and this year is no exception. This story contains a playful birthday spanking that is just the start of three spankings by her best friend’s father. The last spanking brings her to tears. READ MORE…

2: An Expensive Spanking

Due to the many retakes that the spanking scene in Public Deb No. 1 required, it cost the studio $16,000 for George Murphy to spank Brenda Joyce. READ MORE…

3: Windsor Wednesday Classic 237

A nice old school spanking from the 1950’s. Is there anything better than seeing a woman in stockings and suspenders along with a pair of full coverage nylon panties? READ MORE…

4: F/M Friday 40

It is a strange occurrence, especially as for 16 years my blog has been almost exclusively an M/F and an F/F spanking site all of those years. But, outside of the stories which account for a massive amount of this site’s traffic, the top page that is viewed on the website is the F/M COLLECTION page. Again, it’s not even close, that page dominates the folder views. This image is a cartoon and it depicts a young man who doesn’t seem to mind the spanking very much at all. READ MORE…

5: Group Spanking

This was one of my favorite images of the year. Now I can’t say if it was the favorite, once I am finished with this post I will review all images from the year and if need be I will post my personal favorite at the bottom of the post. I don’t know why, but this French finishing school drawing really caught my eye. A picture is worth a thousand words. READ MORE…

6: Sexy Shrew Getting Tamed

Hubba-Hubba, can I change my mind? Maybe this was my favorite pic of the year πŸ™‚ Can you just imagine how much her bottom is going to sting for ‘Biting’? It is one of those pictures that remind me that spanking used to be a fun activity, back in the days when the spanking was the main focus rather than the spitefulness and ugliness. READ MORE…

7: Cartoon Knickers

This is a drawing that is over 200 years old, and yet this 1799 art piece still makes the top ten of a spanking blog 223 years later πŸ™‚ It’s perhaps not the best image on the market, but enough people liked it for it to appear as the 7th most viewed image on the site last year. READ MORE…Β 

8: Six Of The Best Spanking Comics/Cartoons

There seems to be a bit of a theme here, viewers tend to enjoy spanking artwork!! Maybe I need to find some more older pieces of art. I’m pretty sure in my folders I have some regionalized drawings from old books that would have barely been seen in the spanking world before. I will take a dig through the folders and see what I can come up with. Had this post been made in the early part of 2022 rather than in December, then it would have almost certainly finished in second or third place for the most viewed posts of the year. READ MORE…

9: Excellent Spanking Video

Once again, yet another shining example of what I love about the spanking world. This is the type of spanking that we used to get back in the late 80s/early 90s, extending into the 2000s. Over the years I think that the spanking focused has changed more towards an erotic projection, not completely of course, but there are far more ‘Exposure’ videos nowadays than there ever was before. It also seems that spanking is being included in secondary fetishes more nowadays. Now I’m not saying that there is anything wrong with that at all, just from a personally standpoint a traditional (genital free) over the knee spanking video are the types of videos that I crave to see. Check this one out, it is a classic OTK spanking. READ MORE…

10: F/M Friday 46

As noted in number 4 on this list, the F/M spanking Friday’s post that I occasionally make on this website are very popular indeed. Thankfully for those of you who enjoy F/M spanking I still have tons of unseen spanking images that I have collected the last couple of years, certainly images most of you would have never seen before. READ MORE…

Now then, that was the list of what you guys liked in 2022, now I am going to review the images of the year and see whether I have a favorite or not to add to this list that never made the top ten. I’ll tell you one thing, that sexy shrew pic is going to be hard to beat πŸ˜‰

Okay, I went through the new images posted throughout the year and the Sexy Shrew in position number 6 would have definitely been my favorite spanking find of the year. If I was to select one that never made the list then it would probably have to be this one, an image that is just begging for a story to be written about it.

Group Spanking

Normally I’m not exactly an expert on cartoon spankings, but I found this group spanking image this week and I really loved it. It is that old adage, a picture is worth a thousand words, and because my schedule is normally busy, I prefer that you guys create your own one thousand words than actually bore you to tears with my thousand words, haha.

So create your own story here. My first observations are that at least 3 of the girls have already taken their turn in the spanking machine. You can deduce that because three of the girls in line seem to be rubbing their bottoms. But, the question remains, how many licks does each of them get to inflict?

The story in my mind is that each girl takes a turn landing one lash of the martinet, sort of like a community spanking. You not only share the punishment if one of you does wrong, but you also carry out the punishment on each other. Maybe it is two or three licks.

However, looking at the strict lady observing, and the fact that the girl bent over is tied to the stool, one is led to believe that once each girl has landed her required lashes, the mistress then takes the martinet herself and rather sadistically administers a good old fashioned leg kicking, body twisting whoopin’ on each girl in turn πŸ™‚

That’s my story, what do you guys think? Is your story different to mine?

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 237

I only added Windsor Wednesday Classic to the title because it happens to be Wednesday, lol. One of my readers also happens to be a supporter of mine over on my vanilla Youtube, so as he showed me some love today I said that I would post a stocking top spanking in return as a way of thanks. For us old timers there is something really special about stocking tops and creamy thighs, and of course throwing in some full bottomed nylon panties never hurts!!

The Miser

This is the sort of thing that I have to deal with. This particular image has been sat on my hard drive for 9 years already and has never come close to being posted. As I’m on a posting blitz as of late though, why not throw it up there. This image is from the play “The Miser” and I do like what I am seeing. Personally I couldn’t give a flying fuck as to the minute origins of the play, this is what I have and this is what you are going to get, lol.

Now we can’t see clearly what the spanker is holding, one would hope that it is a belt, right? It must be quite embarrassing to have someone hold you around the waist whilst you’re getting a whuppin’, wouldn’t you think?

It isn’t a very good image, but I am trying my best to give you all everything that I have ever collected. I’m not going to ever finish that task, but I can at least make a huge dent in it.


Never A Fan Of The Spatula

It just never seemed like the perfect spanking implement to me, though I have seen some really spiteful looking ones πŸ™‚ This image was actually a part of an adult picture set, but old Windsor here managed to siphon out the spanking image that it is very unlikely that you will find anywhere else.

You know what is funny, I was looking around DEVLIN’S SITE the other day and based on what he had posted, I took an educated guess that he would have posted the famous Baron Von Lind ‘Cowgirl’ picture at some point, which of course he had. This is the picture that I had modified into a tattoo the covers my left inner forearm. Then I searched my blog for a photo of the tattoo, and can you believe it, I have never shared that tattoo on this blog!! What is wrong with me? So here it is, the naughty girl on my left forearm along with the good girl on my right forearm.

And finally, I subscribe to the Youtube channels of many Korean vloggers. One of my favorites is Jinny. Yesterday (at the time of writing this) Jinny uploaded a new video where she shows her mom her new tattoo (posting my own tattoo reminded me of that) and her mom proceeds to cover it up and then smacks Jinny on the back of the arm and then on the butt. Funny enough, in the video before this one she smacks her on the butt again. In that video Jinny has been travelling the world on her own for 8 months and then decides to go home without telling anyone πŸ™‚ Anyway, the tattoo smack is right here and the video starts right at the point that Jinny is showing her mom the tattoo. What is really funny is what she says afterwards. “See, my mom’s cool, she just smacked me two times and that’s it” LOL.

If you enjoy videos like the one above then search for Tyongeee, another Korean lady who I follow on Youtube. She went viral for smacking her friend on the butt and now has about 50 videos where she is smacking her friends, including Jinny above. In fact why don’t I share Tyongee’s whooping at the Heart Attack Grill πŸ™‚ You should subscribe to her, Tyongeee always has playful spanking content.

Hot Damn!!

Every now and then you find a video that does it for you. It is one of the few things that I find really joyous about spanking, there is never a right or wrong way for a spanking, it is always individualized. If you have been a long time reader of this blog then obviously you will know that I am very picky, a spanking to me doesn’t have to mean a beating, it is all about the interpersonal interactions between the two people playing.

This clip in particular grabbed my attention right away. In part one we got to see Violet Haze stand up with her back to the camera displaying her while lingerie, and it was one of those “God Damn” moments, lol. Right away I’m like, oh yeah, I like that.

Before sharing the video though, lets get the links out of the way first. It’s only fair that if someone is sharing great content that we link to them for others to purchase and enjoy. There are no affiliate links here, this is just done out of kindness. To start with, the website where this video (and part 1) can be found is SPANKING SARAH. Just as importantly, if you want to purchase this particular clip then it can be found at the SPANKING LIBRARY. (Link goes directly to the video)

As for the video itself, if you skipped the intro and just watched the strapping part, you could probably come up with a hundred different scenarios as to what you were watching. The anticipation, apprehension, and then the reactions are sublime. The combination of events are what makes a spanking scene great to watch, it isn’t about the severity. If you like the clip below be sure to visit the links above for more information, this is a great scene to watch.

Does this look like the face of repentance to you?

F/M Friday 38

In a few hours time I am going to be getting my first vaccination. Being that I will be filming a lot in September then that is going to be something that I really need. To be honest with you I have only delayed getting it until now because I don’t really go anywhere at the moment.

If all goes well I am planning a MONA FREEMAN spanking update for Sunday. There are new images that I have from Dear Brat and Dear Ruth, some of which are updated images to the ones that I have already posted in the link above. So it will be a 9 image post on Sunday with 4 new pictures and 2 images that were already posted, but which I now have different copies of. Only 3 of the 6 new images are spanking ones, the other 3 just have a spanking type theme to them. In the link above you will see three sequential photos, well I can now make that five sequential images which will include a new spanking image.

To be honest with you, I could do better than I am going to do. The brand new spanking image I found in an archive, but in order to access the archive then I need to pay $7.95 . What I did instead though is I found a cheat that allowed me to get a much lower quality version of the image. In my vanilla projects I need to pay for a big subscription of about $70 – $75 and there are two different subscriptions to choose from. The Mona Freeman image would be included in one of those subscriptions, but unfortunately it is probably more beneficial to me to get the other subscription.

So for now I will go with the lower quality image and perhaps a year or so for now I can pay for the high quality version. All of the Mona Freeman images that I posted in my 2015 post were subsequently copied and posted on another spanking blog, so I will be fucked if I am going to pay another $7.95 for someone to benefit from the fruits of my labor and financial output, lol πŸ™‚ Those days are long gone and are never coming back πŸ˜‰

I might end up changing my mind, but I have a feeling that I will find more new stuff with one of the subscriptions. I have previously subscribed to both sites, but the one with the Mona Freeman image I last subscribed to in 2018. The one without the image I subscribed to the last time in 2013, so it just makes sense to go with the site that has 8 years of new material to wade though. Remember, this is for my vanilla project, though of course I will find as much spanking material as I can as well.

So here are the two F/M COLLECTION spanking pics for this week, one with a paddle and one with a belt, though I suspect that some of you could probably benefit from both of them being applied right now.


F/M Friday 37

Since I left Twitter I have been completely out of the loop, sometimes you don’t realize just how much you use a forum to stay in touch with people until it is no longer there. There are times in life though that you have to weigh the pros and cons and make a decision, so I don’t have any regrets in leaving, even if it means that I have lost touch with a lot of people. Of course by not being around you also miss what is going on in the spanking world πŸ™‚

Sometimes you have to go against conventional wisdom and take a stand for what you know is the correct thing to do, even if it comes at a personal cost to yourself. I couldn’t live with myself if I knew that something wasn’t true about someone and I decided not to say or do anything about it. So I will take my lumps in the hopes that one day everyone else will find out that what they initially believed to be true about someone, was in fact quite to the contrary. Even if that doesn’t happen, at least I stayed true to myself and I stuck by that person, and I feel very good about making that choice.

On the vanilla front my Youtube channel is moving along very nicely. Right now I am just 68 subscribers away from one thousand, though I will still need 900 more hours of watch time before I can monetize the channel. My expectation is that perhaps by August I will be very close to achieving both benchmarks and I can start to really build my personal brand. It is something that I have grafted over for two years now, and generally my videos only get about a hundred views. However, this is what I call the “Paying my dues” stage. Hopefully one day my hard work will pay off.

What is strange about Youtube though is that you have to adapt on the fly. My initial goal had been to travel around the world and share videos from the various countries that I plan to visit, but my experience so far has been that not many people are interested in seeing the places that I want to visit, they are only interested in hearing about New York City. A good portion of my audience comes from Asian countries, so if I want to stand out then I will also need to plan to tell stories about the places I visit in Asia, while also prescheduling New York videos in my absence. My hope is to still visit South Korea this winter if all progresses well on the pandemic front. Initially I wanted to visit Taiwan on the same trip, but I am going to have to play that by ear because none of us really know what international travel is going to look like in 2022. I just know that I will go somewhere this winter, I just don’t know where yet πŸ™‚

So anyway, as I mentioned earlier, I’m no longer on social media with a spanking profile so I miss out on everything that is going on. My only real connection to the spanking universe right now is this blog, and a weekly visit to SpankingTube. Of course there are still a handful of people who stay in touch with me via email.

While I was on SpankingTube this week I noticed that Dana Specht has a new film up, but in actuality it is an old film that has never been released before. Before we get to that though, keep in mind that virtually all of Dana’s spanking films can now be purchased as a digital download, and a lot of the old films have had the quality vastly improved. If this weeks F/M spanking video is not your cup of tea, perhaps you will find another F/F or F/M video that suits your needs. You can visit DANA’S DIGITAL SPANKING STORE by clicking on the highlighted text.

The new video, or should I say the old video that has never been released before, features David who has appeared in many of Dana’s films, and I dare say has appeared in many of Dana’s best selling videos. The premise of the story is one that Dana has spoken about many times in the many interviews that we have done together over the years, and it is apparently a popular request made to Dana in sessions as well. The young man in question getting caught with his hand in the panty drawer. The cost of the digital download is $29 I believe.

In this scenario it is done within a family dynamic, but I guess you could also use your imagination and create your own scenario. In fact Dana and David have enacted a similar scene in another video where Dana was David’s next door neighbor (Punished for peeping). If you want to see this post on Dana’s site then just CLICK HERE to go directly to the video page for this title. In fact I wrote this post last night and when I went to get the links this morning I saw that Dana’s webmaster has also put up a new post today featuring a few dozen SCREENCAPS from the above mentioned video.

So if you have ever done a panty raid, this is what could happen to you if Dana ever finds out about it!!

On a side note, Wikipedia also has a page detailing the history of PANTY RAIDS which was surprisingly an interesting read regarding the origins of it, and how less inhibited attitudes towards sexual intercourse in the 1970s led to the fading of panty raids. It was still going on consistently in the 1980s though, I worked at two summer camps for a total of six summers in the 1980s and barely a week went by where some female counselor was having to retrieve her scanty undies that were flying from the flagpole in the morning, or the silky trophies would be dangling from the bedposts in every male counselors dorm.

It would only be a guess, but I would imagine that now that we are in the 2020s, I would have a hard time thinking that the practice would exist in any form nowadays. Perpetrators would more than likely be arrested for sexual harassment and would likely be expelled from college. Mind you, with the advent of porn on the Internet, the panty raid seems to be a rather outdated idea, doesn’t it?

Silky Knickers From The Top Drawer

Readers of this blog have known for many years that old Richard Windsor loves nothing more than to see a pair of silky knickers getting a good old fashioned spanking. It all started way back in the late 1970’s with the VERY FIRST SPANKING that I gave to my girlfriend at the time. If you think of your favorite combinations in life then you will know what this means to me, a perfect spanking is one where a sexy pair of knickers are also involved.

It’s funny really because cotton, or those awful school knickers, have the compete opposite effect on me, I generally find them to be a bit of a turn off. Occasionally there will be an exceptional image where everything surrounding it is perfect, and then I can ignore clothing choice and appreciate the image for what it is.

So today I was going through my folders and I realized that some of these images (14 in total) have been in my archive for nearly 20 years, and I have never posted them!! As the likelihood is high that they will never get posted unless I do something soon, I have decided to bundle 14 spanking images together for today for your enjoyment. Of course, you will probably only enjoy them if like me, you enjoy seeing a pair of sexy panties on the woman being spanked.

The first image has been posted before and was sent to me by JANUS WORLDWIDE. The reason that I am reposting it is because it is the closest example to what my girlfriend was wearing the day that I gave my first ever spanking. It is also from roughly the same time period and it stirs really fond memories in my mind.

Another image that has been posted before but is also worth a second look is this image from THE UPS AND DOWNS OF A HANDYMAN. I created a video that features all of the spankings from that film in the post that I linked. Just click on the film name to watch the video. Yes, despite the romance of gym knickers, this was actually the type of silky knickers girls were wearing under their skirts back in my day.

The images that I am posting come from all years, and some I don’t even know how old they are. If you read spanking stories though, like I do, you will quite often hear of the full bottomed ‘Olga’ style panties. Just like these ones that are just about to be strapped into oblivion.

This is a bit before my time, in fact this is probably from the time where old fashioned school knickers were the in thing. So these knickers here would have most definitely have been inappropriate for school way back then.

And now the rest of the images in no particular order. Chances are some of these photos you have never seen before, but from the 1950’s to the 1980’s you could always count on a silky pair of knickers getting a good walloping!!