F/M Friday 6

The image this week was actually a fairly recent find on Ebay when I was searching for some rare pictures, and I am sure a lot of you will enjoy it. Now a large percentage of the F/M collection that I have are paddling pics, and in all honesty this one is really only half a pic. You can just make out a bare bum in the corner of the image but I’m taking a guess that the image of the woman is what is going to be more important to you.

The lady appears quite tall, she is wearing a silky evening dress along with white gloves, and of course she has a wicked smile on her face that makes it appear that she is enjoying what she is dishing out!! Imagine if she was sat down for an OTK spanking with those long legs of hers, one would imagine that you would have a hard time staying put what with all the sliding back and forth over her silky dress. This will be added to the F/M COLLECTION album.


One thought on “F/M Friday 6

  1. That’s an incredible picture and yes she is hot.
    Love your Christmas videos amazing actually must have been unreal to see in person.

    Finally don’t apologize sir you need to go what you need to do for you. Just glad you are well.

    Thanks for all you do.

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