Birthday Spanking For Laura

Birthday Spanking For Laura

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They had been neighbors for nearly three years now, not long after her mom had packed up and moved away from her husband with her 15 year old daughter in tow. Brian Larson had welcomed them into the neighborhood like he would anybody and provided them with any support that he could. Brian wasn’t an intrusive sort and really kept the relationship as a cordial one,  always ready to help out when Rose Kelly needed some type of physical assistance around the house. For the most part that happened during the first few months and since that time he only helped roughly two or three times a year.

Part of his reluctance not to be intrusive was her teen daughter,  Laura. She was a normal,  bubbly kid, a typical girl next door,  the type you wouldn’t hesitate to hire as a babysitter, that would have been of course had he had any children. He knew it must have been difficult for the both of them so he tried to leave them alone as much as he could.

It was August and the teenager was just about to turn eighteen,  he had been made aware of that by Rose and he remarked about how quickly she had adjusted to her new life and that she seemed to be a level headed girl. It was two days before her birthday and Brian was over at Rose’s helping her fix the washing machine. When Laura arrived that day she seemed to be in an especially happy mood as she walked into the kitchen,  indeed she was also in a sassy mood. The moment she saw Brian she feigned surprise to her mom and said  “What is he doing here,  is there something going on that I should know about?”

Both Rose and Brian blushed at the insinuation and her mom quickly cut her off  “Laura,  get your mind out of the gutter. I’m sorry,  Brian?”

Still in a feisty mood Laura continued  “I think it is kind of sweet,  you could do a lot worse mom”  and laughed at the uncomfortable body language that they both displayed.

“Laura! Why don’t you find yourself something to do and quick being a brat”

“Okay,  okay,  you two want some private time,  I get it”

A happy teenager sashayed away with the biggest grin on her face and a totally embarrassed mom apologized profusely to her neighbor. Despite feeling uncomfortable,  Brian just shook it off  “It’s okay,  Rose,  don’t worry about it”

When the chore was finished the two of them relaxed and shared a drink before he was to head home. Before he could do that though,  they were once more treated to the sassy girl walking into the kitchen. The mischievous look on her face could tell a story all on its own,  she surveyed her victims and with a glint in her eye and a big smile on her face she dropped her biggest quip yet,  with the double entendre as apparent as the bow in her hair  “That was quick”

This time her mom was genuinely furious  “Laura Kelly,  cut it out right this minute,  I’m serious”

The smirk on her face made it clear that she paid no mind. Turning her attention to Brian she put a hand on her jean clad hip and addressed him  “So,  Brian,  what are you going to give ME for my birthday?”

This time her mom shouted  “Laura,  STOP!”

Brian sighed as he eyed the petulant girl,  and before he could think what he was saying it just came out  “The way you are acting I will give you a good spanking for your birthday”

Laura’s mouth opened wide and while she still had a smile on her face she retorted  “The hell you will”  and then felt her face flush as she looked at her mom in disbelief.

A still angry Rose was emotionless  “Don’t look at me,  I won’t stop him”

Now blushing furiously,  all Laura could say was  “MOM!” and then she turned and walked away,  with perhaps a tinge of excitement tingling through her body. As the adults watched her leave a now laughing Brian stared at her jean clad bottom,  adding  “I will see those buns on Friday then”  and both adults laughed aloud. Laura turned with her mouth open and made eye contact with her neighbor,  but said nothing as she left.

Once the teenager was out of the room a laughing Brian turned to Rose  “Sorry about that Rose,  just figured I would give her some of her own medicine”

Rose looked indignant  “Pfft,  you don’t need to apologize,  Just go ahead and do it,  I think we both know that the best place for that medicine to be served would be to her bottom”

The rest of the afternoon they were left in peace,  Laura never left her room just as if the adults didn’t exist. At least in principal anyway,  they did exist, and she was in her room all alone trying to decide whether it was an idle threat or whether he was actually thinking about doing it. For some reason the sassiness of Rose’s daughter made their afternoon a special one and having put the girl in her place,  Rose and Brian laughed together for an hour.

When it was time to leave the adults were still laughing and now it was Brian’s turn to tease the girl. He looked at Rose and winked and said  “Watch this”

At the foot of the stairs he looked up and shouted  “So I will see you on Friday,  Laura,  and don’t you dare be late young lady”  and the two adults almost fell on the floor laughing. Laura lay on her bed and looked at the door where the voice had come from,  a flash of fear and a flash of excitement running through her body. She wasn’t to know it at that point,  but for the next 48 hours it was going to be the only thing on her mind.

It was the morning of Laura’s birthday and Brian received a call from Rose that very morning. After a quick greeting Rose got right to the point  “Brian,  about the other night”

He quickly interceded her  “Don’t worry,  Rose,  I was just teasing the little tyke”

Taken aback,  Rose replied  “Are you kidding me,  these last two days have been the quietest I have ever known that girl. If you don’t follow through with your threat she will walk all over you from now to eternity”

Brian was lost for words  “Uh,  well,  I guess”

“Look Brian,  I’m just calling you for one reason,  that girl is missing a man’s love in her life,  she will feel a world better about herself if you do”

Brian now perked up  “Well if you are sure”

“Oh I’m sure,  just do me one favor though”

“What’s that?”

“Just don’t pull her panties down,  that might traumatize her too much”

Quite frankly he hadn’t even considered that as an option,  but he responded  “Of course I wouldn’t,  Rose”

“Thanks Brian,  you are such a nice guy”  and Rose hung up the phone.

An hour later a pensive looking girl was stood at the kitchen sink peering over at the neighbors house while sipping a glass of water. Her mom walked in with a content smile on her face as she looked at her darling girl,  dressed beautifully in a light blue cotton summer dress. She approached her daughter and put her arm around her. Kissing the girl on the forehead she said  “You had better get it over with honey,  he is waiting for you”  and she patted her daughters bottom.

Laura looked up at her mom and said  “He isn’t really going to spank me,  is he?”

The smile grew wider and the mom kissed her on the forehead again  “Yes sweetheart,  Brian is going to give you a birthday spanking”.  Avoiding any further delay Rose’s voice grew louder  “Right girl,  you had better get a move on before I decide to spank you myself”  and she landed a firm swat on the girls rear.

The walk into the house almost made Laura faint,  her stomach was in knots with excitement,  Brian was so welcoming and her joy grew,  at least until she entered the living room and saw a straight backed chair sitting in the middle of it. Brian took her hand and led her to the chair,  smiling at her all the way. He couldn’t help but be amazed at how this 18 year old girl stood next to him so quietly,  she was normally full of life and hopping around everywhere. As he sat down he squeezed her hand  “Don’t worry, Laura,  it’s only a birthday spanking”

Those words put the slightest glimmer of a smile on her blushing face as Brian sat down,  then he gently guided her over his knee. What a site to behold,  the poor girl couldn’t get her feet to touch the floor and her plump bottom sat up invitingly,  a gasp of air came from her mouth when he put his arm around her waist and patted her bouncing bottom.  “One birthday spanking coming up”  he said with joy and before she could react her dress was flipped up in the back.

This snapped her out of her daze and the sprightly girl he knew sprang to life,  the hand of hers that flew back was caught immediately as she began her protests  “What the hell,  no frigging way dude,  that wasn’t part of the bargain”

Brian sat there with his mouth open,  he couldn’t believe this was happening,  the cute girl next door was over his knee and her bottom was practically bare,  save for a pair of pink nylon panties that clung deliciously to the flashy contours of her bottom. Despite her protests,  Laura made no effort to get up,  in fact she resigned herself to her fate and simply asked if he would release her arm. When he did so she grasped the bottom rung of the chair and awaited the first smack. With one arm across her back and the other across her thighs,  Brian stared at the inviting target  “So how old are we today,  Laura?”

With a sly grin her feistiness had returned  “Well I don’t know how old you are,  but I’m eighteen”

Brian had expected no less and quickly delivered 6 sharp smacks to her upturned bottom  “We will have less of your cheek as well young lady,  otherwise we could be here all day”

Laura bit her bottom lip as the sting in her bottom stayed there,  even though it hurt it wasn’t like it killed her,  and she did of course have a lot of spirit. Turning her head she replied  “Are you done?”

Brian just shook his head  “Actually,  no,  I’m not done”  and then set about her bottom once more,  this time with 12 spanks that had the girl yelping. Laura bucked and writhed and at the end of the 12 spanks she blew her hair up from her forehead. Not a single birthday spank had landed yet as Brian watched Laura sway her bottom from side to side trying to will the sting out,  and judging by the now pink cheeks it probably did sting quite a bit.  “If you keep sassing me I will keep on spanking you,  so you should think long and hard before you open your mouth to answer me”

The smiled remained on Laura’s face,  in her mind wasn’t the fact that her bottom was getting spanked,  it was her fighting spirit and her battle of wills. Just a few minutes before she was shocked and horrified when he pulled her dress up,  now she could not care less,  no way was she going to satisfy him and just take it without retort. Okay,  she thought,  he probably will get through to her eventually,  but she wasn’t anywhere near that point yet and she wasn’t going to make it easy for him.

Brian was about to deliver the birthday spanks  “Shall we get started or do you have anything more sassy to say”

“Well apparently you have already started”

That wasn’t enough to evoke a response,  just a retort  “If you wasn’t so sassy it would be over by now”

Laura quickly mimicked him  “If you wasn’t so sassy it…… yeoow”

Before she could finish the spanks once again begun to land on the laughing girls bottom,  one side to the other for 30 whole seconds. When this round of spanks were over she felt content,  at least for now. Ideas ran through her mind as to how she would get him back,  and get him back she will. She pushed herself up using the chair rung and looked over her shoulder at her poor bottom,  even allowing herself a slight smirk as she caught site of her glowing bottom,  clearly visible since her panties had ridden up so much.  “Okay,  fine” she said  “You’ve had your fun,  can we get the birthday spanks out of the way now?”

Flopping back down she grinned from ear to ear as he agreed with her,  but she had just the tiniest bit of sass left in her  “Could you at least fix my panties,  you’re spanking my bare bottom at the moment”

Dutifully he complied and an exhilarating feeling swept through her body as she felt his fingers rub along her bottom when he straightened them.  “Brace yourself then Laura”  he said and began her birthday spanks. Laura bit her bottom lip and kicked and flailed her arms and legs as the seat of her panties became thoroughly warmed,  and before you knew it the birthday spanking was over.

Both parties were content,  Brian sat there with a smug look on his face and the young teen girl furiously trying to rub the sting out of her thinly clad bottom as she stood in front of him. Winking at her he said  “You’re mom will be so proud of me”

Scrunching her nose up and almost hissing,  Laura replied  “She is such a traitor. Don’t forget it is her birthday next month”  and they both laughed. Ten minutes later a young girl was almost skipping down the front path to go home,  not in the least bit angry,  in fact quite content. Later that night she was stood in her bedroom overlooking Brian’s house with nothing but revenge in her mind. She had just the plan for him,  and while it would probably get her spanked again,  the spanking wasn’t so bad and it would be so worth it. She walked over to the mirror and held her skirt up to look at the bottom,  it was only slightly pink right now,  but her face grew into the biggest smile that had crossed it in years.

Rose was on the phone to Brian thanking him profusely for what he had done and she knew her daughter was just as delighted. They chatted for ten minutes and just as Rose was about to hang up Brian offered one final line  “Oh,  and before you go Rose,  Laura said it was your birthday next month”

Complete silence hit both rooms until he finished the conversation laughing  “Don’t worry dear,  you can keep your panties on as well”

Did Brian follow through and spank Rose Kelly? Did Laura exact her revenge and did it get her spanked again? Who knows what holds in store for the friendly neighbors!!

18 thoughts on “Birthday Spanking For Laura

  1. Oh another great story and so real it felt like I was that girl and I knew everyone in story . I hope rose did get a spanking you are a superb writer who needs shades of grey with you around with such talent .

  2. This one is well done too, love the mix of a punishment type spanking added to the birthday spanking, nice touch.
    Love the pink nylon panty!

  3. Love this story and the idea of the mother and daughter getting spanked is great…would make a brilliant story if the sequel had both females spanked!!!

  4. Good plot. Obviously both should get spanked.
    The daughter should pull pull the mother’s panties down as a joke.

    Afterwards, he should spank her for this, and her mother should get her revenge in the same way.

  5. loved it…playful yet a good birthday spanking. I’d have loved seeing her mouth get her in more trouble, perhaps she crosses the line and becomes disrespectful causing her spanker to turn up the heat and spank harder, longer and perhaps with a painful implement.
    Thank you for sharing.

  6. I think Laura is like many females who have grown up trying to deny a fascination to spanking. Secretly she probably craved an intimate reaction from Brian. She suspects her mother is attracted to Brian and wants to get their first. I think it is interesting that she purposefully wore a dress, knowing what had been threatened. Great story and I am looking foward to the sequel Mr Windsor!


  7. hi Richard, I loved this story and thought this would have been a great video presentation. I loved your descriptions and wished that all birthday spankings between neighbors could be as exciting. Laura sure needed a spanking and I thought that maybe the mother will get hers as well. Have a great day and thank you for all your stories, pictures, videos and all that you share with us.

  8. Really great story lovr the nylon pants i the story maybe mum shoulf get the hairbrush on her panty clad bottom on her birthday

  9. Trust ou to come up now, with lots of Birthday panking stories, just a few weeks before MY birthday ! ! I am sure there are certain eople getting ides from these accounts. You will be in trouble with me if I get one. Lia.

  10. Lia,

    Yes, I am very aware of this website, in fact if you were to search through my website you would find that I have linked to that website over 50 times as a courtesy to the spanking community. My website has in fact provided an untold number of images to the website that you mentioned, probably continues to do so, and my site will no doubt be an image source for long into the future as well.


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