Spanking Sarah Gregory

Well I had started to make a post today that was called “Blogging ain’t easy”,but I fell asleep during it. I will pick it back up though because it is a nice little rant that I am on. Until then though,here is a video that I shot with Sarah Gregory at the SSNY party two weeks ago. The sound is awful as there was like 20 spankings going on around us,lol,and it was pretty dark,but please enjoy it anyway. Also remember my new SPANKING GALLERIES page,8 new spanking galleries added each and every day.

Sarah’s website

Sarah’s video store

8 comments to Spanking Sarah Gregory

  • ddon

    way to go houndog. nice effort.

    i know your blogging must take a lot of work but i hope you get the satisfaction of a job well done.


  • Pygophilous1

    Sarah Gregory is awesome. Shadowlane parties seem like Heaven on earth. I need to brave my way out to one of those in my future.


  • Ron C

    Thanks for sharing a great scene with a hot couple,nice panty spanking and the background noise only added to the video,thanks great stuff and you two are a nice team.

  • jean

    Thanks,Richard for posting the awesome video. Glad you had a good time at the party.


  • Steve D

    That was GREAT! Where was this Spanking Convention held at? I would have loved to have gone. Richard ,you are the complete Spanker. I am in the NW suburbs of Chicago,IL. Tell me more.

  • Scott S

    Great job Richard! For once I was excited by Sarah Gregory getting spanked,mainly cause you kept her in place and didn’t let her lift her body up,like the see to love at Punished Brats! Keeping the spankee in an appropriate position is significant and you did a great job!
    Scott S

  • Marie (Kate James)

    This took place at SSNY which is in NYC and held about every three months 🙂 I agree,the noise just adds to it 😀

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