Double The Birthday Spanks

In just two days time I will be turning 57 years old, fifty bloody seven eh? Obviously I don’t want to get all philosophical or anything, but there is a reason that I saved up to start my own Youtube channel. All members of my family have passed away at a relatively young age, and coincidentally my mom would have turned 82 today if she was still around. We never know just how long we have in this world, so I saved up my money to travel to a few places around the world, film my journey and hopefully turn a Youtube channel into a source of financial stability. I’m not looking to become rich and famous, I’m just looking to earn enough money to live on. By the end of 2021 I should know whether or not there is enough progress to make this the last job that I ever have.

If it doesn’t work out and I end up pissing my savings away, well, I would rather go down with a fight than always regretting not giving it a shot. There is no indication yet as to which way this is going to go. My New York project will start next week and by the end of the summer it should give me some understanding as to what I can expect moving forward. It is something that I am excited about and very hopeful that it will be a success.

Anyway, I promised you a weeks worth of birthday spanking pictures, right? Well we will get onto them in just a second.

Please check out DANA SPECHT’S BLOG and bookmark the page. The blog is being updated frequently and click on any link on the right hand side to see a whole bunch of trailers for her movies. All of Dana’s movies can now be downloaded directly from her site, with new titles being added every week. One of the latest titles is SARAH’S SPRING BREAK SPANKINGS, this was a film that I shot with Dana and Sarah a while back in which I play Dana’s brother. In the very first scene I was behind the camera when Dana gave Sarah 500 spanks, and let me tell you, after 50 I almost started to feel sorry for Sarah….. almost!! It was a scorcher though. Both Dana and I spank her each one more time before Sarah goes over both of our laps simultaneously for a double spanking. Click the link above to check out the trailer.

The double spanking is a great segue into the birthday spanking pics for today, and that is double birthday spankings!! Both of these images will be added to my WINDSOR’S BIRTHDAY SPANKINGS album as first run spanking finds, you rarely get sloppy seconds spanking pics on my site. Both images are genuine birthday spanking images, there is no need to create a BS story, the story is already provided. By the way, is it just me, or does that Dr. Pepper can in the second image look way too big? đŸ™‚

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  1. Classic stuff sir. You are still young my friend trust me. But Happy Birthday in advance.

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