Mind Of Her Own

A Mind Of Her Own:

The story of  “A Mind of Her Own”  took place at the Silver Lake summer home of the Bartlett family and revolved about the life of Bunny Bartlett,  a very sweet and lovable girl,  but one who always chose unusual friends. The play contained a great deal of humor and action and was presented in a very entertaining manners. Highlights of the play were a spanking delivered by Steve with Bunny on the receiving end,  Tommy’s dumping flour on Mrs. Phelps’s head,  and Jessica’s fainting at the very sight of Lizzie,  the maid.

Forestville Central High School - 1952 - mind of her own yne 47 De 49 sa 49 beaumont 48 marion 46 Publication2 zillah 49 Clymer Central - mind of her own 1948


4 thoughts on “Mind Of Her Own

  1. These are pretty Cool!! Pretty neat that you find these vintage spanking pictures, I find some but not like these. Thank you for sharing 🙂

  2. This play in particular is providing quite marvellous photos, particularly the latest one in the middle. A deserving curly-headed no doubt wilful young lady being spanked over the knee with–what?–a ruler? a yardstick?–on the seat of a flowing pleated skirt–so liftable!–and in front of witnesses. No doubt the whole thing only lasted a few seconds, but we can dream. terrific find, & much appreciated

  3. Great finds Richard I am an otk fan and you really have found some great ones. I am always impressed how you were able to find such finds (when i look it seems like i cannot find any even by the name, so i did want to thank you for sharing them with us as well as to all the effort you must do to find them. Thank you for your wonderful site and all that you share with the spanko community. have a great day.

  4. The pics you have recovered from the play “A Mind of her Own” are a fabulous find, especially so since you have already posted five (5!) of them and you say there are many more to come.

    You would think, wouldn’t you, that a play that features an M/F OTK spanking would be better known, but I have never heard of that play. A quick search of Google fails to bring up a single thread about it. Do you have info about the plot, the years it was performed, and any reviews about it?


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