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Birthday Bonanza 3 – Act Your Age

Day three of the birthday spanking festival. Today I dive into my Act Your Age folder for three pictures that have likely been shared on the Internet before, I can’t be arsed to go and check, lol.  I am a really big fan of the whole cast play watching the spanking.

These will be added to my ACT YOUR AGE folder.


Windsor Wednesday Classic – 261

Yesterday I finished with the pre-posting of all twenty posts that I have scheduled for the Birthday Bonanza series. Up until that begins next Tuesday I will probably keep posting every day because I don’t really need to take a break, because from next Tuesday I will effectively have twenty days off because the posts are already made.

Just as an aside, if you look at the popular posts on the right hand side there, you will see that the CARRY ON SPANKING post featuring Barbara Windsor getting spanked is doing very well. It makes me happy to see that. That list is my measure for judging how much people like each individual post.

Today I am excited to bring to you yet another brand spanking new image. This spanking scene has been posted before, in fact it has been ten years already since I made that post for my WINDSOR WEDNESDAY CLASSIC 32. Can you believe that? I have been posting the Wednesday Classic series for over ten years now, I had no idea that was the case.

Anyway, ten years on and I found a new version of the same spanking scene, only with one less cast member in the background and the spankee wearing a completely different outfit.

Being that the girl getting spanked is engaging in age play in the actual play, it is almost certain that the older posted pic represents what she wore in the play, and this new version is a rehearsal of that scene. It’s actually funny, the write up under the new image begins “The Navy shows its strength on other places besides the sea”, lol.

I hope that you all enjoy this fantastic new addition to the ACT YOUR AGE spanking folder.

Now how did I find the new image? This is also something worth sharing. The term “Act your age” is rather generic and brings up far more results that aren’t relevant than results that are relevant. So what I have learned to do is stick in an additional word when searching for images in newspaper archives. For example, for the ‘Carry On’ pic it was pointless searching for ‘Aladdin’ because that would throw up a million and one pages of no relevance. One term that was incredibly useful was the word “Scene”. Most images in newspaper that feature a spanking use the phrase “In a scene from the play” (or words to that effect) and then you combine that with another sub word, in the ‘Carry On’ case that word was ‘Twankey’, and Bob’s your uncle. A search for “Scene Twankey” threw up a plethora of images that could have been related to our scene. Hence why I was able to find so many spanking pics from local productions of Aladdin. When you are smart as well you also realize that ‘Twankey’ can be spelled ‘Twanky’, ‘Twankie’, ‘Twankee’, etc. Which likewise throws up brand new hits.

You have to remember that newspaper archives only display a tiny portion of a page in search results, so you have no idea if there is even an image present on the page without clicking on each page individually. Any trick that you can do to reduce the list of results will likely produce more of what you are looking for, and that is really important because searching archives is a painstakingly slow preocess.

Anyway, here is the original image to the scene above that I posted ten years ago, just so that you can do a side by side of the images.

Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 135

The World Cup is about to begin, a time where Richard Windsor hibernates and watches every minute of every game. Unfortunately I have run out of Youtube footage so I have to go filming one day this week, so the last game on one day this week I will have to record.

Anyway, I knows you ain’t here for no football talk, you want some spanking, right? This week I am going to dive into my archive of stage play spankings and my selection for the week is from the play “ACT YOUR AGE“, just click on the link if you want to see my entire collection from this play. And of course to get the full size image just click on the picture below. I always enjoy a spanking photo where the spanking arm is in motion 😉

Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 133

Back to the Quacks for me tomorrow 🙂 There is still no change in my left arm, intense pain throughout the night and no range of motion. It’s funny really, I can move my left hand up to my right shoulder, and bend the elbow to push my glasses up, but I can’t lift the arm up or sideways from the elbow up. I do have a new narrated story (vanilla) over on my YOUTUBE CHANNEL if you feel like checking it out.

The image this week is another new spanking find from the play ACT YOUR AGE. There is lots to love about this one, the spanking hand in motion, the body squirming all over the hand and a protective hand trying to reach back.

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 244

What on earth is going on, the 8th day in a row that I have posted? You might get the impression that I am rather pleased with my recent haul of rare spanking pics. Today is no different, I bring you yet another vintage spanking pic that I have yet to see online anywhere. Doesn’t mean that it isn’t, It’s just that I haven’t seen it before until the day that I found it.

This image is from the stage play ACT YOUR AGE and you can click the highlighted link for other images from this play. This is like one of the original age play scenarios which had become very prevalent in the spanking community at the time that I left the active scene. It is the story of a 20 year old who dresses younger with good intentions in mind, but ends up getting spanked for it 🙂 What I especially love about this image is that you can see the spanking hand in motion.

Click anywhere on the image for the full sized version.

More Colorized Pics

The previous upload of colorized spanking pics was very popular on this site so why not dip into the well one more time and give you a few more? Before I begin though I do want to give you an update on my vanilla Youtube project.

As most of you are aware, back in August 2019 I started on a journey of building and creating a Youtube channel where I could share my passion for telling stories about New York City. The journey of course was long and hard, and it took me forever to reach one thousand subscribers, and even when I got there I was still woefully short on having four thousand public watch hours in order to get monetized.

Well I am happy to announce that last week I finally passed that magic number and I am now earning money on Youtube. You might laugh when I tell you this, but at the moment I am only earning on average 65 cents a day, lol. The thing is though, that is about two and a half times more than I expected to be earning in the first week. Even now it isn’t a sprint, it will still be a marathon, but I am on the road towards being self sufficient in life. I am 58 years old right now and the long term goal is to retire with my Youtube channel supplementing my earnings.

Do I think that it is attainable? Yes, I actually do!! There are benchmarks that I want to reach each year and the journey has just begun. Everything is very exciting right now and I have so many stories to tell. In fact my story today sees me pay a visit to an old neighborhood baseball stadium where the legendary Lou Gehrig once played.

Man has the journey been long though with lots of hard work and hours spent on this project. I didn’t even use this website to promote the channel either. In the first few weeks I would share videos, but then I stopped and decided to do it organically the old fashioned way.

Of course there were some hiccups along the way. I quickly found out that nobody could give a lick of interest for my Japanese videos, lol, and at one point in 2019 Youtube purged user accounts which resulted in me losing 350 subscribers, almost half of what I had at that point 🙂

Anyway, I’m very excited regarding the future of my Youtube project. I have put so much hard work and effort into this for the last few years, so to actually see that daily earnings count rising each day has put a big smile on my face. Don’t get me wrong, I still need to improve, there is still a long way for me to go before I am presenting high quality video productions, but I have gotten better over the years and I keep improving each month. I will give you all another Youtube update at the end of the year.

Right, how about those colorized spanking pics that I jabbered on about? Some of them you can click on for a super sized version of the image. BTW the second image has my website address on it and well, I paid for the pic, so technically it does belong to me 🙂

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 229

The FIFA 22 web app comes out today, I’m pretty excited about it. I need to pack as many Swindon players as I can 😉 I’m also in the process of putting together a big vanilla story on an old ballpark near to where I live that no longer exists. In fact I am probably spending far too much time on it, but so far I have discovered that John L. Sullivan was once there to defend the heavyweight championship of the world, and players such as Casey Stengel appeared there.

Anyway, I’m sure that my vanilla activities are of little interest 🙂

This week we will return to the play ACT YOUR AGE for our weekly spanking image.

Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 100

As this is Sunday Candid number 100 I have delved into my archive to find something good that I haven’t posted as of yet. Let’s go back to 1960 and post a spanking pic from the play ACT YOUR AGE. I think that you would agree that this image is worthy of the 100th Sunday candid post. There’s something about pencil skirts, isn’t there? 😉

Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 96

One always has to be mindful of the words that they use nowadays, because literally anything and everything can be twisted and manipulated to serve a purpose. So I will try and be direct and to the point without offering any opinion. Age play in the spanking scene is likely to be as visible now as at any other time over the last twenty years. (No scientific data, just observations that could be wrong). Eighty years ahead of its time though, actually, let me correct that, FANNY BRICE as Baby Snooks predates pretty much anything that has existed since. Fanny Brice created her character and started performing as Snooks as early as 1912.

However, there was a play that began as early as 1944 that featured a spanking related scene. The scene involves a teacher in her early 20’s who has gone to stay with her nieces, but by mistake she has taken the luggage of another niece instead of her own. Obviously it is a farcical comedy that I don’t intend on bending your ears about, you have the info that you need now 😉

The play is called ACT YOUR AGE and the spanking images from the play one would imagine would be appreciated by the audience that likes to engage in age play. I judge nobody.

Another side note that is interesting in this particular image. Often times the young woman in her early 20’s wears bloomers when she dresses as her niece, but as you can see in this image, no bloomers are to be seen. Perhaps if the sailor was to raise her skirt, maybe he will see what a young 20’s something woman was wearing back then.

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 173

As I mentioned yesterday, while the world is under quarantine I will try my hardest to update every day to give you all something to look at. Today I am on the Wednesday Classic number 173, that’s over three years of bringing you a nice unique spanking photo every Wednesday.

This week we are going to the play ACT YOUR AGE, just click the highlighted text to see all images from this play.

The image is from Dallas, PA in 1963 and as I have mentioned many times before, I love a spanking photo that has witnesses. The facts are that this looks like either a rehearsal, or, just simply a photo shoot for the upcoming play. However, when witnesses are involved I do like to let the mind have some literary licence. Now the girl being spanked was also a Cheerleader as shown in the second photo, so if a cheerleader getting spanked floats your boat then that should be an added treat for you.

As for me, I can’t help but pay attention to the girl in the middle. The look on her face tells me that she is quite familiar with this rodeo. There is also the fact that it appears that she is rubbing her own bottom in this photo. So in my mind, and this is purely fantasy, I do wonder if she remembering her own spankings as she stands there. Is it possible that she was spanked first? I know the answer is no, but just work with me here. The one that I imagine is the closest to home, is her thought of a promised spanking that she knows is coming all too soon. After rehearsal there is the long walk home, a horrible time to reflect on the upcoming trip across the paternal knee, plaid skirt high up her back, skimpy panties on display offering no protection at all for the five minute dance that she will soon do as the paddle like hand sets fire to her fanny. Okay, so I have an active imagination. Perhaps because as seen in the bottom picture, this young lady was also a cheerleader.

All that aside, the position of the girl being spanked is also awesome, I just love the little leg kick going on.