F/M Friday 16

We will stick with the birthday spanking theme in our F/M COLLECTION pic for this week. Before that though, let me update you on my searches during this quarantine. Just to give you an idea of the volume of work that I have undertaken, a deep search of 1950s books from only one state has so far taken me 6 days, and I am only a little past halfway yet. This is the 4th state that I am on, though in fairness the first three were super small so I expected to finish them quickly. The big states though will probably take 10-14 days to finish each one, and that is only if I can devote a lot of hours to the project.

The project might take 18 months to finish (and that is just for the 1950s) but I am determined to get through it. So far in the four states I have found 6 Streetcars pics, 3 Little Acorns, and then a bunch of single plays and just random spanking pics. The return for the hours I have put in is small, but as you will soon all see, the results that I did find are outstanding. These are all new pics to me and I have one of the largest private collections out there, so they have to be good if I like them, right?

4 thoughts on “F/M Friday 16

  1. Happy birthday matey, it’s Saturday morning already here in sunny(ish) Nottingham.
    I hope you enjoy your day.

  2. Thanks mate, but it is still a week away. I mentioned it early so that I had a reason to start unloading some pics đŸ™‚


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