Six Of The Best Spanking Comics/Cartoons

This isn’t something that I do very often, and even when I do I always direct you to the CHICAGO SPANKING REVIEW website as that website is the premier source for spanking comics. As always the website is welcome to take anything that I post if it is an addition to their collection. The review has always been very generous in linking back whenever they use material that I have posted and I appreciate their ethical approach to sharing with the community.

Now when it comes to comic books/cartoons, I’m not always very studious when it comes to writing the publication name on the image, but most everything that I find has been found on Ebay so it should be easy to get the information.

So let’s start in 1948 with The Two Gun Kid #5.

And here is the two page spread for those who enjoy such things. Click on the image for the full sized version.

Next up, unfortunately I do not have the name of this publication. Ah, the romance of spanking. I guess this is what they refer to as the good old days, right? Lol.

When I was growing up in the UK the holiday resorts were always chock full of saucy postcards such as this one. In fact for some of us this was the only exposure that we would get to any spanking related material. Long before the Internet. Click on the image for the full sized version.


Here is another one that unfortunately I do not have the details on, but I am sure that someone will recognize it.

The next image is from 1928 and is currently on sale on Ebay. You can find the auction using the search of Pep Pulp Magazine 1928. Based on early bidding this one is probably going to sell for a good price.

Finally, this image actually came from Tumblr. But the appearance of what appears to be white nylon knickers is always something that will capture my interest 😉

Hope that you enjoyed the cartoon spanking collection. I’m going to try and write a Christmas spanking story. The idea that I have in my mind is a take on the ghost of Christmas past, present and future. My idea is slightly different though in that a former spanker appears, then the current one spanks and finally the future of her life takes the woman in hand. I’ve got a lot of work to do but I am excited to work on this.

4 thoughts on “Six Of The Best Spanking Comics/Cartoons

  1. Great finds and your storyline sounds fantastic. I look forward to reading it.I like the first one the best as her character and costume did demand some otk time.I liked the Blackhawk one too although I don’t know the language it was still a great spanking.thanks for all you share.have a great dah.

  2. Jimc,

    I’m not the world’s biggest lover of spanking art, however, like anything in this wonderful world of ours, even a good cartoon can stoke many happy memories,


  3. Richard – first of all, a thousand thanks for your kind words about Chicago Spanking Review. I will indeed be posting two of these in the future along with a few more of your photos and of course remember to credit you (I usually put “Windsor” in the file name to remind me where it came from). You are still the foremost researcher of spanking photographs and have occasionally found some comic spankings I hadn’t seen before, including #4 here. My comments on these items:

    #2. “Romance of spanking” indeed! This is from Charlton romance comic, Career Girl Romances #45 (June 1964) and there is something unusual about it: it was the only non-parental, non-robot M/F spanking to make it past the American Comics Code Authority during the terrible “dead decade” of 1956 – 1965 (the beginning of the Silver Age, as it is now called).

    #3. I’ve seen a bunch of these Seaside Spanking postcards over the years, but this is a new one – good find.

    #4. This one is a true prize, and I’ve never seen it before. The men here are the Blackhawks, one of the most successful teams in comics history dating back to 1941 although they petered out in ’68 as the above-mentioned Silver Age was drawing to a close. They have been revived several times since and are still going on (sort of) to this day. The spanker is Olaf, a member of the team; the spankee is unknown to me.

    It’s actually always been surprising to me that there had been only one known M/F spanking involving the Blackhawk team given the presence of both numerous bad girl villainesses and Lady Blackhawk (and that one is still in my files waiting to be posted), so this is a welcome addition to the canon indeed! Well done, Richard, and I will never rest until I ferret out the publication details.

    #4. Pep Pulp magazine – very interesting historically despite the awkwardness (using the wrong hand and the OTK position with a long implement like the cane).

    #5. Chair Cruelle – the artwork is excellent and quite sexy! I wonder if this is the cover of some French paperback book. Interesting expressions on the couples. Another good find!

  4. Web-ed, I went back to Ebay to see if I could find the “Blackhawks” listing. I even went to an external site that lists all previous Ebay sales. Unfortunately it showed up on neither, which means that it was never sold. The only good part about that is that it may get relisted again at some point. I checked the file properties and I downloaded it in June, so it has been sat on my drive for a while now. As always my friend, feel free to use whatever you want with my blessing, I know that they will have a good home on your website.


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