Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 148

Do you guys realize that I have posted more already this year than I would normally post in an entire year, and we are not even halfway through the year yet. Better yet for you guys, I still have tons of really great stuff to share with you.

As you all know I have been on a British kick for a few weeks and now is the time that I need to start sharing my finds with you.

Now pardon me for doing my happy dance, but here is one of the awesome pics that I discovered recently with my $35 purchase. This spanking is from the play “The More the Merrier” and this is the second spanking pic that I have shared from this play. One must wonder if Richard Windsor has more spanking pics from this play 🙂 I was not able to find this image online anywhere using search engines, so it is quite likely a brand spanking new addition to our little community.

This will be added to my WINDSOR’S STAGE SPANKINGS folder.


4 thoughts on “Windsor Sunday Candid’s – 148

  1. Hi, in Ruddington, Nottingham whrer I grew up there are three soldiers from Rorkes Drift buried in the churchyard.

  2. Colin,

    That is fascinating. Whenever I plan a trip to a cemetery I always try to look for little stories. I’m not always successful though. In my latest video I only recently learned of the story, and I had to dig deep into my video archive for footage of the cemetery. There is one cemetery nearby that I need to get to where Bill ‘Bojangles’ Robinson is buried.


  3. Excellent find.I always enjoy a good clean otk pic.this was unusual in that the spankee expression is so many they are smiling or have their face buried in the cushions really enjoyed this one.have a great day.

  4. Jim,

    As I mentioned, the subscription to the British site wasn’t the best, but I did score a small amount of what I believe to be unseen pics in our community. Likewise, for a paper so old I was delighted that the image came out pretty good for a newspaper clipping. There is plenty more to come.


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