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Birthday Bonanza 16 – Superlatives

For the umpteenth day in a row, here are yet another three photos for you to enjoy. The topic today is Superlative paddling’s. All three images will be added to my SUPERLATIVES folder.

Just five more posts after this one to complete the 60 spanking pics to celebrate my 60th birthday. Are you all enjoying them so far?

Birthday Bonanza 4 – F/M OTK

Question 1: Can you tell me more about the tennis coach spankings? I haven’t heard about that one, happy bday!

Answer: I have read countless stories where the Female spanker is referred to as a tennis coach, former tennis coach or a tennis player. The emphasis of course is to embellish the strength of their arm.

Question 2: Rich: Happy belated birthday. I’m a big fan of spanking stories and videos when a younger male spanks an older female m/F. Could you direct me where I can find these type of stories ? Thanks

Answer: Hi, unfortunately, and this is just a personal preference, I don’t even read stories with that dynamic! The only place I know where you are likely to find multiple stories with that dynamic is the SPANKING LIBRARY. There may be blogs out there that feature that, but unfortunate as I said above, I don’t read stories like that so I have never searched for them.

The form below is anonymous, if you see your email address just known that it isn’t submitted, alternatively, simply open this page in an incognito tab and you can submit it anonymously.

Day number 4 of the birthday bonanza spanking pics, and today, being Friday, I will share with you the usual F/M Friday post, only this week it is three pictures instead of one.

F/M Friday 53

It has been about six weeks since I last added to the F/M COLLECTION folder. It’s quite funny really when I look at the amount of these types of F/M pics that I still have remaining. It’s mostly because nobody posts them other than me, and blogs that constantly raid the material that I find have no interest in them. Maybe I will find a week where I can unload a whole bunch of them to catch up with the rest of the folders, I must have two or three hundred pics just like this one.

Anyway, for those of you who like these types of spanking pics, and remember the F/M collection page is the most visited page on this blog, so I know that there are a lot of you out there.

Edit, I had to change the picture, I didn’t realize that I posted it 3 years ago but forgot to move the image to my ‘Images posted’ folder on my PC. So here is the new one which is also a paddling pic.

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 253

And so it begins, year number 17 of this spanking blog. To be honest, over the Christmas period I wasn’t sure how long I would keep blogging, but thankfully for you guys I love to provide new material for you all to enjoy.

Shoot, there are some blogs out there that might not survive if I didn’t have globs and globs of rare spanking pics for them to lift 🙂

So look, there might be an increase in playful spanking pics, I mean, spanking is supposed to be fun after all, but I know that there are still hundreds of spanking pics out there yet to find. Don’t worry, I’ve got your back, I will find them eventually 😉

This image will be added to my SUPERLATIVES spanking folder. There are some really excellent spanking pics in that folder that got their first run on the Internet on this blog.

F/M Friday 52

Not sure about the technique here for our latest addition to the F/M COLLECTION. There seems to be a bit of a balance problem by having one foot up on the rungs of the chair. Surely one would get more torque with both feet planted firmly on the ground. And the size of the paddle seems a bit excessive as well, lol.

F/M Friday 50

I’m a day late and a dollar short, as always, lol. Never mind though, even though it is Saturday here is the weekly picture for the F/M COLLECTION folder. This is number 50 in the series as well, who would have ever thought that I would have an F/M series, and not only that but it is the most viewed folder on this website by a long shot.

This time it is the old wooden spoon in action, a spanking tool to be feared which can be found in every household. The wooden spoon that I got from CANE-IAC is one of my favorite toys ever, in fact I might get a couple more before the website closes shop for good. The wooden spoon that they sell is one of the meanest items on the market, sure to make anyone on the receiving end squirm like an electric eel, highly worth purchasing.

CANE-IAC is closing up shop soon so I will do a feature on them in the very near future, and if you look at the wooden spoon that I linked and think “It doesn’t seem so bad” just trust me on this one, it is very solid and it stings like a son of a bitch 🙂 It is well worth the price!!

Windsor Wednesday Classic – 250

We have a benchmark post today, number 250 in the Windsor Wednesday Classic series. The image today is a SENIOR SUPERLATIVES photo and I encourage you to click on the highlighted link and view all of the other images in that folder, they really are a set of awesome spanking photos.

The guy and gal in this image are in fact a couple and I just love the playful smiles. I’m one of the types of people who loves to view playful spanking photos, not every image has to be a serious one.

So please enjoy today’s offering, a happy spanking photo.

F/M Friday 48

Here is a spanking implement that you don’t see too often, a laundry paddle/washing bat!! There is one mainstream movie that I remember watching where the laundry paddle was used as a spanking implement, which involved two women having a fight and then one of them using the paddle to spank with before clocking her opponent over the head with it. I forget the name of it but I am sure some of you out there remember it.

While we are looking at a 3 on 1 spanking here, there are a few things wrong with what we are seeing. Firstly of course is the OTK position. I mean seriously, that barely even qualifies as OTK, lol. It does look like the lady holding the paddle though can get some good torque going with her swing 🙂

This will be added to my F/M COLLECTION spanking folder.

Found An Old Spanking Story

This week I was delving into the oldest external drive that I have and lo and behold I found a completed spanking story that I don’t remember posting anywhere. I wrote the story, or at least going by the date of the file, in 2011. By that time I already had this blog for five years so I have no idea why I wrote it, lol, and indeed why I have no recollection of posting it. Here are some theories that I have as to why I never posted it.

It might have been possible that I wrote the story for a specific website, and that during the drafting process that website ceased to be. Quite feasible because a lot of forums and blogs were starting to disappear at that time. It could also have been that I was going to submit it to another website and that they had pissed me off so I ended up not submitting it. There was one such case that I remember, but I have no idea what year that was. Basically they asked me to support them with a donation and after I had done so I felt that they were a bit disrespectful to me.

The above paragraph wouldn’t explain why I wouldn’t just post the story on this site though. Maybe, just maybe, there was a website where I wrote stories for many years. Maybe I posted it there and then shortly afterwards the website was gone. That still wouldn’t make sense as to why I didn’t post it here either.

Here is what I think. My spanking story is heavily influenced by another spanking story that I very much enjoyed many years ago. In fact the initial concept of the story’s opening has the same premise as the other story. The writing is mine, it looks nothing like the other spanking story, but the overall idea is very much a borrowed one. What can I say, I enjoyed the premise of the story so much that I decided to write my own version of it. If you were to put the two stories side by side (unlikely because the other story no longer exists on the Internet, lol) then you would have to work very hard to find the similarities, however, you could probably see the same structure behind the premise of the story. To me that seems to be the most likely scenario as to why I didn’t post it. Unusual perhaps, because I am very much a straight forward guy and I would have had no problem stating that my story was heavily influenced by ‘X’ story (Insert link here).

The only other explanation that I can think of is that perhaps I wrote the story earlier than the date on the file. It could be that I wrote it two years earlier in 2009, which is the year that my younger brother died. It is certainly feasible that I wrote the story, my brother died, I dealt with that and completely forgot about the story. Here’s the biggest deal of all here, I don’t even remember writing it 🙂 When I found it I was like, where did this come from. I have no recollection of writing it whatsoever. The story is definitely mine, there’s no question about that. It covers everything that I love about spanking stories, namely a coming of age birthday spanking leading to regular spankings. By coming of age I mean the realization that an adult suddenly discovers that they enjoy spanking. Perhaps I wrote it and never intended to post it. That would be unusual of me, but I guess it is possible.

The bottom line is a new spanking story is coming your way, maybe sometime next week. At the moment the story stands at 4,300 words, but I am a much better writer now than I was before so it will definitely get a makeover in the next few days. I expect the final product to be around 6,000 words when I am done, so a nice sized story.

Now then, the final thing on spanking stories for today. There is this spanking story website that I am sure that many of you are aware of, THE SPANKING LIBRARY. Well today I signed up as a subscriber for the next two years at $15 a year. I realize that I have read thousands of stories over the years on that website and I have even submitted a few of my own, and I think that it is quite a valid reason to in essence offer up a donation. The stories are free to read anyway with some restrictions, but as a website owner myself I realize that there are bandwidth concerns with a free site. So this goes back to paying for your porn!! What I am trying to do is offer some token support to a website that has provided me with many hours of entertainment for many years. And perhaps that will inspire some of you guys to put your hands in your pockets to support that site as well, or in general any producer of spanking material out there. Nobody is in this to make any serious money, so if you want people to keep producing spanking material for you then sometimes you need to offer them some support.

If The Spanking Library is new to you and some of you sign up as free members because of this post, just be aware that I have very little material of my own on the website. The reason for that is simple, I don’t want people to read my stories on somebody else’s website, I want them to read them on my website. I have a few well placed advertisements on my website that I earn money from, which in turn goes towards paying for my website renewal every year. It is also probably a bit snooty of me to say this, but the six stories that I have had on that website for ten years or more have less than 2,000 views combined, whereas my stories on my own website generate over a 100,000 views combined each and every year. A good portion of my audience come here solely for my stories, and I am sure in many instances these same people return to read their favorite ones over and over again. It’s simple mathematics really 🙂 The other thing is what happens in the future. I’ve always considered publishing my material and if there comes a time where this website ceases to be, I will of course publish what is right now viewable for free. But even if I do write some stories as I have planned to solely to sell on Amazon, everything that is currently on my website for free will remain so. As long as the website is here then the stories will remain free of charge.

One final note on the library, you are not able to download the stories from their website. Just yesterday however I learned a new trick as to how that could be achieved by using the Internet 🙂 It is a relatively minor drawback and of course I understand why the restriction is in place, but at the same time I was just so happy to learn a new trick where I could save my favorite stories as word documents.

I’ve always had a major problem with the visible “User activity” list on the website where people can follow your every move, but other than that the Spanking Library website is a valuable source for free spanking stories. Dare I say that it is the biggest spanking website on the Internet for free spanking stories? The ‘User activity’ list bothers me for a couple of reasons. Firstly it is of course the old “Big Brother is watching you” privacy issue, but secondly I can’t even remember how many times I will get a pop up saying something like “I see that you are reading my story”. Generally that forces me off of the site and has me cursing under my breath “Fuck off. Leave me the fuck alone already”. I loathe that live tracking feature.

Other than that though, if you are not aware of the spanking story website then head on over there and sign up, they have an insane collection of spanking stories, over 30,000 items in total. Not all of the 30K are stories, but I would imagine that at a minimum there are likely over 25,000 stories on the site. That’s a titload of bandwidth right there that someone has to pay for, hence another reason for making what is effectively a donation to help with their annual costs.

Okay, time to stop running me trap, you guys aren’t here to listen to me waffle on and on inanely, are you? At the very least you need a spanking picture to go with those waffles 🙂 My offering today is one of those great little “Caption me” opportunities. What do you think is being said? I’m going to go with “Here, for Pete’s sake, let me move these books out of the way and put me over your knee if you want to spank me”


F/M Friday 42

This week I might go on a posting blitz so be prepared 🙂

Before making this post today I looked at the stats for this blog for the last 365 days, and the reason that I did so was to get the stats for the F/M COLLECTION page. It is one stat that always really surprises me compared to the other pages on this blog. As you can see from the list below, the forward slash (/) is the homepage of this blog where naturally most people begin their journey. Following that is the page that Google smashes on my website, CLASSIC MOTHER AND DAUGHTER SPANKING PICS. The post itself is rather generic in that it only includes six F/F spanking images, and being the avid promoter that I am, simply because Google sends the majority of my search traffic to that page, I also use it to stick up a cheeky video referral page as well as links to all of my stories. Click on the image below for the full sized version.

Third on the list, and the one that surprises me the most is the F/M Collection page. What I am showing you in the image above is page hits for the last 365 days, but the stats are consistent, any 365 day period and the stats above will rarely change. I have had this blog for 15 years now, there are 1,724 posts and 90 pages, and actually if I was to go a bit further I have probably deleted more than 200 posts over time as well.

In all of those years, this is 42nd F/M Friday post, which means there are 1,682 posts that are either M/F or F/F, plus 89 pages if you take out the F/M Collection page. Yet somehow 50 people a day click on the page where all of the F/M spanking pics are gathered. It’s not even like there is additional F/M material on my site for people to look at. Out of all of the stories on my website, just a singular one can be referred to as an F/M story, though in reality it is an F/F and F/M spanking story. That story is called THE FLY ON THE WALL and up until this year it would generally rank as my third most read story each 365 day period. The past 365 days though it has begun to slip down the list a bit but even then, 12 people a day still read that story, which adds up to over 4,000 views a year just for that story alone.

Just as a side note, the stats on this blog are probably the main reason that I don’t post my stories elsewhere. If I take out the two hub pages where the REAL LIFE SPANKING STORIES and the FICTIONAL SPANKING STORIES are listed in their respective genres, the individual stories themselves are still read in total 125,000 times a year. In fact many times I have even considered allowing some guest authors to contribute a story, but at the same time I kind of think that thought makes me sound a bit pretentious, lol.

In fact another side note is that I have long thought about writing a full length spanking book and self publishing it. Obviously I have a massive marketing tool at my disposal to promote the book. Now that doesn’t mean that I will pull all stories and only do it for money, that’s not what I am about at all. Everything barring one book will still be for free, but it will give people an opportunity to purchase something to support the work that I have done for the last 15 years. Just so that you know though, I have thought about doing this for about 8 years now and I am still no further along, lol.

So why do people flock to the F/M Collection page? I have a feeling that I know the answer to that, and I don’t think that it is any different as to why people come to this blog in the first place. It is because the F/M spanking pics that I dig up have yet to be seen in the spanking world. Now obviously I am aware that other spankos will take those photos afterwards on post them on their own platforms, but when viewers realize where the images originate from then the come, as the old saying goes, straight to the horse’s mouth. I mean why wouldn’t you?

As I have grown older then my long time readers will know that I barely even mention images being pilfered from this site anymore. That wasn’t always the case, in fact I used to get bent out of shape by the practice that people were building their own credibility off of the back of my hard work. Perhaps the biggest reason of all with that was that the people who were snaffling the pics were actually denying their audience a wealth of material by not linking back to where they got the pics from. It’s been a couple of years now that I stopped even concerning myself with the practice. You can’t change the behavior of others, you can only change your own behavior. I’m always going to give you guys super rare spanking pictures and I think that people know that already, I no longer need to have any more WHINE and cheese parties 🙂

One final thing before the image for this week, as I mentioned above, the stories on this website are one of the main reasons that a significant portion of readers come here for. The MOTHER SPANKS SERIES has been hugely successful on this website, with all three chapters filling out the top three spots for most read stories annually. (CHAPTER 1CHAPTER 2CHAPTER 3) As the story has progressed it seems that the natural progression is for part 4 to feature Mrs. Pat Ferris having an old fashioned maternal “discussion” with her daughter’s boyfriend.

It is difficult for me to write, hence why I have put it off for so long, because I have never written a straight up F/M spanking story before. What I might do is perhaps do the F/M part and then later in the chapter revert back to M/F when Tim takes Elaine in hand once he learns the true benefit of getting a spanking himself. It might surprise you but I have had future chapters in mind for a while now. Many people wanted Tim to spank Mrs. Ferris but I can’t do that. Firstly because it doesn’t mesh with the nature of the story, and secondly, while I understand that there is a sub fetish in the spanking world for younger spanking older, I don’t share that angle of our lifestyle. It doesn’t mean that I won’t write a story like that at some point, you know like a 28 year old lodger spanking his 55 year old landlady or something, but it doesn’t fit the dynamic of this story.

Future chapters will involve a closer look at the nasty belt that Brittney’s father owns, and I’m even considering Tim joining Bri for a rather painful lesson at her Father’s discretion, and while I am going to have a hard time fitting it in, because so many people want to see Elaine’s mom get spanked, perhaps Bri’s dad will dish out a birthday spanking with his belt to the woman who gave his own daughter a birthday spanking without his permission to do so. What’s good for the goose is also good for the gander!! Unfortunately that will also result much further down the line with Elaine herself feeling the stinging impact of that horrible, nasty leather belt. There is also a character called Judy who made an appearance in part 3 who will come back to the story at some point.

Anyway, I have got myself way too distracted here yet again, I only came here today to post a spanking pic, lol. So here you go, a paddling pic from Louisville, Kentucky in 1960.