Saturday Night In Vegas

Saturday Night In Vegas

What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas……… Yeah, RIGHT!!! 🙂

It was banquet night at the Shadowlane party and the feelings of awkwardness crept in. I would say that I don’t pack a suit for weekend parties, but the truth is, I don’t own a suit. So the first feeling I had was that I was under dressed. The second thought was the one that probably plagues a lot of people at parties, just where do I sit. My first thought of course was to sit with the group, but then I did a quick count up in my head of how many of them there were. Of course there was no way that they would have turned me away, but I decided that I would mingle this time around as I had spent my time with them at the party as it was.

So I took a spot near the door and waited for others who are close to me to arrive. Now if anyone gets finicky over the order people arrived I will bite your head off 🙂 Okay, so it wasn’t long before Sarah Rocks and her Husband arrived, along with Iggy. Cool, we have enough of us to grab a table. Prior to grabbing a table however a couple came over to me to introduce themselves. He knew me from my blog and was also an Englishman who now lived in Canada. Honestly, you have no idea how many people introduce themselves to me based on noticing me from my blog, though it is funny on this occasion that two people confused me with being Ian Head of the London Tanners 🙂 A friend pointed out to me that it is because both Ian and I have larger than life personalities, though I put it down to the weight loss that I have had over the last year.

So as we took a table I invited the couple, Jay and Kay, to join us. While they are okay with the story being posted, I forgot to ask them what scene names I should use so I have to make something up, lol. Rounding out the table we were joined by Aurora, Strict Dave and Stacey Macy.

Now I found the conversation fascinating, Jay was attending his first party and he had a lot of questions that I was delighted to give my opinion on, Strict Dave also joined in the topic as well. Jay’s friend, Kay, wasn’t even a spanko, she was just attending the party as moral support. That of course fascinated me anyway, why would a non spanko come to a spanking party? Surely there must be a kink lying around doormant if one is open to attending a spanking party. Once dinner was finished I rejoined the group for drinks and fun before hitting my room to give myself a break from the crowd.

Once I was ready to rejoin the public I headed to our very gracious host for the weekend, Tom, on the 9th floor. Before going any further I would like to thank Tom for his genorisity during the weekend by having his suite open for us. Of course I did visit other suites, however, 90% of my social time was spent in Tom’s suite, thanks a lot buddy.

Now I’m pretty useless remembering the sequence of events, I know I spent a lot of time talking to Fireman Chris and at points we were joined by Iggy, Aurora and Abigail Whittaker. I think at one point I went to get myself a drink, yes, for the first time in a year I allowed myself the luxury of a few beers. On coming back to the party I ran into Jay and Kay again and once more we started an in depth discussion. Before the party closed I also had the fortune of meeting Zille. Now I have to be honest, I hadn’t recognized her, but I was clearly aware of who she was because I was a part of several discussions which revolved around “Who was the pretty lady”. It started on Friday at the vendors fair when I was hanging out with the group when we talked about how classy and pretty this lady looked and then……….. You know what, I just checked Zille’s blog and she said we met on Friday night, so now I have no idea which night was which, I have a feeling I am combining two different stories here, so what I am going to do is just say that Zille looked absolutely gorgeous and get back to what I do know happened on Saturday night, lol.

Once the suite party on the 9th floor finished we began our search for another party. Before doing so I wanted a smoke so I suggested coming to my floor as you could smoke there. Once we got to the 9th floor I said it was stupid for us to stand in the corridor so why don’t we all sit in my room and have a beer. At that time I don’t think any of us knew that we were going to be there for the next 5 hours or so. Unfortunately I didn’t have many beers in my room, perhaps enough for two rounds, but during the evening Jay was adamant that he was going to buy the beers when we ran out, and buy beers he did.

So it started off with 5 of us, Sarahfl, Jay, Kay and myself. At some point during the evening Aurora also found her way to my room. I was happy with this arrangement because to be honest, I wanted to know what I was missing in the ‘Just friends’ relationship between Jay and Kay, still don’t know if I found that out. At some point in the night I got out some books that I had bought that evening, and displayed some of my toys. One of my toys, the ruler strap from the London Tanners, was snapped up by Kay pretty quickly. For hours she nursed it, even when we used it for spanking play she wanted it back. It was like a girl and her blankie, except this was a vanilla with a mean assed strap in her hand.

Again, the progression of who got spanked and when and by who, I have no idea. I just know that at some point we managed to get Kay to use the strap on Sarahfl. Now of course I directed her in person as to how to do it, we don’t want just anyone weilding the ruler strap, and we all enjoyed Kay deliver her very first spanking. Right after that happened I took the strap from Kay as I know what Sarahfl’s tolerance level is, and just so that she got some fulfillment from being bent over I laid the strap on her pretty hard, nice guy, aren’t I? 🙂

I’m not sure of the time, but it had to be about 6.30am when jay and Kay started to wrestle with the strap which resulted in Kay getting many whacks with it. Of course I wanted to get in on the act but I wasn’t going to be pushing anything, these guys are friends after all so I just sat there jealous. Yes, throughout the night as Kay sat next to me I wanted to turn her over my knee.

Finally the party was over and after we tried to find Jay’s glasses, everyone headed out. Jay and Kay had offered to buy the ruler strap from me, but as I had an idea they would probably have a good use for it and as I have about ten straps anyway, I let them have it as a gift. During the clean up I managed to find Jay’s glasses, but the problem was I didn’t know what room they were in. Not a problem though, they had only left ten minutes before so I was going to head to the 5th floor and see whether or not I could hear them. I needn’t have worried though because as I was putting my shoes on, Jay called me and said that Kay needed dealing with and would I come down.

Oh my god, would I deal with her, are you serious? I had been wanting to do that for hours 🙂 When I got to their room Kay was already bent over the bed with many, many strap marks upon her bottom, so technically I didn’t give her, her first spanking. However, Jay was in a toppy mood and was telling Kay to stay over the bed and he then asked me to spank her. Now I am not daft, I have given at least half a dozen girls their first spanking so I knew exactly how to do this. Not too hard and not too soft, and only ten swats in Kay turns around and says “I like this”. Yeah, like there was any doubt that I was going to make sure she enjoyed it, hell, we need to convert vanilla’s people. Twenty spanks followed by twenty seconds of rubbing, that should do the trick if I’m not mistaken.

I tried my hardest not to prolong the event, but soon after it was over we had a sassy little girl all primed and ready for a very warm bottom. What she said I don’t remember, but before too long at all I manhandled her OTK and decided to up the level a bit. Now again, we have to remember it is a vanilla we are dealing with, so while I spanked a bit harder I did make sure to continue to rub.

Now herein lies a problem, throughout my years I have given many an enjoyable spanking, so much so that I consider myself pretty efficient in delivering an erotic spanking. The level and the mood was perfect, in fact it reminded me of some of my more memorable scenes, however the situation was not the same as the others had been. Kay was clearly enjoying it, as was I, and those evil thoughts ran through my mind that if I wanted to, I could convert this girl any minute. But the situation didn’t allow it, I couldn’t do my trick of using my fingernails on the back of the thighs, I couldn’t play with the nape of the knee, I couldn’t use my hand on the back of the neck and ears as I let my voice do the work. All I could do was spank and rub her bottom. Now I’m not saying it was unfulfilled, but I have had many girls in that situation and I have tormented them into a fury 🙂

Like I said, I still don’t know about the relationship between Jay and Kay, and I know they will read this so maybe they can shed some light on it, but perhaps that was a good thing because I had really evil and wicked thoughts on my mind while she was over my knee. Being a writer it was a good thing though, because it kickstarted me into writing that long awaited book that I have been planning. As soon as I got home I typed off 16 pages in a heartbeat. Now I haven’t done a scene like that in a long time either, and it rejuvanated me a lot, so much so that as soon as I got back to New York I contacted a former partner who I used to drive crazy with my spanking style, and someone who I have had my best experiences to date with. So if for nothing else, while I couldn’t do the scene exactly the way I wanted, it put me back in touch with the person who I did that type of scene with more than anyone else.

Meeting Jay and Kay was the highlight of the party for me at Shadowlane. Firstly I just love meeting new people, and these two guys are two of the coolest people you could meet. The other four of us in that room that night have been friends for years, and they blended right in without missing a heartbeat. I think we all got something out of meeting these two wonderful people and I very much look forward to meeting them again. Which, by all accounts, will be the Weekend next year. Kay is an exhibitionist so they say, I wonder how she will feel being spanked on stage in front of 200 people? 🙂

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