Streetcar Sundays –24

Just an update, I have added my new film to my CLIPS4SALE store, this one is called Amber Grey –Bad Grades. To view the film on my video page just CLICK HERE.


I’m back to full force now, I just have one more medical appointment this week to see whether or not I need an operation, but after a month of rehab I feel great and to be honest, I will be shocked if any further treatment is required. There is still some rehab to do, but each week I have got better and better and I’m practically back to normal.

Now before I give you this weeks pic I have a few things to go over. I know, I know, there are people out there who are just here to rip my content off, but you are going to have to wait until I have finished writing 🙂

First things first, my long time friend Miss Pixie has a new blog. Spanking Pixie will continue of course, but Pixie has a new place where she will share all of the things going on in her life. From her charity work to her private sessions, and of course everything spanking from her thoughts to vanilla photos to her videos. As soon as you have culled my work for this week, head on over to Pixie’s new blog by clicking the link below.



Now I have a new video that I need to render for my Clips4Sale site featuring myself and Amber Grey. It should be about 25 minutes long I think and I hope to do this today. Whilst I was checking my settings on C4S I decided to go ahead and chop all of the prices on my main videos to as low as Clips4Sale will allow me to go. So this is what I have to sell and the prices for each.

Double Feature –Schoolgirl Blues and The Cheeky Babysitter

One hour of spanking action for $15.99. This will be the best deal of all as the other videos there is a limit as to how low I can make the prices. To read the movie description simply CLICK HERE.

The Cheeky Babysitter

If you are a lover of nylon panties then this would be the film for you. 34 minutes for $13.99. To read the movie description simply CLICK HERE.

Amber Grey –The Girl Next Door

Thirty minutes of spanking action for $12.99. To read the movie description simply CLICK HERE.

Ten –The Sassy P.A

Twenty Four minutes of spanking action for $12.99. To read the movie description simply CLICK HERE.

Amber Grey –Schoolgirl Blues

And finally, my best selling movie by far, and we aren’t even talking close, this video has sold twice as more as the second most popular one. Twenty Four minutes of spanking action for $12.99. To read the movie description simply CLICK HERE.

So if you made it this far, good for you, you now get treated to the first run of my latest Men Are Like Streetcars spanking offering. And remember, as always this will be added to my MEN ARE LIKE STREETCARS FOLDER where you get the first run on all of the spanking contributions that I make to the community.

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  • NJSpank

    So sorry had major computer issues but nice post….love that video with Amber,love Pixie being back and nice pic above,thanks

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