This is just one of these mysteries in life that I was never able to get my head around,and I still don’t think I can. This is predominantly a British thing,however,we do have such a thing here in America as granny panties. It clearly has to predate my time in the spanking world,and the subject is that of traditional school knickers.

It is just one of those things that is a complete and utter turn off to me in a spanking scene,whether it be in real life,or for the most part in English spanking films. There is probably not a British site out there that I haven’t been a member of at some point or another,and any time that I see the girl is wearing traditional school knickers then I simply don’t watch the scene. I have probably missed some excellently acted scenes simply because school knickers are such a turn off for me.

Now let me put a disclaimer out there,these opinions are mine and mine alone. I know that there is a tremendous amount of people,who LOVE traditional school knickers,I just happen not to be one of them. I have my reasons for this,and maybe I can entertain you with them.

One thing that is extremely rare for me to do on this site is to talk about anything that isn’t adult related. The whole concept of spanking is based on an adult theme for me,so I get particularly uncomfortable talking about anything from the time prior to my experiences in the adult spanking world. In fact I will make a confession right here and now to cleanse my soul,because I find lying to be totally abhorrent. Throughout these pages there is one little lie that I told,and that is in the story of my first spanking experience. Do you want to know what the lie is? My girlfriend at the time wasn’t 16 years old,she was actually 15. For whatever reason I couldn’t bring myself to say that she was 15,it made me feel kinda creepy,even though I was only 16 years old at the time myself. Stupid,isn’t it? That is how my mind works though!! I even have the spanking scene from the TV show “The People’s Choice” which is completely innocent and has historical value,but I could never bring myself to post it because it features a young teenage girl and I would be mortified to think that someone was having a hand shandy while they watched it.

So going back in time to the 1970’s,I can assure you that girls were not wearing traditional school knickers back then. For gym class yes,they were always worn,but for everyday wear they certainly were not. Now I wonder if this is because I went to a coed comprehensive school. In the Ivy league styled private schools perhaps the girls did wear them as part of their traditional uniform. I’m as common as muck though,and the school that I went to in England it was not a part of the standard school issue. We certainly had a school uniform of course,but it was based more on color than it was actual pieces of regulation uniform. As an example,the girls could wear either blue or grey pants or the same in a skirt. How they wore that skirt was discretionary,save of course for the fact that it had to be knee length decent. When you have a bunch of horny young guys and their opposite sex peers are wearing skirts,I think you know what is coming next.

Yes,barely a day went by when one or several of the girls pulled a Marilyn Monroe,albeit with the aid of a miscreant providing the human version of “Air”. Up went the skirts and 20 or so schoolboys were treated to the feminine delights that each particular girl wore that day. When I think back to it,oh how those girls must have HATED wearing a skirt to school. You can maybe buy once or twice it being fun and flirty,or at the least playful,but just imagine being a victim to that on a weekly basis. It must have been as tiresome as Funbun shouting abuse at every hard spanking scene. I guess when I got to 14 or so and I started making out with girls was when I really began to notice. At 46 years old it sounds totally stupid to me now,but it is nonetheless truthful. When you made out with a girl back then,if you were treated to a flash of her panties,then that was a home run. I’m telling you man,there was a schoolboy bravado code,when you told tales of how far you got it was all done in code.

If you got a ‘Bit of tit’,it meant that you actually sat there and looked at her tits and got a woody from it. If she gave you a hand job what it actually meant was that you gave yourself one as you thought of her. The infamous home run,well,that was the coup de grace. You could make it sound as dirty and disgusting as you wanted to,all it meant though was that she was flirtatious enough to flip her skirt up and flash you her panties. Now don’t get me wrong for one minute,I don’t feel bad for those girls one little bit,they knew exactly what they were doing and used their feminine powers to their full advantage.

So going back to the subject at hand,back in the late 1970’s I was fully aware what the girls were wearing under their skirts,and I can assure you that it wasn’t traditional school knickers. Back in that timeframe bikini panties were the vogue,and that is more than likely the reason why today that particular item of clothing increases my enjoyment level in a spanking scene tenfold. The only time I ever saw the girls wearing traditional school knickers was for gym class,they certainly weren’t wearing them behind the bike sheds.

The be all and end all is that it is a turn off to me in a spanking scene,as are your naval cutting,bucket gusset granny panties,the same goes for thongs. If a girl takes the time to ask me what would enhance my enjoyment level in a spanking scene,I have no problem pointing that out AND I will provide pictures as a visual guide. You may be surprised to hear that I have heard it on more than one occasion “I’m not buying a pair of panties just for a spanking” and I have a readymade,prepared statement for my reply. “You won’t be doing it JUST for a spanking,you will be doing it because it is something that I would like”. Those are the times where it runs through my head that all I am at this moment is a disposable spanking machine.

I’m a real fuss pot when it comes to attire for spanking scenes,there is a clear vision in my head of what I like overall. If you can imagine a girly girl who also happens to be a glasses wearing,I don’t know,kind of like the Adrianne character in the Rocky films. Now if they have some quirks as well then that is just the cherry on top,you know like blue hair or 1600 bracelets or something. To me it is that opposites attract type thing,I like to be the heavily tattooed,leather jacket wearing,cigarette hanging out of the mouth,well weathered person,whose partner looks like the quiet librarian whose wild side lies just beneath the surface.

9 comments to KNICKERS!!!!

  • Not a fan of the “granny panties”either. I wondered if maybe I should get a pair for my schoolgirl outfit to make it more authentic,but I’m thinking nahh. Ugly is ugly,authentic or not lol.

  • I am glad I read this post,just so I could pick up the term “handy shandy.”Thanks! It was a good read.

  • Erica

    LOL —can’t stand granny panties and “full bottom”underwear. I don’t care if they’re traditional or not. Not all that crazy about thongs,either,although they come in handy at spanking parties when you want to give access to your bottom without exposing yourself completely.

    I know I’m committing spanking sacrilege here,but I look at some of the old 50s photos of Betty Page,and my first thoughts are usually,“Geez,could those panties be any bigger?”

    Me? I’m all about cheeky boyshorts,tangas and high-cut hipsters. 🙂

  • ddon


    glasses &blue hair?.?.? you just described mrs. slocum. you and mrs. slocum,and mrs. axleby could meet down at the local and make a threesome. lol.



  • Hehe @ Mrs. Slocum. Sorry but the panties are ugly,whether they were functional and/or extremely common I really don’t care,still ugly. 🙂

    I don’t like thongs either,I prefer the same types Erica mentioned. Especially cheeky panties,I mean with a name like that they’re pretty much irresistible…I do love the old Bettie Page photos though. She’d look good in or out of anything lol.

    Thank you Rich for the flyswatter btw,it was already used in a video,came in the mail just as I was leaving the house to shoot so I tossed it in my bag! 🙂

  • Richard interesting post on school knickers i suppose the posh girls schools in England had these as regulation wear more than u.s.a. best wishes ,tim .

  • Ron

    Richard,great post from a true panty spanking fan. The school knickers are fun but not easy to fnd a young lady willing to play in them. But as we have spoken,long hard spankings on the panties,even full bottom panties are the best! By the way,you accentuated your post with a nice panty spanking on the next post from Love Honor and Obey,nice touch.


  • Great post Rich! I wore school knickers in a scene for Northern Spanking (tawse scene!) and wore regular underwear underneath them. They were comfortable but they didn’t stay on for very long!

    I won’t lie,I have my fair share of full bottomed cotton briefs,but they’re not for spanking wear. They’re for when you’re sick or feeling ultra lazy and don’t plan on getting out of bed all day. For me,the most comfortable are bikini’s and thus that’s what I wear. Before I play with someone,I always ask them what kind of panties they want me to wear,or I bring options.

    It isn’t just about ME and what *I* want. I’d hate it if my spanker was just doing everything I wanted and wasn’t getting any of what he enjoyed.

    Boy shorts don’t fit my bigger bum as well,and often ride up…and well…if I wanted something up my arse all day…😀

  • For me the word ‘knickers’is a turn on. Such as “I’m going to take your knickers down young lady,and upon that tender bare bottom of yours,cane you,and cane you well”. By the way Richard,as an former Anglophile,I have supported for over 60 years,a soccer team called ‘Arse’nal,that now plays at The Emirates Stadium,in London,England. “C’mon ye Reds,”,and “Up the Gunners”. I also like your blog,because I am also a ‘spank-o-phile. If you know what I mean.

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