9 Years old Today

It is so hard to believe,  but this blog turns nine years old today. I’m going to take an educated guess that this is only one of about ten spanking blogs that have been around that long. It was around 2006/2007 that a proliferation of spanking blogs hit the net,  but most of them have since passed from memory. Off the top of my head I know that spankingblog,  allthingsspanking,  mybottomsmarts have all been around as long or longer. Chross is coming up on his 9th year,  and though it took various forms,  Erica Scott has also blogged for as long starting back in Myspace days. There are a few others but none that spring immediately to mind.

Either way it is a long time to be presenting ones view on spanking. As you will know,  I have enough material to go for another nine years,  virtually all of it yet again will be brand new to you. At the bottom of this post I have included the top ten posts of all time based on hits. Now the various folders have far more hits,  but the section I am posting is individual posts. Unfortunately it is not an exact science. A few years ago I switched accounts for some privacy (You never know who is lying in wait ready to try and blackmail and threaten you) and while I still have the original data,  it isn’t merged. I was going to merge them before writing but I was frightened that I was going to fuck it all up,  lol. So what I will present is the top ten all time since I switched accounts in 2010.

Now it is Christmas Eve,  and I have to say that I am mighty jealous of old Saint Nick right now. Don’t get me wrong,  I’m far from jealous of people because I have already received ten times more than I could have ever wished for. But old Saint Nick though,  well,  I have to admit that I am envious of all of the naughty girls he is going to have on his list today. I just checked before writing and currently he had just finished spanking all of the naughty girls in Kobe,  Japan and was heading towards Nagoya!! And why does that make me envious? Because in all of the years that I have played I have never spanked a Japanese girl.

You are probably all aware that I am an Atheist,  but when we are talking about festive spankings then I get into the holiday spirit. In fact just yesterday I went to the British store in New York and spent $99 on a box of Christmas goodies.


This year is also going to mark only the second time that I don’t get to speak to my mom on Christmas day. The first time was back in 1981 when I was  “At her majesty’s service”. This side of the year was an incredibly difficult one and only happened in the last few months. Our mom was diagnosed with cancer and given three to six months to live,  and four weeks later she was dead. I’m sure there will come a time where I appreciate being able to talk to her as she lay dying,  but I’m not there yet. There is some comfort that I was the last voice that she heard,  but without a doubt that phone call was the hardest thing that I have ever had to do in my life. Three days after that I received a rather callous email and I hope than when I start to appreciate the last conversation that I had with my mom,  that I also forget about that email.

In fact there is one amusing part to that story.

Right now I have two Facebook accounts,  which is funny within itself. One of them is based on who I am,  I hide nothing from my friends and I advocate for openness regarding sexuality. All of my friends know what I do and I have got to spank more vanilla butts than I care to divulge because of it,  lol. Then I also have a vanilla profile,  for my spanking friends,  lol. This is a very select group of people where trust is the most important thing.

Now a lot of my friends on my vanilla page are Republican,  which I don’t actually mind. I never want to be enclosed in my own little bubble where I think that I am right all of the time. Anyway,  one discussion that was going on during this time was American money being sent out of the country by immigrants. Now I don’t believe that I look like what most people picture when they use the word immigrant,  but just because I am lily white I am as much of an immigrant as anyone.

During the time leading up to and after my mom’s death,  there were things that needed to be done. In order for her to get the care that she needed during her last few weeks,  and where she could have the dignity of having her final time in the comfort of her own home,  there were overheads. Now I’m not here to put a dollar figure on it all,  the bottom line is that I was more than comfortable (The American Dream) where I was able to take care of all of the financial requirements that were needed,  it was the absolute least I could do.

Anyway,  there was somebody who was very vociferous about American money being sent out of the country,  and I could only think,  if I shared my story with him,  he would probably feel like shit. So to me it was very ironic,  here is a conversation that I would normally love to have,  yet I chose to stay out of it out of respect for my friend because I’m as clear as day that had he realized how his words were impacting me directly,  he probably wouldn’t have said anything.

Anyway,  I don’t want to deviate from why we are here today. Obviously the above was the most important event over the past year so I had to mention it. It is now just my Brother and myself and whatever friends I have in this life.

So next week I will post my annual top ten of the year based on hits alone. This years list seems to be dominated by the newspaper articles that I have posted this year. But in regards to the most viewed pages of all time,  it is my stories that feature most prominently. Perhaps that is telling me that I need to start posting more of my literary work. So here is the top ten most viewed posts since 2010,  though some of them may actually have been posted before 2010,  they are just that popular.

Number 1:

Classic Mother and Daughter Spanking Pics

And it isn’t even close. This post has been viewed twice as many times as any other post I have ever made on this blog. All it is,  is six spanking pics where a fictional mom is spanking her fictional daughter,  but it does include the find shown below which I believe is the reason that it is so popular. Read More….


Number 2:

1979 The First Spanking

This story goes way back and tells the tale of the first spanking I ever gave. The vision as clear today as it was back then of her squirming over my lap as I warmed the seat of her white nylon panties. Read more….

Number 3:

Missy Gets Spanked In Public

Yet another of my real life tales. This was the first weekend that I got to play with Missy and we became roommates from this weekend forward,  right up until the present day. Read More….

Number 4:

A Mixed Bag Of Spanking Cartoons

I’m not sure why this post is so popular,  it is just a very random mix of spanking comics,  nothing out of the ordinary at all. However,  it does come in at number 4. Read more….

sdre (1)

Number 5:

Birthday Spanking For Laura

There really isn’t much to this story,  in fact I have written many better. But there is something about a coming of age birthday spanking conducted lightheartedly that seemed to resonate with readers. Read more….

Number 6:

Jane’s Birthday Spanking

Are you starting to see a trend here? This story follows basically the exact same premise as the story above,  only in a different setting and environment. The writing lesson that I take from this is that it doesn’t always have to be about brutal discipline,  there is also a place for playful spankings. Read more….

Number 7:

Janus Worldwide

Finally a post that isn’t a story for once. In this post there are only three pictures,  but what makes this post unique is that the owners of Janus sent them to me to share with you all. Up until that point,  these photos had never been seen before. Others from the set had,  but these were exclusive pics that Janus allowed me to share. Why these particular pics? Well,  it’s because the girl is getting the slipper on her white nylon panties. If you read number two on this list,  these are the type that would fit that story almost identically. Read more….


Number 8:

Vintage Spanking

Ironic really when you consider all of the awesome vintage spanking pics that I have shared over the years,  that it is the six in this post that are the 9th most popular of all time. To be frank,  they aren’t exactly world beaters 🙂 Read more….


Number 9:

Nurse Byron And The Manor House

One of the longest stories I have written,  also one of the darkest. It has some sexual content which I generally separate from spanking stories. Read more….

Number 10:

The Saturday Spanking Show

It will be interesting to see where this one ends up on the list next year. It is a rapid riser and features pictures of ellee getting caned,  as well as Lostkitten and Sara Fields getting spankings. This was part 4 of a long story,  the other three parts are linked within this story. Read more….


5 comments to 9 Years old Today

  • KB

    Hi Richard!! Merry Christmas!! I hope whatever you decide to do you have a nice day. And I’ll tell you again as I’ve made no secret of it in the past… Your story post are my absolute favorite!!! I am constantly hoping you’ll publish more.

  • Richard – Congratulations on your 9th anniversary and Merry Christmas! I do hope you’ll stick around for a lot of years yet as spanking sites and blogs of a non-commercial nature do seem to have rather a short average lifespan.

  • Richard Windsor

    KB – A merry Christmas to you as well. Maybe I will write a story soon about a little minx who thought that sending a bald man a hairbrush would make for a nice gift. Well indeed it will, I upgraded that hairbrush for the Superspank 2000 model!!

    web-ed – I’m not totally commercial free, I do run the one ad on the side there. It’s funny actually, some of the commercial sites in their infancy I actually devoted my time to help them set up. What is ironic is that I pretty much abandoned the idea years ago, but, because I provided assistance to a number of sites, I actually earn more money from them than I do on my own site. In a nutshell it is a pyramid, I get 5% of whatever they earn for the one site that I link, and when you times that by 20 or so sites, it adds up pretty quickly. So as that means I have no need to clutter up my sites with sparkling lights and more banners that an England football match, I can operate my site almost virtually clean of spam altogether.

  • KB

    Just curious… Do I know this little minx? Because it totally sounds like someone I know? Lol

  • I love your blog Rich… you’re the best…xoxo


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