The Mona Freeman Collection

Yesterday I posted a recent find of Mona Freeman in Dear Brat,  one where she is actually smiling during a posed spanking. Having seen some of my previous Mona Freeman finds made into a collage,  I decided that I wanted to get all of the originals together in one post should anyone search for them in particular. Also,  I have a titload of work coming up in the next few days which will mean some long nights,  so just in case I don’t get to post you will at least have something new. Idle hands are the cause of the devils work!!

The first two are from Dear Brat,  one smiling and one non smiling.


The next three pics are from Dear Ruth. Now what happened originally was that I had the spanking pic,  and then one day while searching Ebay I found two non spanking ones which seemed to be telling a great story. Interestingly as well,  the non spanking pics were listed independently of each other,  which was a lovely coincidence. This,  to me,  is very reminiscent of original mainstream spanking pics. There is a story to be told,  but just what the story is can be as wild as your imagination is. What do you think Mona is saying to Edward Arnold? Seems to be a fanciful tale whatever it is. She seems so pleased with herself in the second pic. Unfortunately the spanking pic isn’t as high quality as the non spanking pics.

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2 thoughts on “The Mona Freeman Collection

  1. Thanks for publishing all the photos together. From what I remember of the movie (DEAR RUTH)Mona had been telling her father about how she had written the letters and some other items and her father was going to exercise some paternal discipline that she needed. I also heard that this scene was somehow cut out of the movie before release and while the pictures exist in some uncut release hence the 3 that are the same outfits it is not available of most copies of it. I do think I heard about as one of those publicity stills that was not in the movie like FULLER BRUSH MAN or JANIE GETS MARRIED. Great pics of a spanking that never happened. Thanks again and have a great day.

  2. The way I heard it, from a Ripley-style column on Hollywood gossip in the Sunday comics section of the papers, they actually filmed the spanking for “Dear Ruth,” but it didn’t make the film. The interest hook was that Arnold, who was right-handed, had broken that hand and had to spank with his left, accounting for the wrong-hand pose we see here. (Why they couldn’t just turn the girl around was not explained.)

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