Public Deb Number 1

I’m at a spanking party right now so this has to be really quick. We have all seen the public spanking pic of Brenda Joyce in Public Deb Number 1 which is the second pic here, but I also have an alternate take of that spanking in the first pic which I don’t believe has been posted anywhere before.

Also, I am doing my 7th annual spanking interview with Dana Specht but we don’t have much of a structure yet, so if you have any thoughts or ideas for our interview on Sunday you can check THIS POST out, or fill out one of the two surveys below, leave your thoughts and get access to 100 vintage F/M pics that have never been seen before. DANA SPECHT SPANKS or THE WOMAN NEXT DOOR.




Interview With Ophelia De Havilland –Part 3

Before we get into the interview, I just want to point out that it is March Madness right now and I have my usual pool going. Every year I take part in a league with around 200 teams and in the last 3 years I have finished 3rd, 4th and 5th. Three years ago there were 8 permutations left and I owned 5 of them, and I choked at the final hurdle. With seven games remaining, this year I am currently sitting in 4th place but I am sitting on Virginia which is huge being that I could get 20 points from them advancing one more round. In fact you will see, just like last year, I still have my final four intact. I will say this though, if Kansas were to lose I wouldn’t lose any sleep over it as I have North Carolina versus Oklahoma in the final. The guy currently sitting second has the same final so the only way I can win is if Virginia win their next game. Of course by the time you read this my party might be over 🙂


But you are not here for basketball, are you? No, you are here for spanking, spanking and even more spanking.

As you no doubt know by now, I recently sat down with Ophelia De Havilland for a very long interview. First of all I want to thank you all so far for the feedback that we have received here and on Twitter, being that we put a lot of effort into bringing this to you I do appreciate the acknowledgement.

In episode three we talk about uniforms, getting the slipper, and we end up laughing our socks off at old British sayings. This is a fun interview and as we are 30 minutes in you can see that we are beginning to relax and enjoy ourselves.

Interview With Ophelia De Havilland - Part 2

Normally on a Sunday I give you one of the pictures from my classic collection of rare spanking pics from plays, but this week I am going to do something a little different. There is a reason for doing this though as I will explain below.

First things first though, if you missed the first part of the interview then you should listen to that first.

Part 1 is here

This series will probably have 8 or 9 parts to it, there is a lot of editing for me to do yet, but I wanted to get the second part of this interview up for a simple reason, Ophelia is only here in New York until Wednesday, so if you are thinking about a spanking and these audios have helped you any, you need to reach out to her soon. It isn’t my business to give out her email address as I haven’t asked Ophelia yet if that was okay, but I can link to her public Twitter account if you want to reach out. Ophelia’s Twitter

Ophelia is an incredibly pleasant person to be around, as friendly and as welcoming as you are likely to find. If you are in the Tri State area and there is a memory inside of you that you want to relive, I’m pretty sure Ophelia can help tap into that for you. You won’t hear it until the final part, but Ophelia is pretty clear in that she thinks, and I quote  “Men seem to have this little boy inside of them, and it’s up to women like me to teach you right from wrong”

So you only have three days left if you think you need a spanking. As you will hear in this episode, Ophelia is 6’5″in heels so there would seem to be a guarantee that some legs are going to be flailing well clear of the floor. While I described her friendly and pleasant personality, I’m also going to have to tap into my imagination for a moment and I would take a pretty good educated guess that once she has your bottom up high over her knee, that the years will start to rewind very quickly for you, and you will probably think of a hundred things that you could be getting spanked for that you never were spanked for. Once you meet Ophelia in person and you talk to her, you will understand me when I tell you that it is pretty easy to start imagining that bottoms up spanking scenario being played out in your own mind!!

Interview With Ophelia De Havilland - Part 1

As you will see from my lack of posts this week, I have been really busy. I was in Boston for three days working like mad, came straight back for a ten hour work day, actually eight hours because I slept for two, lol, and I finished off Friday night by going downtown to interview Ophelia De Havilland.

Now let me start by saying this, I got to the hotel at 6pm and prior to the interview Ophelia and I just sat there sharing stories and laughing our tails off, it was just what I needed after such a long work week. One of the things that we discussed was impressions people form online, and I was no different, I had no idea what to expect based on Ophelia’s website.

So let me say straight away, I don’t know if I have laughed that much in a two hour period for the longest time, Ophelia is a total hoot. A really down to earth person who I would highly recommend you get to know, a very warm lady with a terrific sense of humour. I really wish that I could tell you what we were laughing at but I can’t, I’ll just say that we let our guards down and told stories that you normally don’t tell in public. Seriously, I had such a fantastic time and I really look forward to hanging out with her again, it was a wonderful evening of two Brits sharing stories and having a whale of a time. So if you are in the New York region this week and her website reaches what your needs are, I will give you my word that you will meet one of the nicest people that you could imagine.

Now our interview once I have edited it will be around 90 minutes, which I will try and break down into segments. The first part here was just so that I could get something up for Saturday so that you can get an idea of what is to come. It is going to be a great interview. Once all the segments are up I will then upload the entire file for you all to save.

In this segment Ophelia talks about her own spankings growing up, her brother causing his entire class to get a spanking at school, and she finishes by saying, and I quote  “I would like to think that there are some men, 52 years of age, that have that memory of being spanked by their form teacher”. You all know that I am not the sharpest knife in the drawer, so 5 hours later as I am editing the interview, it dawned on me, I’m 52, lol. The ribbing is all part of the job that I do for you guys so enjoy. 🙂

The Story Archive

Occasionally I have to put the spanking stories in a visible post for the people who are not regular visitors here to see. It is one of the more popular features of this site and despite being known for finding rare pics, the stories still account for 12.71% of all views on this site. So this time I am listing them with the scene content as well so that you can pick what is best for you.

In other news I am off work for a week so this week I will be posting something new for you every day, which will mean rare spanking pics from now until next Sunday.

Windsor’s Sunday Candids – 38

In an old schoolhouse far away in the distant past, a switch was always kept on hand for unruly students. Actually, despite what it may appear, this spanking picture is actually from 1955. I know that it would appear much older but it isn’t. It is an unusual pose for a switch as well, in the OTK position. Surely someone can tell the teacher how to apply the switch properly. Perhaps she is a spinster without prior knowledge, in fact it might be wise for the principal to demonstrate on her 🙂

This will be added to my WINDSOR’S SUNDAY CANDID’S spanking folder. Information for additional pics underneath this one.


Exactly one year ago today I offered a small collection of vintage F/M OTK pics (LINK HERE) for the people who like those type of pics. On my recent survey 1 in 6 readers preferred F/M pics but I never post any to this site. When I collect my vintage finds I will swipe F/M ones if they hold an interest to my readers.

So here is the deal, the survey’s that I do are hosted by Google and therefore count extra when it comes to this website’s site ranking with Google. If people come to this site I am likely to make a few pennies, which then in turn goes to paying for the archive subscriptions that I subscribe to so that I can bring you unique rare material every week. So the more the surveys that get filled out, the better my standing with Google and the more opportunity I have to pay for material to bring to you. So, if you want the collection of 20 F/M pics shown below, just fill out one of these two F/M related survey’s BELOW, leave your email address and I will send them to you in a ZIP file. If you missed the first set above, the OTK set, you will have to shoot me an email at in order to get them.




Site Survey Results

With over 250 responses in for the SITE SURVEY, I figured it was time for me to show you all the results of what you all like. Now keep in mind that while there are over 250 responses, no question was compulsory so none of the results will add up to 250+ because some answers were just for one category.

The first chart really is of no real surprise I don’t think. My whole purpose is to bring you the most unique, unseen pics that I can find. I take pride in the fact that while everything I post will eventually become public domain where nobody actually knows where they originated from, at least I know that 90% of the pics I post get their first run on this site. It is like my little niche in the spanking world, bringing you original finds that take hours of research.

It is interesting that 18% prefer the videos on this site when in reality I don’t post that many videos. I have a folder full of movie spanking scenes that I don’t think are out there yet, but let’s be honest, movie spankings are the niche of Chross and his team of researchers so why copy what someone else is doing? He does a fine job of that with his movie database and I am just as happy to add dozens of movie stills to compliment his collection in the database.

The one section in the first graph that is a surprise to me is the STORIES only generating 15% of readers’favorite section. Perhaps that could be that people like my stories, but prefer the pictures. I’ve included a small section of my stats underneath the first set of graphs (click pic for larger view) to show you that in the last year alone my stories have been read a staggering 60,000 times. These are real numbers as you can see, not made up ones. Mind you, the stories account for 9.9% of all page views as you can see so perhaps 15% is a good number.

The second graph is also not surprising based on what I do. M/F spanking accounts for over half of peoples chosen preference while 1 in 3 prefer F/F. If there is any surprise it is that 1 in 6 prefer F/M spanking pics, even though I have probably only posted a dozen in that 8 years that I have run this blog. Not surprisingly I do collect all of the rare vintage ones that I find, but they aren’t something that I post on this site.



The second graph is the graph that really does surprise me though, and perhaps when other bloggers are here to snaffle my finds they can pay head to what the audience might be interested in. On my site, two thirds of all readers prefer Discipline orientated spankings. Now I say my site there because that isn’t an area that anyone could really say that I focus on, the area of discipline. I’m about historic spanking, roleplay, fun spankings, birthday spankings, there is very little about this site that focuses on discipline so I was genuinely surprised by these results.

It actually makes me think of a story that I never wrote, though I do have it as a private video, where I disciplined ellee. Part of the reason that I never wrote about it is because it is a special, private moment shared between two people. Maybe I will ask her though if she minds me writing about it, if that is an area that is of interest to people. It is one of the very few times that I have ever spanked someone to tears with my hand. Well, let me clarify, the tears came more from my words and actions than they did from my hand.


And finally, this graph isn’t really of much consequence, but it is pretty much 50/50 as to whether or not people like audio spanking stories. I have done a number of them in the past, but the feedback never seems to be there. Yes, it may surprise you that feedback actually helps bloggers. If I do something and people like it by letting me know so, then I’m more likely to post more of it in the future.


On My Way Home

The party is over and I am about to head home. Hopefully tonight I can catch up on the weekly pics. I might be offline for a couple of days while I move into my new apartment and get reconnected to the Internet. Hopefully this will keep you busy by listing the stories of mine you can read on this site. Just note that a lower case  ‘f’ signifies an older teen save for  ‘1979 –The First Spanking m/f’which was my first real life experience. Feel free to leave me a comment about the stories and what you would like to see.

Friday At The Party

I’m not going to be able to post much while I am at BBW, so I will give you a quick spanking pic. While I have pretty much ended getting responses, if you still want a free video then feel free to click the picture below for details. Dana and I will be conducting our interview on Sunday.



Windsor’s Sunday Candids –34

So this might be it for a couple of weeks, we will have to see how it goes. Next weekend I will be in Atlantic City for the Boardwalk Badness party and when I get back I am finally moving. There is no guarantee that I will have any Internet access that first weekend back, so I might be off for a couple of weeks.

Before we start, it is your final chance for a free video, just click the picture below for details.

Now on to this weeks Sunday classic. I already have one pic from this play in my archive, and here is the second one which is my sum total from Spring Journey. This was originally sent to me by Will@gotham56 and based on his info I was able to get the year and school that this is from.

This will be added to my VARIOUS SCHOOL PLAYS folder.

spring journey 63 hammond

Other pics that you might be interested in.

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