Some Ultra Rare Spanking Pics

I break these type of pics out every now and then, especially as they don’t really follow a central theme. Remember to keep plugging away on SPANKING UNIVERSE. On my own blogs even it has become the number 2 referrer in just a few short days. Keep linking in folks, it will give every blog huge hits if we all do.

BTW, it is the 3 year Blogaversary today of CHROSS’ FANTASTIC BLOG, go on over there and show him some love. He has one of the best spanking blogs on the Internet, so leave him a message of support on his latest post, eh?

The first pic I shamelessly stole from THE SPANK STATEMENT, and it is a doozy. I don’t feel too bad for snaffling it because I know the pics I am posting here today will be snaffled up in spades 😉

Is this girl thinking “That’s another fine mess you’ve got me into, Stanley”

That can’t be…….. it’s not…….. surely that isn’t John Lennon ‘copping his wack’, is it? Why I do believe it is!!

Some rudimentary paddling from the 1920’s.

Not a super clear pic, but here is the spanking club of 1931.

And finally, the Fabulous Spankarita 🙂

7 thoughts on “Some Ultra Rare Spanking Pics

  1. Actually Richard the Clown spanking pic was originally one of mine. (it’s still got the file name I gave it!)

    It was “snaffled” and posted without attribution on Think Pink AND French blog Au Fil Des Jours. It also featured on Chross Spankings of the Week – correctly attributed of course. Obviously it’s an innocent mistake on your part so no worries.

    Another great selection of pictures, thanks. The John Lennon one is pretty unique – never seen that before. Anyone know who the spanker is? Shame it’s not Lennon giving it to Cilla Black! That really would sum up the 1960s for me!

    Keep up the great blogging!


  2. Well Valdor, by the power of the Internet we can now give the correct accreditation, as it is rightly deserved 🙂

    That is one more blessing about the Spanking Universe, you can get to see who snaffles and leeches your hard work and discoveries in a microsecond now 🙂

    Also, and this is from a selfish standpoint, your blog would be a prime example of why the Spanking Universe exists. You have such great stuff on there and I always end up missing it, but I will no longer miss any of your great finds, which of course I will give the correct credit to 😉


  3. Nice pics, I love Laurel and Hardy so hadn’t seen that one before, LOL!
    Stanley was a Brit, after all, loving his OTK action there…

  4. Hi Richard- I haven’t gotten to stop by in a while, but as always you have entertaining and even USEFUL information. 🙂 I didn’t know about spanking universe, I’ll have to check that out straight away.

    P.S. How does one get to be on the list of bloggers you’ve spanked? ;-)~ giggle

  5. Richard i expect the L. and Hardy photo was from a publicity still ,hope you are well i have been away in Devonshire for a few days hols ,tim .

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