Various School Plays

Child Wonder

 Child Wonder Appleton ME 56 

Susie And The FBI:

Susie and her boyfriend foil an international plot and capture two spies by faking a fire. Unfortunately for Susie that is the only fire as her mother spanks another one into her. Has also been called “Sadie of the U.S.A” and simply “Sadie”.

 susie and the fbi huntingdon 64 Sadie of the USA orl sadie susie ft madison 65


How To Handle A Woman:

This play was adapted for the stage and is based on the Shakespeare play “The Taming Of The Shrew”. For all intent and purpose it is the same show but I have two pics from this titled play.

new trier 62 Windsorclassic8


Damsels In Distress:

The synopsis for this play can be found in the attachment below. I tried my hardest to find as much information as I could but this is a very rare play. At some point I am sure that either myself,  or someone else will come up with further information on this spanking scene in the play.

Damsels boiling damsels in distress 1950 christianburg damsels 58 wilmington damsels in distress ger 58 Damsels damsels-in-distress-plattville-co-47

damsels syn

Man Of Seventeen:

This is something quite unique in that even I only have two pics from this play. Despite library searches for more information there is little to go on other than the fact that Kimball Thatcher is the main guy and Susie Wallace is the tattle tail next door neighbor. How the spanking comes about I have no idea,  but the person who spanks Susie is none other than his own dad. Oh for the 50’s eh,  where it was okay to spank the neighbor. The play was by Robert St. Clair who also wrote “Susie and the FBI” shown above. Yes,  I will be looking for more of his work 🙂 The clipping is not from the play shown.

au 56 centreville 56 man of 17 17

Sweet Sixteen:

As was the norm for this time period, there were early aspects of age play to define family life,  even though all of the characters were eighteen or nineteen they played characters of varying roles,  both older and younger. You only have to think of Fanny Brice to understand what I am saying. What makes this play unique though is that the person doing the spanking is the Father next door,  now that is something that you don’t hear of too often. Underneath the spanking pic is the play synopsis and the characters involved are Cranston doing the spanking and Ruthie receiving it. I would agree with the article as well, the play does end happily. Interestingly enough,  I think this is the same play as the one above with different characters and a different title.

sweet 16 1943 sweet 16 rochester 43b

Spring Journey:

A high school comedy with a strong underlying theme of good citizenship. Larry Bennett,  prize debater of his home state,  comes to Washington on a sight-seeing trip with other members of the senior class. Their teacher and chaperone,  Lucy Clark,  is engaged to a young congressman,  Kenneth Taylor. Taylor is sponsoring a bill in the House to provide scholarship loans to young people. He asks Larry to have lunch with some of his colleagues who are on the fence about the bill,  but Larry,  normally a modest boy,  has meanwhile met the teen-age daughter of a senator,  and been flattered out of all sense of proportion. He gives an absurdly pompous interview to the press,  then manages to jam the legislative machinery when he participates in a Senatorial debate. Before the boy comes to his senses,  the Scholarship Loan Bill has been jeopardized,  Taylor’s re-election threatened,  and the young congressman’s romance with Lucy almost wrecked. But Larry’s high school sweatheart,  Babs Davis,  saves the day in a surprise ending that involves the intervention of the President. The play avoids any identification with partisan politics.

spring journey 53 davenport spring journey 63 hammond spring journey 59 south whitley

Dotty And Daffy

A comedy in three acts. The play has to do with an attractive widow and her two daughters,  Dotty and daffy,  who set out to snare a rich gentleman and who run into many obstacles while trying to do so.

 dotty and daffy st marys colgan ks 51a dotty and daffy st marys colgan ks 51b Dotty and daffy 1 Dotty and Daffy Greeley KS 53 Dotty and Daffy Greeley KS 53a

Springtime for Patsy

That Strange Feeling:

Let Me Talk

Let me Talk 59

My Heart’s In High

my hearts in high edison 52a

People Are Funny


January Thaw

Now to my knowledge there is no actual spanking in the play,  I certainly looked at many other versions of it and found not a single spanking pic,  so my guess is that this was a promo shot where one of the girls probably deserved a spanking but none was in the actual play.

January Thaw 1956

Meet Me In St. Louis

mmisl prairie heights 71 roosevelt 55 mmisl wheeling WV 55 

The Courting Of Marie Jenvrin


Introducin’ Susan

Dear Ruth

The Monkey’s Uncle

Merry Christmas,  Mr. Baxter

The Doctor In Spite Of Himself



Billy’s Goat

Leave It To Grandma


Seventeenth Summer

Taming the Brat

Growing Up

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  1. I really enjoy all these finds. I love otk the best and I love all the positions and expressions. Thanks for sharing and have a great day.

  2. Hello again, Wonderful Mr Windsor ! A little while ago I left a reply at the May 3rd “Streetcar Sunday” page that included a link to a photo I found from a school play (“The Child Wonder”) that I didnt think you knew about. Silly me ! You obviously do since it’s here at the top of your “Various School Play” listings ! Sorry about that ! I had not looked at all your play pages before I left that earlier reply. In penance I shall give myself 40 lashes with a wet noodle ! Love your blog ! So many great photos, background info & articles. THANKS for a truly awesome page…and SPANKS for the memories !

  3. Thank you so much for your kind words, I appreciate your support!! The image that you linked to is not one of my finds, even though I have seen it before and I have my own collection of Child Wonder pics, most of which I have not posted yet. I try my hardest to be unique, and while I may eventually include the image that you linked to at a later date, it will be important for me to find out who the original uploader was first so that I can give them the proper accreditation for bringing something new and exciting to the spanking world.

    The image came from a newspaper archive and I can tell you first hand that those are not cheap to join, so if someone paid the money to bring that image to our community then the least I can do is give them a pat on the back 🙂


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