Men Are Like Streetcars

“Men are like Streetcars”  book by Graeme and Sarah Lorimer,  stage play by Christopher Sergel.

The play is occasionally played by the title of  “It couldn’t happen to a nicer girl”

The play presented a Woman’s eternal struggle to show her dominance over men. As the action starts,  Maudie is explaining how she’ll treat Davy when he comes begging her forgiveness for his actions the night before. Her three girl friends,  Alix,  Lysbeth and Julie,  seem unimpressed,  but Joy,  her wallflower cousin,  is taking notes on Maudie’s method. When Davy enters,  Maudie’s method is so rough with him that he leaves angrier than ever. Sylvia,  the older sister,  lacks initiative to capture a man. She needs a date for her table at the club dance. Mother remedies the situation by asking Davy to take Sylvia. When Maudie hears this,  she changes the facts in order to make Ted Fulton give her sister a rush. It is at the party that the situation really becomes confusing. Maudie causes Davy to become still more angry,  and she then causes her father’s business deal at the bank to fall through. Jerry,  her father’s business partner,  spanks her,  and Joy steals all her girlfriends’  boyfriends from them by using Maudie’s method.

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  1. *Great* collection, but one small correction: the play is indeed based on a novel by Graeme and Sarah Lorimer, but the author of the play itself was Christopher Sergel.

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